Study of James Noxon Account Book

Study of the James Noxon Account book

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte
James Noxon Account Book
James Noxon 1765 - 1842
Doug Smith, transcriber, has studied the James Noxon account book and concluded that about 20 families were able to support one blacksmith in their midst. The names below repeatedly show up in the account book.
CopyrightDoug Smith, 2006
This is a work in progess. 24 Sep 2006
Brown Peter C
DeMill John
Foster Joseph
Gorslin John
McTargart James
McTargart John
Morden Richard
Mowerson Isaac
Orsburn Neheniah
Parks Serenus
Roblin Levy
Roblin Philip
Short Adam
Snider Matthew
Storing John
Tripp Israel
Vanskiver John
Way John
Way John R
Wood William
                        20 families, or farms at most, support 1 Blacksmith.
 On Image 90 we can see that 5 Shillings equals $ 1.00 in 1841