Deborah (Mullett) Haight Bowerman

Deborah (Mullett) Haight Bowerman

Diary #1, 1874 - 1882

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Prince Edward County Archives

Deborah Mullett (1804 - 1892)
lived in Hallowell Township, Prince Edward County. Her first husband was Consider Haight. Their daughter, Mary M Haight, married Levi Vincent Bowerman, author of another diary held by the archives. In 1850 she married Vincent Bowerman who is the father of her son in law, Levi Vincent Bowerman.

Deborah Mullett Bowerman Diary 1874- 1882: It is held at the Prince Edward County Archives and has the accession number A2001.016.084 100a - labelled Journal 1. Note from Robynne Rogers Healey – Anne Adams in Picton suggests that this is not Lydia Haight’s book. Its contents indicate that it is the diary of Deborah Mullet Haight Bowerman. Perhaps she used one of Lydia’s old books. Transcribed by Lydia Wytenbroek, history student at Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia and posted here with her permission. Pam Noxon, archivist at the PEC Archives, also grants permission for this posting. Thanks to Dr. Robynne Rogers Healey, Associate Professor at Trinity Western University, for her role in this effort.

Copyright: Lydia Wytenbroek and Randy Saylor, 2008

Beginning of Diary

[Front Cover]
Lydia Haight Book
2mo 3rd 1874
Paged by T. B. Williams 7/5/6/

[pg 1]
12mo 31st 1874 _ Uncle Arthur & Aunt Jane
came here, & there [sic] daughter Hannah, stoped [sic]
with us untill [sic] the 4th of 1mo 1875, going to
meeting with us, for the first time in our
new meeting house, a very cold day blowing &
snowing_ Sarah Clendenan buried the
same day_ _ _
1mo 1st 1875_ Andrew Whycot Son & Daughter here
_8th Consider & Deborah came here
_12th they went home, Mary going with them,
_14th Vincent & myself went to Select meeting
_16th Lydia went over to Stephen Hubbs [sic], _
_18th Levi went to Belleville with Uncle John’s things,
_24th A great snow storm went to meeting,
25 years ago to day [sic] we were married, _
2mo 5th Select prepartive [sic] meeting Vincent went I did
not go Mary sick with the Inflamtory [sic] Rheumatism
several Strangers [sic] there, Ellwood Scott, Stephen
Cartland & his brother, _ _ _
_6th Quarterly meeting Alfred Phelps & his family

[pg 2]
here, left us on first day for home, I did not get out
to meeting at all, very bad roads,_ _ _
_20_ Levi & Mary went to Fredericksburgh,
_23_ they came home Elizabeth Nelson & Rachel
came back with them, returning on the 27th
3mo 3rd Levi & Mary started for Rome, went by the
way of Napanee, _ Nathaniel Sivetman moved his
family down on his new place, _ _ _
_6_ Sid Deb & Mary came here again, _ went home
the 9th, _ _ _
_10th [Liphet?] Phebe Jane, Sarah Maria & Walter here
_11_ All hands went to meeting, got two letters from
our folks, & sent them two, _ _ _
_12, S. Hubbs & wife, here also George Amy Sarah &
Ella Kingston _ _ _
_14_ Benjamin & wife here, went home the 15th
a very wet afternoon, _ _ _

[pg 3]
3mo 16th Our folks got back from Rome, _
4_9th Edith would have been 18, to day had she lived,
5mo 7th Lydia birth-day 37, went back to the
woods with the children, to gather flowers,
_17th A young Colt, Uncle John came here
from Belleville a foot, stoped [sic] two nights with us.
_22, Anna Sophia & Fanny came here for a
visit. __
_21st Fathers birth-day [sic] 84, Andrew Wycot
& Sarah here for a visit. _ _ _
_26. Silvanus Mullett & his daughter Victoria
here for a visit, returned home the 28. _
_29th Nelson & Rachel came up on the
boat, _

[pg 4]
6mo 16th Our folks gone to the Sand-banks
also Anna Fanny E. Cadman & a Methodist
Minister from Whitby, _ _ _
_21st Quarterly meeting over, Rufes King &
Margaret Newsome here, seven of our friends
here from Huntingdon, _ _ _
_23,rd Anna & Fanny started for home,
_24 Elizabeth went home, Carrie took her
to the boat _ _ _
7_3rd 54 years ago to day [sic] my father & mother landed in
Quebec with 11 Children, 6 boys & 5 girls, _
_8th father & myself went to meeting, after dinner
went to see [Liphet?] Levens. Lydia went with us.
_9 Lydia father & myself went to see C. G. Bowerman
and his family, _ _ _

[pg 5]
_10th Went on to the market with Mary, sold her
butter for 19 cents a pound, & 14c a dozen for her eggs, _
_11th Levi Mary & the children gone too [sic] Hubbs, a
meeting this afternoon at 4 oclock [sic], father & Carrie gone
_14 Stephen, Lydia & Adam Hubbs here for a visit
_21_ Dr Nash’s Mother & Phebe Jane & [look?] with us
_24 Deborah & Mary Sills came up on the boat,
_25, Three years ago this morning between two
and three oclock [sic] poor dear Edith breathed her
last sitting in the arm-chair. _ _ _
8mo 21st Eliza Brewer & Rachel Cronkite sailed
from New York for England, _ _ _
9mo3rd Very warm quick silver up to 88,
_11th Father & myself went to Napanee on the little boat

