1797 List of settlers, Cramahe Township

List of Settlers in Cramahe Township, 1797

[Northumberland County]

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Cramahe Township, now in Northumberland County, was settled early and the lists below were prepared as "returns" to measure the improvments that had been made.
These men were granted land as "settlers" and not as Loyalists and likely all came from the States. As of 1794, a settler had only to occupy the lot and build a house to get a patent. Further conditions were added in 1798 requiring settlers to clear and fence 5 acres.

For these Cramahe settlers,
Asa Danforth and Aaron Greeley were acting as "agents" for American speculators called 'nominees' who were to get a fee for each settler who got a patent. Greeley was an authorized deputy surveyor who settled near Carrying Place in 1795 and then got involved with Danforth. When the scheme came to nothing he returned to the States in 1806. See They Left Their Mark, Surveyors and Their Role in the Settlement of Ontario, John L Ladell, Dundurn, 1993, Chap. 7.

There are 3 separate sets of these lists and all are presented below.  The middle list has quite a few notes that were filed with the bundle and t
hese notes are indexed by name, date and a comment.

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  1. June 1797 list
  2. Sept 1797 list
  3. Index of Notes from the bundle above.
  4. May 1799 list
All three lists are found in the Upper Canada Land Petitions, LAC, RG 1 L3.
  1. 1797, V91, bundle C3, #228, film at AO C-1648
  2. 1797, V91, bundle C3, #227, film at AO C-1648
  3. 1799, V92, bundle C4, #145, film at AO C-1649
Names transcribed as written and can be a challenge to decifier. Let me know if you think names have been misread.
Randy Saylor, Jan 2012

1. List of Settlers in Cramahe by Danforth & Greeley agents for ??

Council Office, York
17 Jun 1797
The [list below] is a true list
Asa Danforth & Aaron Greeley
Entered in Land Book C page 82, 83
See subsequent List C227, No 3

Names of Settlers Lot Con

Capt James Richardson 1 6th
John Spencer 2 Ditto
Capt Benjamin Richardson 4 Ditto
James Bottis 6 Ditto
Oliver Campbell 12 Ditto
William Campbell 13 Ditto
John Campbell 14 Ditto
David Turner Jnr 22 Ditto
William Gates 24 Ditto
Barnabas McKeyes 26 Ditto
Aldredge Stanton 27 Ditto
Peres Cooper 29 Ditto
Aaron Wallice [Wallace]
30 Ditto
John Ogden 32 Ditto
John Ward 33 Ditto
Joseph Keeler 35 Ditto
John L Robberts [Roberts]
1 2nd 
John Belcher 2 Ditto
Obidiah Simson [Simpson]
4 Ditto
Samuel Sherwood 24 Ditto
John Turner 5 Ditto
John Nix 23 Ditto
Palmer Crandall 29 Ditto
Reuben Crandall 28 Ditto
George Palmer 31 Ditto
Nathaniel Gaffield - see note below
32 Ditto
John McSherman 34 Ditto
Elisha Alger 33 3rd
Cyrus Richmond 4 4th
John Dowling 31 Ditto
John Simson 7 Ditto
James Dowling 22 Ditto
Walter Warden
Sylvester Richmond
Timothy Olcoth?
Willim Obryant
William Brunson
Enoch Wright
Stephen Campbell
David Turner
Jeremiah Scripture

Two notes form the above bundle
Elisha Alger 13 Sept 1807 Lot 33, Con 3 Privleged for lot of Cramahe as UE
Reuben Crandall 20 Apr 1805 Lot 28, Con 2 Benjamin Ewing paid fee on the grant 

