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The Chisholm's :
Thurlow, Charlottenburgh, Sidney & Murray Townships

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Andrew Way, Mark Davenport, Shirley Sutherland and others have done most of the work on this family.  Of interest to them are 4 Chisholm pioneers born in Middle Knockfin, Inverness, Scotland and they or their children settled in the Bay of Quinte area. The Chisholm story as told in the Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte is likely incorrect. The main point of the Chisholm pages of PLBQ was to pinpoint who Alexander Chisholm of Knockfin, born Sept 12, 1752 was among the Quinte Chisholms. PLBQ ignores Catherine, but it does give the children of Archibald #2, her probable brother
. There are numerous records of early Chisholm settlers in Upper Canada and it is possible that they are all fairly closely related. The purpose of this page is to give a taste of the current thinking, range of sources and invite those with new information to join the fun.

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  1. Overview
  2. Chisholm Y DNA Project
  3. The three brothers and their families
  4. The cousin
  5. John Chisholm (#1) of Lot 1, Con 1, Thurlow
  6. Archibald Chisholm (#1)
  7. Alexander Chisholm (#1)
  8. Alexander Chisholm the Elder
  9. Lt Col Alexander Chisholm (#2)
  10. Lt Col Archibald Chisholm (#2)
  11. Catherine Chisholm
  12. Gennett Chisholm
  13. Early Loyalist Records
  14. People not placed in the family tree
  15. Other petitions
  16. Chisholms of Charlottenburgh, Glengary County
  17. Kenneth Chisholm and wife

Three Chisholm brothers named their first son Alexander, which indicates that the name of their father was Alexander Chisholm, born in the 1720's and possibly a brother of Colin Chisholm of Knockfin.

One key document found by Mark Davenport was the will of Alexander #1 (1748 -1808) that mentions "my beloved brother John" as his co-executor with his wife Nancy, which takes you back to the 1803 Murray census that shows Alex #1 was born in 1748. The second key document for the three Chisholm brothers is the Thurlow Twp. record for Lot 9 Con 1 showing that Alex #1 became the executor for his brother Archibald #1 in 1801. The conclusion then is that the three Chisholm brothers, though they are from Knockfin, are not the children of Colin Chisholm 4th laird of Knockfin, which upsets many local books and genalogies that mentioned them as Colin's sons. Alex #2 is the only son of John , thus he can't be Alexander Chisholm, son of Colin as mentioned in PLBQ. What is more, Alex #2 was born in 1771, having died at the age of "nearly 60", according to his 1832 obit.

Is there any part of PLBQ that is true? We are left with the statement that John was the cousin of Alex of Knockfin, The oral tradition had been there for many years, but the compiler of PLBQ got confused. If John #1 was a cousin, then so are his brothers.

And then there is Catherine and her brother Archibald (#2), whose father was Alexander Chisholm, the Elder. Is there any reason to believe her father was a cousin of the three Chisholm brothers? Yes, John #1 appears to have raised Catherine and Archibald, or its possible Alex the Elder lived in Quinte nearby, perhaps as a recluse. Mark Davenport and Andrew Way are the first to find Catherine's father's name. Another missing document is the land grant of Archibald #2, which may say something about his father. Andrew Way writes; "Our family has been trying to find information about Catherine's father since 1927. We know he was a Loyalist who went home to Scotland before Catherine was born, and returned in 1786. However he may have died in the first few years, leaving Catherine and perhaps her brother Archibald (later Lt Col Archibald Chisholm of the 4th Flank Sidney Milita in 1839) in the care of John Chisholm of Lot 1, Con 1 of Thurlow."

Shirley Sutherland's numbering system is very helpful, because the three Chisholm's with #1 after them are all born between 1743 and 1748. The Chisholms with #2 after them are born in the 1770's and 1780s, thus are of the war of 1812 era. The main reason for pointing this out is because it appears the compliler of PLBQ implied Alexander #2 (son of John #1) was born in 1752, instead of his real birthdate of 1771. This has misled many ever since. Its now clear the only Alexander Chisholm by the Bay of Quinte who could have been born in 1752 was Catherine's father.


Shirley [Chisholm] Sutherland writes, "Several researchers are trying very hard to find the name of John's father, with the hope that we can discover where we fit into the Chisholms of Knockfin line, a cadet branch of the Chief of the Clan's family, and therefore be able to connect with Chisholms going back to the year 1254 . That would be some family tree!  My father did a Y-DNA test as a Christmas present to find out more about our lineage. As more and more Chisholm males have their DNA tested, we're getting a clearer and clearer picture of the various roots of the Clan and where we fit into the family. I think there is great potential to this research, and in the short term, we are finding other Chisholms alive today who are almost an exact match to my father's DNA, indicating a direct common ancestor only a few generations back."

Visit the Chisholm Y DNA project.

3. The Three Brothers and their families
1      Alexander Chisholm    b: Abt. 1722 in Middle Knockfin, Inverness Shire, Scotland
   2      John Chisholm (John #1)  b: Abt. 1744 in Middle Knockfin, Inverness Shire, Scotland    d: Aft. 1805 in Upper Canada
....        +Mrs Chisholm        d: Aft. 1797
...    3      Lt Col Alexander Chisholm (Alexander #2)    b: 1771 in Middle Knockfin, Strathglass, Inverness    d: August 12, 1834 in Sidney Township, Ontario
.......        +Elizabeth Gilbert    b: December 12, 1780    d: July 25, 1846 in Port Hope, Northumberland County
...    3      Female Chisholm    b: Bef. 1776
...    3      Female Chisholm    b: Aft. 1776
...    3      Mary Chisholm    b: Abt. 1790    d: Aft. 1851
.......        +William Giles Maybee    b: October 24, 1780    d: Aft. May 09, 1842 in Thurlow Township, Ontario Canada
   2      W. Archibald Chisholm (Archibald #1)  b: Abt. 1746 in Middle Knockfin    d: 1801 in Thurlow Twp
....        +Henrietta MacDonell    b: Abt. 1765    d: Aft. August 17, 1855
...    3      Jane Chisholm    b: Abt. 1792    d: August 11, 1874
.......        +William R MacDonell        d: Bef. 1863
...    3      Anne Chisholm    b: Bef. 1798
.......        +Harvey Fowler
...    3      Nancy Chisholm    b: Abt. 1798
...    3      Mary Chisholm
...    3      Alexander Chisholm    b: February 15, 1801    d: Bef. 1804
   2      Alexander Chisholm (Alexander #1)    b: 1748 in Middle Knockfin d: Abt. October 15, 1808 in Cramhe, Northumberland County, Ontario
....        +Nancy (Anne) McArthur    b: 1771 in Kenderhook, New York d: Aft. 1861. See married 2nd; Cyrus Marsh, after 1808.
...    3      Alexander Simon Chisholm    b: 1794 in Thurlow Twp, Bay of Quinte    d: 1812 in Glengarry County Ontario
...    3      Angus Allan Chisholm    b: 1797 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada    d: March 02, 1876 in Port Hope, Hope Township, Ontario
.......        +Mrs Chisholm        d: Bef. 1851
...    3      James Chisholm    b: September 23, 1803
...    3      Archibald Charles Chisholm    b: Bef. 1806
...    3      Mary Chisholm    b: June 30, 1806    d: February 25, 1877
.......        +Duncan MacDonell    b: February 06, 1786    d: March 14, 1856

