Moses Foster and James Henry Foster

Moses Foster & James Henry Foster

Fredericksburgh Tp, Lennox and Addington County

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Carm Foster, an active fellow transcriber, and Lou deLagran have been working on the early Foster families of the Quinte area and they have shared some of their work below.  These two families may be connected. DNA would be a useful tool to confirm this family linkage.

  1. Moses Foster (1757 - 1812) m. Jennie McFee, Fredericksburgh
  2. James Henry Foster (1794 - 1868) m. Mary Ann Johnston

1. Moses Foster and his wife Jennie McPhee

            Moses Foster was an early Pioneer of South Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox & Addington Co.  He was a Loyalist and was married to Jennie McPhee.   He came up from Albany Co., N.Y.  and was in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York during the American Revolution.  Moses, an educated man was able to read and write and was in S. Fredericksburgh Twp. by late 1700.  He and his wife had at least 8 children.
            One son by the name of Moses was still in S. Fredericksburgh Twp. in 1847.
            Two other sons by the name of John and Samuel seem to have left the township about 1812.  Samuel Foster inherited property from his Father and upon the death of his Mother, he also inherited her property.  In the spring of 1812 Samuel sold these properties and appears to have left South Fredericksburgh Twp.  Where John and Samuel went is a mystery to me.   The children of this Samuel who was married to a Mary Clark appear in Hallowell Twp., Prince Edward Co. in the 1830’s.
[By Carm Foster]

Children of Moses FOSTER and Jennie McPhee
MOSES FOSTER was born Abt. 1757 in Ireland, and died Bef. 1802.  He married JENNIE MCPHEE Abt. 1780.  She was born Abt. 1760, and died Abt. 1812 in Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.
2.                i.    SAMUEL FOSTER, b. 13 July 1781, Albany, Albany Co. N.Y. State, USA.; d. Y.
3.               ii.    JANE FOSTER, b. Abt. 1782, Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
4.              iii.    MARY FOSTER, b. Abt. April 1789, Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. 18 March 1866, Thurlow, Twp., Hastings, Co. E., Ont., Canada.
                 iv.    SARAH FOSTER, b. Abt. September 1791, Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y; m. MCINTOSH8.
5.             vii.    ELIZABETH FOSTER, b. Abt. September 1795, Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
6.            viii.    MOSES FOSTER, b. 11 March 1800, Fredericksburgh, Twp.  Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Abt. 1851.

Samuel Foster, son
After several years and miles of microfilm I have found where Samuel Foster got his land as the result of being the son of a United Empire Loyalist (Moses Foster).  I always assumed it would be closer to his parent's place in Fredericksburgh Twp. Lennox and Addington Co. just south of Kingston.  But, that was not the case.  His land grant was 200 acres on Concession 1 of North Gwillimbury Twp. in York Co.  This is close to the bottom end of Lake Simcoe.  For the longest time I always wondered why following generations spent a lot of time and many lived in the area around Lake Simoce. 
Upper Canada Crown Land records, MS693, reel 105, Con. 1, North Gwillimbury Twp.  consisting of 200 acres. Emailed Carm Foster, Apr 2008

