Loyalists Bergen County NJ, 1784

Loyalists of Bergen County

New Jersey, 1784

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Why these two newspaper documents are of interest:
The Loyalist men named below had their land confiscated in Bergen County, NJ.
This county is adjacent to Rockland County, NY and many families came to the Bay of Quinte from this area.

Peter Johnson, President of the UEL Assoc of Canada had this to say: "Without checking every name I would think that both the New Jersey Volunteers and the King's Orange Rangers are represented. The Van BUSKIRK family for one were involved in both regiments. The Henry or Hendrick REDNER is likely the man who settled in Rednersville later.  His brother Peter REDNER also settled in the area a few years afterwards and these REDNER brothers were both in the NJV. "

Thanks to Mark Davenport for sharing these two newspaper clippings obtained from America's Historical Newspapers. and the third from Google Books.

Names in yellow are possible matches in the Upper Canada record.
Let me know if you see connections to add.

New Jersey Gazette, 24 Feb 1779
Volume: II; Issue: 64; Page: [3]

New Jersey, Bergen County.

At a Court of Common Pleas, held for the county on the 26th January, 1779, were returned inquisitions for joining the King of Great Britain, and other treasonable practices, against

John Merselis
Lewis Millinburg
Lawrence A Ackerman [see James Ackerman in Adolphustown]
John Deryea
Peter T Herring
Derick Ackerman
John Demont
Philip Peaker
John H Vanhouten
Thomas Dungan
Martin Rush - settled in Rednersville
Hendrick Vanblaricum [Van Blaricom - in the Quinte area]
Harrimanus Vanblaricum
Jacobus Fox - settled in Sidney
Edward Joans
David D Ackerman
Henry J Hannison
Orey Demorest jun - Demorestville family?
Hendrick Doreamus
David Masterlen
Abel Ridner
Abraham A Quackenbush
Daniel S Demorest - Demorestville family?
Peter Tise [see Tice]
John Robertson
John Tise
Jacob Vanwincle
Matthias Kenact
Peter D Wiem
Michael Stor
Alexander McKoy
Conrad Fredericks - settled in Thurlow
John Ridner
Hendrick Ridner - father of Rednersville family
Hendrick Fox
William Peaker
Hendrick Fredericks
Thomas Lyon
Isaac Noble [see Philo Noble]
Jacobus Peek
John F Ryerson
Peter J Vanblaricum
John L Vanbuskerk
John J Vanblarikum
Andrew Vanbuskerk
James Vanburen
Gabriel Vanorden
David Vanbuskerk
John Ja Vanbuskerk
Barant Euerse
Jacob Himion
Hendrick Himion
Rinehart Prickman
Timothy Lewis
Adam Himion
Christian Pulisfalt
Peter Nix - settled Murray
John J Ackerman
Peter Leant
Martin Roelossee
John C Herin
Abraham Lent
Charles Bekeman
Thomas Oldwater [Outwater?]

of which proclamation was made at said court, that if they or any person on their behalf, or person interested, would appear and traverse, a trial should be awarded, but no traverses were offered  - therefore notice is hereby given that if neither they nor any in their behalf, nor any interested, shall not appear and enter a traverse at the enxt court to be held for the said county, the inquisitions will be taken to be true, and final judgement entered thereon in favour of the state.
Feb. 16, 1779
James Board
Hendericus Kuyper
The Political Intelligencer and New-Jersey Advertiser, 27 July 1784,  Volume: I; Issue: XLII; Page: [4]


Whereas final judgment was had and obtained in favour of the state of New Jersey, against