4. The Cousin

1      Colin Chisholm, 4th of Knockfin    b: Abt. 1715 in Strathglass, of Knockfin, Scotland    d: Abt. 1801
.        +Margaret MacKenzie    b: Abt. 1722 in Of  Balone, Scotland
 2      Colin "a b'Oige" Chisholm    b: February 01, 1749/50 in Middle Knockfin    d: January 18, 1781 in The Battle of Cowpens, North Carolina
2      Alexander Chisholm (Alexander The Elder)    b: September 20, 1752 in Middle Knockfin, Strathglass, Inverness Scotland    d: Bef. 1794 in Upper Canada
          3      Lt Col Archibald Chisholm (Archibald #2) b aft 1780 Knockfin, Inverness; d. 18 Aug 1861, Thurlow Twp. m. bef 1816. Margaret Frederick b. 19 Sept 1789, Thurlow Twp; d. 16 May 1826, Thurlow Twp. Married second Joanna Garrison (1800 - bef 1861)
          3      Catherine Chisholm b 16 Feb 1782, Middle Knockin, Inverness; d. 5 July 1859, Glenn Ross, Thurlow; m. Benjamin Way, 4 May 1780, Fishkill, NY; d. 14 Nov 1870, Glenn Ross, Thurlow.
          3      Gennett Chisholm (possible)
 2      Helen Chisholm    b: August 20, 1754 in Strathglass, of Knockfin, Scotland
....        +Duncan Grant    b: Abt. 1748 in of Glenmoriston
     *2nd Wife of Colin Chisholm, 4th of Knockfin:
.        +Mary Chisholm    b: Abt. 1738 in Strathglass, of Fasnakyle, Scotland
 2      John Chisholm    b: January 02, 1762 in Middle Knockfin    d: January 26, 1810 in Middle Knockfin
....        +Hannah Fraser    b: Abt. 1770 in Achnacloich of Achnacloich
     *2nd Wife of John Chisholm:
....        +Jean Fraser    b: April 11, 1766 in Guishachan. of Culbokie
 2      Archibald Chisholm    b: December 15, 1765 in Middle Knockfin d: 1776 in Near Charleston South Carolina

5. John Chisholm (#1) of Lot 1, Con 1, Thurlow

17 May 1797, Thurlow, Petition of John Chisholm of Thurlow has been settled in the Province since 1786 and brought a wife and four children, viz a son and three daughters and the son and one dauughter are now of age and has drawn but two hundred acres of land half of which is improved,  ... prays further quantity of land. Recommended for 250 acres.
Source: Chisholm, John, Thurlow, 1797, UCLP, C3/179, C-1648

John Chisholm, Lot 1 Con 1 of Thurlow is the father of  Lt Alexander Chisholm, Hastings Militia (1771-1832) as recorded in the Supreme Court case below.
"Now, the evidence adduced at the trial shows that the defendant, Francis McConaghy, and one Hugh McGuire, in good faith and for a good and adequate consideration, purchased the south half of lot number one in the second concession of the Township of Thurlow from one Alexander Chisholm, the heir-at-law [**5]  of John Chisholm, one of the alleged patentees, through whom the respondent professes to claim title to the lands in question, who in the presence and to the knowledge of one Zwick, through whom the respondent also professes to claim, was in possession and occupation of the said half lot (100 acres) as early as A.D. 1825, and who in A.D. 1831 conveyed the same, apparently in fee, by deed to them the said Francis McConaghy and Hugh McGuire."
"Let us first see if there was any title shown in the respondent through the grantee John Chisholm. The grant to the [**16]  latter is dated 6th March, 1798. The land conveyed by it is called generally lot 1 in concession 1 and part of lot 1 in the 2nd concession. It is, however, particularly described. The line, beginning at a post in the front marked 1/2, is to run a course north 16o west, 125 ch. and 25 links, then westwardly parallel to the bank in front to township line; then S. 16o E., 105 ch., 27 links to the Bay of Quinte; then easterly along the front to the place of beginning. By the plan and survey of the surveyor Emerson, a witness called by the respondent, it is clearly shown that the lines, according to the description in the grant, would not only not include any part of lot 1 in the 2nd concession, but would exclude also a part of lot 1 in the 1st. concession across the lot about 4 chains in depth on the east side and 22 chains on the west. The particular description--controlling the general one--limits the boundaries of the grant. The latter does not therefore cover any part of lot 1 in the 2nd concession. The description in the deed from Chisholm to Zwick is a copy of that in the grant, and therefore [**17]  covers no part of lot 1 in the 2nd concession. The title, by that branch of the conveyances, entirely fails."
"Turning then to the defence, and the evidence on both sides, we find that in 1831 (46 years before the commencement of this suit) Francis McConaghy, one of the defendants, and Hugh McGuire purchased for fifty pounds from Alex. Chisholm, the son of the grantee, John Chisholm, and received from him a deed of the front part (being 100 acres) of lot number 1, in the 2nd concession, of  [*622]  which the eastern half part is the land now in dispute. Some years previously Alexander Chisholm entered upon the lot--then in a wilderness state--and commenced a clearing by cutting down a piece across the front. McConaghy and McGuire, on getting the deed, immediately went into possession, cut down and jointly cleared upon the land for two or three years. "
"In this case the defendants showed no paper title, for although it is true that a memorial was produced of a deed poll, dated the 29th June, 1831, whereby one Alexander Chisholm purported to remise, release and quit claim to Hugh McGuire and Francis McConaghy, their heirs and assigns, the front part of lot No. 1 in the 2nd concession of the township of Thurlow,  [*632]  covering the land in question in this suit, and whatever might be the operation of that release as against any person claiming through Alexander Chisholm, if he had the fee simple estate in the land at the time of the execution of that release and quit claim, yet it does not appear, that in 1831 Alexander Chisholm had any title to, or estate in, the land; indeed, it is admitted now, although the releasees may at the time have believed him to have had title, that, in truth, he had none; and although there was evidence to show, that in 1825 Alexander Chisholm had some chopping done on the land, which, however, was never cleared off, yet there was no evidence to show that he ever occupied the lot, or had any possession of it in 1831, or at any time, unless when the chopping was being [**37]  done in 1825; indeed, the evidence rather shews that he had not, and that he lived in a neighboring township, viz.: Sydney, of which he is described in the release."
Source: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 1879, [*609]  FRANCIS MCCONAGHY et al APPELLANTS AND GEORGE DENMARK RESPONDENT, INDEXED AS: MCCONAGHY v. DENMARK, SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, 4 S.C.R. 609; 1880 S.C.R. LEXIS 6, Heard:  November 13, 1879. Found by Andrew Way, email 3 May 2007 and the full text of the case found by Mark Davenport.    Back to Top

