First Regiment Northumberland Militia 1836

First Regiment of Northumberland Militia 1836

Field Returns of the First Regiment Northumberland assembled on parade at Hams Farm in the Township of Hamilton in the County of Northumberland on the fourth day of June 1836

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Militia Records

Source: Military Records 1830-1839, 1836 Military Records 1, Northumberland Militia, AO, F895 – MU2041, original document.
CopyrightRandy Saylor, transcriber, Oct 2006
Note: transcribed as written so spelling can vary from current practice.

Note: a contemporary scrap of paper with some of the above names is included. Added on this is T. Calnts?? Acting Capt.




John Covert

Liut Colonel

Lachus? Burnham


Wm Falkner


John Guren?

Benjamin Ewing

Elikem? Barnum

J. B. Kelley

Wiliam? S Conger

Charles Clarke


James Young

Efraim? Dulittle

Charles Buller or Butler

Willis Mc Kyes? Byes?

Nathl Andrews


Wiliam Bimish

Timothy Rogers (acting Capt)

Thos Evans


Alexr Noble

B F Ewing or Erving

R D Rogers

Wm Craig

Hirum? Ash

Joseph Hagerman

Corbin? S? Dean

Walter Boswell

John Wade


Lewis? Moffatt

Qr Master

S L? Wilcocks