[pg 6]
_14th Went round the head of the Bay to R Cadman’s
Rachel & Nelson going with us, _ _ _
_18th Robert & Elizabeth took us to the Point
to take the boat for Picton, got home about 8 oclock [sic]
8mo 13th Levi Mary & Carrie went down to see
the thousand Islands, _ _ _
_24th Lydia went to Napanee with S Richardson
9mo 29th Levi Mary & Carrie started for Leeds
quarterly meeting. __
10mo 7th Our folks got home from Leeds, _ _ _
_10 Reuben Haight & Sarah Haight here for a visit
_19 Rachel Sills & Lydia came up to dry apples
23 Nelson came up, they all went home the 23rd
28th Cyntha Simons was buried, _ _ _

[pg 7]
11mo 4th Grandfather Mulletts Birth-day [sic] had
he lived would have been 110, _ _ _
He was born in Old England at [Flimster?]
in [Homersetshire?], the 4th of 11mo 1768. __
My grandmother was born at Strech in
Somersetshire the 3rd of 7mo 1770, __
Died in Fredericksburgh the 28th of 12mo 1845
My father died near Bloomfield 31st of 10mo 1865
at Vincent Bowerman’s __
_12th Charles G Bowerman & wife here for a visit
_14 A great snow-storm, none of the family
at meeting, _ _ _
20 Went to Picton to see [Jasop?] Peterson
Carrie went also & got a new hat,
Marys [sic] Birth day [sic] 40, years old, _ _ _
_26 Killed hogs, rained all day, _ _ _
_27 Thomas Stinson & wife & Thomas Bowerman
& John Stinson here for a visit, Carrie
went home with [them?]

[pg 8]
Vincent let Levi have 35 dollars out
of the bank, & Mary got Lydia two new
aprons for the morning, this 27 day of 11mo 1875
28th Levi & Mary went up to Thomas Stinsons [sic] for
a visit, rained hard all the afternoon, _ _ _
29th of 11th month, 1875. My Birth day [sic] 71, A very cold
day. quick-silver down to 6 below zero when we
went to bed, _Mary trying out [fat?], Levi cuting [sic]
up his hogs, Lydia twisting yarn, Carrie cleaning
up the parlor, Vincent cuting [sic] sweet apples, and
myself fixing an old flannel shirt & thinking
where shall we all be this time twelve-month,
nearer the end of our journey for certain. __
30th Mercury 11 degrees below zero, _ made two
bosoms for father, able to get up before
day light and help get breakfast._ _ _

[pg 9]
12mo 1 Levi & Mary went up to Levens for a visit
_2nd Went to meeting. John Davis wife buried,
_3rd Alaxander Derbyshire wife & Son here, _
_5th I went to meeting, N Swetman & wife here, _
lent Nathaniel John Roberts life. _ _ _
_6th Mary warped her peice [sic],
7th Edward Daly here paid him $ 10._ Cut
out Lydia nightcaps, _ _ _
_16th Monthly meeting, Levi, Mary Vincent & myself
went, heard a letter read from E Brewer, __
_18th Erwin Derbyshire died about nine
oclock [sic] in the evening, _ _ _
_24th Christmas-eve a very stormy night

[pg 10]
Levi & Mary been on Picton market with
15 turkeys & 5 geese, got 7lb for turkeys and
three shillings for their geese, heard that
Henry Sivetman was married, _all our
family at home & alone, Lydia picking a
turkey for Phebe Jane, Mary opening geese
Carrie finishing her drawrs [sic], _Heard that
Eliza Brewer & Rachel Cronkite had got to
John H Mullett’s in Bristol,_ _ _
Levi enjoying the company of his two little
Children for a treet [sic], their Grandfather not
very smart, had another fall & hurt his hip,
Grandmother feeling on [sic] year older than usual
still able tho [sic] to patch and mend, _ _ _
12mo 25th Christmas morning thunder and
lighting [sic] with rain no sleighing, the children
delighted with their presants [sic], as well as
the older ones, _ Levi read the fourth chapter
of John, _

[pg 11]
12mo 30th Father Levi Lydia & myself
went to meeting in the waggon [sic] warm
weather, _ _ _
_31st Mild weather yet George & Maim
here, fixing to leave, makeing [sic] a Vest [sic]
for father, _ _ _

1876 1st 1mo A wet mild day, G Anderson gone
to Belleville with his things, _
_3rd George & Maim left for the West _
_6th Levi & Mary went to meeting. I lent Sarah Ann
Derbyshire “Ushers Letters” _ _ _
_8th Cleaned the kitchen, the horse’s ran away
with Wesley in the woods, _ _ _
_9th Mild weather yet, went to meeting, William
[Bransrom?] & wife here for a visit, lent them
two tracks, & the account of Daniel Man, _

[pg 12]
1mo 12th Levis & Phebe Jane here
_13th Wm H Rattan & wife here, Stephen Hubbs
came for Lydia, returned the 23rd _ _ _
_24th A mild day been married 26th years to day [sic]
to V Bowerman, burnt up the meet [sic] in the
Smoke-house, _ _ _

_14 Done my last knitting in the [kitting?] alone
with two eyes, done nothing since, _ _ _
2mo 2nd Mary cooked the turkey did not enjoy it much
herself, as the man came to look at the house
with the prospect of buying, not a very pleasant
feeling to think of looseing [sic] your home, where
you have done so many hard days work, poor
writing done with one eye, _ _ _
_3rd Uncle Arthur & Willie came here, for quarterly