6. Archibald Chisholm (#1)
W.ARCHIBALD CHISHOLM (seen in most places as Archibald. The "W" shows up in just one land record). The name of his wife is HENRIETTA MACDONELL. 

14 Apr 1797, Thurlow, Petitoner Archibald Chisholm of Thurlow, is a UE Loyalist and and one of the earliest settlers on lands in this Province  ... he has a wife and four children and his wife is UE Loyalist's daughter & wants two hundred her & four hundred and fifty acres for himself [signed] Archibald Chisholm - recomended for 100 acres to close all claims
Source: Chisholm, Archibald, Thurlow, 1797, UCLP, C3/175, C-1648.    Back to Top

7. Alexander Chisholm (#1)

22 Sept 1788, Montreal, The Memorial of Alexander Chisholm of Quinty Bay, That your Memorialist faithfully served His Majesty in different capacities in America during the late Rebellion ... he was entitled to a considerable quantity of ungranted lands .... In Consequence of a Memorial addressed to lieut Govenor Hamilton in 1785 your Memorialist received a letter from Hugh Finley Esq, which now is in the possession of John Collins Esq, directing him to settle on any part of His Majestty's ungranted lands, that he immediately took possession and settled on a spot of land containing 400 cares in the 9th Township near the Head of Quinty Bay, but as the lands there could not then be laid out, your Memorialist could obtain no other pledge than Mr Collins promise before two gentlemen which your Memorialist held as sacred, and which was the only pledge then given to others that settled in the unsurveyed lands, all of whom, except your memorialist, now hold and possess their several quotas. That after your Memorialist had been at great expence in making a settlement on  the said spot of land, Mr Collins contrary to justice has granted the best half of the said spot to W Vanderhyden who it is thought never intended to settle on it. .... prays ... will be pleased to grant him the land he first took possesion of or to grant the vacant lots No 37 in Sydney or the East side of No 11 in the 9th Township. [signed] Alexr Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Bay of Quinte, 1788, UCLP, C misc/145, C-1732

11 Aug 1789, Kingston, Memorial of Alexander Chisholm, ... sheweth  .. That your Memorialist on the 15th day of November 1775 came to the Town of Quebec and served there during the siege & afterwards came with the army to St John's & in 1777 went over to Lake Champlain & was employed as a deputy purveyor for fresh beef for the army during the Champaign & then came to Canada, where he was appointed Commissioner for the Naval Department at St John's, and had the charge of a company of uncorporated Loyalists, to be ready at any time when commanded till the reduction which Charges & Commands your memorialist dispatched & executed with care, fidelity and honour as may appear - and in the year '84 after making application to Lieut Gov Hamilton for a Captains allowance of land  which he was pleased to grant but your Memorialist never drew but four hundred acres  and humbly prays that the remaining compliment  together with his Lordships bounty and if it be reasonable that may have an Equal proportion of lands according to his Rank with the 84th Regimt,  he prays that all might be assigned to him in the Island commonly called the Long Island approximate to the point called Crysals? Bay in the Seventh Township. [signed] Alexander Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Long Island, Seventh Town, Kingston, 1789, UCLP, C Misc/144, C-1732

"Mr Chisholm  (formerly my neighbour & Parishioner at old Johnstown) who resides 35 miles above Mr Langhorne's Parish, applied to me to publish him in my church, which I did. And as he lived 60 miles distant from me, I consented to ride 23 miles to meet him perform the marriage Ceremony. .....
Source: Stuart to Bishop [Charles Inglis], Synod of Ontario, Kingston, Stuart Letters, dated Kingston, 5 July 1791; as cited in Kingston Before the war of 1812, Richard Preston, Champlain Society, 1959, 177

Alexander Simon, son of Alex and Nancy Chisholm, Thurlow, 13 Jan 1794
Source: Rev Langhorn's Register, Anglican Archives, Kingston, OHS, Papers and Records, V1, 1899, Bill Martin's web site

