John Dockstader of Sidney Township, Hastings County

John Dockstader of Sidney Township, 

Hastings County

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

Lorna Dockstader contacted me about this family and the possible connection with the family of Capt John Walden Meyers. The challenge was to find a Meyers - Dockstader marriage and a speculative solution is presented below.

Note: Charles Julian, a Dockstader expert, posted an extensive analysis of all the people mentioned below on this page at Genforum.

John Dockstader and Peggy Hackeny (Hackney) of Sidney Township, arriving about 1800

 JOHN DOCKSTADER was born Abt. 1765 in USA, and died Aft. 1851 in Hastings County.  He married MARGARET (PEGGY) HACKENY.  She was born 1776 in USA1, and died Aft. 1851 in Hasting Co.  NOTE: It is possible that a different John/Margaret Dockstader are the parents of these children. Charles Julian has provided a comment on this issue at the bottom of this page.
            i.          ELIZABETH2 DOCKSTADER, b. 4 June 1798.
            ii.          MARIA DOCKSTADER, b. 14 August 1799, USA.
2.         iii.         JACOB DOCKSTADER, b. 23 December 1800, New York State; d. 17 November 1875, Hasting Co.
            iv.         GEORGE ADAM DOCKSTADER.
            v.         JOHN DOCKSTADER, b. 1 July 1802.
            vi.         SARAH DOCKSTADER, b. 17 June 1805.
Generation No. 2
2.  JACOB DOCKSTADER  was born 23 December 1800 in New York State, and died 17 November 1875 in Hasting Co.  He married CATHERINE JONES, probable daughter of THOMAS JONES and ANNA MEYERS who is a daughter of Capt John Walden Meyers.  She was born 1812 in Upper Canada.
3.         i.          TOBIAS WALDEN MYERS DOCKSTADER, b. 3 February 1835, Sidney, Hastings County; d. 17 May 1916, Sidney, Hastings County.
            ii.          GEORGE ADAM DOCKSTADER.
            iii.         THOMAS GILBERT DOCKSTADER, b. Abt. 1836, Upper Canad1.
            iv.         MARGARET ANN DOCKSTADER, b. Abt. 1838, Upper Canada.
            v.         ELIZABETH JANE DOCKSTADER, b. Abt. 1841, Canada West.
            vi.         NANCY AUGUSTA DOCKSTADE1, b. Abt. 1843, Canada West.
            vii.        WILLIAM BUELL DOCKSTADER, b. Abt. 1845, Canada West.
            viii.       JOHN W DOCKSTADER1, b. Abt. 1848, Canada West.
Generation No. 3
3.  TOBIAS WALDEN MYERS3 DOCKSTADER (JACOB2, JOHN) was born 3 February 1835 in Sidney, Hastings Count1, and died 17 May 1916 in Sidney, Hastings County.  He married CAROLINE MURPHY 27 June 1883 in West Nissouri, Middlesex, ON.  She was born 8 August 1860 in West Nissouri, Middlesex, ON (Irish descent).
            i.          HARRY BLEECKER WALDEN MEYER DOCKSTADER, b. 20 April 1884, Sidney, Hastings County; d. Edmonton, AB; m. MINNIE MCCOY, 10 September 1913, Edmonton, AB; b. Abt. 1883, Belleville, On.
            ii.          CARRA M DOCKSTADER, b. 15 March 1887.
            iii.         JEORGE T DOCKSTADER, b. 25 February 1889.
            iv.         PERCY ALBERT DOCKSTADER, b. 19 January 1898, Hastings County, ON.

Sources for the above: Emails from Lorna Dockstader, Charles Julian and our research of the 1851 Census and the civil registers of Ontario and the wills of John and Jacob.

Sources below from this website.
Cornelius White, Bloomfield
1815 - John Dockstader witness to a land deal.

Will of John Meyers
1819 - John C Dockstader note of debt in the will of John Meyers.

Sidney Township Minute Book
1824 - John Doxstator is a Highway Overseer for the 2nd Concession.
1841 - Jacob Doxstator is a Fence Viewer for the 2nd Concession.
1844 - Jacob Dockstator is a Highway Overseer for the 2nd Concession.
1845 - Jacob Dockstator is a Highway Overseer for the 2nd Concession.
1848 - Jacob Dochstator is a Pound Keeper for the 2nd Concession.

