Charles & John McArthur, UE

Charles & John McArthur, UE

brothers, Murray Tp.

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

Why I am interested in this settler.
In researching Anne McArthur and Cyrus Marsh, it became compelling to straighten out the various McArthur people who were in the Quinte area. The McArthur family is closely tied to Capt George Singleton and Lt Israel Ferguson; two men involved in the earliest history of Belleville, ON. Anne McArthur is the daughter of Charles McArthur. Thanks to Guylaine Pétrin and Shirley Sutherland for their considerable help.

In 2019, Dan Allen contacted me about McArthur baptisms in Colonial Hudson Valley records. He then found Ann Gilchrist and her web page, Renaissance Ann, about the Argyle Patent and the McArthur's who came from Ilse of Islay in 1738. Lastly Barb Crombie joined in with family research on Christine McArthur who was the mother of John Taylor, pioneer of Belleville.
We conclude that we have found the link to Scotland for these McArthurs. My thanks to all.
© Randy Saylor, Mar 2014, updated 2019

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The key findings of this research are:
  • Proving that Charles and John McArthur are brothers and identifying their children which differ from some on-line genealogies.
  • To identify Christina [McArthur] Taylor as a possible sister or aunt of Charles and John.
  • Agreeing with secondary sources that the wife of Lt Israel Ferguson is Nancy Singleton, sister to Capt George Singleon. This then means that the second wife of Charles McArthur was ?? Singleton, a sister of Nancy and George Singleton.
  • Arguing that Christine, John and Charles are children of Neil McArthur and Mary Campbell and came from Scotland to America in 1738.
The conclusions are based on primary records which are listed chronologically in section 2 below. The notes that William Canniff made in 1865 from an interview with Martha [McArthur] Maybee who had first hand knowledge of the early relationships are especially valuable.

A word about the Canniff Fonds
William Canniff wrote the famous History of the Settlement of Upper Canada in 1869. Some of his notes gathered before writing the book survive in the Canniff Fonds held at the Archives of Ontario. His lengthy interview with Martha Maybee, daughter of Charles McArthur states that Martha was 74 when the notes were taken and then when the book was published Canniff states that Martha is 78. This suggests that the notes were taken 4 years earlier in 1865 and that Martha was thus born about 1791. She speaks of often visiting, Anne Singleton/Chisholm/Marsh, her older half sister and would have known first hand or from her parents the facts that she expressed. Her comments are accepted as a reliable source.

Charles and John McArthur - Scotland to America
See Section 2 for the case that they came from Scotland. We have the words of Martha Maybee, daughter of Charles McArthur UE, who informed William Canniff in 1865 that her father was Charles McArthur, he came from Scotland and settled on the Mohawk River and fought with Burgoyne and after the war, came to Canada and settled first near Prescott, ON. We can assume that brother John also came from Scotland. It would appear that John and Charles were close in age as Charles had his first child in 1771 and John in 1773.

How do we know that Charles and John McArthur are brothers?
In an affidavit included in a submission in 1821 to the Second Heir and Devisee Commission (SHDC), Charles McArthur states that "Charles McArthur Brother of the original nominee proves the claimant to be the eldest son and Heir at Law of the O.N. [Original Nominee]". The original nominee referred to is John McArthur UE who died in 1798 and Charles is saying he is his brother. The claimant was his nephew, also Charles, who was the eldest son of the deceased John McArthur. This is the only record found that states that the two loyalists were brothers.

Charles McArthur UE (bef 1738 - 1827)
Anne McArthur, the oldest child of Charles, was born in 1771. William Canniff writes in 1869 that, "Charles McArthur, a native of Scotland, came to America before the rebellion, and settled upon the Mohawk River. Took part in the war, in Burgoyne's army. Lived for some time at Oswegotchie, when he removed to head of the bay [of Quinte]." No petition survives for Charles but the UE list states that he was with the King's Rangers and was granted land in Augusta Tp at Oswegotchie, now Prescott. Charles did not petition for loyalist losses.

Most of what we know about Charles comes from the surviving notes of an 1865 interview of his daughter Martha Maybee by William Canniff. Martha said that he came to Upper Canada after the war with no kids, married then had 4 children at Oswegotchie, his wife died, then he moved to head Bay of Quinte, lived with an aunt of Mrs Mabee "widow Ferguson, relic of Israel Ferguson". Charles died at Presquile in 1827, was buried in Taylor Burying Grounds. Martha also mentions her half sister, Anne Marsh, who she frequently visited. Anne's 1796 certificate states that she was the "daughter of Charles McArthur, UE, 25 years of age, born in Kinderhook." Thus Anne was born in 1771 by his first wife who died before the end of the war. Perhaps Anne was raised by her uncle John McArthur or friends causing Martha to say Charles came to Upper Canada with no children.

Charles moved around. First he is granted land and settles at Oswegotchie in Augusta Tp, then in Niagara (1807) and later in Murray (1812) based on petitions of his children. In the 1815 Murray census his family comprises 2 males over 16, 2 under and 2 females over 16 and 2 under. The 1815 petition of his daughter says he is "now of Augusta" and in 1816 he is not in the Murray census. In the 1818 and 1819 Murray census a Charles McArthur is recorded as living alone back in Murray and this could also be his nephew Charles. For a time he moved about seeking his fortune.
The children of Charles McArthur and his two wives:
  • By his first wife - Ariantje Klerk - she died before 1784.
  1. Anne McArthur DUE, b. 1771, dau of Charles McArthur UE, marries Capt Geo Singleton, followed by Col Alex Chisholm and then Cyrus Marsh. [Cyrus Marsh web page]
    • Nancy (Anne) McArthur was baptized on 16 Jan 1771 in Kinderhook, NY, parents Charles McCarty & Ariantje Klerk, (Wit: Cornelis Taylor, Nancy McArthur). [NY church records]
    • A certificate dated 4 March 1796 in which 'The bearer Nancy Chisholm alias McArthur, daughter of Charles McArthur, UE, 25 years of age, born in Kinderhook ...' etc, asks for 200 acres of land.
  2. Roelof McArthur, was baptized on 10 Sep 1775 in Kinderhook, NY, parents Charles McCarty & Ariantje Clerk (Wit: Pieter Van Buren, Dorothe Fryenmoet). [He disappears from later records.]
  • By his second wife ??? Singleton - married after 1784.
  1. Neal McArthur, 17, [b. 1786], living with Cyrus & Anne Marsh [1803 Murray census]
    • Neal McArthur, SUE, son of Charles UE who is now at Niagara [1807 petition]
    • Neal McArthur, town of Belleville, carpenter, son of Charles McArthur, UE, b. St John's, Lower Canada, now 31, ie. b. 1785, town lot 14 [1816 petition]
    • Neil McArthur married Emma Zwick [gdau. of Philip Zwick], settled Belleville. [PLBQ, 1005]
  2. Mary Amy McArthur, DUE, dau Charles McArthur, UE, now at Niagara, sister of Neal [1807 petition]
  3. John McArthur, SUE, son of Charles McArthur, UE, formerly of Augusta, now of Murray [1812 petition]
  4. Martha Maybee DUE, dau Charles McArthur, UE now at Augusta Tp, wife of John Maybee [1815 petition]
    • Mrs. Maybee lived in Sophiasburgh until she married Mr. Maybee which took place in 1808, moved to Belleville in 1810 [Canniff Fonds]
    • Martha [McArthur] Maybee, age 74, b. 4 April [1791] at Brockville, dau Charles McArthur [Canniff Fonds]
    • Mrs Mabee, dau of Charles McArthur, b. Oswegotchie, now 78, lives Belleville [Canniff 1869]
    • "Capt. Singleton (who was married (afterwards I suppose) to Mrs. Maybee’s half sister) and his servant and wife by name of old Johnson." This means that Capt Singleton married Anne McArthur, daughter by Charles' first wife and Martha was a child of the second wife. [Canniff Fonds]
    • Mrs Maybee "often came to see her half-sister Mrs. Singleton, had a sister living with her." [Canniff Fonds]
John McArthur (bef 1738 - 1798)
The eldest child of John is born in 1773. His wife, Elizabeth, is born in 1743. William Canniff writes in 1869 that John McArthur UE, is one of first settlers west of River Trent, ie Murray Township. The UE list states that John was a soldier with the Loyal Rangers aka Jessup's Rangers. The Rose list includes the letters BMA which stand for Capt Barnes Muster Absentees. Capt Barnes was with the Loyal Americans who settled in New Brunswick so this reference seems not to be accurate. John did not petition for loyalist losses but a John McArthur did make an oath in support of a man in Tryon, NY. If this is the same John McArthur then this fits with where Martha Maybee said his brother Charles McArthur had lived since Tryon is in the Mohawk Valley. The UE list has John McArthur in Thurlow and Martha Maybee says he first settled in Fredericksburgh then later in Murray Township. All of this is clarified in his 1797 petition where John states that he was a non commissioned officer in the King's Rangers, the same regiment as his brother Charles, and that he was granted 100 acres in Fredericksburgh. He further states that in 1791 he removed to Murray Tp and settled on lot 5, Broken Front, Con B (sic) and he petitioned for this lot. In an 1836 petition of his daughter, Elizabeth, there is an 1838 affidavit stating that he died "abt 40 yrs ago", thus he died about 1798, leaving a widow and children.