[pg 13]
meeting also Stephen Cartland & several others
from Leeds, _ _ _

_8th Stephen Cartland & Ellwood Scot here for dinner
I did not get out to meeting at all on account of my
sore eye, _ Uncle Arthur went home & left William
here with a fever or something else, _ _ _
_ _ _
_25th Levi Lydia Carrie & Willie started for Napanee
and so round to see Elizabeth, & Uncle Benjamin, _
_29th Got home bringing Elizabeth with them
who stoped [sic] with us till the 7th of 3rd moth when
Robert came after her, _ _ _
3mo 4th Nelson & Rachel came up, stoped [sic] two
nights with us, _ Daniel Dorland & wife here
lent her Peter Bedford to read, __
sore eye yet _ _ _

[pg 14]
3mo 10th 1876_ E Cadman’s birth day [sic] 46
our family in trouble, Old Levet here trying
to buy the place or rather the farm. _ _ _
_11th Carrie gone to Hubb’s for a weeks visit,
_12th V B had symptoms of a fit about four
oclock [sic] in the morning, the pulse almost stoped [sic]
beating, but got over it nicely in a few hours.
_15, Levi went to Adolphus town to attend
Daniel Haight’s Sale, saw Robert & Elizabeth
there, __
_16th Monthly meeting a very cold rough snowing
_day. father Levi Mary went to meeting, &
to Levens in the evening. __
_17th the folks moved into the house, _
_18th Mary went on the market got 15n for her
eggs, got me two morning aprons, _

[pg 15]
3mo 20th Levi & Mary went to Belleville.
came home next day, a foot of snow fell
while they were gone, _ _ _
4mo 9th Edith’s birth day [sic] would have been
nineteen, _ Lewis & Phebe Jane here for
a visit, myself writing to the R Sills, _
4mo 28th Levi’s Birth day [sic] 44 a fine day Phebe Ann
Whycott here for a visit. _
5mo 4th Ellwood Scott attended our week day
meeting all the family went except myself
he also had a meeting at Hiller in the evening
which our folks attended, _ _ _
_7th First day went to meeting for the first
time since my eye was sore, Lydias birth-day [sic]
38, how time flies away, _ she went back in the
woods with the children to gather flowers, _

[pg 16]
Vincent reading in John Chandler’s journal
where it speaks of an Old woman one hundred
years old, walking nine miles to attend one
of his meetings, _ _ _
_16th Cleaning house, Aunt Bathsheba died
twelve years ago today in the afternoon.
_18th Monthly meeting at Hiller father
Levi & Mary went up, _C Daly here left
8lb of tea; paid him ten dollars. _ _ _
_21st Vincents Birth day [sic] 85. A fine day
I went to meeting – Jemia Saylor buried,
aged 85, & 7 months. _ _ _
_24th [Liphet?] Levens birth day [sic] 85, father
Lydia & myself spent the day with him
found Wm Garrett wife & two daughters there
also Joseph Rogers. _ _ _

[pg 17]
_25th Levi went to Belleville for a Cheese
-press. father & Mary went to meeting, _ _ _
paid Sarah Levens 3/- for turning my bonnet _
got two afternoon aprons for myself & a ribbon
for my head, _ _ _
6_2nd Select meeting Vincent & myself went
Aunt Eliza Wm Henry Alfred Phelps & wife
came here & stoped [sic] all night, & eight others
during quarterly meeting, two woman [sic] friends
from Leray, _ _ _
_10 Rachels birth day [sic] 8 years old, Alace Swetman
here for a visit, Levi brought home his new wagon [sic]
found the old Cat dead in the cellar, _ _ _
_11th Vincent & myself went to meeting, then
to Levi Varney’s for a visit, _ Wm Baker’s daughter
here for a visit, _ Lydia went to G Leers for
a visit, _ _ _

[pg 18]
6mo 15th 1876 Monthly meeting Levi Thomas
Vincent & myself went, the rest stoping [sic] at
home by the stuff, things not going quite
pleasant, _ _ _
_16th William Cronk buried at Grasse-point
Vincent Levi Mary & Carrie going to the
funeral, _ _ _
_19th Julia Ann Waters buried at Picton,
Levi Mary & Carrie went & the Children
Eliza Brewer & Rachel Cronkite returned
from England. _ _ _
_20th Two weeks wash Nelson & Rachel
came up on the boat, _ _ _
_22nd Levi Nelson Rachel & Lydia went too [sic]
Belleville, back to the same day, found Mary quite
unwell with the [Janduers?], _ _ _

[pg 19]
6mo 23rd they went home Levi took them to
the boat, * _ _ _
_25th All hands went to meeting except
Lydia & myself I having a bad sick head-ache
* Vincent Mary & myself went to A Derbyshire’s
to see E Brewer, the Steemer they
returned in was called the Britanick
on the ocean seven days & 16 hours, she was
470 feet long, drew 24 feet of water, 700 pasengers [sic]
the Crew 100, used 200 Coal a day, eleven
boilers drove the Enjine [sic], 24 firemen, they
baked four barrels of flower [sic] a day. _
_28th Levi Mary Carrie & Walter Levens, started
in the waggon [sic] for Yearly-meeting _ _ _
7mo7th Returned from Yearly-meeting, _ _ _
_9th Deborah Thomas attended our first day meeting _

[pg 20]
very hot weather, Mercury up to 92
at ten oclock [sic] in the morning,
George Leer & his family here for dinner
_13th Prepartive [sic] meeting Thomas Ladd
William Allen a colord [sic] person & Ellwood
Scott attended the meeting, we all went _
quick-silver at 90, Our folks went up to
Hillier meeting in the evening. _ _ _
16th First day I did not go to meeting, Stephen and
Lydia came back to spend the afternoon. _
_19 Wm Allen & Ellwood Scott, had an evening meeting
at our meeting house, our folks all went, _
_20_ Hannah Vancleaf buried, Monthly meeting
Wm Allen & Ellwood Scott, attended, & a meeting in the
evening at Mount Pleasant. our folks all went, _