Hastings Militia 1830
Nicholas Dockstader, age 38, lives in Thurlow Township

Hastings Militia 1837

Richard Dockstader, age 29, Thurlow, Lot 29, Con 4

Parentage and alternative to John Dockstader and Margaret Hackeny
Placement of John Dockstader of Sidney as a son of Nicholas3 (George Adam2, Johann Georg1) is dependent on his wife Margaret being Margaret Hackeny. From that marriage, 21 JUL 1797 at Caughnawaga, there is a reasonably clear line back to the patriarch in the available records. I'm not sure where the surname Hackeny came from for the Sidney lines, but if the name has been passed down then this would appear to be the correct line back to Georg1.

From the marriages and baptisms on record in New York, only two John Dockstaders had a wife named Margaret, these being the sons of Hans Georg Dockstader2 and Nicholas3. Assignment of the John N. who marries Margaret Hackeny 1797 as the son of Nicholas2 rather than the son of Hans Georg2 is based mainly on church attendence (one family was living at Caughnawaga, the other at German Flatts)  but it is conceivable that John N. the son of Hans Georg2 might have moved – John of Sidney's birthyear versus his year of christening is suspicious, as was mentioned (seems to be older in the 1851 census). It's worth noting, however, that the christening of John3 the son of Nicholas2 in 1771 is somewhat unusual, in that it's the only baptismal record at that church for that year that lists only a year and no specific date for either a birth or baptism, so as mentioned this John4 may have been born earlier for whatever reason (about five years earlier if the 1851 Canadian census is to be matched).

Nicholas3 and the family of Georg Adam2 are detailed in the earlier Dockstader posting on Genforum. Hans Georg2, the other candidate mentioned as father, was a patriot in the Revolution, being himself still young enough to fight, and at one point captured bearing arms. His best documented sons are Peter3 and John3 (John3 married Catherine Bellinger, d/o Lt. Col. Frederick Bellinger, who led the fourth Tryon County regiment, levied from the German Flatts area, that Hans Georg2, John3 and his brother Peter3 all served in) – and actually that's another reason that I didn't think the John N. who married Margaret Hackeny at Caughnawaga would be the son of Hans Georg2 of German Flatts: Hans Georg's other son is called John3, so the Johann[es] Nicholas3 christened 1765, though his birthdate is a better fit for John of Sidney, would, I assume, have gone by "Hannicle" or "Nicholas", with Johann[es] as a baptismal name. Still, that's not proof in itself – you should search around and see what you can find.

Source: emails from Charles Julian, Jan 2007, presented here with permision.  

Later evidence supports the Dockstader/Hackeny marriage:
"Found out that Jacob and Caroline's daughter Augusta married James Woodley and they had a son whom they named Hackney. I think this helps to confirm that the Margaret John Dockstader was married to was Margaret Hackney as we had thought."
Source: email from Lorna Dockstader, Feb 2007

Connection to Capt John Walden Meyers
           Capt Meyers is a well known pioneer in the Bay of Quinte area.  Lorna Dockstader brought to my attention the naming of the two children in the Dockstader family (in red above) using Tobias, Walden, Meyers and Bleecker which are all names associated with the Meyers family. It was found that on page 27 of the Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte (1904) it states that Anna Meyers, daughter of  Capt John Meyers, married Thomas Jones. We know that Jacob Dockstader married Catherine Jones and though there is no proof, it is reasonable to speculate that this Catherine Jones is a daughter of Anna Meyers and Thomas Jones. A daughter Catherine is mentioned in the will of Thomas Jones but not named as married to Dockstader. This relationship has been added to my database on WorldConnect and displayed above. It should be added that John Bleecker was a prominent pioneer in Sidney/Trenton and he married two daughters of  Capt Meyers and thus the name was honoured in the naming of the son of Tobias Dockstader above. See the famous book Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte. The Meyers family starts at p. 20 and the Bleecker family at p. 31.

Other Dockstader families as determined from Land Petitions in Upper Canada          
The information below was found while researching the Dockstader family of Sidney and is offered for research. The Loyalists who came to Upper Canada after 1783 were entitled to land and they were required to petiton for a certificate. Others who followed also petitoned for free land. As well, sons and daughters of Loyalists were entilted to land and they too had to make a petition. The Upper Canada Land Petitions (UCLP) are a rich source of information. The accompanying Land Books (LB) indicate the results of the petition. I have checked the petitons below using the microfilm at the Archives of Ontario (AO) in Toronto.

A number of "families" have been identified below that may be interrelated. My comments are in bold and the notes are below.