[50d, e] 3 April 1794, Thurlow, Petitioner Alex Chisholm of Thurlow, ... received an order for 700 acres of land which was approved ...  ... assigned two hundred acres ... your petitoner has received part of the nine hundred acres , four hundred, one lot of which is lot 3, Con 1, Thurlow containing about 200 cares ... yet remaining 500 acres ... That on lot 3 there is a mill not of the most convenient perhaps in the Province, but  .. sufficient room for the necessary buildings is not left  .. consequence your petitoner was prevented from building a mill until he obtained a lease from the Indians of one half of Lot 4 which he had been informed was granted to them but has since been reserved for government  .. That in the meantime a mill has been erected higher up on the same river by John Walden Meyers Esq, but as your petitoner has received great encouragement from the inhabitants ... as well by the reason that Captain Meyer's Mill cannot grind all the grain in the neighbourhood the expense attaining in taking the grain to his Mill, Captain Meyers demanding One tenth bushel for that and also for the want of a saw mill , there being none in nearer than twenty four miles, except one erected  near the head of the Bay by the same Captain Meyers, but who will not saw for the inhabitants in the regular rotation as logs are brought to it, but serves most people first as he pleases.... That where your petitioner intends building mills, loaded boats may come to the mill soon, logs may be brought to the saw mill by water, which is a great convenience... that your petitioner has been preparing and has had the mill from ready then three years past but has been prevented by the means alleged. ... pray to grant the whole of lot 4 either as a part of the land yet due him  or by Lease [signed] Alexander Chisholm See petition by Capt Meyers regarding his mill.
[50b] 13 May 1794, York, .... I am of the opinion that it wold be a great advantage to that part of the setllement should a mill be built in the situation pointed out by [Alex Chisholm} {signed] Alexr Atkens D Surv
[50, a] 26 May 1794, Niagara, The petition of Alexander Chisholm being referred to me ... Alex Chisholm's name entered on maps for Lot 3 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Concession of Thurlow. Lot 4 Con 1 and 2 reserved for Indian Burying grounds and lot 5, Con 1, Indian Burying Places. ..... D W Smith
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow, 1794, UCLP, C1/50, C-1647

12 June 1797, York, Petiton of Alexander Chisholm, Thurlow, ... during the late war ... commanding a company of his fellow Loyalists unincorporated or not attached to any corps and at the conclusion of the War receieved a written order  ... to receive lands as a Captain ... which delivered to Mr Collins  ... granted eight hundred acres and has been settled since 1784.   That your petitioner had the honour of serving in Quebec when Blockaded by the Rebels in the year 1775&6 as acting Lieutenant of Artillery and was likewise employed in public service during the expedition commanded by General Burgoyne and was wounded in that campaign  ... prays for a quantity of land. [signed] Alexander Chisholm - recommended for 2000 acres.
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow, 1797, UCLP, C3/195, C-1648

7 June 1797, York, Petition of Alexander Chisholm, that your petitioner as Husband of the late Capt G? Singleton, of the Royal Yorkers, deceased, and Guardian of John Singleton, and infant and only child of Capt G Singleton was appointed curator of the estate on 1 July 1791  .... Capt Singleton only recieved 832 acres and was settled thereon in the Bay of Quinty at the time of his death in the year 1789 ... pray to locate the remaining lands for his heirs [signed] Alexr Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, York, 1797, UCLP, C3/3, C-1647

Read in Council 22 June 1797, Petiton of Alexander Chisholm, Thurlow, has a wife daughter of UE Loyalist and three children... prays quantity of lands. Nancy Chisholm, Petitioners wife recommended for 200 acres as UE entered land Book C, page 97
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow, 1797, UCLP, C3/148, C-1648

8 Nov 1797, York, Petition of Alexander Chisholm, Thurlow, is a UE and one of the earliest settlers in this province that he had a lot in the aforesaid township and which being improved in part by another person  ...prays to grant him lot 34 First Concession and broken Front in Murray [signed]] Alexander Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow, 1797, UCLP, C3/177, C-1648

18 June 1798, York, Petition of Alexander Chisholm of Thurlow, That your honours petitioner is about to move to Murray Township ... prays to grant a lot in the town of Newcastle on the ???isle upon the condition of his building upon it immediately [signed] Alex Chisholm - approved
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow, 1798, UCLP, C6/11, C-1649

12 Feb 1799, York, Petiton of Alexander Chisholm ... that your petitioner being disposed of a valuable piece of land in the Bay of Quinty, lot 11, Con 1 Thurlow, that his claim though more equitable though less supported  by the necessary formalities than that of Capt William Johnson ...your petitioner makes application for lot 34, Broken Concession, Murray ... no insurmountable objection was found to be able to grant the lot ... then he was informed that the lot was a Crown Reserved lot  ... after his return home he began to improve the lot and finding a good mill seat erected a saw mill upon which has been going for some time past with four saws to great advantage to the neighbouring settlers. .. and your petitioner has made great progress at heavy expense towards building a grist mill on the same lot  so that in fact your petitioners whole substance and hopes are embarked on the event of being confirmed in the said lot .[ signed] Alex Chisholm - the petiton has been already answered by His Govenor in Council. No further or other answer can be given.
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Murray, 1799, UCLP, C4/59, 73, C-1648

17 Feb 1799, York, petition of Alexander Chisholm, Thurlow and Aaron Greely, Haldimand, that your petitioners have at great expense erected a complete sawmill on Lot 34, front of Murray, , a gristmill is now building at the same place and will be completed by fallwhich will greatly facilitate the settlement ...pray to lease to them Lot 34 in Concessions A and b  of the Broken Front- recommended lease to bear date 29 July 1802
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Thurlow (Murray), 1799, UCLP, C Leases/12, C-1740

20 Sept 1800, Surveyors Office, letter from DW Smith to Alex Chisholm about a problem with Lot 2 in the 2nd and 3rd Concessions of Hallowell while making out a deed for 930 acres in Hallowell. In the end Chisholm got Lot 2 in the 3rd Concession, not the 2nd Concession.
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Hallowell, 1800, UCLP, C5/82, C-1649

4 Oct 1801, Alexander Chisholm Esq of Murray Township, Northumberland and wife Nancy sells to Richard Cartwright of Kingston 200 acres comprising Lot 5 Con 3 of "Officers land in Hallowell". Witnesses David Macgregor Rogers and Margaret Rogers.
Source: PEC, Deeds, Vol A-D, 1799-1816, AO, GS 5193, p.9

Alexander Chisholm Esq, age 55 [thus born abt 1748]
Nancy Chisholm
Alexander Chisholm Junr, 9
Angus Do, 7
John Singleton, 14
Neal McArthur, 17
Polly Do, 14
Source: 1803 Census, Murray Township, Municipal Records, AO, MS16, reel 7

Vol. XVIII. York Gazette, Saturday. October 22, 1808. . No. 23. Total No. 855. DEATH OF COLONEL CHISHOLM. Died last week In this town, Col. Chisholm, of the Bay of Quinte.
Source:  Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto: A Collection of Historical Sketches of the Old Town of York, John R Robertson, 1914, p 363

