Abel Gilbert and Dentia Ostrom Family Bible

Abel Gilbert and Dentia Ostrom

Family Bible

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Stephen Gilbert

Thanks to Donald H Gilbert, owner of this Bible, who has given permission for
Randy Saylor,  transcribed April 2007
Donald H Gilbert,  Bible images, April 2011

Births [first page]
Abel Gilbert, was Born on the 27th day of Novemeber, Anno Domini 1771
Dentia Ostrom, was Born on the 31st dy of January, Anno Domini 1768
Elizabeth Hagerman, 1st Daughter was Born August 6th, Anno Domini 1784
Henry Hagerman, 1st Son, was Born on the 17th day of July, Anno Domini, 1789
Mary, their 2nd Daughter, was Born on the 18th day of July, Anno Domini, 1793
Abigail, 3rd Daughter, was Born September the 3rd Anno Domini 1795
Stephen, 2nd Son, was Born on the 21st day of May, Anno Domini 1797
Sarah, 4th Daughter and Caleb the 3rd Son were Born on the 3rd of July, Anno Domini 1800
John, 4th Son, was born on the 8th day of July, Anno Domini 1802
Phebe, 5th Daughter, was born on the 14th day of November, Anno Domini 1804
Anthony, 5th Son, was Born on the 12th day of March, Anno Domini 1807
James Robins, their Grandson was Born on the Eighteenth day of Novr, Anno Domini 1816
Phebe Ann, Daughter of Samuel B Gilbert, Born November 31st 1832
James Redford, Son of Saml B Gilbert Born August 26th 1834
The above Phebe Ann and James Redford are grandchildren of Able <sic> & Dintia? Gilbert

Births [page 2]
of Abel Gilbert Grand Children
Mary, Caroline daughters of Saml & Belinda Gilbert, born May 26th 1836 and Bapt June 23rd 1836
John Frederick, son of Saml & Belinda Gilbert, born 24th July 1828 and Bapt August 14th  1839 by John Reynolds
Abel, Henry, Son of Samuel & Belinda Gilbert, born 28th  December 1840 and Bapt Feb 16th 1841 by Jno Reynolds
William Henry Baldwin son of Saml & Belinda Gilbert, born 8th Nov 1844 and Bapt 8th My 1845 by Rev John Reynolds
[hard to read] ??tosh? Thompson? ??? of ??? 1824 wife of Stephen G Gilbert the 2 son of Abel Gilbert
of grand children Abel K Gilbert  born 1? - 1824 Abel R
Clarisa Marik Gilbert born the 24th  of March 1826
A?inge Thompson Gilbert born 14 Novemeber 1828
Samuel H Gilbert Born the 18th  June 1830
Dingman? Gilbert Born the 20 of August 1832
Margetam? Gilbert Born 24 of August 1834
Henry Willington Gilbert Born 26 Novemter 1836
Charles Coulhern? Gilbert Born 8 of March 1839
Caleb Halury? Gilbert Born 27 of Febuary 1841
Samuel Birdsia Gilbert Born the 8? June 1844
?????? Gilbert grand children
??ert Henry Gilbert Born 4 of ?? 1850
Sarah Delia Gilbert Born 17 March 1852

Marriages [page 3]
Abel Gilbert, and Dentia Ostrom, were married on the 9th day of October, Anno Domini, 1792
Stephen Gilbert married to Deborah Thompson 3rd of June in the year 1801 [or 1807]
Abel R Gilbert and Mary Elizabeth Hampton were married on the 11th day of April Anno Domini 1849
Births [page 3]
Abel H Gilbert born Oct 4th 1856
Sarah A Gilbert Born March 17th 1852
Clarisa M Gilbert Born Sept 23rd 1853
Herbert S Gilbert Born March 16th 1855
Robert J? Gilbert Born March 21 1857
Emma J Gilbert Born Sept 23 1860
Lottia S Gilbert Born Aug 3rd 1862
Burton L Gilbert Jan 9th 1865
Edward W Gilbert Born June 3rd 1867
Deaths [page 4]
Sarah, 4th daughter, wife of Joseph Canniff departed this life on the 13th day of May Anno Domini 1826 – aged 25 years and 10 months
Anthony, 5th Son, departed this life about the 9th of November Anno Domini 1808 Aged one year  and eight months
Dentia Ostrom wife of Abel Gilbert departed this life on the 23rd day of November Anno Domini 1847 Aged Seventy nine years nine months and twenty three days
Abel Gilbert the husband Dentia Ostrom departed this life 17th of Sept 1849 Aged 79 years 7 months and 9 days
Stphen G Gilbert 2nd son, departed this life the 12th day of May Anno Domini 1862
Clarisa Marriah Gilbert 2nd daughter of Abel and Mary E Gilbert departed this life on the 21st August Anno Domini 1858 Aged 4 years 10 months and 24 days
Lottia Dentia lottia Gilbert 4th daughter of Abel and Mary E Gilbert departed this life on the 17th day of April 1863 Aged 1 year 8 months