[pg 21]
23rd First day Levi father & myself went found
Wm Allen there, gave us one of the greatest sermons
just what our meeting needed, _ Our folks went
up to Mount Pleasant in the afternoon, & to Hillier
in the evening. _ _ _
24th Father Lydia & myself went to Stephen Hubb’s
met Wm Garretts [sic] family there with Charles Vail, also
Thomas Stinson & wife, _ _ _
_27th four years ago to day [sic] Edith was
buried, Mary & the Children & myself went down
into the Grave-yard. then to the Post office.
_29th Levi went to Picton to meet Mary Sills,
got a barrel of Sugar, _ _ _
_30th First day did not go to meeting, had a bad
cold, our folks gone over to Nathaniel’s. __

[pg 22]
8mo 5th Consider Died 38 years ago to day [sic] about
eleven oclock [sic] in the evening, _ Consider
Deborah & Lydia came up, stoped [sic] till the 9th
Sarah Phelps & her neice [sic] came, went away
the next day, _ _ _
7th Samuel Haight wife & son here stoped [sic] all night
_8th Our folks went to the Sand-banks & Rachel
young folks, _ _ _
_9th Eliza Brewer daughter & her husband here
_10th Prepartive [sic] meeting, Our folks went to Hubbs [sic]
_19th Arnold Haights [sic] daughter here stoped [sic] all
night with us, _ _ _
_22nd Lydia & Carrie went down to the thousand
Islands met with Elizabeth on the boat, Carrie
got left at Kingston came up the next night.

[pg 23]
9mo 13th Went to Picton with Mary & got myself some
muslin for Caps, & two neck handkerchiefs, saw
Jacob Peterson & Isabela, who was going to
Fredericksburgh for a visit, _ _ _
_14th_Prepartive [sic] meeting Vincent went out for
the first time since his bad cold, Levi Mary
the Children & myself went also, _ _ _
16th Wille came back, Mary & the Children
walked over to Nathaniels [sic], Levi & Lydia went
to Bloomfield for her black luster dress, _
_21st Monthly meeting Vincent & myself went,
Mary Heriss that was came back with us, brought
Lydias [sic] dress home, _ _ _
22nd E Cadman came up on the boat for a
visit, _ Nelson Rachel & four of the children
came up next day with the wagon [sic], and

[pg 24]
stayed till the 26th
29th Elizabeth & Carrie went to Picton, _ _
30th Elizabeth & Lydia went to Picton,
10mo 1st Nelly & her husband & Magge came up
to spend the day Levi going after them, _
_2nd Elizabeth gone home Lydia went with
her for a visit for a few weeks, _ _ _
_21st Levi & Mary on the Market with Ducks
& fowles got 50c a pare [sic] for them, brought me
six yards of factory Cotten [sic] for some shirts,
& a ball of Sun threat 50c _ _ _
_30th Lydia came home from Nelson’s on
the little boat, Levi went down to meet her

[pg 25]
31st Grandfather been dead eleven years this e
vening, died about seven, _ _ _
11mo 2nd Levi geting [sic] out timber for a wheal-house
Mary finishing her Carpet, father & her
went to meeting behind Old Ellen, _ _ _
11mo 1st Thunder & Lightning in the morning about
eight oclock [sic], it got so dark we lit a Candle to see
if there was not an Eclipse _ _ _
_5th Benjamin came up to see us, spent
three days with us, went over to see Nathaniel
_8th Benjamin went home, Levi took him
to the boat, __
11mo 29th 1876 My birth day [sic] 72 years old, it looks
as tho [sic] I was almost to the end of my journey,
and Oh that I may be ready, is all that I wish
for in this world, _ Lydia washing, Mary weaving-

[pg 26]
father cutting apples, Levi at the factory, Carrie
doing house-work, the Children giving Grandmother
little presants [sic], myself makeing [sic] flannel shirts for
Rachel, _ _ _
30th Father & Levi went to meeting in the buggy
quite cold, Carrie gone out this afternoon with
her dress to Mrs Hare’s, _ _ _
12moth 8th Mary put down the rag-carpet & paper’d [sic]
the room, 9th Went to the market got 60ct for geese
50ct a pair for Ducks, 22ct a lb for butter _
12mo 22nd Killed 14 turkeys 6 geese 8 Ducks
for Picton market, _ _ _
23rd Went to the Market got 5/shillings a peice [sic]
for the turkeys, 3/- for geese [2lb?] a pare [sic] for Ducks
22cts a pound for butter 20ct a dozen for eggs, _

[pg 27]
12mo 24th the Children went to meeting
with Carrie, there [sic] father & Grandfather.
Philip Ward came in the evening also Elisha
Huff, _ _ _
_25th Christmas day the Children much
pleased with there [sic] presants [sic], -Aman and
his wife here on business makeing [sic] a wheel
for Levi, _ _ _
26th Carrie gone down to see E Cadman
went with friend P, W, _ _ _
28th Nelson Rachel & Uncle Henry came
stoped [sic] with us till 2nd of 1st moth 1877
Henry stoped [sic] with us till the 11th Nathaniel
took him to Belleville, _ Levi Mary father
& myself went out to Prepartive [sic] meeting, _
1877 1stmo 13th A great blow snow with it, Levi &
Jim had a great job to get in from Bloomfield.