It was proved that one Alexander Chisholm, being seized of the lands mentioned in the declaration, made his will on the 15th October, 1808, by which he directed "that his debts should be paid as soon as practicable after his decease, and gave and bequeathed to his executrix and executors all his real and personal property, in trust, to sell, alien and convey such parcels or tracts of land as might be necessary for carrying his direction into effect." The residue of his real and personal property "he gave to his wife, Anne Chisholm, during her life; and after her decease to such of his children as night be then living, to be divided share and share alike." And he appointed his wife executrix, and his brother, John Chisholm, and Donald McDonell, Esq., executors of his will. It was admitted that the two. last executors named died in 1816.
On the 6th July, 1830, Anne Marsh, the widow of the testator, and who had since his death married one Marsh, and Charles Werden, for Angus A. Chisholm, Charles Chisholm and James Chisholm, in consi¬deration of 80/., conveyed to Gilbert Reid, in fee, lot 1 in 2nd conces¬sion, Huntingdon; and on the 28th July, 1832, Reid conveyed the same land by bargain and sale to Philip Luke for £150.
On 12th March, 1830, Anne Marsh and Charles Chisholm conveyed to the plaintiff Boss, by bargain and sale, lot 7 in 1st concession, Huntingdon. Boss entered on this lot, and had ever since been in possession.
Charles Chisholm, one of the sons of the testator, died about the end of 1845.
On 3rd March, 1846, the defendant took a deed of bargain and sale, in fee, of both lots, from Angus A. Chisholm, James Chisholm, Duncan McDonell and Mary his wife (formerly Mary Chisholm), being the three surviving children of Alexander Chisholm, the testator. ….

The deeds made by Anne Marsh in 1830, more than twenty yean after the testator's death in 1808, could never be inferred to be for payment of debts; from the circumstance of the children of the testator, or some of them at-least, being made parties to those deeds, no one would suppose otherwise than that the parties were affecting to sell their beneficial interest under the will. But then, in one of the deeds of 1830 none of the children were in fact executing parties, and in the other only one of them was. There was nothing therefore to prevent the children, except as applies to one of them, Charles Chisholm, who did execute one of the deeds in 1830, from conveying their reversion to any one who would buy it. Charles Chisholm died in 1845, and this defendant took no conveyance from him, but only "from the three others, who had made no other deed, so far as we see in the evidence; Mary Chisholm certainly had not.
Note: Nancy (Anne) McArthur who was the wife of Alexander Chisholm married Cyrus Marsh after the death of Alexander. See the Murray census records.
Source: The Municipal Reports: Containing Reports of Cases Arising Under the Municipal and School Laws, Ontario Courts, Edit Thomas Hodgins, Robert Alexander Harrison, Vol 1, 1863, as seen on Google Books
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8. Alexander Chisholm The Elder

If any man named Alexander Chisholm qualifies as the son of Colin Chisholm, it would be Catherine's father - I've eliminated the three Chisholm brothers. The 1803 Murray Census makes it plain that Alexander Chisholm was born in 1748, not 1752. Thus the three Chisholm brothers (although they were also from Knockfin) were not the sons of Colin, but there is a slender thread in Pioneer Life they were cousins of the right Alexander, and that man was probably Catherine's father.
Source: email Andrew Way, Feb 2007

MARY FRASER wife of Alex the Elder is just a guess. On May 17, 1802 in Port Hope a Mary Chisholm got lands as a UEL, which I assume is as a widow - 19th Concession, 21/10.
Source: Andrew Way.    Back to Top

9. Lt Col Alexander Chisholm (#2)

Born in 1771, he took lands as a settler (not a loyalist) in 1792. His residence as a grown man still stands at 317 Dundas Street West, Belleville Ontario. He came to Upper Canada in 1786 directly from Scotland as a young man with his father, John #1, and lived with his father on Con 1 Lot 1 of Thurlow. John #1s first home, known today as the Zwick House also still stands at 153 Dundas Street West Back to Top

10. Lt Col Archibald Chisholm (#2)
You will see in Canniff's book (pg 408) that around 1807 Bishop MacDonell visited his relatives Col. Archibald Chisholm (this is Catherine's brother being remembered in 1865 as a Colonel) and Alexander MacDonell of "McDonell's Cove" in Marysburgh (who might have been Henrietta's brother).
Source: Andrew Way, email, 27 Feb 2007

PETITION 1816 - Margaret Frederick
22 January 1816, Thurlow ... The petition of Margaret Chisholm of Thurlow .. is the daughter of John Frederick a UE that she is married to Archibald Chisholm of  the township of Thurlow and has never received land ... prays .. to grant her two hundred acres and permit William McMullen of Thurlow to be her agent [signed] Margaret Chisholm
Margaret Chisholm maketh oath ... [signed] Margaret Chisholm and James McNabb JP
I do hereby certify that Margaret Chisholm is ..... [signed] James McNabb JP
[88b Fold notes] Petition of Margert Chisholm daughter of John Frederick; Received from James McNabb Esq, 2 Feb 1816; Petitioner has had no lands by order in Council; The name of John Frederick of Thurlow was expunged the UE list by OC of 17 Apr 1812, He is stated to have come into this Province in 1786.
Source: Frederick, Margaret (Chisholm), Thurlow, 1816, UCLP, 1797-1840, Cb/88, AO, C-1646

It appears he was elevated from Captain to Lt. Col of the Hastings Militia in 1839 no later than March 30th.
Lt Col Archibald Chisholm, 4th Flank, Hastings Milita - Died Oct 16, 1861 in Sidney TWP.
Source: email from Andrew Way, Feb 2007

