Upper Canada Land Petition Captain John Walden Meyers 1798

Three petitions requesting a mill

Rawdon, Sidney, Thurlow, Ameliasburgh 1798

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

These three petitions highlight the struggles and frustrations of the settlers getting quick response to their urgent needs. The first petition is asking for a mill in Rawdon Tp and the last 2 are supporting John W. Meyers in his wish to be granted part of lot 4 at his mill in Thurlow. Also, these petitions act as an alternative census indicating that the settler was present at the date and location. There are 115 names of settlers. See the great early map of Belleville at the bottom of this page.

Signatures are not always easy to decifer. Please contact me if you think I have misread a signature.

Randy Saylor,  transcribed Dec 2010

7 Aug 1797, Sidney (13 names)
His Excellency Peter Russell Esq ??? of the Province of Upper Canada the Honorable Petitioners of the settlers and land holders of the Township of Rawdin  

Sheweth Your Petitioners being - remote from any mill or mills – the distance of  Near Twenty Four miles and threw the blessings of Almighty God have gained admet?? to have Near six hundred Bushels of wheat in sd town this year – and an are destitute of a mill or mills. Privilage but one which Mr Atkins His majesty’s surveyor says is reserved – wishing that one of his Majestys loyal subjects who will amediately furnish us with a mill may have it granted him Mr Denjn? Marsh? will assist us in building sd mill if he can gain your Permition for sd ?? in which in duty? your Petitioners will Bound to pray
The petitioners has sign the acres we have
Signed Peter I Smith Lieut 2000
Samuel P Cummins 200
Britt or Witt?? Chase 200
Ebenezer Grene [Green] 200
Barce? Chard 200
John Will [Mill?] Junr
Nehemiah Hubel
Elizah F Hubel
Nehemiah Hubel Junr
Allem Hubel
John Smith
Henry Smith
Ichabod Squier
Source: UCLP, RG 1 L3, LAC, V424, 1797,R3/66 , C-2740, on line at LAC, starts at image 936

21 Dec 1798, Thurlow
(44 names)
The Honorable Peter Russel Esquire President of His majesties Province of Upper Canada etc etc etc

In Council
The petition of us whose names are hereunto subscribed:
Humbly Sheweth
That your Honour Petitioners being customers of Captn John W Meyers Mills which are erected on Lot number 5 in the first Concession in Thurlow and the said Captain W Meyers having been at a considerable expense of Improving and fencing a pasture on Lot number four near the Landing for the purpose of keeping a team (for our conveniency) to transport our grain and flour to and from his Mills, and as said Lot number 4 is a Reserve  we pray it may be confirmed (for our benefit) to the said Captn Meyers either by Grant or Lease or as your Honour in your Judgement may think fit – and Honours Petitioners as in duty bound will ever Pray –
Cornelius Blount
Ichabod Bowerman
Owen P Roblin
Matthew Goslen
Robert Young
John Seward ?
Alpheus Taht??
Abner Tilden??
Nathaniel Jury Love??

[page 2]
Henry Redner Sen
Andrew Wannamaker
Harmanas Wannamaker
Peter Wannamaker
Peter Crouter
Lewis Brickman
Isaac Blanvet??
Jacob Billeu??
Abraham Lawson
Isaac Johnston
Elishid? Bernon??
Asa Weller
Jesse Spelein??
John Shinckle
William Babcock
Benjamin Clapp
DMG Rogers
James Peeck Jun
Benjn Richardson?
Caleb B Purdy
Joseph Walker
Artemis JR Ross??
Elijah Hubble??
John Huff?
David Harris
Martin Rush
William Rightmyer
Thomas Jones
Benjamin Gerow
Jacob Tice
John Henesy
Richard Henesy
Henry Keerman??

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Stephen Halsted

Source: Upper Canada Land Petitions, RG 1 L3, LAC, bundle M4/224, film C-2193, on line at LAC, starts on image 813

Thurlow 21st December 1798
(58 names)
The petition of us the subscribers Inhabitants of the Towns of Sidney, Thurlow and Ameliasburgh 
Humbly Sheweth 
That your Honors Petitioners begs leave to inform your honour that we experience many great inconveniences and difficultys in this Quarter for a number of years for want of Mill and that at our repeated requests and earnest entreatys we prevailed on Captain John W Meyers to erect mills on lot No 5 in the first concession of Thurlow, and that he found it impossible to complete said mills without interfering with lot No 4 in first concession of said Thurlow adjoining which appears to be a reserve and that the said Captain J W Meyers has been at considerable expense in improving and fencing a meadow on said reserve for the convenience of a team to transport our grain to and from his mills, on account that the road is obliged to pass directly through said lot No 4 and that it is our sincere wish and request that said reserve may be confirmed to Captain J W Meyers either by grant or Lease or as Your Honour in Your Judgment may think fit – and we Your Honours Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray – please turn over
Thurlow 21st December 1798
John Bleecker
Caleb Gilbert
George W Meyers
[fold] rec’d 27 Jan 1799
[reverse side]
David Sagar
Fredrick Waterman
Leonard W Meyers
Samuel P Buck
Samuel B Gilbert
William Sharrard Junior
Humonis Simmon
Joshua Goldsmith
John Frederick
William Sharrard
Solomon Haselton
Asa Turner
John Longwill
Robert Wright
Moses Clark
Richard Smith
Sabus? Davis
William Reed
Coonrad Frederick
Richard Lake
William Reed Junior
John Reed
Zadick? Thrasher
Timothy Silver
Angus McDonald
Frederick Fox
Thomas Dempsey
Timothy Fortin?
Jacob Corbman
John Youngs
Abel Gilbert
Stephen Gilbert
Jeremiah Covert
Thornes? E Markles?
Wm Kelley
Aaron Rose
Solomon Rosebush?
William Smith
George Smith
John Hagerman
Joseph R Bush
Lews R Bush
Abraham Simms? Or Simnion
Peter Lott
John Lott Jun
John Lott Senior
Philip Lott
Joans Lott
Andrew Lott
John Cooke
Peter Lawson
Francis Wease
Henry Wise
John Wiss
Samuel Badgley
Stephen Badgley
William Cook
William Johnston

Source: UCLP, RG 1 L3, LAC, S Misc/69, 1783-1818, V446a, C-2805, see image 198 on line

This 1798 drawing below of what eventually became Belleville, is part of this petiton. Gerry Boyce, well known historian in the Belleville - Hastings area, had this to say about this map, "it shows the Bay of Quinte and only the southern part of the Moira flowing into it. The river originated far beyond the northern boundary of this drawing.  Lot 5 of Concession One is shown as being divided, since it was held by two residents. The mill is the larger rectangle and the two smaller rectangles would be Meyers' house and another of his buildings at the top of the hill. Lot 4 was the Mississauga Reserve bounded by what would become Front Street on the left and Rear Street on the right."