James Martin

James Martin, 1777 - bef. 1840

Thurlow Township

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

In 1840, Hittabold Martin petitions for land as the daughter of Richard Smith UE. She is a widow and does not give the first name of her husband. Bonny Campbell found records that a James Martin had a wife named Mehitable. It is very possible that Hittabold Smith married this James Martin. All of the work below, except the Overview, was done by Bonny Campbell and Nora Kearney and is posted with Bonny's permission.

Randy Saylor, Aug. 2012


From the information below it appears that James Martin was a settler and not a Loyalist and came to Upper Canada around 1790, purchasing a farm in concession 5, Thurlow. This is a short walk from the farm of Richard Smith where James would have known Hittabold Smith. Hittabold is the oldest daughter of Richard Smith and likely born about 1790. This makes her 13 years younger than James Martin but that would not be unusual at the time for them to be married.

Below, the researchers provide names of possible children of James Martin.

James Martin was born outside of Canada as he did the Oath of Allegiance as noted on his Upper Canada Land Petition that was done on the 28 Feb 1798. I found this in the Archives in Ontario.

James Martin stated that he had been in Ontario since 1790 and petitioned for land while living in Thurlow Twp, Hastings County. He stated that he was 21 ( might be 24 as document difficult to read the number but 21 is more likely ) and that he had never received any land. 28 Feb 1798 received 200 acres. The location was not mentioned so I searched the original land record books at the Marilyn Adams Centre until I found him on lot 8 on the 5th conc of Thurlow.

24 June 1810
James Martin of Thurlow Twp purchased 100 acres of the west half of lot 8 in the 5th conc of Thurlow ( site of the former Corbyville Distillery) from Eleazor Youmans. Witness was John Longwell. Source was Hastings County Copy Book C

2 March 1811
Atremus Marsh Ross ( ? Rose) -grantor to Mathias Ross ( ? Rose ) with Zadoc Thrasher, James Martin and John Cairin, all of Thurlow Twp were witnesses

17 May 1812
Return of Hastings Militia
Includes the privates that volunteered for active service under Captain John McIntosh and Captain Walden Meyers. James Martin was one of the names mentioned. Source Randy Saylor's site

12 July 181261 Holland Park Ave
Toronto, M6C 1M2
A James Martin was a private in the Hastings Militia in the same company as Daniel Mathew Dean. Source Randy Saylor's site

25 March 1813
Hastings Militia Pay Lists as per Randy Saylor's site
James Martin was on list B Pg 43-46 from 25 March 1813- 24 April 1813 under Captain Simon McNabb

22 Jan 1814
C 272, Hastings Copy Book C.  James Martin, yeoman of Thurlow , given mortgage from Allen Taylor, a merchant of Thurlow of Hastings County. Witnesses were Alexander O'Peline and John Taylor, both of Thurlow Twp. Signed in the presence of John Taylor and Neil McArthur

7 Sept 1815
Lot 8, Conc 5, Thurlow Twp
George Thompson purchased 55 acres of the north half of the west half of lot 8, conc 5 Thurlow Twp, Hastings County,Ontario. Source Land Abstracts at the Marilyn Adams Centre in Ameliasburg

2 Nov 1815
James Martin repaid his mortgage money to Allen Taylor of Thurlow Twp. Source Land Abstracts at the Marilyn Adams Centre of Ameliasburg.

2 Feb 1835
James Martin sold property to Philip Hotts. James Martin's wife Mahetable Martin appears to have released her dower. Witnesses were Anthony Marshall and ___ Ketcheson, two of his Majesty's Justice of the Peace for Midland District. This was found by Nora Kearney of Belleville after tediously reviewing early land transaction microfilm in the Belleville Library.

In 1840, a Hittabold Martin applied for an Upper Canada Land Petition as a daughter of Richard Smith. [See the petition of Hittabold [Smith] Martin on section 8 on the Richard Smith web page.] Initially it was written that she was married but that was stroked out on the document and widow replaced it. So if James Martin's wife Mahitable was Hittie or Hittabold Smith, then James Martin died between 1835 and 1840.

Nora Kearney of Belleville found a land record for James Martin of Thurlow Twp that proved that his wife's name was Mehitable and I believe that she was the Hittie or Hittabold Martin, daughter of Richard Smith. [Note: I assume that this record is the 2 Feb 1835 record immediately above.]

Possible but unproven children for James Martin and Mahitable or Mehitable Smith are:

1)  Elizabeth Abigail Martin born 1817 that married Peter Holmes.
Nora Kearney is related to me through our shared ancestor Samuel Allen Way. She is a descendant of Elias Holmes, a mulatta, who had a price on his head, was injured during the American Revolution , described as a cripple and escaped to Sorel Quebec. He remained there but his descendants came to Hastings County. Peter Holmes that married Elizabeth Abigail Martin was one of his descendants. She contacted me as she felt that my Francis Smith Martin and her Elizabeth Abigail Martin may have been siblings. We have your records to definitely prove our theory at this time.

2)  Francis Smith Martin born 1819 that married Sarah Ann Freeman, daughter of Simeon Freeman and unknown wife. Two of Francis Smith Martin's children said that he was born in Latta Mills which is in Thurlow Twp and approximately 7 miles down the river from the site of the Corbyville Distillery site according to a cousin Sammy Dean of Belleville, Ontario.

3) Mary Martin that married Joseph Holmes seen as Homes on the same list of marriages of my Francis Smith Martin and Sarah Ann Freeman. I guess her birth year around 1820 
based on an appropriate age to marry. She was deceased by the 1851 census.

4)  Nicholas Martin born 1835 who was seen with the family of Francis Smith Martin and Sarah Ann Freeman on the 1851 census and has never been located since.

5)  Thomas Smith Martin born 1835
based on an appropriate age to marry and as well has not been traced any further. Thomas Smith Martin married Catherine Margaret Sharp and I do not know who she was.

If you look at Early Land Owners of Mecklenburg in 1790, a John Martin was living on lot 1 of conc 5 in Sidney Twp. This John Martin is a possibility for the father of James Martin as he was on lot 1 of concession 5 of Sidney Twp in 1790. James Martin stated in his Upper Canada Land Petition that he had been in Ontario since 1790 but if born around 1777, he would only have been 13 in 1790 so therefore probably came with his parents. I have not researched lot 1, conc 5 of Sidney Twp of 1790.

[Comment] Lot 1 in Sidney is near the Trent River and is some distance from the Moira River and Thurlow where James Martin purchases land. This weakens the possibility that John is the father of James Martin. Randy Saylor