[pg 28]
1877, 1stMo 19th An invitaion [sic] to dine with
Eliza Brewer, did not go not feeling very
well, in the evening our School-house
was burnt down, _ _ _
_20th Carrie came home, a rain storm
in the morning, Consider brought her. _
_21st Our folks went to Hubbs [sic] did not get
home till three oclock [sic] in the morning.
_23rd Charles G Bowerman & his family here
for dinner, also Johnson Brewer & Eliza.
_24th Been married 27 years to day [sic], Johnson
& Eliza stoped [sic] all night with us. _
2mo5th Our quarterly over a very favourd [sic] one &
very fine weather, Stephen Cartland and
Sebern Dorland attended our quarter,

[pg 29]
26 friends lodged with us, five one night,
four another, ten the third eleven the fourth
night & sixteen the fifth, Robert & Elizabeth
was [sic] in the company, Also my brother Arthur
& his son, Vincent & myself was [sic]out to the
Select meeting. _ _ _
3Mo5th Father Lydia Rachel & myself
went to Leven’s for a visit. _ _ _
Edward Daly here stoped [sic] all night quite
unwell, _ paid him seven dollors [sic], he left
12 pounds of tea. _ _ _
_7th Levi & father went to Prepartive [sic] meeting
a heavy rain all day _ Jim went to
Stone Mills for Plaster. _ _ _
_10th E Cadman’s Birth-day [sic] 47, Levi & Mary
went to Napanee, a snow storm in the
afternoon, fell ten inches, _ _ _

[pg 30]
3mo 12th, 1877_ Levi & Mary got home from
Napanee, have conclued [sic] not to break up our
family this summer, for which I feel
very thankfull [sic], _ _ _
_15th Monthly meeting father Levi & Mary
went, Wm Allen there, _ _ _
_16th Another Snow-storm in the afternoon,
Levi & Mary gone back in the Sap-bush,
to clean the buckets. _ _ _
_17th Went on to the Market with some eggs
& Dried-apples, _ quick-silver two degrees
below zeroe [sic]. _ _ _
_18th First day I went to meeting good sleig-
-ing [sic] Wm Allen there, gave us an excelant [sic]
sermon, he also had a meeting in the
afternoon, _ Byron Robinson came back to dinner

[pg 31]
_19 William Allen had two meetings at our
meeting house, our folks going. _ _ _
_20th Lydia & Carrie went to Robert Taylor’s
for a visit, after attending Wm Allens [sic] meeting
in the morning. _ _ _
_21st W Allen had two more meetings, our
folks washing. Lydia went to S Hubb’s,
_22nd Meeting day father & Mary went. Seburn
Dorland there, Wm Allen left for Huntingdon
_23rd Mary & Carrie bakeing [sic] & ironing, David
Ellsworth spent the day here, _ [laped?] the
bush yesterday. _ _ _
_24th Carrie Birth day [sic] 22 years old,
Levi at the Factory a fine day, _ _ _

[Letter 1]
6mo 12th 1892
Here I am up with Lydia
been here most four weeks,
going home to night _ Lydia
playing on the Organ_
Lydia reading over some Old
[manuscripts?]. _ _ Frank Waring
died the 9th of this month. _
Here I am at John Williams _
writing without glasses, 87 years
old & six months old. _ _ _
Mary been down with Rachel
the last four days, comes
home to night. _ _ _
6th mo 12th 1892

[Letter 2]
Hannah [ClaMier?]
whose maiden name
was Popel, had five
children, Saumuel, Sarah
Arthur Martha, Mary
13 of 3mo 1870 A very
stormy first day not able
to get out to meeting _

My Grandfather Clothier name
was James & my Grandmother
name Hannah her maiden
name was Pople, they had five
Children two sons & three daughters
Samuel & Arthur, Sarah
Mary and Martha

11 of 3mo 1878 Mild weather, no snow
[taped?] the bush the 9th of this

[pg 32]
4mo 4 Lydia came home Stephen & Lydia
brought her in the buggy _ _ _
7th Levi & Mary on the Market, Potatoes
five shillings & seven pence halfpeny [sic] a bag,
Uncle Arthur Willie came down from
Brighton, I heard & saw the first Robin.
8th Went to meeting Matura Bowerman came
home with us, Mary & the Children went
back to the Sap-bush, _ Willie & Carrie went
to Stephen Hubbs [sic] for a visit, _ _ _
9th Edith’s Birth-day [sic] would have been 20,
makeing [sic] sugar yet, _ _ _
_11th Lydia & myself walked down to see
Phebe Burlingham, in the evening had a poor
turn of Heart decease [sic], but it passed over in
about two hours, leaveing [sic] me very weak. _ _ _

[pg 33]
4mo 15th Our folks went to meeting & to Hubbs [sic]
after with Matura, brought back Nancy with them
to spend a few days, _ _ _
_20th David Cunningham buried, our folks
went, _ _ _
_22nd First day our folks going to meeting
Nancy going home, A very beautifull [sic] day. our
first Chicken came out E Brewer here for supper
C G. Bowerman & wife, Wm H. Rattan wife & three Children here also _
_21st Mary went to Market, butter 23ct a pound
eggs 11ct a dozen, Mary got herself a black dress, and
a new hat for Rachel, _ _ _
_28th Mary & Carrie went on to the Market
with butter & eggs a very wet day, got Lydia
a rapper, __
_29th First day Johnson Brewer & Eliza
here for dinner came to see Phebe
Burlingham, _ _ _