John Parcel - settled in Murray
Cornelius Van Horn - settled in Adolphustown
Abraham C Haring
Henry Marsh
John Rykman - settled Murray
David Blauvelt
Albert Zabriskie
Abraham Van Buskirk - Buskirk's Reg't - see Coonrad Frederick
Samuel Peek - [Peack] settled on Big Island
Edward Earl
Abraham Persel
William Van Allen
David Peek
Daniel J Brown
John Lutkens
Hendrick Lutkins
John Pell
William Kingsland jun
James Van Emburgh
Peter Earl
William Sorrels
Nicholas Depeyster?
Daniel Jesseph
Charles Kingsland jun
John Meyr
Thomas Gardner
Abraham Van Emburgh
Stephen Ryder
James Mac Calk
Peter Colett
Abraham Lent
Charles Beekman
Thomas Outwater - [see Daniel Outwater in Sidney]
John C Haring
Peter Lent
Hendrick Deremus
Arie Demarest
Petrus T Haring
Luwis Miltenberry
Henry J Henneon
David D Ackerman
Philip Pecker
Harmanus Van Blarkum
Rynhert Brickman - see Lewis Brickman
John J Ackerman
Peter Nex [Nix] - settled Murray
John J Van Buskirk
John P Duryee
Hendrick Hemeon
Jacob Hemeon
Barent Everse
Timothy Luwis
Hendrick Frederickse
Adam Hemeon
William Pecker
Thomas Lyon
Jacobus Peck
Isaac Noble
John F Ryerson
Petrus J Van Blarkum
John L Van Blarkum
John L Van Buskirk
John Demott
Andrew Van Buskirk
Isaac N Kipp
James Van Buren
David Van Buskirk
Gabriel Van Orden and Jenny his wife
Abel Ridnaar
Derrick Ackerman
David Masterton
John H V Houten
Hendrick Van Blarkum
John Merselesse
Abraham A Quackenbush
Jacobus Fox
Daniel S Demarest
Jacob Van Winkle
Michael Sturr
Matheves Kneght
Coenradt Fredericks - settled in Thurlow
Alexander Mac Koy
Hendrick Ridner - father of Rednersville family
John Ridner
Peter Tice
Hendrick Vos
Richard Yates
Coenradt Ridner
John King
Coenradt Henselpecker
Nicholas Size
--- Duglas
Henry Soup
John Holmes
John Van Orden
George Brush
James Butler
Aaron Swiney
Martinus Fox
Andrew Van Alen
George Miller
Balter Shoemaker
William Roome
John Van Buskirk jun
John Blinkerhuff
Jacob Ryker
John Davis
Anthony Lispenard
Winant Kitterlas
John Dunscomb
Kenneth McKincy
Jacobus A Bogert

Is hereby given to the public, that their estates are confiscated, and have been sold for the use and benefit of the state aforesaid: All persons having any demands against any of their estates aforesaid, agreeable to a law of the state aforesaid, passed in the 11th day of December, Anno Dom. 1778; are requested to have their accounts attested before two judges of the court of common pleas, for the County of Bergen, in the state aforesaid, on or before the 20th day of August, Anno Dom. 1784.
Cornelius Haring, Agent for the County of Bergen
Bergen County, July 13, 1784
Documents Relating to the Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey published by the NJHS, 1906, V3, Newspaper Extracts 1779

July 1, 1779.
Bergen County, State of New-Jersey

State of New-Jersey Bergen County)
PUBLICK notice is hereby given to all persons that have any demands, either on bond, note, mortgage, book or otherwise, against the persons whose names are hereunto annexed, to bring them to two of the Judges of the Court of Common-Pleas for the county of Bergen, within ten months from the date hereof, in order to have them settled : And likewise notice is hereby
given to all persons that have any goods, wares, merchandize of any kind, or owe on bond, note, mortgage or otherwise, any sum or sums of money to any of the offenders whose names are herein under written, and shall neglect to
make discovery thereof to one of us the subscribers within one month from the date hereof, may expect to be dealt with as the law in that case directs. The names are as follows, viz.

Conrad Fredericks,
Hendrick Fredericks,
Martje Rush,
Peter Nix,
Thomas Lyons,
Hendrick Himjon,
Jacob Himjon,
John L. Van Boskerk,
Hendrick Fox,
Michael Stur,
William Baker,
Philip Baker,
Van Blerkum,
Isaac Noble,
Mattenes Skepact,
William Kingsland, jun.
John Van Houten,
Adam Himjon,
Abel Ridner,
Mattenes Fox,
Abraham Persel,
John Persel,
Daniel I. Brown,
Peter Earrel,
Richard Stanton,
David Blavelt,
Theunis Blavelt,
John Rickman,
David Peck,
Henry Marsh,
Albert Zabriskie,
Joost Earrell,
Edward Earrell,
Cornelius Van Horn,
John Pell, Peter Gollet,
William Van Allen,
Abraham Van Boskerk,
Henry Rome,
William Sorroll,
Thomas Gardner,
James McColleck,
John Mejjers, [sic: Meyers],
John Lutkins,
Hendrick Lutkins,
Abraham Van Emburg,
Charles Kingsland, jun.
James Van Emburg,
Daniel Jessop,
Nicholas Depeyster.