Settling of Nottawasaga 1834

Settling of Nottawasaga 1834

Israel Bowerman and Archelaus Tupper

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Israel Bowerman (1777-1858), of Hallowell, son of the pioneers Ichabod Bowerman and Jane Richmond was involved with Archelaus Tupper in opening up Nottawasaga Township in Simcoe County starting in 1834. The petitions that have survived tell an interesting story of hard work, disagreement, resolution, success and failure. Some of Israel's children settled there and other Quinte area families followed him as well.

AC Bowerman in his 1904 work had this to say on image 84: "In 1834, Israel disposed of lot 13, and removed to Nottawasaga, in the same year.  He settled in the wilderness, where he built the first grist-mill in the Co.; and he is said, tho’ on questionable authority, to have been granted a large section of Govt. land on which to colonize unhoused U.E. Loyalists.  It would be interesting to read a chapter of the results of the alleged colonization scheme.  There is no doubt about the first mill, as the late Cyrus R. Sing of Meaford, writing in 1901, says - - 'I came to Nottawasaga in 1846; and operated the first carding-mill in the Co.  It belonged to Joseph Bowerman of Whitby, and was placed in Israel’s grist-mill, the first grist-mill in the Co.'  "

Thanks to Gary Tupper who's email got me going on this story.

Children of Israel Bowerman and Anna Terwilliger (see image 85 of the AC Bowerman 1904 work.)
1. ISRAEL2 BOWERMAN (ICHABOD1) was born 15 Jul 1777, and died 14 Sep 1858 in Hallowell, ON. He married ANNA TERWILLIGER.
    vii. ANNA BOWERMAN, b. 14 Sep 1805; m. PETER MASTIN; d. 1801, Judah Bowerman's farm, Hallowell.

The petitions that are listed under Israel Bowerman are mixed with those of Archelaus Tupper and other records. The records have been arranged more or less chronologically and they are easy to read and the story becomes apparent as you go along. A number of settlers are named.
All petitions come from RG 1-54, Upper Canada Land Petitions, AO, various bundles as noted below.

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  1. First Petitions: 1834 - May 1836 - This bunch include the first petiton by Israel Bowerman in Oct 1834 for land and the lots granted for settlement and the reports of settlement in 1835 and a petition by Tupper in 1836 that discusses the difficulties.
  2. Second Petitions: Nov 1836 - Both Bowerman and Tupper petition about their bitter disagreements.
  3. Third Petitions: Feb 1837 - Bowerman and Tupper have made amends but the Council refuses their request for an extension.
  4. Fourth Petitions: Mar and Nov 1837 - complaint between Letitia McCutcheon and Israel Bowerman.
Randy Saylor,  transcribed 17 May 2008
The names in the lists are spelled as written. I used voice recognition to transcribe the text of the petitions so the spelling was modernized by the computer.

First Petitions
Vol 503, bundle 19/33, film C-2837


To His Excellency Sir John Colborne .... The Petition of Israel Bowerman of Hallowell in the District of Prince Edward

Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioner on behalf of himself and thirty others* having grants of land, are desirous of locating in their own persons, and in a body for the express purposes of having mutual assistance ... pray that the same may be in one of the Townships of Huron District – your petitioner and two others are departed, with your Excellencys permission, to examine such Townships as your Excellency may please to point out , and which if approved of, will be, with all convenient expedition, taken possession of by your petitioner, and those by whom the prayer of this petition, is required to be presented and your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray

Israel Bowerman
City of Toronto
24 October 1834
    * as p annexed list
Joseph T Bowerman
Samuel Mott
Levy West
Levy Mackey
John Bowerman
Nyels Bowerman
Bedel Bowerman
Peter Mastin
John Vincent
John Wildman
Hugh Curly
John Spensor
Charles Ostin
Bengamin Bride?
William Smith
John Smith
Danyel Hix
James Covel
Duncan Grams
Alford Danolsond
Stephen Palmer
Edward McBrine
David Ritchmond
John Phillips
John Mott
Henry Youans
John Divine
Rusel Ford
Andrew Tutel
Samuyel Merrels

