1836 Naming Frankford

Naming the village Frankford

December 1836

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Records of the Bay or Quinte

Below is a wonderful petition praying for the Lieut Governor to name their village on Cold Creek to the "generally approved" name of Frankford. The petition is signed by 80 inhabitants. Cold Creek enters the Trent River a few miles above Trenton, Ontario. Thanks to Linda Smith who drew this petition to my attention and helped in the transcription and also Peter Johnson for his best shot at transcription. Readers are encouraged to contact me in helping to decipher those difficult signatures..

Source: Petition to name Frankford, 1836, Upper Canada Sundries, LAC, C-6892, 65062-64, film on line at Heritage Canadian, see starting at image 1349

Randy Saylor, Oct 2015

To His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head , Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Knight of Prussian Military Order of Merit , Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada etc etc

May it please your Excellency
We the undersigned inhabitants of the village situate at the mouth of the Cold Creek in the township of Sidney, County of Hastings, Midland District, are desirous of obtaining a name from your Excellency for this said village.

Within the last three years several houses have been built and inhabited in the above village, and a number of village lots have been purchased, under the express condition that houses shall be built on those lots within two years from the day of sale. Besides houses, there are in the village four Merchants Stores, Grist Mill, Saw Mill, Cording and Fulling Mill, two Tanneries, a Carpenter’s shop, a Coopers shop and the Blacksmiths shop. There is also a reasonable prospect that the village will continue to increase, from the many local advantages it possesses.

As we have always had reason to believe that your Excellency is friendly to the general improvement of this province, more especially by the establishment of farms and markets, we humbly beg leave to represent that it would be of great advantage not only to the inhabitants of the village, but to those of a pretty thickly settled country around it, if your Excellency would also be pleased to appoint two fairs, to be held annually in this village, for the sale of agricultural produce and the improvement of cattle and stock in this section of the province. Such fairs to be held on the first Tuesday in April and the first Tuesday in October in every year.

And finally, we humbly request that the said village be called Frankford as being the name most generally approved of by those already holding a property in this said village, and that lots at one, two, three and four of the fifth concession in the township of Sidney be constituted the said village.
Sidney, December 1836

William Bowen
H. V. Petrie
W Moore M.R.C.S.
John Brophy
Thomas Ketcheson
James McConnekey
James O'Connor
Darius McDonald
Joseph Ketcheson
William H Maybee
Daniel W Strohn
John Wormacott?
Richd Pearse?
Thos Marley
Ble?? Kelley
Antonius Francis??
William B Marsh
Robert Demsey
Maurice Walsh
Harvey Hamlin or Hamelin
Abraham Tompkins
Stephen Tompkins
Francis Fasey?
David L Demarest
Augustus Lambrand?
D Grant Bowen
Abel [his X mark] Shannon?

We the undersigned being occupiers of land in the neighbourhood of Cold Creek, do hereby recommend the annexed address to the favourable consideration of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor
Sidney, December 1836

J Brooks Crowe - Murray James Byrne? - Murray
Thomas Ketcheson - Sidney Christopher Varty - Murray
James O Connor - Sidney Joshua Anderson - Murray
Charles Macaulay - Murray Sebastian Anderson - Murray
John Coon - Sidney Timothy Anderson - Murray
Patrick? [his X mark] Clark - Sidney Thomas Anderson - Murray
John H Turnbull - Sidney John McDonald - Sidney
George Dipett or Dibett - Sidney George McMullen - Sidney
Stephen Tompkins Sen Alphus McDonald - Sidney
John Tompkins David Clark - Murray
John Hurst? - Murray Noble Burney? - Murray
Robt? Perry [or] Percy - Sidney Patt Makenna - Murray
James Sharp - " Selvester Makenna - Murray
Peter Sharp - " Samuel R Smith - Sidney
Gilbert P Sharp - " Gilbert H? Ketcheson
William Sharp - " Wm Ketcheson
Robert M Dales? Perry John Simmons? - Murray
John Bergan [or] Bergon - Murray Phylander V Volkenburgh
James Morrison - Sidney Peter Simmons - Sidney
William? Simmons - do Jaret or Jacob? Simmons - Sidney
Adam H Meyers - Murray Ira Simmons - Sidney
George Simmon? - " Jesse Hamlen
George Rosebush - " Thomas Moffet? - Murray
William Robertson Michl Moran - Sidney
Robert Johnston or Jameston - Murray D Leahy - R[iver] Trent
H Jameston? - do David Benedict - Murray
John Hannigan or Harrington - do  

[Fold notes]
Inhabitants of Cold Creek, Newcastle District, December 1836
Praying the Lieut Gov to confer the name of Frankford on Cold Creek, and also to charter a semi annual fair at the place
Answered 27th of June 1837