Capt Simon McNabb, First Regiment Hastings 1813

First Regiment Hastings Militia

Capt Simon McNabb's Company 1813

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Militia Records

Note: There are 8 pay lists submitted by McNabb in this series. The chart below lists the name of each man and the pay list(s) on which his name appears. The days served and pay requested have not been transcribed. Note: Abbreviated names are recorded in full (Wm = William) to aid in digital searching. The lists were not strictly alphabetical though were bunched according to first letter. Names were written as Smith, John but are recorded reversed.

Source: War 1812, Returns, Nominal Rolls and Pay Lists, R1022-11-6-E, former RG 9, IB7, V15C, LAC, T-10383, film at Canadiana Room, Toronto Public Library

These pay lists offer a good example of the desertions, absentees and general lack of enthusiasm for enrolling with the militia. Note how many men showed up once or twice for duty. The book, Plunder, Profit, and Paroles, A Social History of the War of 1812 in Upper Canada, George Sheppard, McGill, Queen's Univ. Press, 1994 gives an excellent account of the lack of support for the war by the farming settlers.

Randy Saylor, transcriber, April 2011
Note: transcribed as written so spelling can vary from current practice.

List Pages Dates
A 39 - 40 13 - 28 March, 1813
B 43 - 46 25 Mar - 24 Apr, 1813
C 51 - 53 25 Apr - 24 May, 1813
D 59 - 62 25 May - 24 June, 1813
E 71 - 72 25 Sept - 24 Oct, 1813
F 73 - 75 25 Oct - 24 Nov 1813
G 77 - 79 [copy]
25 Oct - 24 Nov 1813
H 81 - 82 25 Nov - 24 Dec, 1813