 3      Margaret Frederick    b: September 19, 1789 in Thurlow Township, Ontario Canada    d: May 16, 1826 in Thurlow Township, Ontario Canada
.......        +Lt. Col. Archibald Chisholm, Hastings Militia    b: Aft. September 1780 in Migrated from  Middle Knockfin, Inverness in 1786    d: August 18, 1861 in Thurlow Twp, Bay of Quinte
......    4      John Chisholm    b: 1810    d: Aft. 1883
..........        +Mary A. Bradshaw    b: 1811    d: Aft. 1851
......    4      Mary Chisholm    b: 1812   
..........        +Peter McTaggart    b: August 26, 1807    d: 1879
......    4      Annabel Jane Chisholm    b: June 23, 1814 in Sidney Twp, Hastings County, Ontario    d: November 02, 1902
..........        +Bartholomew Carley Johns    b: May 15, 1808 in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County    d: May 08, 1859
......    4      William Henry Chisholm    b: Abt. 1821    d: Aft. 1881
..........        +Caroline    b: 1831    d: Aft. 1881
......    4      Henrietta Chisholm    b: February 09, 1821 in Sidney Twp.,Ontario    d: March 20, 1896 in Sidney Twp.,Ontario
..........        +Elias Clapp Ketcheson    b: March 21, 1822 in Sidney Twp.,Ontario    d: August 29, 1911 in Sidney Twp.,Ontario
......    4      Donald Murchison Chisholm    b: 1826   
..........        +Jane       

LAND - Residence: 10 August 1801, Conc 3 Lot 20, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Land Registry Records (Patent) show that Archibald Chisholm obtained the Patent from the Crown for all 200 acres of Lot 20, Conc 3, Thurlow Twp., ITS Date: Aug 10, 1801.6 Twp RECORDS? What I'm looking for is the very first land Archibald got - was he a settler, or was he a SUE, son of a Loyalist, are his parents mentioned?
*    Residence: 20 March 1803, Conc 3 Lot 20, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Land Registry Records (B&S A39) show that Archibald Chisholm sold all 200 acres of Lot 20, Conc 3, Thurlow Twp. to Donald McDonell, ITS Date: Mar 20, 1803 Donald McDonell is mentioned on many of the Chisholm  records, was he related?
*    Residence: 14 March 1804, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Archibald Chisholm is shown to be " .. of Thurlow .. " in Memorial #37, Land Registry Records.6
*    Residence*: 14 March 1804, Conc 1 Lot 16, Cramahe Twp., Northumberland Co., Ontario, "A Memorial ... Bargain and Sale, made and executed at Cramahe ... on the fourteenth day of March ... one thousand eight hundred and four ... Whereby Stephen Campbell of said Township of Cramahe, yeoman, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds ... did grant, bargain .. unto Archibald Chisholm of the township of Thurlow in the Midland District ... , Gentleman ... all that certain parcel or tract of land situated in the township of Cramahe, containing by admeasurement two hundred and thirty five acres ... composed of lot number sixteen in the first concession and the broken front in the said township of Cramahe ... witnessed by Oliver Campbell of Cramahe, yeoman and Thomas Ward of Cramahe, Gentleman ... Reg'd 6th April 1804 ... " Memorial #37, pg. 9, Reel GSU 4728, Cramahe Twp. Deeds Vol. 11-4436 1808-1836, Ontario Archives, Dec. 8, 2004.
Note: Placing this here because this land was sold in 1809 by Archibald Chisholm and his wife Margaret - suggesting this younger Archibald Chisholm.6
*    Residence: 10 July 1809, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Archibald Chisholm is shown as " ... of Thurlow ... " per Memorial #195, Land Registry Records.6
*    Residence: 10 July 1809, Conc 1 Lot 16, Cramahe Twp., Northumberland Co., Ontario, "A Memorial ... Bargain and Sale ... tenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine at Thurlow in the County of Hastings in the Midland District ... Whereby Archibald Chisholm and Margaret Chisholm, wife of the said Archibald of the said township of Thurlow, yeoman, for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred pounds ... to him in hand paid by Jeremiah S. Wood of .. Percy, Gentleman .. all that certain parcel of land in the township of Cramahe ... containing ... two hundred and thiry five acres ... composed of lot number 16 in the First Concession and broken front ... witnessed by Elias Jones of the township of Hamilton and Thomas Ward of the township of Hope, Esquires ... Reg'd. Jan'y 10 1810 .. " Memorial # 195, pg. 24, GSU 4728, Cramahe Deeds Vol. 1, 11-4436 1808-1836, Ontario Archives, Dec. 8, 20046
*    Note: 29 March 1829, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Archibald Chisholm is named as an Executor for the Will of Alexander Chisholm (1771-1834), along with William H. Wallbridge.
*    Residence: 16 August 1831, 4th Concession, Sidney Twp., Northumberland Co., Ontario, Location 4th Concession per marriage register - Joan Garison.5
*    Note*: 1839, Hastings Co., Ontario, "4th Hastings; .. Archibald Chisholm; Lieutenant-Colonel" pg. 499 of 2nd Victoria Return of Militia Commissions, image sent to me by Andrew Way, Feb 2006.3
*    Residence: 22 May 1843, Conc 5 Lot 21, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Land Registry Records (B&S D390) show that John Lee & wife sold 100 acres of the east half of Lot 21, Conc 5, Sidney, to Archibald Chisholm, ITS Date: May 22, 1843
*    Residence: 17 February 1849, Conc 5 Lot 21, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Land Registry Records (B&S A108) show that Archibald Chisholm sold 100 acres of the east half of Lot 21, Conc 5 to Elias Clapp Ketcheson, ITS Date: Feb 17 1849

CHISHOLM, Archibald was born in Scotland, came to Canada at 6 years of age, and died, Aug. 18, 1861 in his 82nd year; predeceased by 2 wives and several children; survived by several children and grandchildren.  Mr. Chisholm was raised Roman Catholic, but joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church 22 years ago.  - Oct. 16, 1861, p. 164, )., sent from Sidney.
Source:  "Obituaries from Ontario's Christiam Guardian 1861-1870" by Donald A. McKenzie. Page 60. Email from Andrew Way, Feb 2007 .    Back to Top

11. Catherine Chisholm

To his Excellency Peter Hunter Esq Lieutenant Govanar (sic) of the Province of Upper Canada &c &c &c
The Petition of Catrine (sic) Chisholm of the Township of Charlotingburgh & County of GlengarryEastern district -. Humbly sheweth,That your Excellency's petitioner is the Daughterof Alexr Chisholm  of the Township of Charlotingburgh(sic) - A U.E. Loyalist that she is of lawfull age & has never Received any land from the Crown.
Wherefore your Excellency's petitioner Humbly prays that she may Receive such a portion of the Waste lands of the Crown as it has been usual to grant to persons of her description - and as in duty bound your Excellency's petitioner will ever pray -   Catrine (her x mark) Chisholm
Personally appeared before me Samuel Anderson Esq. one of his Majestiy's Justices of the peace for the Eastern District, the Above Named Catrine Chisholm who being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth that she is of lawfull age & that she has Never Received any lands from the Crown, S Anderson J.P.
I certify that the petitioner is the person she describes herself to be, and that she never has to my Knowlage(sic) and belief Received lands or any order for lands from the crown.  S. Anderson J.P.