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2. List of Settlers in Cramahe 1st Sept 1797
Town of Cramahe Lots Concessions
Eldridge Stanton 27 1
Timothy Olcott 1 2
John Turner 7 2
Daivid Turner 23 1
David Turner Jnr 22 1
Nathaniel Gaffield
- see note below
32 2
George Palmer 31 2
Palmer Crandall 29 2
Reuben Crandall 28 2
Henry Frint 26 2
Amos Beach 25 2
John Nix 23 2
Martin Frint 21 2
Barnabas McKeys 26 1
John Ward 33 1
Aaron Wallace 30 1
Simon Winn 16 5
Abraham Winn 17 5
Joseph Winn 18 5
John Sichler 19? 5
William Clark? 20 5
John Heaviland 18 6
William Brunson 20 1
John Frint 22 2
Elisha Alger 33 3
Lanson Bostwick  10 1
Aaron Ives 19 2
John Ogden 32 1
Cryus Richmond 4 4
Jeremiah Scripture 6 1
William Obryon 19 1?
James Richardson 1 5
Surfernus? Dygert 3 1
Benjamin Richardson 4 5
James Bothis 7 1
Oliver Campbell 12 1
William Campbell 13 5
Stephen Campbell 16 1
John Campbell 14 1
Isaiah Hall 29 5
Peris Cooper 24 1
Joseph Keeler? 35  & 35 1 & 2

[page 2]

John Belcher 2 2
Obediah Simson 4 2
John McThirnan 34 2
John Dowling 31 4
John Simson 7 4
Walter Warden 23 4
Sylvester Richmond 5 4
Enoch Weight 2 4
Garbrum Spring 10 4
Jason Yearns 8 4
John Burtley 8 2
Elisha Bristol 17 5
Joel Merriman 24 1
54 [total]


Asa Danforth

Aaron Greeley

List of Settlers in Cramahe
Signed and ?? 1st Sept 1797
Peter Russell
See a former list 17th June 1797 C228, No 3

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3. Notes from the bundle above.

Timothy Alcott 14 June 1802 5 acres of land cleared and fenced and comfortable house on Lot 10 Con 24 Isiah Hall JP
Joel Merriman 12 June 1802 5 acres of land cleared and fenced and comfortable house on Lot 1 Con 24 Isiah Hall JP
Peres Cooper 12 June 1802 5 acres of land cleared and fenced and built a good log house and has a family and is settled and that the lot was vacant the person who took it up went to the States soon after and has not since been herad of  on Lot 1 Con 2 A Chisholm JP
Anson Ives? 25 May 1801 5 acres of land cleared built a  house and has a family and is settled on lot 19 Con 2 Chisholm JP
Henry Frint 27 March 1809 Has paid Patent fees for himself and for his father John Frint
Palmer Crandell 23 March 1813 Elisha Renson? Agent paid fees
John Ogden 10 March 1809 Caleb Elsworth agent paid fees
David McGregor Rogers Esq 7 March 1808 paid fees
David Turner Jr undated certify 20 acres cleared lot 23 or 33? Con 1 with family and living on lot.  Alex Hagerman
Joseph Winn 1 Sep 1797 Joseph Winn, of Ameliasburgh, yeoman, lot 18, Con 5 as a settler. Fee and survey paid.
Peter Wyatt 2 Oct 1800 Joseph J Lency & Jeremiah Scripture swear that Peter Wyatt has built a house on lot 6, Con 1, Haldimand 18 by 20 and has cleared 5 acres
Stepehen Bowerman 2 Oct 1800 John Dowling swears that Stephen Bowerman has house 18 feet square and cleared 6 acres on lot 7, con 1 Haldimand
John Dowling 2 Oct 1800 Jeremiah Scripture swears that John Dowling has a house 16 by 18 on lot 31, con 4 Cramahe
Mathew Morris 2 Oct 1800 John Dowling swears that Mathew Morris has house 18 feet square and has cleared 5 acres lot 13, Con 2, haldimand
John Nix 27 June 1807 Cleared and fenced lot 23, con 2 Cramahe
John Nix 10 Nov 1807 David M Rogers paid the patent fees to John Nix located in Cramahe
John Ward 7 Apr 1811 paid fees, lot 33, con 1
John Ward and Alemnun Stephens 13 Apr 1811 Before Damian Cameron Esq, make oath that John Ward and Almenun Stephens, Cramahe, yeomen, lot 33, con 1 40 acres cleared and house built 30 by 18 and half the road front cleared and fit for carriages
Jeremiah Scripture 22 Feb 1808 paid fees, lot 6, con 1 as a settler

4.  A list of the Settlers in the Township of Cramahe 13 May 1799
Stating the Improvments, each one has made as well as their Place of residence.