Com of Crown lands Office
Toronto 29 Oct 1834
I see no objection to the prayer of the petitoner being granted provided the UE Loyalists themselves settle on their ??? locations, but upon no other conditions
Peter Robinson
Forward the report

Israel Bowerman for Locations in Nottawasaga

A List of vacant lands in the Township of Nottawasaga open to Israel Bowerman & associates for Location
4th Concession 1-3-5-6-7-9-11-12-14-16-18-19-20
5th Do 1-2-4-7-10-11-12-13-14-15-17-18
6th Do 1-3-6-9-12-14-16-18-20
7th Do 2-4-10-11-12-13-15-17-18-19-21
8th Do 1-3-5-6-7-11-12-16-18-19
9th Do 1-2-4-6-7-8-10-12-14-15-17-18-19-W 13
10th Do 1-3-5-6-7-11-12-13-16-18-19-20
11th Do 1-4-6-8-10-12-15-17-19
12th Do 3-5-7-9-11-12-13-14-16-18-19

See list of Mr Spragge dated 23 Feb 1835
Copy given to Mr A Tupper for Mr Bowerman 23 Feb 1835

Continued Lot Con
Tom Osborne 17 10
19 10
20 10
Hugh Hicks 4 17
Wolken 6 11
Hill 10 11
Richard Richmond? 17 11
Saml B Philips 12 11
Claghorn Robertson 3 12
Charles Broach 5 12
Nathanil Yorker 7 12
Ebeneezer Wheeler 9 12
Henry Golloway 11 12
12 12
13 12
Elias Hedges 14 12
Lewis Fontain 16 12
Bowerman 18 12
Hare 19 12
John Richmond? For his friends 15 9
15 11
19 7
16 6
7 4
10 7
2 Families of Johnstone 5th Con lots 10,11,12,13,14,15
4th Con lots 11,12,14,16

Also daily applications to settle

List of Lots now occupied in the Township pf Nottawasaga granted to Israel Bowerman to settle Viz

Acres Cleared
Lot Con
Israel Bowerman 8 Family 6 9
10 Saw Mill 7 9
Peter Mastin (son in law)
House & Family 6 8
Israel Bowerman 1 House with family 7 8
A Tupper 4 House & Barsel? Family 1 9
16 2 Houses 1 8
1 House partly built 1 11
Edward Coyle 4 House & Family 1 10
John Alexander 4 House & family 2 9
Arail? Cross 2 7 10
Joseph Bowerman 8 2 7
James Patterson (dead)
House (left in willow 4 7
James Wilcox 8 House & Family 5 4
Wm Wilson 2 18 5
Joseph Honeyford 2 18 4
Wm Whitley 2
18 8
Wm Whitley 1
19 8
Byron? Keeler 1 House 7 5
House 4 5
Wm Vanmere 1
6 6
Jacob Staley
House 1 6
Philip Staley
1 5
Wm Martin 1
1 4
S Sanders 1 House building 5 8
?onk Doddge 1
8 11
Ralph Hill 3 House & family 11 10
Ames 2
12 11
John Shaw 2 House 19 9
Do Building 3 4
John Richmond
House 14 9
Charles McCutcheon 1
12 6

The following have removed in the Township but I am unable to say what lots they are settled on

John Wilson & Family
          Foster      “
also 4 others names unknown

The following persons have ??? themselves to settle before the first of December next on the ?? lots

Lot Con
Forbes 6 4
James Whitley 13 4
Son of do 20 4
Hummerston 2 5
Alexander 11 5
J. T. Bowerman 3 6
G Boyce 9 6
J Rocles or Rodes 14 6
J Cooley 20 6
Silas Pervis 11 7
Jonus Hough 12 7
J North 13 7
Samuel Quagly 15 7
John Kyle 17 7
James Cunningham 18 7
James R Tupper 3 8
Ely Hart 4 9
Mullet 8 9
John McMurny 17 9
E Coyle 3 10
Samuel Motts 5 10
Bartley D Harton 6 10
Hill 12 10
Ames 13 10