[pg 34]
1877 5mo 2nd A hard frost a letter from Aunt
Rachel Clendenan, _ _ _
_ _ _
_4th Phebe Burlingham died about half
one to day, _ _ _ Buried the 6th _ _ _
_7th Lydia’s Birth day [sic] 39. went back in
the woods with the Children to pick
flowers & then on to Nathaniels [sic], to have
a little visit. came back very tired. _ _ _
_13th I went to meeting a beautiful day.
Nathaniel & wife, & Ella Kingston came
back with us, _ _ _
_12th A Telegram from Whitby informing us
of the death of Anna Sophia, to be buried
the 15th _ _ _

[pg 35]
5mo 17th Monthly Meeting at Hillier Father
Levi Mary Carrie & the Children went up
& took dinner at John Dorland’s. _ _ _
_20th A fine day went to meeting P W, here our
folks went to Picton to look for E Cadman the boat
was gone, [Wesleyan?] Conference there,
21st Father Birth-day [sic] 86, a fine day. _ _ _
23rd Jim went to Toronto to see his father found
him dead & buried, _ _ _
24th The Queens [sic] Birth-day [sic], Nathaniel [sic] two
Children were here for a visit, _ _ _
26th Nelson & Rachel came up with the bugey [sic]
stoped [sic] with us three nights, went home the 29th
I think its [sic] rather uncertain if she sees us all
togather [sic] again, for we little know what a day
will bring fourth [sic]. __

[pg 36]
1877 5mo 31st Uncle John came down for a
visit & to attend the Quarterly meeting, _
6mo 1st Select meeting Vincent & myself went
found two friends there from Philadelphia
Samuel Morris & his companion a friend
by the name of [Cope??], when we got home found
Frederick Sivetman his wife & four Children
here had a very pleasant with them.
3rd A number of our friends made us a
visit 20 in number Wm Allen & companion
among the company, we lodged the whole of
them, & after breakfast, had a chapter read
& a few words spoken after by some of the
company, which was acceptable, then most
of them started for home, some went to
the Sand-banks. _ _ _
4th Robert & Elizabeth left us for home.

[pg 37]
after spending three days with us _ _ _
7th Meeting day Father & Levi went, a fine day
Alice Sivetman here to spend her 14 Birth-
day [sic], Lydia doing a large wash,
10th First day Rachel’s Birth-day [sic] 9 years old, a very
windy day it blew down the vine off the house,
S Hubbs wife & daughter here for dinner also
Thomas [Hasard?] wife & three Children, & Willie
Mullett, Carrie & myself went to meeting found
Wing Rogers there. _ _ _
_13th Wing Rogers made us a visit in company
with Johnson Brewer, _ _ _
_17th First day I did not go to meeting, our folks
went over to Hubbs [sic], in the evening,

[pg 38]
1877. 6mo 19th Reuben & Mary Elizabeth
Garrett came here stoped [sic] one night
with us, _ _ _
_20th Elizabeth Dorland died aged 33,
buried the 22nd our folks went to the funarel [sic]
_23rd Thomas Clark’s Son & daughter came
stoped [sic] all night with us, _24th first day
Barkley Jones from Iowa at meeting,
A woman friend from England there
in the afternoon by the name of Satherwait.

7mo 1st First day Mary & the Children went to
meeting Willie came back with them, Nathaniel
came after dinner. A wonderfull [sic] thunder
& lighting [sic] storm seventh day night lasted four
hours. _ _ _ New potatoes for the first. _ _ _

[pg 39]
7mo 2nd Lewis & Phebe Jane’s Wedding day
married 25 years, so there was a great many
friends invited makeing [sic] in all about 150,
Levi Mary & their three Children went, a great
many handsome presents made, to the amount
of near a hundred & thirty dollors [sic].
_5th Our friend P W_ came on his way back
from Niagra & Yearly Meeting. stoped [sic] till the 9th
_8th First day a Friend by the name of Redclif
& two Colourd [sic] friends from the States attended
our meeting had a meeting at Hillier in the
evening our folks went up. _ _ _
_11th Father & myself went out to see Levi Varney
found him quite poorly. _ _ _
_12th fifth day father Mary & myself went to meeting
our friends home from YM. many forward
spirits there

[pg 40]
1877_7mo 24th Maria Diamond came here
for a visit, & her little girl, spent two days
with us. _ _ _
25th Five years ago to day Edith died about
three oclock [sic] in the morning, buried
the 27th _ Thoomas Stinson & wife Phebe
[Norton? R?] Phebe Bowerman here for dinner,
28th Vincent quite unwell with with (she doubled the word) the
Disentry, Levi Sprained his ankle, _ _ _
22nd James Richardson & Sarah [Satterward?]
attended our First day meeting.
26th Uncle John Mullett came here.

8mo 1st Mary Mullett & Fred came here.
_2nd I went to meeting & heard the Black
-man Preach, Noah M Lean. _ _ _

[pg 41]
8mo 5th Consider been dead 39 years to day [sic].
George & Amey here to day [sic], Wm [Bransrom?] and
family. Wm Valentine & wife Jane, Levi Varney
& wife. _ _ _
_11th [Alphes?] Mc Taggart & his father came
here stoped all night with us, then on to
meeting. _ _ _
_18th Uncle John left us for home
Mary took him as far as Picton with the
Buggy, bringing Deborah Sills & her little
Sister May back with her.
_19th Jim drove Lydia & Deborah out to
our meeting. to hear the Black-man preach
a very warm day our friend J.C. called
on us once more. _ _ _
_24th A party of Old Friends at Lewis Leven’s
eight in number, their united ages makeing [sic]
647. Vincent & myself being part of the company

[pg 42]
26th Frederick Richardson & wife Stephen
Hubbs wife & daughter here for a visit.
none of our family at meeting to day on account
of Noah M Lain & his companion, we hope
they will return home soon. _ _ _
27th The Colord [sic] man & his Companion gone,
31st Our folks got in their last load of grain.
9thmo 1st Arthur Mullett & our brother John
came down for a visit, stoped [sic] over first day.
they went over to Nathaniel’s.
_5th Levi Varney & his Cousins here for a visit
_8th Father Lydia & myself went over to see
- Amey Leer, a beautifull [sic] day.