James Richardson No 1 in front about 1/2 acre partly, residing at Kingston
Benjamin Richardson No 4 in front, about 6 acres cleared - he has also cleared about 15 acres on lot No 5 and erected five small log houses
Jeremiah Scripture No 6 in front about 8 acres cleared
Jeremiah Beatys No 7 in front about 7 acres cleared
Oliver Campbell No 12 in front about 20 acres cleared
John Campbell No 13in front about 2 acres cleared
William Campbell No 14 in front about 4 acres cleared
Stehen Campbell No 16 in front about 1 acres cleared
Zediah Hurd No 19 in front about 6 acres cleared
William Brunson No 20 in front about 3 acres cleared
David Turner } About 18 acres cleared part on both lots
David Turenr Jnr }
Alexr McDonell No 26 in front about 6 acres cleared
Eldridge Stanton No 27 in front about 15 acres cleared
Isiah Hall No 29 in front about 50 acres cleared - he has also partly cleared about 10 acres on lot No 28 in front
Aaron Wallace No 30 in front about 8 acres cleared

[Second page]
John Ogden No 32 in front about 16 acres cleared 
John Ward No 3  in front about 12 acres cleared; Sold to Beeman, and has settled and cleared about 12 acres more in rear of lot Do near the 1st concession line
Richard Ogden No 31 in 1" Concession  about 1 acres cleared 
Timothy Oldcott No 1 in 2nd Concession about 1 acre partly clear; he is said to have died in the States, the lot claimed by John Dowling & Gudger
John Belcher No 2 in 2nd Con - about 6 acres partly clear living at the Bay of Quinty
Obidiah Simson No 4 in 2nd Con - about 16 acres clear
John Turner No 7 in 2nd Con - about 1 acre partly clear; said he has left the Country and resides in the States
Martin Frint No 21 in 2nd Con - about 2 acres partly clear living at the Bay of Quinty
John Nix No 23 in 2nd Con - about 5 acres clear
Amos Beach No 25 in 2nd Con - about 6 acres clear
Henry Frint No 26 in 2nd Con - about 7 acres clear
Ruben Crandle No 28 in 2nd Con - about 10 acres clear
Plamer Crandle No 29 in 2nd Con - about 10 acres clear
George Plamer No 31 in 2nd Con - about 10 acres clear

[Third page]
Nathan Gaffield No 32 in 2nd Con - about 15 acres clear
Elias Alger No 33 in 3rd Con - about 6 acres partly clear
Cyrus Richmond No 4 in 4th Con - a very triffling clearing cut down; living at the Bay of Quinte
Silvester Richmond No 5 in 4th Con - a very triffling clearing, living at the Bay of Quinte
William Carle No 4 in 8th Con - about 10 acres clear
Daniel Mastin No 5 in 8th Con - about 3 acres clear
Paul VanWychule No 10 in 8th Con - about 2 acres clear
John Kerr No 11 in 8th Con - about 1 acres clear
Joel Merriman residing in the States; said to clear lot 24 in front; but has not made any improvements thereon but said that the half of the Improvements returned to Mrs Hall No 28 & 29 in front belong to him

A Jones D. A. S.
13 May 1799

NATHANIEL GAFFIELD UE - the Loyalist With Two Names and An Early Resident of Cramahe Tp.
Nathaniel Gaffield was born about 1755 and captured in 1756 by Indians during the Seven Years' War. He was found in the latter part of the War and was given the name 'Amherst Ferrol' as his actual name was not known by then. The 'Amherst' first name was after British Commander Amherst. It was with this name he served during the American Revolution, initially in the Rebel Albany County Militia, but switching sides to close the war in (Jessup's) Loyal Rangers. After the War he returned to the US and somehow managed to reunite with his family and reclaim his original name. He returned to Canada, settling finally in Cramahe Tp. 

For a more detailed account see descendant Roger W. Reid's article in Fidelity Vol 18 No. 1 (Sep/Oct 1995), newsletter of Toronto Branch UELAC. Thanks to Peter W. Johnson UE for this additional information.

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