The following are the Conditions to which all the settlers are bound Viz
To settle on the respective lots on or before the first of December next - to build a house & cut & clear the road two rods wide adjoining their ?? lots – to clear away all logs & brush with ? the trees six inches or under to make it convenient for a waggon to cross - to be completed by January 1836

The above is as correct a statement as I can come at – at present
Toronto 5th Novemeber 1835

Israel Bowerman
Archelaus Tupper

Names of UE Claimants to locate
Nicholas Lake Jane Steele Peter C Davis
Elizabeth Walker Mary Botty William Davis
Joshua Walker Benjamin Simpson James I Davis
Catharine Johnson Jacob Allhouse Hannah Pierce
Benjamin Hill Wm Steche Rebecca Lambert
Robert Hill Achibald Church Lenor Hewit
Catherine Hill John Oliver Church Thomas Monroe?
John Hain William Y Church Nancy Monroe?
Fredrica Hain Peter Secord Nancy Monroe?
John Kenada John Secord Roda Ewers
Gitty Haschol Timothy Moon Clarke Frederick Conkhite
John Dougal Sarah Cain Solomon Young
Polly Cross Solince Mahony Jane Haight
George Thompson Anna Hoschal Abraham Cronkhite
Charlotte Vandozen Margaret Ann Browne
Rachail Vandozen Daniel F Davis

Militia Claimants

William Mullet 500 James M Korrison 200
Benjamin Struthers 200 Norman McDonald 200
James Struthers 500 Reuben Crandal 100
Ezekiel Kose 950 Silas Reynols 100
Jacob Parliament 100

Lewis Fontain 100

Samuel Philips 200

Richard Davern 200

[33 o,p,q]
Rec'd 16 Mar 1836
His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head
The petition of Archelaus Tupper of Nottawasaga
Humbly Sheweth that in the month of November 1834 upon an application from Israel Bowerman and others praying that a certain portion of the Township of Nottawasaga from the fourth to the 12th concessions inclusive and from lots one to 21 inclusive all vacant and grantable lands therein should be assigned over to them for the location of UE and militia therein upon certain conditions of building mills and opening roads which his Excellency Sir John Colborne was pleased to sanction.
The said Bowerman and your petitioner then entered into a written contract, a copy of which is annexed hereto, in pursuance of the plan thus laid down.  Bowerman went below to percure UE rights to cover the lands so assigned, and your petitioner made his way to Nottawasaga accompanied by John Alexander, a Millwright, William Ross, and Edward Coyle and their families and with 12 additional men whom he commenced opening the road from lot number three on the Huronontario Street in Mulmur  and carried it through to the block a distance of nearly 12 miles which was affected in the depths of winter with full 2 feet of snow upon the ground the whole party suffering greatly from exposure to the full inclemency of the season and that an expenditure of 175 days work - in none of which did Mr. Bowerman take any share not coming in until the 27th March following when the way was thus smoothed for him and shelter when he arrived already provided.

Your petitioner settled upon lot number one in the ninth concession has built a house and barn thereon with two acres under crop and about 80 acres chopped - upon lot number one in the eighth concession two houses 18 feet by 24 feet with about 12 acres under crop and four chopped and a contract in ??  of completion for 49 acres, upon which seven men are now engaged, with the view of forming a village.  He has himself a store there to which he has carried goods to the amount of 300 pounds and has a number of different mechanics engaged to come in and is himself a professed millwright and mechanic - the before mentioned William Ross, the millwright was engaged by your petitioner to build a saw mill, one of the conditions of the grant, upon lot number seven in ninth concession the frame is up and would be in operation within two months if your petitioner is allowed to have the sole control of the same and freed from the injurious interference of Bowerman.