1. Capt John, Henry, George and Catherine Dockstader
Lt John Dockstader UE, later a Captain, would have been born about 1750 or earlier to be an officer in 1777. He was granted 2000 acres and he signed a 999 year lease from the Six Nations reserve on the Grand River. He had a brother Henry Dockstader and George was the son of Henry, thus a nephew to Capt John Dockstader. He married an "indian" wife and had a son John and a daughter Catherine. He may also have had two sons William and Joseph Doxtator who signed documents as natives. Catherine married Lyman Burnham and they had a son John Burnham.

Janette Lozon has written to me that, "George died young, predeasing his father Henry, who lived in Caistor Twp., Lincoln  County.  George left two sons, John and George Henry.  John had died by 1836, when Catherine Balm presented her land petition.  Catherine was the daughter of John and the wife of Abraham Balm.  Catherine's right to petition for the land of Capt. John Dockstader's land was pretty far fetched but I suppose she thought it was worth a try.  She was Capt. John's great-great niece!  This land was granted to Capt. John's daughter  Catherine, wife of Lyman Burnham, and to John Burnham, the grandson of Capt. John.  John Burnham was the son of Capt. John's daughter, Mary, who had married a Burnham.  She died young and probably was raised by Catherine, whose first husband was also a Burnham.  There is no documentation to prove who the Burnham husband of Mary was or who the first Burnham husband of Catherine was. Lyman Burnham was Catherine's second husband and they were married before May 1815.  Her first husband was probably Chauncey, Lyman's brother, who was at the Grand River area in 1806 and who had served in the War of 1812.  Perhaps Chauncey was also the husband of Mary Dockstader and the father of John Burnham.  At any rate the Burnham brothers weren't  going to let the Dockstader sisters get away! The land that John Burnham inherited was from the original tract of land that the Six Nations had leased to Capt. John.  This lease was reaffirmed by the Six Nations after the death of Capt. Dochstader to John Burnham and Catherine Burnham.  (I think in 1819 and then again in the 1830's)".

Docksteder, John, LB B, 1796-7, 173 [V20, C-101]
21 Jul 1796, John Docksteder, late Lieut Indian Dept to receive 2000 acres.

Docksteder, John, UCLP, 1796, D2/4 [Vol 150, film C-1742]
Served in the Six Nation Indian Dept, commissioned as a Lieut, dated. 21 May 1796
Officer in the Indian Dept from 1777 till 1783. 14Oct 1796
To receive 2000 acres, 8 Oct 1796, OC

Dockstetter, Jno, Re British Inhabitants in the Mowhawk Dist, UCLP, 1837, L21/20 [V 296, film C-2131]
Film not yet checked.

Docksteder, John Junior, LB F, 1804-6, 163 [V24, C-102]
6 Nov 1804, John Dochsteder Jun, son of John, part of a list of people who must prove they were a head of family before 1783 and joined the Royal Standard to receive land as a loyalist.

Doxtader, Joseph, Kerr, UCLP, 1837, K21/31 [V276, film C-2120]
Doxtader, William, Kerr, UCLP, 1837, K21/31 [V276, film C-2120]
Both of these above are indian signees and thus likely Indians as named in various indentures between Six Nations granting 21 year leases for land in the Grand River area in 1834 to various individuals. One of the purchasers is Charles Myers.

Dochstader, Catherine, (Balm), Caistor, UCLP, 1836, B20/5 [V60, film C-1632]
See this posting at Genforum by Janette Lozon that discusses this petition in detail.
Several long legal letters. One dated 15 Jun 1836, claim by Catherine Balm, heir at law of George Dockstader, deceased, to a tract of land on the Grand River granted by or on behalf of the Indians to Capt John Dockstader and after his death to his descendants Catherine Burnham and John Burnham. On the death of John Dockstader who died intestate, leaving by his Indian wife, a daughter, Catherine , the wife of Lyman Burnham, who had then a son, John Burnham, ... the Indians then granted a new lease to Catherine and John Burnham as the heirs of John Dockstader. The intention of the Indians was to provide for those of their blood and not for the heirs of the older brother <George Dockstader> of John Dockstader who are strangers to their blood.

Dockstader, John, LB R, 1835-6, 486 [V39, C-106]
Dockstader, John, LB Index, 1836-7, 35 [c-106?]
Films not yet checked.