A key set of documents is the 1821 Second Heir & Devisee file. Charles, the oldest son of John, successfully makes his case for a deed to Lot 5, Broken Front, Con A, Murray. The file has various affidavits. One states that he left an unproved will dated 12 Sept 1798 and this matches well with the death information in the petition mentioned above. Another dated 1819 states that his wife, Elizabeth, releases her dower and this is the only document found that states her forename. This same "Widow McArthur" is 60 and living with the McArthur family in the 1803 Murray Census. She was thus born about 1743. She is still present in the 1808 census.

A "John Macarthur" is named in a 1790 Sydney account book. The entry is dated 10 Mar 1792 as he buys 6 bushells of potatoes.

The children of John McArthur and Elizabeth Brown (she is "widow McArthur" up to 1808 Murray census.)
    1. Cornelis McArthur was baptized on 03 Nov 1765 in Claverack, NY, parents: John McCarter & Elisabeth Brown, (wit: Johannes Philip & wife Cathrina Bitser ). [NY church Record], [Cornelius is not found in Canadian records.]
    2. Alexander McArthurwas baptized on 12 Apr 1767 in Claverak, NY, parents: John McCarter & Elisabeth Brown, ( wit: Charles McCarter & Ann McCarter ). [NY church Record], [Alexander is not found in Canadian records.]
    3. Charles McArthur, 30, b. 1773, living with McArthur family [1803 Mrs Mabee says her "mother died and the family removed to the head of Bay Quinte to her aunt’s, by name of widow Ferguson, relic of Israel Ferguson." Murray census]
      • Charles McArthur, son of John McArthur UE, d. 1798 [1821 SHDC]
      • Charles McArthur, son of John McArthur UE, deceased, patent for lot 5, Con A, Murray [1822 petition]
    4. John McArthur, 24, b. 1779, living with McArthur family [1803 Murray census]
      • John McArthur Jr, son of John McArthur UE [1797 petition]
      • John McArthur, 28 [b.1778] and Betsey, 21 and daughter Polly, 1 - living with widowed mother [1806 Murray census]
      • John and Betsey McArthur, living in Murray Tp, 1 male & 1 female under 16 [1808 Murray census]
      • John McArthur, son "of a loyalist", Belleville, carpenter, town lot 13 [1817 petition]
    5. Polly McArthur, 17, b. 1786, living with McArthur family [1803 Murray census]
    6. Elizabeth McArthur, dau John McArthur UE, wife Daniel McKenzie [1836 & 1842 petitions]

Christine [McArthur] Taylor UE of Thurlow
Christine is the mother of John Taylor, who settled very early at Belleville. It is probable that Christine is an older sister of Charles and John McArthur. In 1798, she successfully makes the following petition; "petition of Christine Taylor, alias McArthur, of Thurlow ... that during the last American War had 3 of her sons in the service of Great Britain, wherein 2 of them lost their lives in the said service and your petitioner is UE Loyalist, come to this Province in the year 1789 and never received any lands as yet ... prays ...quantity of unlocated lands ... Alexander Chisholm certifies that 'the above named Christine Taylor has been a great service to our scouts in the time of the war to my knowledge'."

Alexander Chisholm, husband of Anne McArthur who is a daughter of Charles McArthur, is certifying personal knowledge of this woman. Christina Taylor, M[idland] District is on the UE list. She is one of the few women to have that distinction.

Duncan McArthur
In a 1790 Sydney account there are three entries for a Duncan Mcaurther, MacAurther and McAurthur. The first two are dated 22 Jan 1791 and the third 20 Apr 1791. This account is found in the William Canniff Fonds and is transcribed on this web site. More work needs to be done on this man. There is a Duncan McArthur in the UE lists, Sergt. K. R1. Regt. N.Y., RRNY, was son of Donald, resides Charlottenburgh (p. 217). However no Duncan McArthur appears to be granted land as a UE (OLRI) and no petition has survived for the Duncan McArthur UE on the UE lists (UCLP). So what is a Duncan doing in Sydney in 1791? It suggests a connection to Charles and John McArthur.

Source: Dr William Canniff Papers, F1390, MU490, E2 Archives of Ontario, 1790 Sidney Account Book

Duncan McArthur married Mary Savage had the following child:
Mary McArthur was baptized on 28 Jan 1770 in Kinderhook, NY, parents; Duncan McArthur & Mary Savage, (Wit: Charles McCarty & Ariantje son, "wed one Johnson"). [Perhaps this record relates to the above man.]

Lt Israel Ferguson
Israel Ferguson joined the loyalist cause in 1777 at age 25 and was the Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the King's Rangers, the same regiment as Charles and John McArthur. Israel and his brothers Farrington and Richard, all in the Kings Rangers, make claims for loyalist losses. Martha Maybee informs us that Lt Israel Ferguson was first at Sorel then 3rd town then to Thurlow with Capt Singleton and he died Dec 1789, 3 mo's after Capt George Singleton died. Recall that Anne McArthur's first husband was Capt Singleton, followed by Col. Alexander Chisholm and then Cyrus Marsh.

"Widow Ferguson", aunt of Martha [McArthur] Maybee
In the Canniff Papers, Martha Maybee, claims that her mother died "and the family removed to the head of the Bay of Quinte to her aunt’s, by name of widow Ferguson, relic of Israel Ferguson. This Ferguson was a Lieutenant, sometimes called Capt. and lived with Captain Singleton." Martha further states that her aunt, Mrs Ferguson, remarries "Abram Cronk (and 9 children)" in Sophiasburgh in 1796 to which place Mrs Maybee then went.