The said Ross is settled upon lot number seven in the eighth concession adjoining the mill for the convenience of being near his work, upon which he has ever since resided and is improving the same - John Alexander is settled upon lot number two in the second concession with three acres under crop and three chopped and Edward Coyle upon lot number one in the 10th concession with two acres under crop and four acres chopped - the above are those full settlers that accompanied your petitioner into the Township - Mr. Bowerman alone has as yet been permitted to make a return of lots for location and in so doing he stated through his agent, when the names of certain UE`s to the extent of about five or 6000 acres were entered upon the ??, and contrary to the established custom of the surveyor generals office this was done without his producing any authority for so doing from the grantee and while your petitioner actually held orders for location of the same grants in the western district, which if he asxiled? himself it would create great confusion, that he had now covered all the settlers in the Township - but with so much duplicity and he acted, that so far from that being the case he has covered the one and that Ross - which his own lot and those of his sons remain open - he has for the purpose of injuring your petitioner, had another name entered upon his lot number one in the eighth concession, where his large improvements are - and also the mill lot to which he had no right as the case has been borne by to petitioner.

Under the above circumstances your petitioner prays your Excellency will be pleased or order that the entry of the names above referred to in the surveyor generals office, made without the concurrence of your petitioner, as a partner of the said Bowerman, may be erased - and that agreeably to the conditions of the grant an inspector may be sent out and agreeably to his report the lots be assigned over for location and that he be instructed to take the sense of the settlement as to who shall in future be allowed to conduct its affairs.  Also that until your Excellency has been pleased to decide herein the said Bowerman be restrained from any further interference in the premises - your petitioner for the protection of the great majority of the settlers there, as also for himself, the need of which will appear by the annexed papers as being compelled to say his present appeal praying your Excellency`s gracious interference
Your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray
Archelaus Tupper
15 Mar 1836

[33 r,s]
Copy of a certificate from the government office
" The petition of Israel Bowerman and others was referd to the Commissioner of Crown lands on the 20th November 1834 Gov't office"
2nd of May 1836
The petition above referred to was in effect as follows - that that Israel Bowerman and two others, alluding to Archelaus Tupper and Saml Moth?, had just returned from an inspection of the new Townships on Lake Huron, that they had called upon Mr. Ritchie with a letter of the Commissioner of Crown lands who in obedience thereto pointed out to them the southwestern part of Nottawasaga as the most desirable for their purposes - and praying that all grantable lands from the third to the 12th concessions inclusive therein and from lot number one to 21 inclusive be assigned over to them or settlement for the term of two years upon condition of placing actual settlers thereon the same to be covered by UE Rights -  to build a saw mill in one year and a grist mill in two years - and to open the road through Mulmur to the Township line.

Upon which his Excellency Sir John Colborne was pleased to sanction an order to the following effect -
Provided they will remove in the spring of 1835 or during the year 1835 build a saw mill in the following year and a grist mill in the year following opener road through Mulmur - a certain part of the Township of Nottawasaga shall be set apart for them, and on their taking possession of their respective lots the location ticket shall be granted - and at the end of the year the agent of the Crown Commissioners shall be sent out to inspect the settlement, and such lots as settlers are found residing there on shal be confirmed to the UE.
Archelaus Tupper
5th of May 1836

[33 t]
I am respectfully to state for your Excellencys information, that the only petition for documents respecting Mr. Israel Bowerman and Mr. Tupper that has been received at this office, is now, and was before of the Honourable executive Council and referd to in my report of 30 March, when the order in Council of the 28th altems was made on the former petition of Mr. Tupper -
The the petitioner and his agent must be aware, that had there been any other papers in this office, they would have been duly laid before your Excellency in Council
G Radenhurst
2nd of May 1836

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Second Petitions
Vol 60, bundle 20/89, film C-1632

[89 and 89a]

To his Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head ....

The Memorial of Israel Bowerman of the Township of Nottawasaga ...

That in the year 1834 a certain portion of the Township of Nottawasaga, by direction of his Excellency Sir John Colborne was reserved in order that your memorialist might place settlers therein on certain conditions. That Your Memorialist has now settled in the tract of land thus assigned to him Thirty One families. Eleven others have built shanties and made improvements on their respective lots with the intention of occupying them immediately and there are many others preparing to come into the Township who from their habits of industry are qualified to make excellent settlers.

You're memorialist has also at a great expense opened a road into Nottawasaga through the Township of Mulmur erected a saw mill and is making preparations for building a grist mill.