Dockstader, John, Canborough, UCLP, 1836, D19/91 [V161 pt2, film C-1878]
This bundle of petitions runs to over 50 pages of various documents dealing with the estate of John Dockstader. John Burnham, now of Buffalo County, NY, sells the land inherited from Capt John Dockstader, deceased, that was leased to him for 999 years by Joseph Brant to George Henry Dockstader and dated 22 May 1834. Another dated 15 Nov 1819 states that both Capt John Dockstader and Joseph Brant are deceased and that the land was leased for 999 years. The various indentures record the disbursment of the original 2000 acres granted to John Dockstader and sold off by his heirs. An order in council 16 Jun 1836 declared these purchasers be granted "letters patent". Most of the sales are by Lyman and Catherine Burnham and son John Burnham. There is other evidence that John is the son of Mary, sister to Catherine.

2. William Dockstader
This William may be related to a Henry Dockstader.
See this posting.

Dockstader, William, LB Index, 1837-9, 491
Dockstader, William, Grand River, See Indian papers, 1322, 1844-47 and UCLP,  D21/59 [V 163 pt2, film C 1879]
William Docstader petitions for a fresh grant of land for his wife Hannah Dockstader who was an orphaned child of a deceased Indian Chief of the Six Nations became his wife as a child and a grant was recorded 6 Apr 1806. Due to her young age no land was registered for her at the time. In 31 Oct 1837 the chiefs agreed to a new grant however the issue dragged on.

3. George Dockstader UE and son Frederick
George Dockstader, was a Sergeant in the Royal Yorkers and received land in Hallowell Township in 1785, Prince Edward County (6th Town at the time) and had a son Frederick Dockstader. George has a brother John who acts as an agent in this petition. This is the only petitioner that is near the Sidney Township area.

Docksteader, Frederick, L'Acadie (Hallowell), UCLP, 1824, D14/27 [V156 pt 1, film C- 1745]
Frederick Dockstaeder of L'Acadie in Lower Canada, yeoman, sheweth that his late father George Dockstaeder, deceased, received a certificate from Govenor Hamilton on 2 Sept 1785 for Lot No 7 on the south side of a small lake in the township of Hallowell consisting of 200 acres, in part of his allowance as a sergeant (Royal Yorkers) ... settled and made consisderable improvements thereon. That sometime afterwards his Father's Affairs called him to Lower Canada and prevented his return to this Province. Your petitioner as the eldest son and heir at law, but the Surveyor General reports that other names are on the plans ... requests relief. Signed Frederick Docksteader by his Uncle and Agent John Docksteader, 6 July 1824. The 1785 certificate is attached for Lot 7 in 6 Signeur (Town) issued at Cataraqui, Quebec. In Council 7 July 1824.

Docksteader, Frederick, LB M, 1824-25, 122 [V31, C-104]
Film not checked yet.

4. Henry Dockstader, George Adam Dockstader and George Henry Dockstader, Caistor Township, Lincoln County, Upper Canada
Henry Dockstader arrived in the 1780's in Upper Canada having sons; Joseph, Henry and George Adam. George Adam Dockstader, sergeant in Sir John Johnson's Regiment died shortly after settling. His father Henry petitioned for a land grant in 1795 for his young grandsons, John and George Henry Dockstader in Caistor Township on the Grand River.

Docksteder, George Henry, Grand River (Caistor), UCLP, D16/3 [V159 pt1, film C-1876]
George Henry Dockstader is a son of George Adam Dockstader, Sergeant in Sir John Johnson's Regiment, deceased. That his father died in this Province about two years after the peace of 1783. That in the year 1795 the petitioner's grandfather Henry Dockstader petitioned Govenor Simcoe for land for your petitioner and brother (John) and obtained a grant of 200 acres for each. But in the Order in Council dated 29 Jul 1793, their father by mistake called George Aaron instead of George Adam Docksteder. That under this order in Council your petitioner and brother were located in Caistor Township, your petitioner in lot 3, 1st Concession your petitioner improved and cultivated the land for 25 years. About 10 years ago he sold it and needs a patent ..... 29 Sep 1829 ... served as a Flanker is the Lincoln Militia in the late War and is now an Ensign in the 1st Haldimand Militia. Joseph Dockstader of Caistor, yeoman, brother of George Adam Dockstader, deceased, who was a Sergeant in Sir John Johnsons Regt, swears he never heard of a George Aaron Dockstader, that he is the son of the late Henry Dockstader of the Niagara District who in 1795 petitioned for land for his two sons John and George Henry of the said George Adam Dockstader, deceased, which John and George Henry for many years understood were located for lands in Caistor and that said George Henry improved lot 3, Con 1, Caistor for a number of years and cleared about 25 acres, 30 Sep 1829 [3d]. Henry Dockstader swears that his father Henry Dockstader located lot 3 in the 1st concession Caistor about 35 years ago and being located for George Henry Dockstader who has had the said lot for 30 years, 26 Sep 1829. Christian Sensabough* and Edmond Hodge Senior swear that lot 3, 1st Concession Caistor has been in the possession of George H Dockstader for 18 years and has for the last 30 years been called the land of said G H Dockstader, the land was granted by the government to the father of G H Dockstader dying when the sons were very young, the grandfather of the said Dockstader went to York and had the names of his two grandsons written on the map, 26 Sep 1829.