Combining this with the fact that a number of secondary sources state that Nancy Singleton is the wife of Lt Israel Ferguson and that Capt George Singleton is his brother-in-law - we can make a logical conclusion.

The accepted facts are:
  1. Capt George Singleton m. Anne/Nancy McArthur who is a dau of Charles McArthur by his first wife.
  2. Mrs Martha Maybee is a daughter of the same Charles McArthur by his second wife.
  3. Anne McArthur and Martha Maybee are "half sisters" and have the same father, Charles McArthur.
  4. Widow Ferguson, wife of Lt Israel Ferguson is an aunt of Martha Maybee. (1) Therefore Widow Ferguson is either a sister of Martha's mother or father.
  5. Secondary sources state that Lt Israel Ferguson and Capt George Singleton (m. Anne McArthur) are brothers in law. (2) Therefore widow Ferguson is either a sister of Geo. Singleton or Anne McArthur. These sources name Widow Ferguson as Nancy Singleton.
It makes no sense that widow Ferguson is a McArthur. She can't be both a sister of Charles McArthur (1) and a sister of his daughter Anne McArthur (2).

Logic dictates that we accept that Widow Ferguson is Nancy Singleton, a sister of Martha's mother (1) and a sister of Capt. George Singleton (2) and . Thus ??? Singleton, is a sister to Nancy and George, and the second wife of Charles McArthur and the mother of Martha Maybee.

So is Nancy Singleton really the wife of Lt Israel Ferguson?
No primary or older source has been found to confirm the statement that Nancy Singleton is the wife of Israel Ferguson. No statement has been found in the Canniff Papers or early petitions. Below are some of the modern sources that keep repeating the same story.  For the time being, I will accept that 'widow Ferguson' is 'Nancy Singleton' and sister of George Singleton and sister of the second wife of Charles McArthur till proven otherwise.
  1. Page 26 of Singleton folder in the H. C. Burleigh Papers, Queen's University, in a margin note states that "package 9" of the Canniff Papers, AO is the source for saying that "Israel Ferguson is the brother-in-law Capt Singleton." A review of the Canniff Papers has not found this statement.
  2. Gerry Boyce in his books Historic Hastings, 1967, p. 32 and his newer book Belleville - A Popular History, 2008, p. 27 makes the brother-in-law claim but does not state Nancy Singleton as the wife.
  3. Gerry Boyce states in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography that Israel Ferguson is the brother-in-law of Capt Singleton. He further states that Capt Singleton's wife is "Nancy (Ferguson?)". We know that Singleton's wife was Anne/Nancy McArthur. See Cyrus Marsh web apge for citations.
  4. The famous The Settlers of Beekman Patent, Frank Doherty, V 5, p. 39 states, "[Israel] may have married ___ Singleton and he died 1790 without children." No citation is given.
  5. Stephen Davidson in an article in Loyalist Trails, July 2008, titled Brothers Who Bore Arms Together writes that "After Israel went off to war, his five sisters, one of his three brothers, and his mother Charlotte were all put in jail in Albany. As soon as they were released, Mrs. Ferguson took her children north to Canada. Her husband, either delayed by imprisonment or military service, did not join his family until 1778. The records of the day do not indicate if Nancy Singleton, Israel's wife of five years, fled with her in-laws or stayed in her home." Via an email, Stephen could not provide a citation.
Who is the second wife of Charles McArthur (c1750 - 1827)?
The logic above has allowed us to say that the aunt of Martha Maybee is Nancy Singleton and that Martha's mother is also a Singleton, forename unknown. Therefore, the second wife of Charles McArthur is ??? Singleton, sister to Nancy Singleton and George Singleton.

Widow Ferguson marries Abram Cronk
Martha Maybee claims that widow Ferguson married "Abram Cronk (and 9 children) in Sophiasburgh in 1796."  This matches perfectly with Abraham Cronk who had 9 surviving children by his first wife and came as a settler to Sophiasburgh in 1786. This implies that Abraham Cronk's first wife died before 1796. See section 2 of the Cronk web page on this site for more details.

The question is: "Who are the parents of brothers John and Charles McArthur and Christine McArthur who married John Taylor, pioneer of Belleville?" It is most likely that Christine is a daughter of Neal McArthur and Mary Campbell who came to America in 1738 from Ilse of Islay, Scotland. She married John Taylor and their story is on this page about John Taylor.

Martha (McArthur) Maybee was the last child of Charles McArthur born in 1791. In her interview with William Canniff about 1865 she says that her father was born in Scotland. Assuming that this is true then what age would Charles have been upon arrival in 1738? John is the older brother so also would be born in Scotland. Therefore it appears that John and Charles are probably children of Neal McArthur and Mary Campbell.

Charles had two wives. His first daugher Nancy (Anne) was born in 1771 before the Rev War and ended up in Upper Canada and her story is told on the page about Cyrus Marsh. Charles married again after the Rev War and his first son is named Neal and his first daughter is named Mary.

The Scots who came in these three sailings, 1738 to 1740, were promised free land if they paid their own way. The promise was not imediately kept and they settled on the Hudson around Claverak and Kinderhook. In 1763 those still alive and their children were granted the Argyle Patent which is near Glen Falls, NY. Some records have survived and Ann Gilchrist has done her best to create family groups of the McArthur folk who are part of this group of Scots. Her web site is called Renaissance Ann and Family Group 1 (scroll down) is about this family.