Your Memorialist begs Humbly to represent to your Excellency that he has no doubt he would have been able before this time to have settled every lot of land on the track assigned to him had he not associated himself with a person named Archelaus Tupper in the belief that with his assistance he could more easily have carried his plans or the settlement of the tract into effect. That this person afterwards instead of assisting Your Memorialist did everything he could to injure him and by his conduct and representation induced many ind? settlers to abandon their design of locating themselves in Nottawasaga

You're Memorialist has now overcome the difficulties thus thrown in his way and is confident that if it should be your Excellencys pleasure to grant him a further period of 12 or 18 months he would fully complete his original purpose of settling every lot in the tract.

Your petitioner thereof were humbly prays your Excellency, that in consideration of the difficulties he has had to struggle with and which are unavoidable in the settlement of a new Township, and in consideration also of the outlay and expense he has incurred, having embarked? the whole of his property in the undertaking, the said period of 12 or 18 months more may be allowed him.

Israel Bowerman
City of Toronto
16th November 1836

We the undersigned having understood that Israel Bowerman is about petitioning his Excellency the Lt Governor praying for an extension of him in completing this settlement on lands in Nottawasaga. We would respectfully recommend his petition to the favourable consideration of his Excellency in Council from our knowledge of the difficulties Mr. Bowerman has had to contend with and our satisfaction of his final success in completing that settlement.

[signed - hard to decifer]

J R Armstrong
H Cartwright
G H Detlor
A? S? Bockus
C A Majining ??
E Murney?
N B Robinson
Wm H Draper
W Chisholm
V W Thomson
D L Sanfield
Wm Rorke

[89 f,g,h - the 15 documents referred to below are not included in the petition and may not have survived.]

To his Excellency Sir Francis bond ...
The petition of Archelaus Tupper of the Township of Nottawasaga

Humbly Sheweth that your petitioner is one of those persons who petitioned with Israel Bowerman in the month of November 1834 to have a part of the Township of Nottawasaga set apart for actual settlement which petition was referred from his Excellency the Lieutenant Governors office to the Commissioners of Crown lands on the 20th day of November 1834 as will appear by the accompanying memorandum marked No 1 which petition his Excellency was pleased to sanction and a copy of the reply to the said petition is here with sent marked No 2 in the hand write of Joseph Talbot late land agent to which petition your petitioner begs leave to refer your Excellency as that petition will clearly show that terms upon on which the grant was made to the petitioners, your petitioner has every reason to believe the petition that is acted on is not the petition upon which the land was granted and thereby your petitioner is likely to become a sufferer to a large amount having expended large sums of money out of his own private funds in opening roads and clearing land getting in the millwright to build the saw mill and taking in merchandise for the support of settlers going in, the whole of which will more fully appear by documents herewith sent marked No3.4.5.6.&7 which documents your petitioner would beg leave to call your Excellency's attention to petitioner entered into Copartnership with the said Israel Bowerman settling the said tract of land as well more fully appear by documents No 9&10.

After petitioner had expanded most of his means in opening the roads and making other improvements as also supporting his said partner in a great measure as will appear by document No 11. Your petitioner had agreed with some respectable Irish families to go in as settlers in said tract but to this is said partner Israel Bowerman objected stating that it was contrary to their agreement to allow any Irish settlers in their settlement. But no such agreement did exist in consequence of which your petitioner and his partner unhappily disputed since that time the said Israel Bowerman has denied your petitioner as being a partner as will appear by documents Nos 12&13. And in the month of June 1836, petitioner after a serious loss of time and money to the amount of about 150 pounds, came to a settlement with the said Israel Bowerman as will appear by document No 14. Petitioner prays your Excellency that the lots assigned in the said document No 14 may be allowed to petitioner in order that he may go on and fulfill his agreement with his settlers now living and improving on part of the said lots so assigned to him by the said Israel Bowerman, your petitioner has the claims of UE's on government ready to locate on the said lots as soon as allowed so to do, which will enable your petitioner to fulfill his engagements with the settlers which he induced to go into the said Township of Nottawasaga.

