Capt John Walden Meyers - John Maschesky

John Walden Meyers

and the debt of John Maschesky, 1803

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Captain John Meyers

John W Meyers was a wealthy man and it would appear had loaned John Maschesky, a Berczy settler and of Markham Township, a considerable sum of money. In 1803, John W Meyers finds Maschesky in New York City and has an indenture written up (below) to settle this and other debts. It is an interesting story.

Guylaine Petrin, a researcher interested in the early history of Etobicoke Township, York County, came across this informative record and was happy to have it shared with Meyers researchers. Subsequently Guylaine authored a very informative article about John Matchefsky and his wife Hannah Hecht and their children that is published in the newsletter of the Markham Berczy Settlers Association, [V19, no. 2, Aug 2011]
. It turns out that President Herbert Hoover is a descendant of the brother of a son in law of John Matchesfky.

Maschesky spelling
The spelling of this surname varies in the records: Matchefsky, Machessky, Maschesky, Matchoessky.
Source: Guylaine Petrin

Guylaine writes that "starting about 1802, Henry Ausman leased lot 10, concession 3 from Captain Meyers in Markham and he was still living on that land in 1846 when he did a quit claim on the lot.  I could not figure out why Henry Ausman was doing a quit claim on a lot he never seemed to have owned, but I guess he had a long time lease of some kind. Henry Ausman was from the Mohawk Valley."

"The lot was actually first assigned to John Maschesky, one of the Berczy settlers of Markham who was a Baker in the Town of  York.  Before 1803, John Maschesky moved from Town of York to New York City and he assigned his right to the lot to J.W. Meyers in exchange for his many debts [see the Indenture below]."

"John W. Meyers was entrusted to resolve the many debts and he finally patented the lot in 1816, and he sold it to David Lick (who was the second husband of Sarah Chapman, widow of Nicholas Miller of Yonge St) in 1820.  In 1824, George Walden Meyers, eldest son and heir at law of John Walden Meyers had to finalize the sale to David Lick [also Leek] which had not been registered yet."

"During that whole period, John Waldern Meyers was renting the lot in Markham to Henry Ausman, from at least 1803 to 1846.  Henry Ausman must have had a long term lease, but there is no reference to it in the B& S from Meyers to Lick.  But it is obvious from the deed, that the lot is developed and it has buildings etc."
Source: email from Guylaine Petrin, Apr 2011

This record shows to what lengths John Meyers would go to get a debt owing to him repaid. There is no mention of John Maschesky in the lengthy inventory of John Meyers will. Presumably the debts had been settled by 1822. Also, John W Meyers was instructed by the indenture to pay any residue to others creditors. He did not immediately sell the land so he must have settled the other debts in some manner. It appears he kept the farm and either leased or extended the lease to Henry Ausman and then sold the leased farm in 1820 to David Lick [Leek].

John Maschesky
A John Matchefsky is mentioned in the book William Berczy, Co-Founder of Toronto, John Andre, 1967, 50, 51. Andre states that Matchefsky was one of a number of tradesmen, "a sugar baker", to accompany Berczy to Upper Canada before 1795. In 1799 Matchefsky was living in York and in 1802 the Berczy settlers had a combined debt of $30 000. [Andre, 154]

Matchefesky is also in the book The Town of York : A Collection of Documents of Early Toronto, Edith G Firth, The Champlain Society, 1962. Ms Firth cites a letter from T.G. Ridout, where he recounts getting 2 /  from his parents at Christmas to buy gingerbread from Machefisky [sic] as a child. And in the footnote on the same page [241] she writes that "John Matchefesky (d. 1808) was one of Berczy's Markham settlers. He was a baker."

Census: Town of York
Jno Matchefosky,  1 male 2 females, Town of York, 1799
Jno Machefoisky, 1 male 2 females, Yonge St, 1800
Source: Upper Canada, Minutes of Town Meetings and Lists of Inhabitants, 1797-1823, Mosser, Christine, Metropolitan Toronto Library Board, 1984, pages 13 and 20, email from Guylaine Petrin.

