First Regiment Hastings served in 1812

First Regiment Hastings Militia

[men] who were on actual service in the year 1812

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Militia Records

This list appears to have been made sometime after July 1814 given that the death date of Joseph Le Moine [Ensign] is recorded. Compare this with the roll dated 12 July 1812.

"Most militia units in Upper Canada formed flank companies, who served on a more regular or full-time basis than the ordinary members of the militia, and were sometimes termed Volunteers. They drilled every weekend, as opposed to the bulk of the militia who were required to turn out for training only twice a year in peace time."
Source: Canadian Units of the War of 1812, Wikipedia

Source: War 1812, Nominal Rolls and pay lists, RG 9, IB7, LAC, V15C, 31-33, T-10383, film at Canadiana
Room, Toronto Public Library

Randy Saylor, transcriber, April 2011
Note: transcribed as written so spelling can vary from current practice.

Return of the Flank Company of the 1st Regiment of the Hastings Militia, in the Midland District and Province of Upper Canada, who were on actual service in the year 1812
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No Rank and Names Remarks

1 Gilbert Harris Served 7 days until the arrival of Captain McIntosh who was the approved Flank Officer.
2 John McIntosh drowned? since the War
3 Jacob Walden Meyers Served 19 days, and discharged, One Company being deemed ?? all that was sufficient  

1 John Thompson Served all the War
2 John McMichael dischd with Capt Meyers. Chairman of one of Gourlays meetings

1 Hugh Fairman served 31 days and resigned
2 William Ketcheson discharged with Capt Meyers
3 Joseph Le Moine died after the war. 2 July 1814 Served all the war.

1 Thomas Parker Volunteered and served all the War
2 Abram Caniff dischd with Capt Meyers.
3 Spencer Patrick do
4 James Yeoman do
5 Thomas Ketcheson do
6 Benjamin Ketcheson served sometime as private

1 Robert Dennison Liddel dischd with Capt Meyers.
2 Joshua Chrysdell do
3 David Roblin
4 Issac Stinson?

1 Solomon Marshal deserted
2 Peter Hubble deserted
3 Soencer Cox

Privates Volunteered
1 Francis Dixon
2 John Ackerman
3 Edward McConnell
4 Jacob Row
5 Edward Carscallen died on duty

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6 James Lake
7 Daniel Reid
8 Abijah Ross died during the war
9 Asa Werden
10 Zenas Ross
11 Solomon Mott
12 Stephen Lawrence
13 Peter Vandervoort
14 Ira West
15 Russell Leavins
16 David Cotter
17 Jacob Perry
18 Henry Vealey?
19 Peter Walden Meyers served until promoted
20 Ammi Smith deserted to the enemy, afterward returned and secreted by their father Henry Smith.
21 Jacob Smith deserted to the enemy, afterward returned and secreted by their father Henry Smith.
22 Thomas Sine deserted, brought back and deserted again
23 George McMullen deserted
24 Reuben Hubbel do
25 William Hoard do
26 Jonathan Selden deserted to the enemy
27 David Crouter? deserted
28 Edward Cram do
29 Barker William
30 Nicholas Simmon
31 Elijah Ketcheson
32 Bolten Lot
33 Rowland Potter deserted to the enemy, 
34 Benjamin Ostrum  deserted
35 John Fulton do
36 William Sine do, brought back and deserted again
37 Rufus Shuter deserted
38 Ruliff Purdy
39 George Westfall
40 Isaac B Glover deserted
41 Gideon Turner
42 John Carter
43 John Ingersoll
44 Lawrence Badgeley
45 George Sheldon Subject of the United States; Served there ??, and was discharged from ?? Service.
46 Daniel Sheldon Subject of the United States; Served there ??, and was discharged from ?? Service.
47 Timothy Holton

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48 Stephen Caverley
49 Benjamin Simpkins
50 John Whittick
51 Nathaniel Sherard discharged with Captain Meyers
52 Samuel Rosebush do
53 Joseph Rosebush do
54 Samuel Badgeley do
55 John Thrasher do
56 William Cook do
57 Phillip Embury do
58 Cornelius Gonzales do
59 George Young do
60 Jean Baptist Gomer? do
61 John Boid do
62 Daniel Palmer do
63 Solomon Reid do
64 John Hennesey do
65 George Finkle do
66 Jacob Hendrix do
67 Stephen McMullen do
68 William Fairman do
69 Martin Pitman do
70 Robert Thompson deserted
71 James Martin discharged with Captain Meyers
72 Philo Hegley do
73 John Barnum do
74 John Guffin do
75 David Seeley do
76 Simon Ostrum do
77 John R Smith do
78 Israel Barnum do
79 John Smith do
80 Peter Vanskiver do
81 Shubel Forster [Foster] do
82 John Vandewater do
83 Jacob Miller do
84 Ebenezer Green do
85 James Brown do
86 Cornelius Thrasher do

John Ferguson Coll Commander 1st Regt Hastings Militia