Ann Gilchrist responded at length about Christine, John and Charles and below is her argument that all three are likely children of Neil McArthur and Mary Campbell and born in Scotland by 1738.
We know that Christina was born before 1738 and she was still alive in 1798 when she petitioned and likely still alive in 1807 when her son John Taylor petitions and an affidavit speaks of her being "old." Her first child, Mary, was baptized in 1845.
The average age for a woman marrying was 22. Christine’s first born is baptized in 1745 suggesting that Christine was born about 1723-25. This would mean that Christine was about 14 when she arrived in New York. Another thing to remember baptisms may have occurred up to a couple of years after the actual birth of a child.
John McArthur UE and Eliz Brown have their first child baptized in 1765. If John was born just before 1738 that fits but is later than expected. An 1838 record states he died "40 years ago" and thus about 1798.
I personally do not think that John’s marriage is later than expected and Charles’ is at the edge of what is expected for the time period.
Charles McArthur UE is a brother of the above John. He is the father of Martha [McArthur] Maybee, born 1791 to a second wife, and she says her father was born in Scotland. Charles and his first wife Ariantje Klerk's first child is Anne McArthur baptized 1771. Anne marries Singleton, Chisholm and Marsh is recorded as a half sister of Martha.  Martha said he had no children in 1789 and that is because his daughter was already married to Singleton. If Charles is an infant in 1738 he is 33 for his first child that we know about. That does seem late. It was not unusual for loyalists to marry younger women and have children later in life. Charles died 1827.
I don’t think an age of 33 for Charles’ first marriage is all that late. From studies I have seen from England the average age for a man to marry in the 18th century was 27 to 33. However I have seen a few studies that suggests men in the colonies married earlier than their counter parts in England. It was not unusual for men to not marry until they were able to purchase land and support a family. Just before the calculated marriage date Alexander and his brother John divided the land they purchased together.
There is also the possibility that Charles was born shortly after the ships arrival in 1738. He could very well have told his children he was born in Scotland. Remember the United States was a colony of England at the time and not a country in its own right.
It is also possible that Charles didn’t know where he was born. Another possibility is his daughter assumed he was born in Scotland because both Christine & John are known to be born in Scotland based on Document 11.
See Document 11 Patten Document VII. This is the document that lists the actual passengers that came by name.
Entry 22: Neil McArthur & Mary Campbell his Wife & Alexander, John and Christian his 3 Children.
[I went back and looked at my chart and found an error in the blog post. Charles was not listed on Document 11.]
The Letter: Dated 9 April 1763
Neal McArthur Deceist (sic) [Deceased]
John McArthur Duncan McArthur & Charles McArthur Sons of the forsNeal Deaest (sic) [Deceased]
My Document 12 Patten Document IX
Entry 8: Neil McArthur Dead, His Widow and five Children Living
The letter dated 9 April 1763 begins with “Your Letter of Febr. 23d came to…”
The letter dated 23 February 1763 informs the group at Livingston Manor that the group in NYC has filed a petition.
“…your Country men Have this Day Present’d a pettion [sic)] to His Excellency our Governor for those Lands we Left our Native Country for and your friends have Put in as many of your Names into the Governor as we Could Remember.
The February letter opens the door that some names were forgotten or not remembered correctly. In order for Charles to sign the letter on the 9th of April 1763 he had to be at least 21 years old. This means he was born before April 1742. The first ship arrived 22 September 1738 and the second left Islay in June 1739 arriving in NYC around September/October.
Unfortunatley there are not dates on Documents 11 & 12. It appears Document 11 was submitted with the petition or shortly after with Document 9 being the document submitted with the petition. Document 12 appears to have been submitted after the group in NYC received the letter dated 9 April 1763. This means it is possible that Charles was born in Scotland prior to 1738 and was not remembered by the group in NYC.
See Document 9. This is another list of passengers where the original list still survives.
Entry No. 69 Neil McCarter & wife 1 son & 2 daughters 2 of age
Entry No. 70 Neil McCarter & wife 3 sons & 2 daughters 3 of age himself dead
Document 9 contains two Neil McArthurs. They are listed one after the other, nos. 69 & 70. The surname is spelled McCarter.
Document 11 has one Neil McArthur he is dead. His wife, 2 sons (Alexander & John) and 1 daughter are named.
Document 12 has 1 Neil. He is dead and has 5 children.
The letter dated 9 April 1763 lists 3 sons named John, Duncan & Charles and one grandson, John. These are living individuals. The implication is there is another son who has died and left heirs. The grandson John is more than likely the son of Neil McArthur no. 69 in Document 9 or Neil's son Alexander. Further information is needed to flush out this family group. For the purpose of this analysis it is not necessary. Beginning with Document 11 there is only one Neil McArthur family listed.
Potential Family Group of Neil McArthur & Mary Campbell.
     1. Neil McArthur born about 1721 died before 1763.    
John McArthur (grandson mentioned in letter)
             b.       Daughter McArthur  
             c.       Daughter McArthur  
  1. Christine McArthur born calculated as 1723-25
  2. Alexander McArthur born about 1728ish
  3. Unknown Daughter about 1733ish
  4. John McArthur calculated as 1736ish
  5. Charles McArthur calculated as about 1738ish
Based on these calculated and speculative dates there was probably two additional children born that did not survive childhood, have not been discovered or are the two daughters attributed to Neil born in about 1721. One child born between Neil & Christine or Christine and Alexander depending on her actual birth. And the second born between the Unknown Daughter and John McArthur. Children were born about every 2 to 3 years.

1779 Mrs McARTHUR
Sorel, 1st July 1779, An effective list of all the Loyalists in Canada receiving Provisions from the Kings store, that are not charged for the same; with an exact accompt of the numbers of their families, their age & sex and the quanty of provisns pr day, with remarks opposite their Perspective names.
Mrs McArthur, Former abode: N. York, County: Albany, 1 Woman, 1 female under 10, 3/4 ration per day, Place of Residence: St John's, Husband subsisted as private in Capt [Daniel] McAlpin's Corps.
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Returns of Loyalists in Canada, Add MSS 21826, LAC, H-1654, B-166, p. 15, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 630
[Note: The female under 10 is most likely Anne McArthur with her mother at Sorel.]

General Return of Refugee Loyalists in the Province of Quebec, exclusive of those quartered, and residing at the Upper Post [197]
John McArthur, 1 woman, 1 female between 12 & 6
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Returns of Loyalists in Canada, Add MSS 21826, LAC, H-1654, B-166, p. 217, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 840

Jno McArthur, 1 incorporated male, 1 woman, 2 males +12, 1 male bet'n12-6, 1 male under 6, 1 female +12, 1 female under 6, NY, shoemaker.
Charles McArthur, 1 incorpoarted male, 0 woman, 1 male +12, 1 male under 6, NY, shoemaker
[both names one after the other]
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Returns of Loyalists in Canada, Add MSS 21826, LAC, H-1654, B-166, p. 218, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 841

Return of Loyal Rangers - Company of Pensioners [236]
Jno McArthur, 1 incorporated male, from New York, farmer & shoemaker
Daniel [written at bottom - Daniel McAlpin?]
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Returns of Loyalists in Canada, Add MSS 21826, LAC, H-1654, B-166, p. 240, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 863

Return of a Detachment of the Kings Rangers Commmanded by Major James Rogers, in Canada, for which he is entitled to the Kings Bounty at 5 dollars pr man.
St John's, 10th Jany 1782
John McArthur
Charles McArthur [listed one after the other]
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Returns of Loyalists in Canada, Add MSS 21827, LAC, H-1655, B-167, p. 338, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 24

Return of Disbanded Troops and Loyalists, Settled in Township No 3 (Cataraqui)
Kings Rangers
Chas McArthur, 1 man, 1 woman, at St Johns
Jno McArthur, 1 man, at St Johns
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Musters of Refugee Loyalists desiring to settle in Canada, n.d., 1784, Add MSS 21828, LAC, H-1655, B-168, p. 75, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 189

Return of Disbanded Troops and Loyalists, Settled in Township No 5, mustered 13th Oct 1784
Jno McArthur, 1 man, 1/2 acre cleared, in Canada
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Musters of Refugee Loyalists desiring to settle in Canada, n.d., 1784, Add MSS 21828, LAC, H-1655, B-168, p. 75, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 208

McArthur, Charles .... East District, Augusta, Soldier, King's Rangers, Petition, Regiment Roll
McArthur, John.... Thurlow, Soldier, Loyal Rangers, BMA [Capt Barnes' Muster Absentees]
Source 1: The Old United Empire Loyalist List, M2
Source 2: The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists 1784 -1884, 1885, 217
Note: John McCarthur is his 1797 petition below states that he was a non commissioned officer in the King's Rangers.

Montreal, July 11 1787
John Macarthur sworn, "knew Claimant [John Dewar], in Tryon County, he went into Canada to join the British. Knew his farm, knew his stock, one mare, three cows and some hogs. The cattle were left when he went off to Canada."
Source: Loyalist settlements, 1783-1789 : new evidence of Canadian loyalist claims, research and transcription by W. Bruce Antliff, Toronto, Ministry of Citizenship and Culture, 1985, 298. Thanks to Guylaine Pétrin for finding this.