[pg 43]
9th A fine day, went to meeting, Stephen White
& wife here, we went down to see the new
School-house with Lewis & Phebe Jane.
10th Thomas Birth-day [sic] seven years old goes
to School for the first time. also Rachel
nine years old never been to School before.
Lydia & myself went to see Jane Cronk about
going to Montrehall [sic]. _ _ _
12th Andrew Wycott & Sarah & daughter here
13th Father Levi Mary & myself went up to
Wellington to spend the day with Wm Garrett
& Patience, it being the Aniverserty [sic] of their
Wedding day 59 years married, 54 of their
friends took dinner with them. a beautifull [sic]
day rather to warm, sleeping with our
window open every night. _ _ _

[pg 44]
9mo 14th 1877, A very warm day Sarah
Richardson brought Margaret Wright here
for a visit, _ _ _
15th Mary took the Children and went over
to S Hubbs [sic] for Butter got back around nine
oclock [sic], a beautifull [sic] moon-light night, Levi
& Hugh Morton went to Picton, Carrie
D Sills & M Wright went to L Leven’s.
16th First day I did not got to meeting, a fine day,
about six in the evening Uncle Benjamin
brought Rachel Clendenan & her daughter
Mary, E Cadman & R Sills, Benjamin returned
home on third day also Elizabeth & Rachel
18th Gidion H Bowerman buried, Aunt Rachel
& Mary went to Nathaniel’s, _ _ _
19th Went to Select meeting, Aunt Rachel &

[pg 45]
Mary went to Thomas Waring’s, _
20th Monthly meeting-I did not go, _
21st R Clendenan’s Birth day [sic] 71, went to William
Valentine’s for a visit, _ _ _
22nd Started for Huntingdon Levi Mary and
the Children takeing [sic] them in the waggon [sic],
24th Our folks returned home about past nine
leaveing [sic] Aunt Rachel & her daughter May at
Uncle Arthur’s. _ _ _
29th Our folks went to the boat for Maggie [Stewary?]
10mo 4th Consider & Mary started for home
Deborah went with them, after being with
us more than six weeks, _ _ _

[pg 46]
10mo 10th 1877, Levi took Carrie & Maggie Stewart
to the Boat, thrashing Buck-weat [sic] in the field
got near two hundred bushel, _ _ _
_13th Carrie came home on the boat R Sills
came with her to dry some apples, returned
home the 20, _ _ _
28th Lydia went over to S Hubbs [sic] for a
visit, returned the 7th of 11mo Stephen
& Lydia bringing her home. _ _ _
11mo 4th My father’s Birth day [sic] had he have
lived would have been 112.
_5th Willet Hubbs died, buried the 7th
11th George & Amey here for dinner.

[pg 47]
13th Carrie went to spend a few days with
Margaret Jane Hubbs & her daughter,
returned home on the 15th a very wet day
_16th Boiling Cider, Edward & Jane Cronk
here for a visit, Mary bought some shells
of [sic] a Pedlar [sic] at the door, _ _ _
17th Levi & Mary went on to the Market with
Ducks fowls & butter, 25cts a peice [sic] butter 22cts
a pound, __
14th Edward Dayle here for dinner, paid him
$7- got 10 pound of tea of [sic] him at 60ct a pound,
_21st Nelson Sills came to see about takeing [sic]
the farm, returned home on the 23rd _
_23rd Mary & Carrie Cleaned the dineing [sic]
-room took up the Carpet, Carrie got her
boots from Glens. _ _ _

[pg 48]
1877_11mo 29th My Birth day [sic] 73 years older
than my Mother was when she died,
our second flury [sic] of snow fell to day,
fifth day Vincent Levi & Mary went to meeting
I did not go feeling much older than
I ever did before. _ _ _
12mo 4th Killing hogs, _ _ _
_8th On the market with Ducks hens
apples, butter, eggs, & hogs [sic] fat, father went
down to have a full cloth coat cut a
fine day, __

_22nd Mary on the Market with geese ducks
& turkeys, geese 50ct a peice [sic] turkey 75ct
Ducks 60ct _ Mild open weather no snow
on the ground, saw several teems [sic] at


[pg 49]
12mo 23rd Lydia & myself went to meeting
mild weather yet – Stanly White wife &
three Children here for dinner, also
James Sivetman & sister _
24th Levi Lydia Carrie & the Children
went to Picton in the afternoon to get
Christmas presants [sic]. did not get back till
after dark.
25th Christmas morning open weather yet
All the family abel [sic] to get up & eat their
breakfast for which I hope we are all thank-
-full, How uncertain who will see the
next Christmas, Six years ago now poor dear
Edith was with us. _ _ _
1878 1mo 1st Levi & Mary gone to see G Lear
who is quite unwell, Huffs young folks
came to spend the evening _ _ _

