1819 Census Loughborough Tp

Loughborough and Portland Townships

1819 Census, 572 inhabitants

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Records of the Bay or Quinte

This census or return, as it is named, was included in a petition by Michael Sloot, of Loughborough in 1819. Thanks to Guylaine
trin for informing me about this petition and return. What is remarkable is that children and women are named as well as the adult men.

Source: Upper Canada Land Petitions, RG 1 L3, V 461, S 13/42, C-2813, on line at LAC, starts at image 1199. See page 42e for the start of the return.

© Randy Saylor, transcribed Nov 2018.

The Return
Loughborough and Portland Townships are adjacent to each other and were in Frontenac County, north of Kingston. In 1998 they and two other townships were amalgamated to form South Frontenac Township.

The year of the return or census is dated by the Town Clerk as 1819. The return names males over 16, males under 16 and females. All names are written by the same hand and are quite legible. Names are transcribed as written. The tally showing 572 residents is recorded on the middle column of page 42f. For the females, many of the surnames in a list of those from the same family are written with just the first letter of the surname. The transcriber has concluded by the context that females over 16 have their whole surname written out and those under 16 have just the one letter designating their surname.

Michael Sloot was a Lieutenant in Lt Col Abraham Cuylers Corps. He was granted land in Adolphustown and settled there till 1807 when he moved to Loughborough. He leased a number of lots in Loughborough at the west end of Sydenham Lake and encouraged others to settle there with him. He built a saw and grist mill likely located at the west end of Lake Sydenham where the river drains out to the west. This return was probably included in the petition to show the growth in settlement in the area and to imply his role in its growth.

Sloot surrendered his 1000 acre grant of land in Richmond Township, Lennox County in 1817 because it was not good land for settling. After further petitioning, in 1820 he was granted 1000 acres in Albion Townhsip, Peel County, just south of Bolton. See this web page on Michael Sloot.

[181 A return of the inhabitants of the Township of Loughborough and Portland

Names of Males 
Jeremy Earl
from 60 to 16 years Nathaniel D. Yoe Abraham Woodcock

Matthew Germain John W.
Michael Sloote Wm Germain Nicholas W.
Jacob Hiller Robert Stuart Abraham W.
Wm Boire Thos Comer Lawrence Raile
John Cronk Ephraim Ash Francis Guess
John Vanluver [Vanluven?] Thos Comer George Wood
Michael Youngs Brian Spike Joel Pringle
John Reddin John Switzer Martin Clemont
John Barret Wm Vermilyea John Geller
James Barret Abraham Collard Ben Randel
Peter Vannart John Grunison John Campbell
Jacob Polun Peter Rattan John Randell
Michael Vanart John Freeman James Blackaby
Ebenezer R Barret Francis Lattimore Wm Gomer
David Balke Thos Draper Wm Ash
Sol Joiner John Coknet Wm Ferguson
Peter Switzer Moses Spafford Cornelius Williams
John Cartte Horace Spafford Isaac Orser
Henry Wood Thos Spairham Isaac Bond
Horea Purdy Clarke Nickls Wm Giller
Baltis Voyau Thos Freeman Ace Pickeley
Jacob Shibley Simeon Freeman Thos Conklin
John Shibley Ben Boire Wm Ransier
Henry Shibley Lawr Sills Thos Segriff
Sam Peters Henry Paddleford Daniel Loyns
Parnis Burley Wm McFarlin Francis lattimore
Wm Babcock Luke Barret John Teachout
David Richmond Michael Rattan Thos Hawkins
Wm Martin Wm Simpkins Orey Durling
John Brown Albert Finch Samuel Akroyd
29 Isaac Finch Isaac Orsor