25 Apr 1791, Ninth Township; To the Honourable Board of Commissioners
The petition of the Subscribers Humbly
Sheweth that they have settled and Improved on lands in the Ninth Township which has never ben [sic] laid out in a propper manner and in order to prevent Disputes that may arise Your humble Petitioners beg your Honours will Direct means to have the Town laid out into lots as is customary in tis New settlement Which your Petitioners in Duty bound that ever pray [signed all] Charles McArthur
Niles Kilmore
Samuel Grifin [Griffin]
Fredric Jonsen [Johnson]
William Avery
Ebenezer Fairchild
Jabe Landers
Daniel Tuttle
Geasns? Right [Wright]
Micle Conry
Samuel Shipman
George Garner
Peter Purves [Purvis]
Levy Cumstock [Comstock]
Ephram Airs
Jonathan Fulferd [Fulford]
Daniel Patterson
Elisha Malery
Jerimiah Mallery
Henry Large
Abraham Bolten
Zacariah Heagreman [Hagerman]
[fold note] Referd to his Lordship (In Council) McArthur first named
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V 323A, Mc Misc/3, C-2188, starts at image 679

26 Feb 1793, petition of Roger Stevens of Marlborough, County of Granville and Charles McArthur of the State of Vermont and Associates - request a grant of a Township in the north side of the River Redease, commencing at the Upper line of Marlborough TP and extending about 10 miles up the River .... about 50 potential settlers sign the petition.
[fold note] Read in Council 30 May 1793, not granted, Entered in Land Book A, p. 84
[Note: This could be the same Charles McArthur UE given that he seems to travel quite a bit - Fredericksburgh, Niagara, Augusta and now possibly Marlborough. Maybe Charles McArthur UE was a land speculator given this movement. This group are applying as settlers and it seems strange that Charles McArthur in this petition states he is from Vermont - if he was the Charles McArthur UE you would expect him to say he is from Upper Canada to strengthen his commitment to the province and these settlers. At this time, the conclusion is that this man is not the same man as Charles McArthur, UE.]
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V448a, S1/167, 1792-96, C-2806, image 405

4 March 1796, the bearer Nancy Chisholm, alias McArthur, daughter of Charles McArthur UE, 25 years of age, born in Kinderhook, possessing the Christian Religion, having been this day examined by me and having taken the oath prescribed by law, is recommended for a location of 200 acres of land within this County, Provided it does not appear by the Surveyors books that she has had any prior grant of lands .... [signed] Samuel Sherwood J.P. [Thus born 1771.]
Source: Township Papers, Thurlow Tp, AO, MS 658, reel 471, p. 45

15 Aug 1797, Murray, The petition of John McArthur. That your honorable petitioner served during the late American War as a non commissioned officer in the Kings Rangers and after the Reduction in 1783 settled and improved lands in Fredericksburgh ... where your petitioner received only 100 acres of land. That your petitioner understanding from the Surveyor General that any person entitled to lands who would settle and improve any of the unlocated lands in the province should upon being found in possession of the lands secured in His improvements did settle and improve a lot of land in the year 1791 at the Head of the Bay of Quinty that upon the lands being surveyed it appears that the lot No 5 Broken front in the Township of Murray is a reserved lot whereby your petitioner is in danger of losing his improvements ... prays ... to grant him the said lot No 5 in the broken front and such further quantity of lands ...
[note] recd 30 Aug 1797, read same day, Rec for 400 acres including former lands & 150 acres family lands. Have recd that the lot in Murray be not reserved, if it can be done without difficulty at the Survey Office.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V329, M3/127, 1797, C-2192, image 599

12 Aug 1797, Murray, petition of John McArthur Jr, being the son of John McArthur, a UE Loyalist and not having received grants of any kind ... prays ... 200 acres
12 Aug 1797, oath of allegiance before John Bleecker, CP [Clerk of the Peace]
[fold notes] recd 30 Aug 1797, read same day, Recd 200 acres as SUE, Warrant next day
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V329, M3/81, 1797, C-2192, image 439

Alexander Chisholm, 55
Nancy Chisholm (no age stated) [We know that Anne/Nancy was 32 in 1803]
Alex Chisholm Junr, 9
Angus Chisholm, 7
John Singleton, 14
Neal McArthur, 17
Polly McArthur, 14

Also in the 1803 Murray Census are:
Widow McArthur, age 60
Polly McArthur, 19
Charles McArthur, 30
John McArthur, 24
Source: 1803 Murray Census

Miss McArthur, 63
Charles, 34
John, 28
Betsey, 21
Polly, 1
Source: 1806 Murray Census

10 Feb 1807, petition of Neal McArthur, Thurlow, yeoman, is the son of Charles McArthur who served in his Majesties Army in the late war in America in the capacity of a private soldier and has resided in the province from the first settlement thereof formerly in the Eastern District now at Niagara  ... prays ... 200 acres ... as the son of an UE Loyalist  [signed] Neal McArthur
Samuel Sherwood Esq one of the JP's swears he is upwards of 21 years and that he has never rec'd lands.
[note] Read in Council, recommended  200 acres, Warrant S45 issued 19 Feb 1807, name of Charles McArthur is on the UE list
[fold notes] Neal McArthur son of Charles McArthur formerly of the Eastern District now of Niagara, 16 Feb 1807, rec'd from himself, Entered in Land Book G, p. 248
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V333a, M8/102, 1802-08, C-2195, starts at image 891

[written in the same hand and style as Neal McArthur's petition.]
10 Feb 1807, petition of Mary Amy McArthur, Thurlow is the daughter of Charles McArthur of Niagara an UE loyalist formerly of the Eastern District ... prays ... 200 acres ... as the daughter of an UE Loyalist  Mary Amy her X mark McArthur
Samuel Sherwood Esq one of the JP's swears she is of age and that she has never rec'd lands.
[fold notes] Read in council, 17 Feb 1807, Recomd 200 acres. Warrant T45 issued 19 Feb 1807 by petitioners brother Neal McArthur.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V333a, M8/101, 1802-08, C-2195, starts at image 895

Mary Amy McArthur, residence Thurlow, granted lot 4, con 6, Crosby S, 17 and 19 Feb 1807, FG as DUE, 01 C13 V80, p. 81 and 01 C14, V2, p. 58.
Neil McArthur, residence Thurlow, granted lot 2, con 6, Crosby S, 17 and 19 Feb 1807, FG as SUE, 01 C14, V2, p. 58.
Note: Crosby South Tp is in Leeds Grenville County.
Source: OLRI, AO

1812 PETITION - JOHN McARTHUR son of Charles
3 Jan 1812, petition of John McArthur of Sidney ... he is the son of Charles McArthur  a UE Loyalist formerly of Augusta but now of Murray ... attained full age of 21 ... taken the oath of allegiance ... never received lands ... prays ''' 200 acres ... permit James McNabb Esq to locate the same ... [signed] John McArthur
Statements certified by James McNabb, JP. Oath taken by W? Spencer, commissioner
[fold notes] Recd 17 Feb 1812 from James McNabb Esq, read in Council 27 Feb 1812, recommended for grant of 200 acres as SUE, approved, entered Land Book F, p. 131
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V336, M10/115, 1802-08, C-2197, starts at image 876

4 Oct 1815, Thurlow, petition of Martha Maybee, is the daughter of Charles McArthur of the township of Augusta, a UE that your petitioner is married to John Mabee [sic] of Thurlow and that she has never received any land .. from the Crown ... prays ... for a grant or order of 200 acres ... and permit Mr William McMullen to locate the same. [signed] Martha Maybee
4 Oct 1815, James McNabb, JP certifies she is married and has never received lands.
[fold notes] rec 9 Oct 1815, read in Committee 7 Nov 1815, recommended 200 acres, approved in Council 11 Nov 1815, Warrant Q116 issued 20 Nov 1815 by Wm McMullen, agent.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V336, M10/208, 1808-17, C-2198, starts at image 215