Muster Rolls and Pay Lists of the Hastings Militia under Captain Simon McNabb 1813
    A B C D E F G H   Remarks
Captain Simon McNabb        
  Simon McNabb               sick in quarters
                    continued on a court martial
Lieutenant William Ketcheson  
Ensign Allan Taylor                 Absent on leave
  A Chisholm              
  A Chisholm                 Relieved
  B Ketcheson                 Joined Jun 6th
  William Zwick                 On Command
  William Zwick            
Sergeant B Ketcheson                
  Thomas Ketcheson                 joined 17th
  Thomas Ketcheson                
  Thomas Ketcheson                 On Command
  T Ketcheson                 Promoted
  Abram Caniff                
  Abram Caniff                 Relieved
  Daniel Silver                
  David Roblin    
  David Roblin                 Discharged
  W Nicholson                
  George Clute                 Joined June 20th
  John Dockstader                
  John Smith               Discharged
  James Skinner            
  Elijah Ketcheson            
Corporal William Barraker                
  David Roblin               joined 17th
  Walton Weaver              
  Walton Weaver                 sick in quarters
  Tobias Bleeker          
Private John Arkles                 joined 17th
  David Acker                
  David Acker                 absent without leave
  John Allan                
  Samuel Annesly            
  Simon Barnum                
  William B Bell              
  W B Bell               Kings Works
  Elias Benedict                 absent without leave
  Eli Benedict                
  Joseph Bouchard            
  David Bourdette                
  D C Bourdette                
  David Burdette            
  F Butterfield                
  Henry Banazer                 joined 17th
  Asabel Bradshaw            
  Samuel Badgley                 discharged
  Samuel Badgeley                 discharged
  James Badgley                 absent without leave
  James Badgeley                 absent without leave
  Thomas Bradley               on command
  Jonas Caniff                
  Jonas Caniff                 absent without leave
  Jeremiah Covert                
  Jeremiah Covert                 on duty
  Jeremiah Covert                 absent without leave
  Elias Covert                 Dead (note: paid for 21 days attendance)
  Jeremiah Caniff      
  Jeremiah Caniff                 sick on furlough
  Jeremiah Canniff                
  William Caldwell                
  W Caldwell    
          absent without leave
  Amos Caverly                 joined 17th
  Amos Caverly                
  Amos Caverly               on command
  James Caverly                 joined 17th
  Stephen Caverly                 sick in quarters
  Stephen Caverly                
  Louis Cloutier                 on command
  Lewis Cloutier            
  Daniel Cumming                
  Joseph Chrysdale                 absent without leave
  George Clute            
  Lewis Davis              
  Lewis Davis               on command
  Isaac Dean                
  Isaac Dean                 absent without leave
  Jean Donivan                 on command
  Jean Donivan              
  John Dockstader               on command
  James Ellice               absent without leave
  James Ellice                
  William Fairman                
  William Fairman                 on Command
  William Fairman                 Relieved
  David Fairman                 joined 18th
  David Fairman               on Command
  Adam Forbes                 joined 17th
  Adam Forbes                 Incorporated Militia
  Shubal Foster                 joined 18th
  Shubal Foster                 discharged
  Peter Frederick                 joined 17th
  Peter Frederick            
  Peter Frederick               Discharged
  Jno Frederick                 Discharged
  John Frederick            
  Jacob Fox               joined 17th
  Jacob Fox                 absent without leave
  Martin Fuller            
  Jacob Finkle               Discharged
  Ebenezer Green              
  Silas Green            
  Cornelius Gunsolus            
  Jonathan Horton                
  Jonathan Horton               sick on furlough
  Stephen Hess                 absent without leave
  Joseph Hughes                 on duty
  Joseph Hughes                 absent without leave
  John Houser                 joined 9th
  John Houser               sick on furlough
  Philip Jones                 absent without leave
  Philip Jones                
  Peter Hubbell                   joined 18th in confinement
  Harmonius King                
  Harmonius King                 absent without leave
  Georges Lott                
  George Lott              
  George Lott                 Deserted
  Jean Lemare              
  Jean Lemare                 On Command
  Charles Leonard               On Command
  Charles Leonard                 absent without leave
  William Lighthall               absent without leave
  Godfrey Maybe                 joined 17th
  Godfrey Maybe                 joined 18th
  Godfrey Maybe                 On Command
  Godfrey Maybe                 absent without leave
  John Maybe             Kings Works
  John Maybee                 Kings Works
  James MacMaster                 absent without leave
  Jonn McConnell                
  John McConnel  
              absent without leave
  Jonn McConnel                 Joined May 4
  Jonn McConnel                 absent without leave
  Edward McConnell               discharged
  James Martin                
  Daniel Mack                 joined 18th
  Daniel Mack                 Joined May 4
  Daniel Mack                  
  Isaac Mott              
  Isaac Mott                 Discharged
  Joseph Mastan               on Command
  Joseph Mastan                
  Christopher McGrath                
  Theops Neilson                
  Theops Neilson               on command
  Charles Neilson                 Kings Works
  Charles Neilson            
  M Nicholson                 joined 17th
  William Nicholson                 on duty
  William Nicholson                  
  William D Nicholson              
  Barbs Nicholson               Kings Works
  Barbs Nicholson                
  Simon Ostrum                
  Simon Ostrum                 absent without leave
  Luke Ostrum                 joined 18th
  Luke Ostrum                 On duty
  Michael Owens                
  Michael Owens               sick in quarters
  John Palmer              
  John Palmer               absent without leave
  John Palmer               On Command
  James Palmer                 absent without leave
  James Palmer          
  James Palmer               absent without leave
  Thomas Palmer               absent without leave
  John Putnam                
  Thomas Pitman                 joined 17th
  Thomas Pitman            
  Thomas Pitman               sick in quarters
  Rowland Potter              
  Rowland Potter                 absent without leave
  Solomon Prindle                
  Felix Powell               On Furlough
  William Parcels            
  Jacob Perry               On Command
  Jacob Parry                
  Solomon Ross                
  John Reed Jnr                 joined 17th
  John Reed                
  John Reed Jnr                 sick on furlough
  John Reed Jnr                
  John Reed               absent without leave
  Isaac Reed                
  Solomon Reed                 absent without leave
  Solomon Reed                
  Solomon Reed                 sick in quarters
  Sem Redding                 joined 26th
  Jonas Rowe                 joined 19th
  Jacob Ross                 joined 17th
  Jacob Rose              
  Jacob Rose                 sick on furlough
  Jacob Rose      
  Charles Rodny      
  Jen? Smith                 joined 17th
  George Smith             sick on furlough
  Peter Simmons                 joined 17th
  Peter Simmons                 absent without leave
  Eowd? Schultz                 Incorporated Militia
  Daniel Silver          
  Nathan Sherard                 sick in quarters
  John Taylor                 joined 17th
  William Tallow               confined on Snake Island
  William Tallow                
  Charles Townshand                
  Lucas Vanallen                 joined 17th
  Lucas Vanallen                 Kings Works
  Lucas Vanallen              
  John Vandewater                 joined 19th
  Asa Werden                
  William Welch    
  William Welch                 sick in quarters
  William Welch                 sick on furlough
  Walton Weaver                
  Jeremiah White              
  Jeremiah White                 On Command
  Rich Woolwright                 Kings Works
  R Woolwright               Kings Works
  Daniel Wright            
  George Young              
  G Young Senr                
  G Young Jnr                 Joined May 28
  Charles Zwick                 Joined June 14th
  Charles Zwick                
  Philip Zwick                
  William Zwick