Southall Research Notes from Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Volume I, Compiled and Edited by Louis A. Burgess

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Southall Miscellaneous Research Records

Virginia Soldiers of 1776

Compiled from Documents on File in the Virginia Land Office, Together with Material found in the Archives Department of the Virginia State Library, and other Reliable Sources, Compiled and Edited by Louis A. Burgess, Volume I, Richmond Press, Inc., Richmond, VA, 1927

Page 232

Captain John Dudley

Warrant 9780 for 333-1/3 acres issued Feb., 1857, to Christiana C. Southall and William Southall children of Sarah B. Southall who was one of the four children of Sarah T. Southall one of the devisees of John Dudley, dec'd. who was a Captain in the State Line. Recorded Book 3, page 585.

In Charles City County Court, 16 Oct., 1856. Ordered that it be certified that James B. Southall, dec'd was one of the heirs of Sarah Southall, dec'd. and that said James B. Southall died intestate and left surviving him Christiana C. Southall, (who is now the wife of John L. Parsons) and William H. A. Southall his only heirs and next of kin. Certified as true copy, Edmund Waddill, clerk, 16 Oct., 1856.

W. H. A. Southall, John L. Parsons and C. C. Parsons appointed Francis Dickens of Washington, D. C. their Atty. 8 Nov., 1856. Acknowledged before E. B. W. Apperson, J. of P. Charles City Co., 8 Nov., 1856. Attest, Edmund Waddill, Clerk.

On Feb. 1, 1839, warrants No. 8676 and 8677 for 500 acres and 166-2/3 respectively were issued to John D. Southall, one of the heirs of Captain John Dudley.

Recorded, Book 3, page, 466, Va. Land Office.

At a Hustings Court held for the City of Petersburg, Va., on Thursday, 20, Dec., 1838, John D. Southall, an orphan of Henry Southall, decd., over the age of fourteen years, this day made choice of Cary Wilkinson as his guardian.

Copy teste, D. M. Bernard, Clerk.

A letter on file in Land Office, from A. M. Green of Richmond, Va., dated 27, Oct., 1838, Dr. Cary Wilkerson, guardian of John D. Southall to grant authority to draw Land Bounty due Southall., in reply Dr. Wilkinson appointed A. M. Green of Richd. Atty. to obtain warrant due John D. Southall, only son of Henry Southall and grandson of Sarah T. Southall, one of the heirs and devisee of Captain John Dudley, an Officer in the Revolutionary War.

Page 233

City of Petersburg State of Virginia, acknoweldged [sic] the foregoing power of Atty., Thomas Branch, J. of P., 22 Dec., 1838.

1st. Feb., 1839, Recd. of the Register of Land Office, Wts. 8676 and 8677. A. M. Green.

Letter on file from A. M. Green, 30 Oct., 1839. "I understand that Collin Southall died in 1836, leaving two children," etc.

Power of Attorney granted to John M. Gregory of Richmond, By:-- Christiana Southall, William S. Graves (guardian for Richard G. and William A. Southall), Elizabeth W. Graves and William H. Southall.

The aforesaid subscribers acknowledged the aforesaid power of Atty., before me. J. M. Wilcox, J. of P., Charles City Co., Sept., 1842.

A warrant issued in case of Captain John Dudley of the State Line, No. 8616 and warrant No. 8617, in all 1333-1/3 acres to Elizabeth Wilson.

Wt. No. 8636 for 333-1/3 acres to John B. Southall and Matilda L. Carter. No. 8645 and '646 for 500 and 166-1/3 acres to J. F. Southall, heir of Sarah Southall being one-half of his whole portion.

No. 8771 for 111-1/9 and no. 8772 for 222-2/9 acres to Elizabeth Graves, heir of Sarah Southall.

John D. Southall, heir of Sarah Southall; Richard and William, heirs of Collin Southall, heir of Sarah Southall.

William and Christiana Southall, heirs of J. Southall, son of Sarah.

Power of Atty. granted by Elizabeth W. Graves, formerly, Southall, to Archibald M. Green. Elizabeth Graves, neice of Capt. John Dudley. Signed, Elizabeth Graves, 29 Oct., 1838. Charles City, Va. Teste, Ro. W. Christian, Clerk.

Note. Sarah Southall was a sister of Captain John Dudley.

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