(*Note regarding the last sentence above: "I believe this is actually Christian Sensabaugh (or Sensapaugh) and Edmond Hodge (aka Edmund Hodges). Edmund Hodges, born about 1775 in Massachusetts, married Mary Dochstader, daughter of Henry Dockstader (or Henrich/Heinrich Dochstader). Their son Edmund Hodges (born June 14, 1795 in Gainsborough Twp, Lincoln County, Ontario) married Jane Sensabuagh who is daughter of Christian Sensabaugh and Jane Hammond. Going back to Edmund Hodges who married Mary Dochstader, the known children I have for them are Edmund, Magdalena, Henry & Mary. Edmund acted as a witness on his father-in-law Henrich Dochstader's will or an indenture." an email from Dianna Ward, 27 Feb 2008).

George H Dockstader petition: John Dockstader brother of the petitioner has been granted 200 acres adjoining the petitioners location, 1 Oct 1829. By an order in Council 29 July 1795 200 acres of land granted to each of the sons of George Aaron Docstader but the christian names of the sons not given on Lot 3, 1st Con, Ciastor in the handwriting of David William Smith Esquire formerly Surveyor General ...  the above lot was granted to Francis Chichly, a discharged soldier in 1815 and approved in Council 30 ct 1822.[3c]

Docksteder, George Henry, Caistor, UCLP, 1829, D16/7 [V159 pt1, film C-1876]
Asking for another piece of land as the one granted in Caistor Tp had been returned to the Canada Commission. 17 Nov 1829.

Docksteder, Henry, UC Land and State Book A, 1792-6, 274 [V19, C-101]
29 Jul 1795, ordered that Henry Dockstader receive 400 acres,  Henry Dockstader Junr 200 acres and sons of George Aaron Dockstader receive 200 acres each.

Docksteder, Henry, Caistor, UCLP, 1795, D1/73 [V149, film C-1742]
Petition missing at the time of filming.

Docksteder, Henry, Gainsborough, UCLP, 1796, D2/83 [V150, film C-1742]
Of Township of Gainsborough, came with family 1787 and never received land.
Granted 300 acres. 13 July 1796 OC

Docksteder, Henry, Newark, UCLP, 1797, D3/112 [Vol 150, film C-1743]
Arrived 1788 with wife and 5 children who still reside in this Province. Newark 18 Jul 1797, signed Henrich Dachstetter

Dochstader, George H, LB O, 1829-31, pages 51, 78, 102 [V33, C-104]
Film not checked.

Dockstader, Henry, LB C, 1797-1802, 147 [V21, C-101]
20 Jul 1797, Henry Dochsteder recommended for 300 acres of family land.

5. Lt Frederick Docsteder
This Frederick appears to be separate from those above and may be the father of Catherine.

Docsteder, Frederick Lieutenant, LB H, 1808-11, 320 [V26, C-102]
13 Jun 1810, part of a list of officers who died or were killed in the American War and were on the Quebec Plan of Binbrook. Block number 4, 3rd Con, 1000 acres, not described.

Dochteder, Catherine, LB, F, 1804-06, 22 [V104, C-102]
Catherine De Cour of Thorold, wife of John De Cow? and daughter of Frederick Dachteder, loyalist. Recommended for 200 acres as DUE. 4 May 1804.

6. Angelica Dockstader

Angelica would be a daughter of one of the above Dockstaders. Note that she is not claiming land as a daughter of Dockstader loyalist.

Dockstader, Angelica (Hauson), UCLP, Niagara, 1834, D19/75 [V161 pt2, film C-1878]
Angelica Dockstader of Niagara, dau of the late Richard Hansen, Loyalist, is married and has never recieved lands. 9 Jul 1834. Granted 24 May 1836.

Dockstader, Angelica, LB R, 1835-6, 403 [V36, C-105]