OC Notes:
(First page)
C 32 UE Petition
(words crossed out appear to be "late of Albany".  Alexander Chisholm, Senior of Lot 15 Con 1 of Kenyon Twp who settled on the Kingsboro' Patent of Sir William Johnson's lands in 1773 was likely confused for Alexander Chisholm "the Elder")

Catherine Chisholm, of Charlottenburg, daur - of Alexr Chisholm, Sen'or ("or" underlined)
Rec'd 26th Feburuary 1803 by
Angus Mc Donell of Sandaig
Esq're M: P: Alexander
Chisholm, Senior on the
U:E: And Catherine
Chisholm has had no lands. -
J Small
LieuGov'r Office 7 March 1803
Referred to the Executive Council
by order of the LieuGov'r
James Green
( title of some kind)
Entered in Land Book
No 5 Page 207

(Second page)
9th March 1803  32a

Recommended for 200 Acres of Land as the Daughter of a U:E: Loyalist.
H. Allcock Chairman

P Hunter LGov'r
(his signature)
A. 25

SGO 153, CO A25, AGO 3117, Catherine Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, Glengary, Eastern, Daur of Alexr Chisholm The Elder a UE, entered 21 March 1803, Order in Council 9 March 1803, 200 acres, - , 653
Source: Fiats and Warrants, RG 1-145-3-1, [old RG 1, CI3, Vol 80, item 3], AO, MS 693, reel 105, p. 49

No. 12, Catherine Chisholm UE, Lot 12, fronting on the Grand? River, Con 3, Gloucester Township [Carelton County], 200 acres, warant or fiat 153, 9 March 1803, located by Mr Beckie
Source: Register of Locations, RG 1-145-3-1, [old RG 1, CI4, Vol 1, item 10], AO, MS 693, reel 156, p. 163

Catherine Chisholm (Feb. 1782- July 1859)
Benjamin Way (1780- Nov. 1870) at Carrying Place Cemetery.
Source: email from Andrew Way, Feb 2007.    Back to Top

12. Gennett Chisholm
Gennett Chisholm - Who was she? Is there any record of her relationship to Catherine, such as sister? Shirley Sutherland is convinced she is not a daughter of John Chisholm. She was very likely born in 1791 in Sophiasburgh. If Catherine's sister, then we can keep Alex the Elder alive until 1790, but probably dead by Dec. 1794.
Source: Email Andrew Way, Apr 2008

Gennet Chisholm    b: 1791    d: September 22, 1817
.        +David Way    b: August 22, 1792 in Halfmoon, Saratoga County ( Albany County), New york    d: Abt. 1862 in Rochester, New York
   2      Daniel Way    b: February 09, 1813    
   2      Annabel F Way
   b: March 09, 1815    d: February 19, 1858
....        +Daniel M Clapper        
       *2nd Husband of Annabel F Way:        
....        +William Calvert        
   2      Alexander Way    b: July 18, 1817    d: Aft. 1852
....        +Alvira Griggs        
       *2nd Wife of Alexander Way:        
....        +Olive R Wilkinson    
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13. Early Loyalist Records

Below are the Chisholm letters of their Loyalist record and war loss claims that are held in London, UK. These have been examined by Andrew Way and Mark Davenport and the list below is offered to give a taste of the extent of the records available.

Chisholm, Alexander (may be two persons), NY, Bundle 11 (two), B-2185
Chisholm, Alexander (may be two persons), NY, Bundle 97, B-2201
Chisholm, George, Bundle 25, B-2284
Chisholm or Chissam, Hugh, NY, Bundle 11, B-2185
Chisholm or Chissam, Hugh, NY, Bundle 79, B-2445
Chisholm, John, NY, Bundle 11, B-2185
Chisholm, John, NY, Certificate to, see under James Jones in Bundle 13, B-2187
Chisholm or Chisolm, John, So C, Bundle 97, B-2201
Chisholm or Chisolm, John, So C, Bundle 138, B-2578/9
Chisholm, William, NY, Bundle 11, B-2185
Chisholm, William, Virg, Bundle 28, B-2287
Chisholm, William, Virg, Bundle 134, B-2574/5
Source: Loyalist Claims, Public Records Office, UK; NAC, master films; AO, D-12, V1, Audit Office 13, Series II,

Chisholm, Alexander, NY, V27, 141, B-1161
Chisholm, Alexander, NY, V31, 65, B-1162
Chisholm, Alexander, NY, V64, 95, B1169
Chisholm, Alexander, NY, V109, 116/1096, B-1180
Chisholm, Hugh, NY, V31, 79, B-1162
Chisholm, Hugh, NY, V64, 96, B1169
Chisholm, Hugh, NY, V109, 118/1134, B-1180
Chisholm, John, NY, V28, 62, B-1161
Chisholm, John, NY, V109, 114/1084, B-1180
Chisholm, John, SC, V49, 417, B-1166
Chisholm, John, SC, V68, 80, B1169
Chisholm, John, SC, V109, 115/1100, B-1180
Chisholm, William, NY, V29, 204, B-1162
Chisholm, William, NY, V64, 148, B1169
Chisholm, William, NY, V109, 116/1100, B-1180
Chisholm, William, Virg, V74, 95/36, B-1171
Chisholm, William, Virg, V102, 122, B-1179
Chisholm, William, Virg, V109, 100/114, B-1180
Source: Loyalist Claims, Public Records Office, UK; NAC, master films; AO, D-12, V2, Audit Office 12, Series I, .    Back to Top

14. People not placed in this family tree
This John Chisholm (who founded Oakville with his brother George - they are the subjects of a well known Book "The Mark of Honour" written by Hazel Chisholm Mathews). The land deal of the deceased Lot Regan deals with John Chisholm of Oakville is first credited to Mark Davenport - email from Andrew Way, Apr 2008.

