Hastings County Flank 1812

Muster Roll of the Hastings County Flank Company 12 July 1812

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Militia Records

I thank the Quinte Branch of OGS for permission to post a scan of the text which I first saw published in The New Searchlight by the Branch, V3, Issue 3, Sep 2008, page 7.

The information was originally published in the Belleville Daily Intelligencer, Wednesday, April 14, 1880. The original muster roll and other documents were presented to the newspaper in 1880 by Lt Col Elijah Ketcheson, (b. 1795). Hopefully the documents have survived somewhere.

See a pdf of the newspaper clipping
for the full details. Source: The Daily Intelligencer, April 14, 1880, Newspapers, AO, N219, reel 57b

CopyrightRandy Saylor, Nov 2008

Thomas Ketcheson  
B. Ketcheson  
S. Patrick  
James Yeomans
Isaac Stimers
Abijah Ross  
David Roblin  
S. Ellis
Edward McConnell
John Ackerman
Andrew Atthoun  
Samuel Badgely
John Barnum  
John Boice  
Lewis Barnum (excused Deputy)
James Brown  
Asa Brown  
F. Butterfield
Daniel Canniff
Edward Carscallen  
William Cook
Amos Caverly (excused on account of widow)  
Stephen Caverly  
Samuel Curtis (unfit for service)  
David Crouter  
David Comstock (under age)  
Edward Cram (deserted)  
David Couch  
John Carter
Edward Cook
David Cotter  
Smith Dimarce  
Daniel M. Dean  
John Doxtster (excused as lame)  
Peter Davison  
Thos Dickson  
Philip Emery  
Geo. Finkle  
Harvey Fowler
Daniel Fraser  
Wm. Fairman  
John Fulton (deserted)
Shubael Foster  
Cornelius Gunsolus (unfit for service)
John Griffin  
J.B. Gomes (unfit for service)  
Eben S. Green  
Milton Hoard  
Philo Higley  
John Hennessey
Reuben Hubble  
Peter Hubble  
Isaac Hendrick  
Stephen Halstead  
Joseph Ingersoll  
Elijah Ketcheson  
Baltis Lott  
James Lake  
George Lott  
Isaac Lawrence  
Rosell Leavens  
Stephen Lawrence  
Sol Marshall  
__ McMaster  
Samuel Mott (deserted)
James McMasters
Stephen McMullen  
James Martin  
Henry McMullen
Abujah Marshall
James Merrill  
Pettiah Morgan
W. G. Maybee  
Charles Wilson (unfit)  
Baina Nicholson (unfit)  
Thomas Nelson (unfit)  
Simon Ostrom  
Benj Ostrom  
Jacob Perry (discharged as under age)  
Ruliff Purdy  
Daniel Palmer  
Martin Pitman  
Rowland Potter (deserted home)  
Thos. Pitman  
Jacob Rose  
Wm Rosebush  
Sol Reed  
Daniel Reed  
Leonard Ross  
Isaac Smith  
Peter Sine  
Wm. Sine Jr  
John Smith
Wm Sine
John Sine  
Rufus Struter  
Daniel Seeley
N Simmons
J.R. Smith  
Ammi Smith (deserted)  
John Simmons
Peter Simmons  
Benj. Simpkin  
Robt Thompson
Stephen Tomkins (excused)  
George Vandervoort
Henry Seely  
John Vanderwaters  
Sam Westfall
__ Warner (deserted)  
Asa Warden  
Ira West  
Wm Welsh  
__ Wright  
John Weaver  
George Young
Philip Zwick  
Peter Vanskiver (discharged sub. of W.)
John Crisdale  
Thomas Parker (in Kingston)  
Israel Barnum 
J.B. Glover  
Lawrence Badgley
Peter Frederick