2. James Henry Foster and his wife Mary Ann Johnston

James was born in Burlington, Vermont, in 1794, and served his apprenticeship as a courier there.  At age 20, he came to Canada, but was soon overtaken by sickness.  After his recovery, he worked at various jobs before starting a tannery business in Bath.  James died at the age of 74 in Bath, Apr 3, 1868; as a result of a fall from a wagon as well as other ailments.    [see attached obit]
Mary Ann was born in Ernestown in 01 Mar 1807, the daughter of United Empire Loyalist Daniel Johnston + Zebiah Shorey.  She died July 2, 1898 of old age.
This couple had 16 children:  Esther Ann Lucretia, Ann, Eliza Maria, Sarah Jane, Catherine Isabella, Emily Elizabeth Ann, James Henry, Hannah Matilda, William Johnston, Daniel George, Caroline, Ezra Priest, Marshall Purdy, Harriet Ann, Lydia Angeline, Alice Lavinia
Obituary; James Henry Foster
"Our departed brother, whose removal from our shores caused a large congregation to be convened in the Wesleyan church, Bath, on Sabbath last, was a resident of that place, so that he was no stranger to most of those who went to pay the last token of respect to his memory.  For somewhere about 50 years he was a resident in Canada."
"It is no part of our duty to indulge in fulsome eulogy, but we do not overstep the bounds of propriety if we say that all who knew our departed friend esteemed him as an upright citizen, and one whose conduct did not belle his Christian profession.  A gentleman, not a member of our Church, said to the writer that he had know him for about 28 years, and he could not remember that he had ever heard any one say that they ever knew James Foster to do anything that they considered to be a dishonest act.  After a residence of two years in Bath, the writer can say that he never heard him utter a word, nor do any act, or suffer himself to be in a temper that was not consistent for a Christian.  He was emphatically a man of peace.  He took no pleasure in discord; and was never given to the common habit of fault-finding, either in Church or State.  No doubt he formed his own opinions about men and things, but he was no angry disputant; he loved rather to heal the breach which might unfortunately rise."
"Our esteemed friend was a native of the United States, having been born in Burlington, Vermont, in the year 1794, where he served an apprenticeship to the business of a currier.  When he was 20 years of age, he came to seek his fortune in Canada, where he was soon overtaken by sickness, and for three months was in a prostrate condition.  All his pecuniary resources became exhausted, and he was even in debt, and could not obtain immediate employment at his trade; but, like an honest man, he turned to any kind of labor that promised him a fair remuneration.  Accordingly, he worked in a brick-yard for a while, and thus acquired some means to discharge the obligations he had incurred during his sickness."
"On commencing business in Bath, he had only a small sum of money, about 12 1/2 cents but by industry and strict attention to business, he was enabled to bring up a large family; and, if he has not left a large amount of wealth behind him, he has left an unblemished reputation and one of the members of his family will ever have occasion to blush when his name is mentioned.  He might have said, as did a distinguished philosopher "I leave you my example", and that example is one of patient, untiring industry an uprightness in all matters of business."
Mr Foster was not without a considerable share of trials of life.  He was the father of 16 children, four of who departed this life before him.  They had all attained to maturity, but - Mrs Foster informed me - they all died well, so that they will have greeted the arrival of their beloved father in that country where farewells are unknown.  We may be sure that to rear such a large family and follow four of them to the grave must have cost the parents no small amount of anxiety.  The cares which belong to parents are only known to those who occupy that important relationship, and who strive diligently to discharge the duties of their station.
"Our deceased brother was originally trained in the Presbyterian church.  But some 23 years ago, when the Rev C Vandusen and W H Williams were labouring on what was called the Bay of Quinte circuit, which included Bath and its vicinity, there was a revival of religion in the circuit, and the Minutes of Conference contain a report of an increase of 89 members.  It will afford those venerable bretheran, both of whom are now superannuated, much pleasure to know that some of those who were brought to a knowledge of the truth at that gracious awakening, are still holding on their way and a few of them are official members in this circuit. "
E Barrass, Bath, April 8, 1868, Christian Guardian April 29, 1868

Children of James Henry FOSTER and Mary Ann Johnston
1.  JAMES HENRY FOSTER was born 25 December 1793 in Burlington, Chittenden Co., Vermont, USA, and died 8 April 1868 in Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont..  He married MARY ANN JOHNSTON.  She was born 1 March 1807 in Ernestown Twp. Lennox And Addington Co., Ont, and died 2 July 1898 in Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.
2.                i.    ESTHER ANN LUCRETIA2FOSTER, b. 2 August 1823, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. 12 January 1913, Richmond Twp., Lennox & Addington, Co., Ont..
3.               ii.    ANN FOSTER, b. September 1823, Province of Ontario, Canada; d. 30 October 1894, Camden E., Lennox & Addington Co., Ont..
                 iii.    ELIZA MARIA FOSTER, b. Abt. 1825; d. Y.
                 iv.    SARAH JANE FOSTER, b. Abt. 1826, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.17; d. 7 August 1846, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.17.  
                  v.    CATHARINE ISABELLA FOSTER, b. 30 August 1827; d. Y.
4.              vi.    EMILY ELIZABETH ANN FOSTER, b. 18 December 1830, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. 2 April 1919, Wingham , Huron Co., North, Ont..
                vii.    JAMES HENRY FOSTER b. Abt. 1832, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.23; d. 1 May 1847, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.23.
5.            viii.    HANNAH MATHILDA FOSTER, b. 19 August 1834, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
                  ix.    WILLIAM JOHNSTON FOSTER, b. Abt. 1835, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.27; d. 8 April 1853, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont..
                   x.    DANIEL GEORGE FOSTER, b. Abt. 1837, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.27; d. Y.
6.               xi.    CAROLINE FOSTER, b. 1 February 1841, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
                 xii.    EZRA PRIEST FOSTER, b. Abt. 1842; d. Y.
7.             xiii.    MARSHALL PURDY FOSTER, b. 23 July 1845, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
                xiv.    HARIETT ANN FOSTER, b. Abt. 1847, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.28,29; d. Y.
8.              xv.    LYDIA ANGELINE FOSTER, b. 4 December 1849, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y.
                xvi.    ALICE LAVINA FOSTER, b. 27 September 1854, Bath, Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ont.; d. Y; m. JOHN LENT SHOREY, 21 December 1887, Belleville, Hastings Co., West, Ontario; b. Abt. 1823, Ernestown Twp. Lennox And Addington Co., Ont.; d. 7 May 1892, Ernestown Twp. Lennox And Addington Co., Ont..