32 33


David Huston Thos Raile Names ofMales
Cornelius Huston Paul Woodcock under 16 years
John Warner Christopher Wood[coc]k Wm Hiller
John Peters Nelson Williams Jacob Hiller
James Right Wil Ransier Peter Hiller
John Lake Oliver Lyns Michael Hiller
Aron Lake Wm Lattimore F Hiller
A Lake  Sam Lattimore Isaac Hiller
James Shaw Sam Akroyd Wm Boire
John Hiller Wm Sherman Sol Cronk
Philip Snider Thos Peroe John Vanluver
Benjamin Vanluver Dan Switzer Cornelius Van.
John Youngs Sam Peters Fred Van.
Richd Youngs John Guess Ranson Van.
Oliver Barret 15 David Van.
Erastus Barret 29 Michaels Youngs
Israel Blake 32 Thos Youngs
Edy Vanluver 33 James Youngs
Wm Wood 34 Daniel Reddin
Daniel Wood ___ Ivey Barret
Henry Atkinson 143 Names of men John Vanart
John Vanluver 166 names of boys Nathan Van.
Bablis Voyau 263 names of females Russel Barret
John Spike ___ John Blake
John Switzer 572 Total Daniel Blake
Ambron Rossel Thos Raile Chas Goiner
Abraham Collard Town Clerk Wm Goiner
Isaac Collard For the year 1819 Sam Switzer
Edward Freeman
David Wood
Cie Boire
Henry Wood
John Silis
Abraham Wood
Luke Barret
Parnis Wood
Michael Mooney
Barny Purdy
James Earl


Joseph Voyau Moses Spike Andrew Paddleford
Edward Voyau Aaron Spike Hiram McFarlin
Homer Voyau Christy Switzer John Frul
Alexander Voyau Lorenzo Switzer Aaron Frul
Lewis Voyau Philip Switzer Ben Barret
Babtis Voyau Peter Vermilyea Jesse Barret
Peter Shibley Wm Vermilyea Ab. Rattan
John Shibley John Grunison Christy Rattan
Charles Shibley Peter Rattan Merrit Simpkins
Edwin Shibley Henry Rattan Stephen S.
Ivy Shibley John Rattan David S.
James Peters Thos Freeman Robert Finch
John Peters Barny Freeman Donford Earl
Sam Peters George Vanluver David Woodcock
Hn Peters Ben Vanluver Jacob W.
Wm Peters Thos V. Edward W.
Sol Peters Wm Draper John Wood
John Burley Thos D. Christy Wood
Wm Babcock Ben Cocknet Wm Teachout
James Babcock George Cocknet Jacob T.
John Richmond Wm Cocknet Alexander Blackaby
Richd R. Adolfus Spairham Wm Ash
Daniel R. George Spairham Sol Orsor
James Martin Frum Spairham Galvit Orsor
Peter Martin Wm Spairham Wm Bond
Martin Brown John Nickls Hiram Bond
Sam D You Joseph Nickls Francis Bond
Jacob D You Wm Nickls Simen Picksley
Christy Germain Matthew Freeman Samuel Conklin
Wm Germain Henry Freeman George Ransier
Henry G. Ive F. Thos Segriff
George G. Peter Boire Henry Loyns
Alexander Spike  Martin Boire Jacob Teachout
Bryan Spike John Boire John Durling
34 Every Paddleford Jacob Durling

35 35


Wm Durling Names of Females Mercy Switzer
Thos Durling
Hanna Emmins
Stephen Ackroyd Mary Hiller Anne Carth
George A. Betsey Hiller July Carth
Hiram A. Peggy Boire Peggy Carth
Henry A. Christien Boire Betsey Freeman
Slome Warner Betsey Boire Christian Wood
John Giller Mary Boire Mary Wood
Wm Giller Peggy Boire Serah Wood
Chamy Warner Sally Cronk Betsey Wood
Alexander Lake Mary Cronk Betsey Wood
Nathan Lake Delilah Cronk mary Purdy
James Lake Anne Cronk Jane Purdy
Christy Lake Eliza Cronk Mary Shibley
John Lake Mary Vanluver Emily Shibley
Wm Lake Betsey Vanluver Jane Shibley
Isaac Lake Betsey Youngs Cathrine Shibley
Caleb Huston Betsey Youngs Cath Shibley
George Huston Cathrine Youngs Cath Clement
Cornelius H. Mary Youngs Charlote Shibley
John Warner Mary Reddin Rhodea Shibley
George Peters Nelly Barret Mercy Peters
Ben Peters Debby Barret Hanna Peters
Wm Tuple Darius Barret Betsey Peters
John Tuple Polly Barret Betsey Peters
George Tuple Rachal Potun Holdey Burley
Ben Peters Sally Vannert Mary Burley
George Peters Hanna Vannart Peggy B.
Thos Guess Sarah Barret Mary B.
Wm Guess Elmira Barret Mary B.
30 Hanna Blake Mary Babcock
32 Patty Blake Mary B.
34 Serah Blake Cathrine B.
35 Mary Joiner Mercy Richmond
35 32 Jane R.
Anne R.
Rub R.



