Officers Prince Edward Militia 1814

Officers of Prince Edward Militia

1812 - 1814

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Militia Records

Below is a chart combining the names and rank of officers from multiple copies of commission and pay lists dated from Oct 1813 to Dec 1814.

Also at the bottom there is a return of a Flank Company in 1812.

Source: War 1812, Nominal Rolls and pay lists, RG 9, IB7, LAC, V14B, pages 1 to 19, T-10383, film at Canadiana
Room, Toronto Public Library

Note: surnames are transcribed as written so spelling can vary from current practice.
CopyrightRandy Saylor, transcriber, Aprl 2012

A Return of the Officers of the Prince Edward Militia with the dates of Commisssion and when Commanded 24th March 1814 [and also monthly returns of officers dated up to Dec 1814]

Combined from pages 1 to 14
Names Rank Date of Comm Recommend.
Archibald McDonell Esq Colonel 2 Jan 1800
Daniel Wright Lt Col 2 Jan 1801
Daniel Young Major No Commission 24 Dec 1813
James Wright Capt 1 June 1804
Owen Richards Do Do
John Stinson Do 14 July 1807
Cornelius Vanalstine Do Do
James Cotter Do No Commission 4 June 1811
John Allen Do Do Do
James Young Do Do 4 June 1812
Henry McDonell Do Do 24 Mar 1813
David Sagar Do Do Do
Peter D Conger Do Do 24 Dec 1813
Simeon Washburn Do Do Do
Donald McIntosh Lieut 14 July 1807
Hilerbrant Valoe Do 2 Jan 1809
Williamm Wright Do No Commission 2 Jun 1811
Gilliam Demorest Do Do Do
Stephen Conger Do Do Do
James Cumming Do Do 4 June 1812
Thomas Howard Do Do 24 Mar 1813
Benjamin Way Do Do 24 Dec 1813
Samuel Blakely Do Do 24 Mar 1814
Farmington? Ferguson Do Do Do
Robert Young Do Do Do
William Blakely Ensign No Commission 4 Jun 1811
Daniel B Dorland Do Do 24 Feb 1813
Daniel Davern Do Do Do
Simon Washburn Do Do Do
Henry Dingman Do Do Do
William Wallbridge Do Do 24 Mar 1813
Richard Gardner Do Do 24 Dec 1813
Guy H Young Do Do 24 Mar 1814
Joshua Hicks Do Do Do
Jacob Howell Do Do Do
Willm Blakely Adjutant Jan 1807
Bazel? Ferguson Qr Master No Commission 4 Jun 1811
Caleb Platt Cornet Do 24 Dec 1813

Thomas Goldsmith Capt added Oct 1813 page 14

A Return of the Officers and Men who did duty in Kingston in the flank Companies from the ? June to 24 Dec 1812. [dates present not transcribed]

Pages 17 & 18

Capt Owen Richards
Capt John Allen
Lt Daniel McIntosh
Ensign William Blakely
Ensign Richard Nesel? since died
Sergt Henry Dingman
Sergt John North
Sergt John Dulmage
Sergt James North
Sergt Alexander McDonell
Privates Robert Taylor

John McIntosh

Edward Powers

Charles Meneken

Philip Dulmage

William Hicks

Joseph Grooms

William Ogden

Jacob Green

Norris Seveteyer?

Christopher Seveteyer?

John Rush

Lewis Menekan

Isaac Quackenbush

James Johnston

William Mowerson substitute

John Allen?

Ebenezer Reynolds

John Rickman

John Bryant

Benjamin Leavens

William Richardson

Tunis Acker

William B Leavens

John Nelson

Lawrence D Way

John Kemp
Page 18

John Hicks

John Blakely substitute

Lewis De Chamban?

Philomon Ferguson

Peter McGuire

Nehemiah Osburn

John Trumpour

Andrew Howell ?

John Dingman

Barnard Bongard

Silas Reynolds

Henry Fosburry

Joseph Sibley

Thomas Jones

George Morden

Abraham Mowerson

Rheuben Way