Your petitioner would beg leave to state that should the lands that may appear vacant by the returns of the gov't agent, yet been undisposed of, that your petitioner would engage to settle them within two years from this date and build a grist mill within one year from the first of January 1837. As your petitioner has settlers already engaged to go on to settle as will appear by document No 15.

Petitioner begs leave to state that in consequence of the unhappy disagreement which took place between your petitioner and the said Israel Bowerman that the settlement has not gone on so rapidly for the last nine months past. Your petitioner petitioned in April last to have a settlement inspected which has not been done until now. Your petitioner is a millwright by trade and understands making all kinds of machinery that is necessary for the use of a new country. And yours in duty bound will ever pray.

Archelaus Tupper
16 November 1836

[89 i,j]

Barrie, November 10th 1836
To the Honourable Robert B Sullivan
Commissioner Crown Lands


I have the honour herewith to transmit my inspection of that part of the Township of Nottawasaga specially set apart for the settlement of UE Loyalists proposed to be located by Mr. Israel Bowerman.

I found Mr. Bowerman has done a great deal towards settling his tract of land, opening roads and has a saw mill in operation, and would have had the greater part of it located with actual settlers before now. But the settlers were discouraged from locating there in consequence of a disagreement between Mr. Bowerman and Mr. Tupper that Mr. B took into partnership with him. Mr. Bowerman intends building a grist mill next year is the government allows him to retain possession of the tract. Which will be a great advantage to the settlers in that part of the country.

I examined in company with Mr. B and found a good line for a road from his mill to the government settlement in Nottawasaga. The settlers are now opening it which will form a direct line of communication from St Vincent, Collingwood, Nottawasaga and by Huronontario street to Toronto.

Being now on my way to the Township of St Vincent to inspect the reserve set apart for Mr. Price Mallory's UE loyalists in that Township, I would respectfully submit to you that this would be a good opportunity for me to inspect the tract reserved for the location of Lanark settlers from the Bathurst District in the same Township, as I was given to understand that there are ?? ?? in the settlement and some who were located have left.

Should you think this inspection necessary will you do me the honour to send the necessary instructions with as little delay as may be convenient.
I am Sir your most obedient humble servant

Willsley Richey

[89 b, c and e]
In Council 12th January 1837

The Council on a careful examination of the case of a petition and of his former Partner see nothing to settle the claim of either to your Excellencys favorable consideration.

They are in the settlement of a part of the Township of Nottawasaga and have provided in a manner totally unwarranted by and in direct opposition to the letter and spirit of the orders in Council authorized ? settlement of UE Loyalists in that neighborhood. The Council cannot enter into the disputes arising between partners in transactions so authorized. The refusal however to sanction any of their inventory? would cause much loss to the actual settlers who have taken possession of Lands in the expectation of a sanction of government. The Council therefore respectfully recommends that the lots actually settle at this time, according to the report of Mr. Ritchey before the Council be allowed to be located either by the settlers or by the petitioners under whose authority possession was originally taken according to the agreements, between Mr. Bowerman or Mr. Tupper and each settler. No deed however be issue without the consent of the original settler or his assigns or if such shall not be produced an adjudication by the Council or the claims of a settler and Mr. Bowerman or Mr. Tupper respectively. The government reserving the power of adjudging, others claims equitably, although in opposition to the strict legal instructions of such agreement. The Council cannot at present recommend any recognition of claims when the claimant is not the actual settler though there may possibly be some instances where upon a seperate petition and undoubted incidences the claim may be favorably considered. As respects the mill site now in the possession of Mr. Bowerman the Council do not object to his being allowed to locate the lot if within three years from the present date the condition of building a grist mill shall be actually completed with. In all other cases the claims of Mr. Bowerman and Mr. Tupper and the settlers and others are respectfully recommended to be decided upon without any reference to the disputes between the partners, and to their agreements, on which points they must respectively seek such remedy against each other as the ordinary courts of justice offered them.