10 Dec 1816, Belleville, petition of Neal McArthur, Town of Belleville, carpenter, son of Charles McArthur, UE Loyalist and was born at St John's in Lower Canada, removed from thence to this province ... has lived ever since ... is now 31 years of age and taken the oath of allegiance several times ... that your petitioner has erected a frame house upon block number 14 on the Front St of Belleville where he now resides. ... prays ... grant him the said block of land, & also the water lot number 13 in front of it [signed] Neal McArthur

[signed] 4 Dec 1816, Ernestown, Addington, certifies that Neal McArthur of the Village of Belleville did belong to my Troop of Militia Dragoons of Addington and that he was always obedient and faithful in the discharge of his duty during the late war with the United States of America ... and also that he equipped himself at his own expense as a Dragoon.C. Fralick, Capt,
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V337, M11/55, 1812-16, C-2199, starts at image 34

8 Apr 1817, Belleville, petition of John McArthur, Belleville, carpenter, son of a Loyalist, has always resided in the province and did his duty during the late war ...  that your Excellency having been pleased to grant your petitioner part of located No 14 in Belleville & also an order for a town lot, he is desirous of locating the town lot on the nearest vacant lot to the said lot  ... prays ... locate lot No 13 in the west side of Pinnacle Street and the vacant broken piece of land in front thereof called No 13 in Front Street.
[fold notes] granted lot No 13, west side of Pinnacle St. only, order transmitted to Survr Genl 17 Oct 1817, entered in Land Book J, p. 243
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V337, M11/152, 1812-16, C-2199, starts at image 479

1817 PETITION - JOHN McARTHUR of Kingston
21 Oct 1817, Kingston. This John McArthur is a native of Scotland, merchant, Kingston, has a fine stone house on Store St and prays for a Town lot. He has been in UC for 9 years (1808 arrival). He is unlikely a close relative of the family of this web page.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V337, M11/152, 1812-16, C-2199, starts at image 593

2 June 1807, Take Notice: That Charles McArthur, Murray, yeoman, will claim before the Commission where no patent has been issued ... lot 18, and W 1/2 of  lot 17, con 5, Murray; lot 5, Broken Con A, Murray as Heir at Law of John McArthur, deceased who was the original nominee of the Crown.

3 July 1821, Survr Genl Office, John McArthur is located on lot 18 & SW quarter of lot 17, con 5, Murray, 250 acres under authority of an order in Council of 30 Aug 1797  and a description (No 8618) issued for the above 250 acres, about the year 1802. [signed] Thos Ridout, Survr Genl

26 Sept 1820, Notice - this is a second notice similar to the 1807 notice where Charles claims the lot with the correction of claiming the SW quarter of lot 17.

13 July 1819, Release of Dower, Elizabeth McArthur to Charles McArthur; Elizabeth McArthur, widow of the late John McArthur, Murray, deceased, "for 5 shillings to me in hand by Charles McArthur, Murray, the oldest son of John McArthur, deceased," ...... bars her dowers rights to the lot.  Elizabeth her X mark McArthur. In the presence of RC Wilkins and James Young, both JP's

Undated, a page listing the various pieces of evidence presented to the commission. States that John McArthur is the father of Charles, eldest son and another son John, brother to Charles. That John Sr died "without making a legal will."
A key additional paragraph states, "Mr Whitehead his agent, produces a Paper purporting to be the Will of John McArthur dated 12 Sept 1798 - devising that his debts be paid out of his personal estate and that No 18 - 5 con, Murray. Also that he gives to his son John, Lot No 5, BF, Murray, he taking care of his mother as long as she has a mind to live with him. This will is not proved otherwise than before ? Commissioner 12 Apr 1820."

18 Apr 1819 "The affidavit of Charles McArthur Brother of the original nominee proves the claimant to be the eldest son and Heir at Law of the O.N. [Original Nominee] taken before Board Commission 18 Apr 1819"
Source: Heir & Devisee, RG 40-5, AO, 1821, MS 657, r. 20, 40-0502

10 Jan 1822, petition of Charles McArthur, Murray, yeoman, is the eldest son of and heir at law to John McArthur, late of the said township, UE Loyalist, that in 1797 the said John McArthur received an order in council to locate Lot No 5 in the broken front called A in the said township on which he has cleared about 25 acres and built thereupon two log houses and two barns and has also planted an orchard, that the said John McArthur is since dead in consequence of which your petitioner took possession of the said lot and has resided thereon since. That on viewing the Map of the said township in the Surveyor Genls office , your petitioner finds that the said lot is marked as a Crown Reserve. In addition to which your petitioner would remark that his Father was one of the first settlers in the said township. ... prays ... he may receive His Majesty's patent [signed] Charles McArthur

28 Dec 1821, Abel Newman, Murray, yeoman, maketh oath .. personally acquainted with Charles McArthur who live son lot No 5, broken front A, Murray, 75 acres cleared , 2 log houses and 2 barns

21 Jan 1822, Murray, Abraham Simmons swears that sometime about the year 1792 he removed into this province and resided in Sidney. At that time John McArthur, the father of Charles McArthur was residing on lot 5, Broken Front, Con A, Murray and that he continued to reside on it untill his Death and that Charles McArthur the present heir has resided in this province for 23 years and has resided on that lot for most of that time and that this is now cleared and under fence about 20 acres with 2 houses and 2 barns and orchard on the said land. [signed] Abraham Simmons

6 Feb 1822, Thos Ridout, Surveyor General, states that the lot was a Crown Reserve but "John McArthur was found settled on that part of it by consent .. of the last Board of the Midland District before Mr Aitken began the survey thereof." "Recommended as suggested by the Surveyor Genl", Order issued 2 Mar 1822
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V344, M13/149, 1816-22, C-2203, starts at image 824

Rec'd 28 Jan 1837, petition of Elizabeth McKenzie, wife of Daniel McKenzie, Murray, is the daughter of John McArthur, late of the township of Murray, UE Loyalist, is the full age of 21 years and has never received land ... pray for 200 acres  Elizabeth her X mark McKenzie
11 Oct 1836, sworn before J Huston JP to affirm the above.