1803 John Maschesky debts to John W Meyers

# 392, [12 Feb 1803] This Indenture made the twelfth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, at the City of New York in the United States of America. Between John Maschesky, late of the Town of York in the Home District and province of Upper Canada, Baker, now of the said City of New York, of the one part, and John Walden Meyers of Thurlow, in the Midland District and Province of Upper Canada, Esquire, of the other part. Whereas the said John Maschesky is and stands justly indebted unto the said John W Meyers in a considerable sum of money and also to several other persons in Canada, in divers sums of money and the said John W Meyers hath at considerable expense and trouble made a journey to New York, for the purpose of obtaining  payment of his debt from said John Maschesky or such part thereof as he can pay or secure: and whereas the said John Maschesky, hath in and by a certain letter of attorney by him and duly executed and bearing even date herewith, constituted and appointed the said John W Meyers his true and lawful attorney, for him the said John Maschesky and in his name, to demand receive of and from the Secretary of said Province, for other person or persons, whom it doth or may concern of? all and every or any such Patent or Title Deed or Deeds which shall or may issue or have been issued in the name of him the said John Maschesky. For lot or lots of land situate lying and being in the Town or Township of York in the Home District or Province aforesaid, as by reference thereto will more fully appear. And whereas said Letter of Attorney hath been made and delivered to said John W Meyers for the intent that he shall receive said Patent or Deed or Deeds, and sell the said land and covey the same and receive the consideration money upon the several trusts and for the purposes herein after mentioned and set forth. Now this Indenture further witnesseth, that for said consideration, and also for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar of lawful money of the United States, to him the said John Maschesky, by the said John W Meyers, in hand paid at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged; He the said John Maschesky, hath granted, bargained, sold released and confirmed, and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, release and confirm unto the said John W Meyers …… all his the said John Maschesky’s right title, interest, property, claim and demand at Laws and in Equity of, in and to such Land and every part thereof  ….. the said John W Meyers his heirs, Executors and Administrator, do and shall retain and keep the full amount or sum of the debt now due and owing to him by the said John Maschesky ….. and if the same shall be more than sufficient to pay and discharge the said Debt of him the said John W Meyers, then upon his further Trust …. Shall without unnecessary delay, pay all the residue of the said money to all and every of the said creditors of said John Maschesky whose names shall be inserted in a list of his creditors which shall be signed and delivered to him the said John W Meyers by William Weeks Esquire, Attorney at Law, residing in York, aforesaid; in equal proportions according to the quantum of their respective Debts as far as the same will extend to pay and satisfy them according to the true intent and meaning of these presents. And if the proceeds of the sales of said land shall be more than sufficient to pay the whole of his the said John W Meyers said debt, and those of all other the said creditors, then upon the further Trust that the said John W Meyers …. Shall pay over the residue or overplus of said money to the said John Maschesky ….
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of J McKeye?, of New York, Notary Public
Signed John W Meyers
Signed John his x mark Maschesky
Source: Archives of Ontario. RG 61-65. Old York Deeds. Copybook of Instruments.  Instrument #392 dated February 12, 1803, registered January 30, 1804.  Grant of John Machesky to J.W. Meyers. Microfilm #5906, transcribed by Randy Saylor

1820 Sale to David Lick
#3560, 18 January 1820, John W Meyers, Thurlow, County of Hastings, Esquire sells to David Lick [Leek], Township of Markham, County of York, yeoman, for 100 hath bargained and sold Lot 10, Concession 3 in the Township of Markham, 200 acres, …. Witnessed by John Hook Campbell, Township of Charlottenburgh, County of Glengary, Esquire and Alexander Burnside, Town of York, surgeon, registered 19 January 1820.
Source: Archives of Ontario. RG 61-65. Old York Deeds. Copybook of Instruments.  Instrument #3560 dated January 18, 1820, registered January 20, 1820.  B&S of J.W. Meyers to David Leek. Microfilm #5911

1824 George W Meyers, eldest son and heir at law
#4791, 12 March 1824, George Walden Meyers, Township of Sydney, Hastings, yeoman, eldest son and Heir at Law of John Walden Meyers, late of the County, deceased, of one part and David Lick, County of York, yeoman, of the other part. Whereby the said John W Meyers, now deceased had in his lifetime agreed for the sale of the premises herein after mentioned and particularly described? to the said David Lick in fee simple and did receive the full consideration money therefore and had by a certain instrument purporting to be a deed of bargain and sale from the said John W Meyers to the said David Lick intended to convey the same in fee as aforesaid to the said David Lick and showed? the said John W Meyers is since dead and since his death the conveyance has been found defunct and of no avail from informality and whereas the sad George W Meyers … is desirous as far as in him lies of confirming the said David Lick his title to the said premises … for the consideration aforesaid and for the further consideration of five shillings of lawful money Upper Canada paid to him in hand by the said David Lick … parcel of land in the Township of Markham, lot 10, third Concession …. Witnessed by George Westfall, Township of Rawdon, yeoman and James Samson, Town of Belleville, Esquire, registered 15 March 1824.
Source: Archives of Ontario. RG 61-65. Old York Deeds. Copybook of Instruments.  Instrument #4791 dated March 12, 1824, registered April 20, 1824.  B&S of George W. Meyers to David Leek.  Microfilm #5912
See also: Archives of Ontario. RG 61-65. York county land registry office.  Markham Township Abstract Index Book. Volume 1. Concession 3, lot 20. Microfilm #179631