R B Sullivan
Copy given to Archaelus Tupper 16 January 1837
Copy given to Israel Bowerman 17 January 1837
Copy sent to Surveyor General 19 January 1837

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Third Petitions
Vol 61, bundle 20/111, film C-1632

[111 and 111a]
Rec'd 2 Feb 1837
To his Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head ...
The petition of Israel Bowerman and Archelaus Tupper humbly Sheweth
But your petitioners feel grateful for the permission granted them, by an order in Council of the 12th of January last to locate the lands on which there are actual settlers in the Township of Nottawasaga. But this order has restored confidence and cheerfulness to the settlers. Your petitioners observed with sorrow it is stated therein that they are not entitled to your Excellency's favorable consideration. They acknowledge with shame and regret that they had given your Excellency and your Honourable Council much trouble in consequence of the difficulty of a private nature which is now entirely removed. It can however be easily proved that notwithstanding this difficulty your petitioners have exerted themselves to the utmost in promoting the settlement of the tract assigned to them.

They have introduced a class of men, poor but hardy, industrious and respectable who by their habits of endurance and active exertion are well qualified the pioneers in clearing the wilderness. That these men are ready to bear testimony to your petitioners having in every respect dealt fairly and honorably by them. That in fact that part of the Township of Nottawasaga which your petitioners have had the privilege of settling presents at this moment an appearance of cheerful and active industry equal at least, if not superior to that afforded by any other newly settled Township in the Province.

Your petitioners have hitherto reaped no reward from their exertions in effecting a result so desirable, the share of lands they were to receive from the parties whose claims have been and are to be, by the order in Council before alluded to, located in the tract having been extended in the opening of roads, in the building mills, assisting the settlers and making other improvements, all tending to the future prosperity of the Township.

Your petitioners beg leave to express to your Excellency there grateful sense of the indulgence which has been extended to them and their entire conviction that the case will at all times receive from the government the most favorable consideration that circumstances will warrant.

Your petitioners are also confident that if a little more time were allowed to them they would be able to place an actual settler on every lot in the tract aside to them or settlement and they humbly pray that such additional time may be granted to them for the purpose as your Excellency may seem meet.
And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

The system of reserving land for individuals to locate as been productive of so much inconvenience that the Council cannot recommend its being renewed in any instance.
MB Sullivan

We the undersigned inhabitants of the Township of Nottawasaga in the county of Simcoe, Home District, settled on lands under messrs Israel Bowerman and Archelaus Tupper being now informed by a copy of an order in Council that the lands on which we are settled are to be divided to us according to HR agreement with said Bowerman and Tupper for which we feel grateful to government and we beg to remark that although Bowerman and Tupper have for some time left us in ?? We must bear testimony to their exertions in opening roads and exerting themselves in getting in settlers and doing all their power according to their means to oblige and assist the settlers and we would be gratified and pleased if they could be allowed to locate and settle their remainder of the lots which was granted them or settlement in this Township
Nottawasaga January 28 1837[signed - hard to decifer]
John Alexander
Jacob Stally
Srid? Stay
Samer Hillease
Joseph Honeyford
Edmond Duggan
William Lake
Nicholas Lake
John Lake
Orrie Davis
Joseph Taylor
Mathew Doland
Edward Cril?

Lots on which there are active settlers and on which more or less has been done by ?? who intend to become actual settlers under Archelaus Tupper
Con 4, Lots
Con 5, Lots
Con 6, Lots 1,9,12,18
Con 7, Lot 4
Con 8, Lots 1.18.19
Con 9, Lots 1.2.10
Con 10, Lot 3.7
Con 11, lot 8
Con 12 33 Lots

Remaining yet in the Wild State
Con 4, Lot 7
Con 6, Lts 16.20
Con 7, Lots
Con 12, Lots 3.5.7 14 lots

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Fourth Petitions
Vol 307a, bundle 20/155, film C-2139 and Vol 62, bundle 21/46, film C-1633

These two petitions deal with a complaint about Israel Bowerman by Letitia McCutcheon, on she from Mono Township and widow of Samuel McCutcheon about lands in Tosorontio Township and an Order in Council dated 23 Mar 1837 was resolved between them and the order rescinded on 16 Nov 1837.