7 Nov 1837, John Gruber, Murray, yeoman, formerly of Sidney,  maketh oath ... well acquainted with John McCarty [sic] of Murray, yeoman, UE Loyalist, and known her upwards of 40 years; that the land John McCarty resided on  in Thurlow before removing to Murray aforesaid; that he was well acquainted with the inhabitants of Sidney and Thurlow and that he never knew any other John McCarty than the one above named a UE Loyalist.
[signed] John Gruber

16 Feb 1838, Dan Simmons of Murray, yeoman, maketh oath ... he is now 68 years old ... that he hath known Elizabeth McKenzie, wife of Daniel McKenzie about 40 years ... that she is the daughter of John McArthur .. UE Loyalist .. first settled in Fredericksburgh on the Bay of Quinte and that he removed from thence to Murray where he died about 40 years ago [thus died abt 1798]; and that he remained loyal till his death.  David his X mark Simmons

11 Oct 1836; appeared at Quarter Sessions before John Tucker Williams, Chairman and Thomas Ward, Clerk of Peace   .. recognized to be who she claimed
[fold notes] The claim of John McArthur is not upon the UE lists.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, V326, M Misc/275, 1824-40, C-2190, starts at image 247

12 Oct 1842, Cobourg, Elizabeth McKenzie, Township of Murray, wife of Daniel McKenzie, is the daughter of John McArthur, formerly of the Township of Thurlow, yeoman, deceased, a UE Loyalist, hath arrived at the age of sixty years past, and hath never received land … prays for 200 acres. Sworn before Richard Hare and Thomas Ward, Clerk of Peace. Personally appeared before Chairman of the Quarter Sessions.
[fold notes] Rec’d Nov 8/42, Recommended, Approved in Council 18 Feb 1843, Order issued 20 Feb 1843.
Source: UCLP, RG 1 L3, LAC, 1839-1843, Vol 312, Mc 2/12, film C-2142, starts at image 357


Charles McArthur, a native of Scotland, came to America before the rebellion, and settled upon the Mohawk River. Took part in the war, in Burgoyne's army. Lived for some time at Oswegotchie, when he removed to head of the bay [of Quinte]. There were living then west of the Trent River only the following families: Peter Huffman, Donald McDonell, John Bleecker, Esq., and John McArthur. A daughter of Charles McArthur still lives at Belleville, having been born at Oswegotchie, now aged 78, [Mrs. Maybee - It was this Mrs Maybee that gave Canniff information in his notes below.]
Source: History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, William Canniff, 1869, 112

Mrs. Martha Maybee --- born McArthur, aged 74 next April (Born in ’91) at Schuthen?  ---  now Brockville. Her father’s name was Chas McArthur was born in Scotland.  Died in 1827 at Presque Isle --- brought to Belleville and buried in Tailor’s burying ground.  Emigrated to America & settled in the Mohawk river.  When Revolutionary War broke out he fought for the British in Burgoyne’s army.  Came to Canada right after the war & settled at S[chuthen?] Brockville.  Was then married but had no children, 4 afterward born in S[chuthen?]. The mother died and the family removed to the head of Bay Quinte to her aunt’s, by name of widow Ferguson, relic[t] of Israel Ferguson.  This Ferguson was a Lieutenant, sometimes called Capt. and lived with Captain Singleton.  The following history of Capt. Singleton and Ferguson and families was told to Mrs. Maybee by her aunt Mrs Ferguson who subsequently was married to Abram Cronk (and 9 children) of Sophiasburgh in 1796. (to which place Mrs. M. then went).  Lieut. Ferguson made his escape to Lower Canada from the Mohawk from the time of the war.  Came in boats below Quebec.  Lived for a time at Sorel.  Moved from Sorel to 3rd Town in company with Capt Singleton (who was married (afterwards I suppose) to Mrs. Maybee’s half sister) and his servant and wife by name of old Johnson.  In the 3rd Town Capt. Singleton had drawn 200 acres of land here he built a comfortable nice log house with several rooms.  Lived there probably 2 years.  Capt. Singleton had also drawn 400 acres in Thurlow so hither the whole party[,] 3 men and wives removed and settled on the place between Bleekers and John Tailor’s on the Front 200 acres.  Built a comfortable log house --- length of 2 logs --- was divided into 2 parts one of which was for a trading house with the Indians (Mrs. Maybee knows not whether Tailor had then settled in Belleville).  Down the bay then there was 1st a house where is Fowler’s place. here lived Archy Chisholm 3 miles below Squire Sherwood, where Hector Leavens now lives.  When Capt. Singleton left 3rd town he reserved one of the rooms in his house so that he could at any time in going up and down the bay stay there.  (John Singleton the Capt’s son was 8 months [sic, weeks] old when his father died, he was born in June 23rd 1789) the Capt. died in Sept).  A fortnight before he died he with Ferguson and Johnson the 3 wives and the baby John Singleton started from Thurlow in a Batteaux owned by Singleton and Ferguson for Kingston.  The women at least were going to stay in 3rd Town until the batteaux came back from Kingston.  When crossing the big bay Singleton took ill, he thought it was sea sickness, the party wanted to return but he would not.  The 1st night they stayed with Capt. John (Indian), his wife a squaw doctored him and in the morning he was better and pressed on his way, was sick all day, 2nd night stayed at Capt Trumpours.  The next day got to his place 3rd Town went to his house and getting worse there he died 9 days after.  A doctor was procured from Kingston.  Johnson his servant took the same disease (whatever it was) and died a few days after.  Capt Singleton was a nice man --- a perfect gentleman beloved by all who knew him.  Ferguson now had the two widows and the baby with his own wife, then he brought back to Thurlow.  At this time provisions was very scarce, there was no flour in Thurlow.  Ferguson brought a barrel flour.  Mrs. M. forgets

how much was paid for the barrel but it was a great price.  This flour was a precious thing to them and neighbours, not so extravagant as to bake bread in a loaf, it was used by little made into cakes.  They did not keep it all but sent to others a quart now and then.  Mrs. M. has often heard her aunt talk about this flour.  It was the more precious thing and the most useful she ever had.  Sad to say just 3 months after Capt. Singleton and his servant died Ferguson died also of pleurisy  (this must have been in December.  It can be imagined how useful that barrel of flour was.  Here were 3 widows and a child all living in one house.  Ferguson was buried in the Tailor burying ground (Tailor was no doubt the first settler about Belleville, Include the fact that upon his ground is the burying ground goes far to prove that. Yet according to the custom of burying on the farm it would be that whoever lost a friend first might commence the establishment of a burying place to which all the neighbours would thereafter go. W.C.).  Old John Tailor of Belleville had with him his mother and grandmother her mother.  She died at the age of 90.  She was spinning hemp the very day she died, 2 hours before, she suddenly stopped, told them to put away the wheel as she was done spinning and so died.  She it is likely was the first person white buried in Belleville.  This history was told to Mrs. Maybee by her aunt and thinks it occurred between 1780-90.

The widow Ferguson when Mrs. M. went to live with her resided between the Trent river and the head of the bay on the shore.  There then lived up there Peter Huffman & family, Donald McDonnell, John Bleeker, Esq., & John McArthur.  They all lived between the Trent and the head of the bay.  All around was a wilderness.  Huffman was right at the head of the bay.  Bleeker’s near the river.  He owned where Trenton now is.  (Mrs. Maybee remembers well when she was 3 years old.)  Then down the bay 3 1/2 miles below was Capt. Marsh, near by one Soper then no more till came to Chrysdale’s (Ostrom’s place) who lived in a miserable log hut with no fireplace nor other comfort.  Up to 1808 Trenton was a cedar swamp.  In 1806 A. H. Miers [Adam Henry Meyers] came from Belleville and built a mill about a mile up the Trent raising 1st a sawmill afterward a flouring mill.  The whole place was desolate enough a single track up to the mill for sleigh, if two met would have turn them up to pass.  There were no roads up and down the bay --- traveled in batteaux in summer and on the ice in the winter.  Mrs. M. lived in Sophiasburgh until she married Mr. M. which took place in 1808, moved to Belleville in 1810.  During the years she lived in Sophiasburgh she often visited with her mother up the bay, at that time they would take a week or longer and make a general visit to all the settlers.  She often came to see her half-sister Mrs. Singleton [later Chisholm, then Marsh], had a sister living with her.  Remembers distinctly when the ground now Belleville was a cedar swamp about 1790[.] There were plains down by the bay and here Indians in large numbers were encamped in their wigwams.  It was called Miers Creek.  There was one log hut down on the river side somewhere near Ridley’s occupied by Asa Walbridge, a regular Yankee speculator.  He kept a sort of store in a corner of the room which he sold to the people, his was the only shop except that where Capt. Singleton had settled now held by Col. Alex Chisholm, from Scotland directly who had married the widow Singleton.

