William Buckroyd of Leeds, Yorkshire Mary Ann Forbes

William Buckroyd, 1783 - 1839

Leeds, Yorkshire

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My Wife's UK and Irish family


I have to thank David Moore, because most of the information has come from him. Buckroyd is a unique surname, developed out of Leeds and it is possible that all descend from one person. It would be great to hear from other descendants. My wife descends through Mary Elizabeth below.

William Buckroyd was born Abt. 1783, and died May 31, 1839 in Park Lane, Leeds, York.  He married Mary Ann Forbes November 10, 1813 in Saint Peters, Leeds, York.  She was born Abt. 1796, and died November 09, 1838 in Park Lane, Leeds, York.
Their possible children are:
i.     Thomas2 Buckroyd, born Bef. November 20, 1814 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
ii.    Ann Buckroyd, born Bef. January 26, 1817 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
iii.    Maria Buckroyd, born Bef. September 27, 1818 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
iv.    Jane Buckroyd, born Bef. February 25, 1821 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
v.    Elizabeth Buckroyd, born Bef. September 28, 1823 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
vi.    George Buckroyd, born Bef. January 24, 1825 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
vii.    William Buckroyd, born Bef. July 15, 1827 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
viii.    James Buckroyd, born Bef. December 21, 1831 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
ix.    Frederick Buckroyd, born Bef. December 25, 1833 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
x.    Sarah Ann Buckroyd, born Bef. November 22, 1835 in St Peters, Leeds, York.
xi.    Mary Elizabeth Buckroyd, born Bef. October 02, 1836 in St Peters, Leeds, York.  She married William Hampshire March 17, 1858 in Parish Church, Leeds; born Abt. 1833.

MARRIAGE - possible
Marriage:  10 NOV 1813   Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
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M071931  1813 - 1819  0918378   Film  6900089   Film 
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M071931  1813 - 1819  0918380   Film  NONE   
But I have found on a notepad which I have used to take notes the following.
Leeds Parson Directory
1826 William Buckroyd Cloth Dresser   76 Park Lane
1845 William Buckroyd Cloth Dresser   39 New park Lane

I made these notes some time ago from the records in Leeds, but because it did not seem at the time to follow our line I did not follow it up. These are trade directories and William was the only Buckroyd on them. It may be that we have 2 different William's, the William who was married to Mary Ann, could be the first one and his son born 1827 could be the second one. William and Mary Ann’s first child was born at Back of Park Row, this sounds like it could be near Park Lane. I did not know where Park Lane was till I logged on to www.yorkshireroots.org.uk and the Headquarters for the society is off Park Lane, which is in West Leeds and very close to all the addresses which are linked to Mary Buckroyd. So the street indexes for the 1841 may turn up something.
Source: email from David Moore, May 04

'These men are usually denominated Croppers, from their cropping the wool off the cloth, the nicest and most difficult part of their employment. They previously wet the cloth thoroughly in a cistern of water, and comb the wool all one way with teazles, which are fixed for this purpose in a small wooden frame. Some of these are arranged on the floor in the annexed Plate. The cloth, after being dried and brushed on the tenters, is placed upon the shear board, which is a sort of long narrow table, as represented in the engraving, and he proceeds to clip the wool. The handle of the shears is supported by one hand, whilst with the other he works them by means of a small lever, called a gig, affixed to the upper edge. The pressure of the shears is increased at pleasure by the addition of some heart-shaped leaden weights placed upon the flat surface. These are delineated on the Plate. The Cloth-dressers are a numerous body in the West Riding of Yorkshire, many of them natives, and many from Ireland and the west of England. An able workman will earn great wages, and, if industrious and steady, is certain to make his way in the world; but it is to be lamented that comparatively few are found of this description. The majority are idle and dissolute, owing perhaps partly to the laborious nature of their occupation, which too often induces habits of drunkenness, and partly to their working in numbers together, a circumstance always injurious to morals. To the unsteady conduct of the Croppers, by which in times of urgent business much loss and inconvenience were suffered by their employers, and from the great improvements lately made in mechanicks, may be attributed the invention of the gig mills and shearing frames. This machinery effects with certainty and dispatch almost every operation of cloth-dressing, with very trifling manual assistance. The establishment of these mills excited considerable alarm amongst the Croppers, and was the alleged cause of the late unhappy disturbances. By the active vigilance of the magistrates, the prompt execution of some of the ringleaders, and the well-timed lenity shewn to others, tranquillity is now restored, and there no longer appears any disposition to outrage or William Buckroyd of Leeds, Yorkshire Mary Ann Forbeseven dissatisfaction.'
George Walker, "The Cloth-Dresser", in George Walker, ed., The Costume of Yorkshire, 1814, (Sussex: Caliban Books, 1978), pp. 23-25.

DEATH - Possible
On 31 May 1839, Park lane, William Buckroyd died, 56, cloth dresser, from 'decline'. Informant is Ursula Mitchell, her mark X, present at death.
Source: Copy of death certificate emailed to WRS by David Moore, May 2004

On checking the Parish records for William and Mary I found the following
Mary wife of William Buckroyd  Cloth Dresser  address St Peters Hill  Age 42 Buried 13 November 1838
William Buckroyd  Widower address North Hall  Age 56 Buried 2 June 1839.
Source: Emailed to WRS by David Moore, May 2004

A Mary Ann Buckroyd died in the Dec 1838 and a William Buckroyd died in the Jun 1839
A William Buckroyd died in the Dec 1850 and a Mary Ann Buckroyd Died in the Mar 1851
Source: email from David Moore, May 12/04

On checking the parish records the only Mary Elizabeth I could find was a Mary Elizabeth Buckwright born July 5 1836 Baptised 2 October 1836 . I am pretty sure this is our Mary because her parents where William and Mary , William was a cloth dresser and they lived at St Peters Hill ,which was the same address as the parish records for the baptism for Sarah Ann Buckroyd on 22 Nov 1835. Sarah was born on 20 Sept 1835 and she was the last known child born to William and Ann. Also on checking the indexes for Buckwrights there are none on any indexes before or after 1836. On checking for Buckwrights I found what I think is another spelling error. On the Armley index for 1778 23 December a John Buckworth married Eleanor Briggs and again no more Buckworths appear on the records. But  a year  later  John Buckroyd starts having children in Armley, Samuel and John being 2 of his Children. In 1798 the Armley records started to add the mothers name and Eleanor’s name appears with John. I think it could be that the names were written down before adding to the records and were misread.