Nancy Martin Amerrilyea Lattimore Mary McFarlin
Dolly Brown Mary Voyau Milly Barret
Diana B. Margret Voyau Polly Barret
Polly B. Ariot Voyau Nancy B.
Debly B. Mary V. Sally B.
Thankful Martin Joset? V. Ann Frul
Anne D You Magdelin V. Serah Simpkins
Margret Germanin Jenny V. Rebecca S.
Eliza G. Hanna Draper Lucindy S.
Cathrine G. Viny D. Mary S.
Eliza G. Mary D. Cathrine Woodstock
Mary Spike Ruth D. Hitty W.
Serah Spike Anne D. Caty W.
Betsey S. Cathrine Cocknet Hanna W.
Emily S. Rosomond Spairham Polly W.
Rachael S. Anne S. Eliza W.
Anne S. Margret Murphy Hanna W.
Cathrine S. Merin Nickls Marlow Slote
Miriam S. Margery Nickls Betsey Finch
Mary Switzer Lorey Nickls Olive Earl
Agnes S. Polly Freeman Unis Earl
Sophia S. Mary Freeman Cathrine Wood
Peggy Vanart Hanna F. Hanna W.
Rachel Vermilyea Margret Boire Polly W.
Jemimy V. Betsey Boire Serah W.
Mary V. Margaret B. Mary Pringle
Jemimy Grunison Nelly B. Hanna Burges
Hanna Collard Nancy B. Critty Wood
Rebica C. Hanna B. Susanna W.
Hanna C. Rachael B. Serah W.
Jemimy Rattan Lundy B. Betsey Guess
Serah R. Margery Sills Jenny Clement
Fany R. Mary S. Polly Clement
Anne R. Rachael S. Mary Giller
Jenny Freeman nancy Paddleford Liddy C.
Jemimy Freeman Rosanna P. Liddy Randel
Hanna Lattimore July P. Hanna Campbell
37 Dency McFarlin 37



Serah Campbell Nancy Segriff Mary Lake
Sally Blackaby Gift loyns Deborah Lake
Emily B. Nancy Loyns Jury Lake
Jane B. Betsey L. Elizabeth Lake
Mary B. Gitty L. Hanna Lake
Mary Ash Polly L. Jury Lake
Ann Ash Gitty L. Elizabeth Lake
Jane Williams Anne Teachout Nancy Guess
Sally Williams Mary Teachout Mary Guess
Eliza W. Mehilla T. Elizabeth Peters
Ann W. Mary T. Carline Peters
Zilphy Orsor Sebry T. 11
Ann Orsor Mary Durling 32
Rebecca O. Clary Akroyd 37
Rhodea O. Ariot Akroyd 37
Jane O. Cathrine Huston 38
Nancy O. Hariot H. 37
Elizabeth Bond Margret Warner 37
Jane B. Slon Warner 34
Giddy B. Liddy Warner ____
Polly B. Mary peters 263
Mary Picksley Carlim P.
Olive Picksley Mary P.
Carline Picksley Carline P.
Susanna P. Mary P.
Nancy Conklin Susanna Lake
Mary Conklin Hanna Tuple
Sally Cnklin Polly Tuple
Ann Conklin Rachael Tuple
Tiney C. Christun T.
Clarey Ackroyd Liddy Giller
Cathrine Ransier Peggy Giller
Elizabeth R. Tiney Giller
Mary Segriff Mary G.
Polly S. 34
Jane S.

Polly S.