Source: William Canniff Fonds, AO, F 1390, the above originally transcribed by Shirley Sutherland and tweekd here and there - see interview #17 in the folder G6 (6) for the complete transcription of Mrs Maybee's interview.

See this web site for material on Israel Ferguson which is mostly copied from Settlers of Beekman Patent, V 5, p. 39.

Pay Roll of Captian Jonathan Jones Company of the King's Loyal Americans Commencing 25 of June and ending 24th of October 1777, inclusive
John Ferguson, 20 July to 8 Sep
Isaac Ferguson, 20 July to 8 Sep
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Muster rolls, accounts, etc, relating to the Corps of  Loyal Americans, 1776 - 1785, Add MSS 21827, LAC, H-1654, B-167-1, p. 66, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 962

Roll of His Majestys the Kings Loyal Americans, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ebenzer Jessup with the causualties  between the 25th June and the 24th of October 1777
Capt Jonathan Jones Company
John Ferguson, 20 July to 8 Sep, joined Capt McAlpins Corps and was discontinued in this corps
Isaac Ferguson, 20 July to 8 Sep, ditto
Source: Haldimand Papers, British Library, Muster rolls, accounts, etc, relating to the Corps of  Loyal Americans 1776 - 1785, Add MSS 21827, LAC, H-1654, B-167-1, p. 78, on line Heritage Canadiana, image 974

St John's, 27 Jan 1784; A list of Officers and Men of Major Roger's Coy of King's Rangers together with the number of their families.
Lt Israel Ferguson - named on this list
Source: Haldimand Papers B160-4, HC Burleigh papers, Queen's University web site

Alexr - page 1087
Col - 728, 688, 833-4, 1211
Israel - X452, 1075
Farrington - 1075
Lt - X432, X1100
Major - 701, 1162, 1210
Mary - 162
Peter - 1092
Richard - 1075
Wm of NY Prov - 391-2
X= checked with no key info

[Montreal.] January 11. [1788.]
Claim of Israel, Richard, & Farrington Ferguson, late of Albany Co. [New York].
Israel Ferguson appears & on being Sworn saith:
  • He and his 2 Brothers were at St. Johns in the Fall 83. All in the King's Rangers.
  • Are natives of America, Lived near Fort Edward. Had a farm in Partnership, lived near each other. Israel joined the Brit. at Skeensboro in 77. Richard joined in 78, then very young. Farrington joined in 79. Then an Infant. All served till end of the War.
  • Now live at the Bay of Quinty.
  • They had settled on Jessup's Land in Jessupsburg in 1774, which they quitted after -------- some improvements. They went to Camerons Neck. They cleared between 8 and 10 acres.
  • They had 300 acres on Cameron's Neck, Albany Co.
  • They had an agreement for a Lease from Govr. Robinson in 75, before the War broke out, settled upon ye land. When Witness left it they had cleared 60 acres. Before he went away 2 horses taken. When he went away he left the Things mentioned in the Schedule on the Lands. His younger Brothers would have joined the Brit. when he did but were too young, only 13 & 12.
  • After Israel went away his Mother & Sisters & one of his Brothers were thrown in Gaol. She came into Canada as soon as she was released. His Father came into Canada in 78.
  • Israel Ferguson is authorized by all the Family to receive what may be allowed for their Losses.
  • Good people.
  • Produces a release from his Father to show he gives up all his Right to Compensation to his Sons, Israel receives 1⁄2 Pay Lieut., Richard as Ensign.
Lieut. Philip Lansing, Wits.:
  • Knew the Family. Remembers the Father employd(sic) in carrying Despatches of Consequence, giving an acct. of the Rebel Army to Canada in the year 1776. They were a very Loyal Family. Israel & his 2 Brothers served in the Rangers.
  • The Mother & Sisters were imprisoned at Albany. The whole Family came as soon as they could get away into Canada.
  • They had Cattle & Various Things taken from them by the Rebels.
Lieut. Walter Sutherland, Wits.
  • Knew all the three Brothers & the Father. The whole Family were Loyal. The Brothers all served. They had a Farm on Cremmes(sic) Neck. They had it before the Rebellion.
  • Witness was at the Place in 78. Thinks there were 40 or 50 acres Clear.
  • They had very good furniture & Utensils, & a good Deal of it.
  • Speaks of a fine Yoke of Oxen & Cows.
Source: Second Report Report of the Bureau of Archives, Vol 2, 1905, #1015, p. 1075,  email by Guylaine Pétrin, Dec 2013

Note: Israel Ferguson died Dec 1789 and this petition is delivered posthumously by brother Richard Ferguson with an accompanying letter [549].
Richard makes no comment about Israel having heirs. No decision is recorded in fold notes on the petition and probably no further land was granted.

16 July 1789, Kingston, memorial of Israel Ferguson, late Lieuteneant in the Kings Rangers.
Your memorialist finding by minutes dated 22 Oct 1788 .... to allow officers of the Kings Rangers the same proportion as to officers of equal rank in the late 84th Regt.
Your memorialist being entitled to 2050 acres for himself & family as also 200 acres agreeable to your Lordship ... prays for the 1850 acres remaining in the 7th Township [Ameliasburgh] at Bascualouking? Point.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V195a, F Misc 1788-95/24, C-2022, image 550

Mrs Maybee says her aunt Mrs Ferguson remarries A Cronk (and 9 children) of Sophiasburgh in 1796 to which place Mrs Maybee then went. [Canniff Fonds]. It seems beyond doubt that she married Abraham Cronk in 1796 and moved to Sophiasburgh as related by Martha Maybee. See section 2 of the Cronk web page on this site for more details. The petition below has nothing to do with the earlier widow Ferguson marrying A. Cronk.

Sarah Ferguson, dau. of Farrington Ferguson, married Enoch Cronk.
22 Jan 1823 - proof required that petitioner is SUE
26 Jan 1821, Sarah Cronk wife of Enoch Cronk swears ....
28 May 1850, Sarah Cronk, Sophiasburgh, is the dau of Farrington Ferguson, Hallowell, UE Loyalist, prays for 200 acres
[fold note] Recommended as SUE, 200 acres
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V138, C5 part III/138, 1849-50, C-1737, starts at image 110

See the John Taylor web page for more details.

4 Jan 1798, Thurlow, petition of Christine Taylor, alias McArthur, of Thurlow ... that during the last American War had 3 of her sons in the service of Great Britain , wherein 2 of them lost their lives in the said service and your petitioner is UE Loyalist, come to this Province in the year 1789 and never received any lands as yet ... prays ...quantity of unlocated lands ...   Christine her X mark Taylor
Alexander Chisholm certifies that "the above named Christine Taylor has been a great service to our scouts in the time of the war to my knowledge"
[Note added at bottom] It is said the petitioner had a son who was hanged by the rebels for his Loyalty.
[fold note] recommended for 200 acres, re'c 29 Jan 98, 28 Feb [1798] A Entered
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V495a, T4/36, 1797-1799, C-2833, starts at image 498

Christina Taylor, M[idland] District
Source: UE "Rose list"