23 Apr 1794, Newark, Prays for Lot 44 in the Town of Newark, [signed] John Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, John, Newark, 1794, UCLP, C Misc/146, C-1732

26 June 1795, Newark, petiton of John Chisholm, of Stamford, late of Butlers Rangers, your petitoner in the year 1789  purchased a certain lot Reagan  late a soldier in the 84th Regiment / his right and title to three lots ... land never yet located ... prays grant three hundred of land  [signed] John Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, John, Stanford, 1795, UCLP, C1/97, C-1647

7  May 1796, Cornwall, John Chisholm of Stormont, that in 1784 took lnads, or Lot No 1, 7th Concession he being the first that settled with his wife and small family  ... ticket was lost  [and the land not surveyed and in part given to others] ... petitioner has a wife and six small children begs settle as his neighbours
Source: Chisholm, John, Cornwall, 1797, UCLP, C2/154, C-1647

More on Lott Reagan purchase
Source: Chisholm, John, Newark, 1797, UCLP, C3/221, C-1648


8 Feb 1792, Kingston, The Memorial of Alexander Chisholm, Loyalist, ... always firmly attached to the British Constitution, is very desirous of becoming a resident of this District ... prays .. the same portion of land  ... as has usually been granted to other subjects of his description. [signed] Alexander Chisholm
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Kingston, 1792, UCLP, C Misc/143, C-1732 [Andrew Way suggests this petition is by Alexander #2]

Alexander of Montreal

22 Oct 1796, Montreal, petition of Alexander Chisholm, Montreal, Lieutenant in the Late Garrison Battalion  Commanded by Liutenant Colonel Robert Duncan. pettitoner resided in Lower Canada for the space of 10 years  but has not yet attained ... any lands  ... has a wife and six children ... prays for land entitled to in Upper Canada  -- granted 2000 acres if he resides in Upper Canada. Letter from Peter Russell ordering he be granted lands.11 June 1797.
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Montreal, 1797, UCLP, C2/122, C-1647

9 May 1800, Montreal, Memorial of Alexander Chisholm Esq of Montreal, served as a lieutenant in the Late Garrison Battalion, during the dissension between Great Britain and America.  That he came to this province in 1786 and went up to the Province of Upper Canada in 1797, to apply to Administration for a portion of the waste lands ... and upon application ... His Majesty's Council were pleased to order to your Memorialist a Warrant for survey for 2000 acres for himself and 200 for Mrs Chisholm, located in the Western Division of the the Township of Hawkesbury in the eastern District, viz Lots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. 12 & 13 in the 6th Concession and lot 13 in the 7th. That your Memorialist had since that period resided at Montreal from the sole idea of educating a numerous family. That your Memorialist solicitous to support his family is desrired to settle upon the lands which His Majesty  ... has been pleased to allow. Please to issue to him His Majesty's Royal letter Patent for the said lands.[signed] Alexr Chisholm
[34b] 6 Oct 1797, Kingston, I hereby certify that Alexander Chisholm  Esq did to my knowledge from the month of June 1781 to the reduction of the army in December 1783 act as Captain to the unincorporated Loyalists at St John's in Lower Canada and was ordered to fall in on the left of the Kings Rangers on any occasion to which Regiment I then belonged [signed] Richd Ferguson 2 Batt RCV
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Hawkesbury, 1797-1840, 1800, UCLP, Cb/34, C-1646.    Back to Top

16. Chisholms of Charlottenburgh, Glengary County

14 Jan 1801, Charlottenburgh, Glengary County, petition of Alexander Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, son of Alexander Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, UE Loyalist, that he is past the age of twenty one years and has never received any lands. Sworn before John Grant JP. [signed with flourish on "d"] Alexander Chisholm  [notes on fold] There are two Alexander Chisholms on the UE list of the Eastern District. Alex Mcdonell, 3 Mar 1801, recommended for 200 acres UE
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Charlottenburgh, 1801, UCLP, C5/40C-1649

12 Jan 1801, Charlottenburgh, Glengary County, petition of John Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, son of Alexander Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, UE Loyalist, that he is of age of twenty one years and has never received any lands. [signed] John his X mark Chisholm. Sworn by Alex Macdonell JP.  [notes on fold] There are two Alexander Chisholms on the UE list of the Eastern District. Alex McDonell, 10 Mar 1801, recommended for 200 acres a son of UE
Source: Chisholm, John, Charlottenburgh, 1801, UCLP, C5/66, C-1649

14 Jan 1801, Charlottenburgh, Glengary County, petition of Archibald Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, son of Hugh Chisholm of Charlottenburgh, UE Loyalist, that he is twenty one years of age and has never received any lands. [signed] John his X mark Chisholm. Sworn by William Falkner JP.  [notes on fold] The name of Hugh Chisholm appears on the UE list. Alex McDonell, 3 Mar 1801, recommended for 200 acres a son of UE
Source: Chisholm, Archibald, Charlottenburgh, 1801, UCLP, C5/37, C-1649

26 July 1820, Sidney, Petition of Alexander Chisholm, now of the Township of Sidney, , that your petitioner was born in the County of Glengary, is now 23 did his duty during the late war, has taken the oath of allegiance ... is desirous of obtaining a lease for lot 9 in the 8th Concession of Sidney and begs leave to offer Alexander Chisholm of the Township of Sidney, A Captn of Militia as his security for the apyment of the rents [signed] Alex Chisholm - recommended
[160d] 11 Apr 1820, I certify that Alexander Chisholm of Charlottenburgh,  served as a private in the second Flank companies, First Regt Glengary Militia during the late
 war with the United States.
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Sidney, 1820, UCLP, C Leases/160, C-1740 .    Back to Top

17. Kenneth Chisholm and wife

24 Oct 1797, Glengary, Petition of Flora Chisholm, daughter of William MacKenzie, Loyalist, who served as a clerk Clerk in his Majesty's Navy Yard in New York at the same time he served in the incorporated company of New York, has never received land and is married to Kenneth Chisholm in 1791 prays for waste lands. [signed] Flora her X mark Chisholm. - proof not sufficient
Source: Chisholm, Alexander, Hawkesbury, 1797-1840, 1800, UCLP, Ca/21, C-1646.    Back to Top