1800 Petition Consecon Mill

1800 Consecon Mill Petition

asking grant be made to Capt. John Meyers

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Records of the Bay or Quinte

Why I am interested in this petition
Lake Consecon originally was a stream that emptied into Wellers Bay and it was an obvious site for a dam to create a source of water for a mill and had been declared a potential mill seat. This petition by the local inhabitants is in support of a grant being made to Capt Meyers who promised to build a mill in 18 months.

The first saw mill was actually built by Matthias Marsh in 1804 and later his son Archibald built a grist mill. The dam in Consecon still exists and the much changed mill building is now a restaurant. [source below]
Randy Saylor, May 2014

8th March 1800, the petition of the Inhabitants of Hallowell, Ameliasburg and the Carrying Place at the Head of the Bay de Quintie; Humbly Sheweth, that your petitioners experience many defficultys on account of their not being more Grist Mills in these part and as we are informed the mill seat on the mouth of the River called by the Indians Coh, coun, se, con, inks - [today Consecon] in the Bottom of the Bay of the south side of the Carrying Place [now Wellers Bay] aforesaid was reserved for the purpose of having mills erected thereon and it being situated so nearby convenient for all of us on account of the public road lately opened from Hallowell to the said Carrying Place passing directly near said mill seat. Therefore pray a grant thereof may be given to Captain John W. Meyers who says he will obligate himself to build a grist mill thereon in eighteen months after receiving an order of Council for said Lot - and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray
subscribers names on other side.

Isaac Garratt
Richard Gardener?
Gideon Bowerman
Jonth? Bowerman
John Stinson
Benjamin Garrett
William Cunningham
John Bull
Peter Masten
George Baker?
Stepn Conger
Peter D Conger
Robt?? McCartney
Caleb Platt
Elijha Miller
Joseph Winn
Isaac C Huycke
Samuel Williams
Dan Alger
Josh Lane?
Peter Maybee
Thomas Dempsey
Jacob Corbman
John Young

Frederick Fox
David Sager
Peter Wees
Cullib Meakle
Robert Young
Jeremiah Wood
Matthew Goslee
Timothy Foster?
Job ????
John Lawson

[34 signatures]

Source of petition: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC on line, 1800, V376, M1 Misc 1789-1803 / 55, C-2233, starts at image 1262

Source about the Marsh family: 7th Town Ameliasburgh Township Past & Present, 7th Town Hist Soc, 1984, 95