[pg 50]
1878 1stmo 18th Select meeting day Vincent did
not go, having a bad cold. _ _ _
19th Monthly meeting did not go, Levi and
Mary went also Carrie. _ _ _
21st Levi & Mary went to Picton got flannel
for Lydia & Carrie, mild weather yet
no snow. _ _ _
24th Vincent & myself married 28 years
ago to day, meeting day no one went,
father showed Levi his Will, not altogather [sic]
satisfied, poor man I feel very sorry for
him, haveing [sic] involved himself so much.
but we cannot all see alike. _ _ _
25th Samuel Baker died, _
26th Lydia went to Picton paied [sic] for her
gold spectacals [sic] or in part 5 dollors [sic], then
went to George Leers for a visit stoped [sic] all

[pg 51]
night with them. Carrie got her new
black dress brought home, Lydia got her
coat cut & left it to be made, _
_28th Samuel Baker to be buried to day.
2mo 1st Our Quarterly meeting commences Vincent
nor myself went to Select meeting owing to the storm
Uncle Arthur & Edwin came, also Philip and
his Cousin, _Wm Spencer & Stephen Cartland
attended our meeting, I did not get out at
all, _ Reuben Haight was here from Snowden
left here the 7th for Belleville, _ And Lydia
went to Fredericksburgh Robert comeing [sic] up
for her, it seems very lonesome without her.
_8th Levi quite unwell he gave me Uncle
Arthur’s Note, five dollors [sic] & 28ct due on it up to this
date, _ _ _

[pg 52]
2mo 13th Carrie gone down to Amie Sills
wedding. a very fine day. W E, Harard
married last evening. _ _ _
_15th Nelson & Rachel brought Carrie home
N & R stoped [sic] with us till the 18th makeing [sic]
a bargain with Levi to work the farm,
which he has conclueded [sic] to do, much against
the family’s wishes. a very imprudent thing
to seperate [sic] a family so late in the day. _ _ _
_26th Lydia came home Willie going for her
Walter Morris at our meeting. _ _ _
When Eliza Brewer was in England in 1875
she stoped [sic] at a friends [sic] house, where they
had killed a fat ox that weighed 1400.
sold it for one shilling & tenpence a pound,
which brought him 143.15s shillings_

[pg 53]
1878_ 3mo 3rd First day mild weather I did not
go to meeting, Elizabeth White came back with
our folks, stoped [sic] till fifth day, Went down
to see [Liphet?] Levens, & Emma Lumbard.
_6th Levi & the Carpenter made a hole
in the parlour for another door, to seperate [sic]
& break up the family that has lived
togather [sic] for 43 years. _ _ _
_8th Nelson’s boys came on [sic] to make sugar,
Jacob Peterson died, aged 89 years, Levi &
Mary gone to the funarel [sic] buried the 10th
Saw the first Robin. fine Spring weather
10th of 3rd mo_ E Cadmans birth-day [sic] 48 years old,
A beautifull [sic] day no snow, sitting with the
door open part of the time. I am
affraid [sic] this will be our last first day alone,
a sad thought to think of breaking up a

[pg 54]
family that has lived togather [sic] so many years,
Oh’ Levi, Levi, little did I think what I was
living for. but happy thought I shall not know
it long. _ _ _
1878 3mo 13th Nelson & Rachel got here with
there [sic] family & part of their goods, a very rough
day raining & snowing, _ _ _
_16th First day fine over head went to meeting
in the wagon, met with two strangers there
Albert Stover & James Barker, _
_17th Takeing [sic] every thing down to make
room for the new comers, a sad change
for old folks. _ _ _
_20th George Leer died about nine oclock
in the morning. _ _ _

[pg 55]
Buried the 22nd We all went a very
large funeral and a beautifull [sic] day.
E Varney had a good deal to say.
_23rd Got a Telegraph dispatch saying that
Mary Bowerman was not expected to live.
_24th Levi went over to Hubbs to let them
know it. A snow storm in the morning.
_30th Nelson & Rachel went below, All upside
down yet, not looking much like home, never
expect it too. _ _ _
_31st First day I went to meeting, had several
good sermons, directing us were [sic] to look for
Consolation in all our troubles, _ _ _
4mo 1st A beautifull [sic] day, Oh that it was as
bright in doors, time may wear it away
But the loss of a home, or changeing [sic] homes

[pg 56]
is a great trial for Old people. _ _ _
3rd Nelson commenced plowing fine weather
4th Mary & myself went to meeting.
6th Mary & Rachel went on the market
bought Lydia a sun bonnet some steem-
loom for the family. _ _ _
7th First day Wm [Bransrom?] & wife & son
here for dinner. _ _ _
8th Moved father’s bed & mine down stairs
does not seem much like home.
9th Ediths birth day would have been 21
[Squires?] here. _ _ _
_18th Father Mary & myself went to Monthly
meeting a fine day, came home after meeting
all things changed, nothing like home any more
used to have a comfortable room to sit down
in, now I can sit down by the book-stove, quite

[pg 57]
a change for old people, _ _ _
_20, Rachel & Mary went to market Lydia
went to George Leer’s old place, came back on
first day, Levi Mary & the Children going for her.
_22st [sic] Carrie washing, Levi hunting up milk,
_23rd Levi taking away the furnature [sic], it looks
rather hard after working so many years to get
it togather [sic], then have it divided up & taken away
all for the sake of a little paltrey [sic] gold, Oh that
they may see the folly of heaping up riches in
this world. Drove away four cows to their
new home. _ _ _
_25th Mary took away our little girl & boy in
the buggy, a sad sight to see the children
taken away from you that you have nursed
& tended day & night for ten years, _ Oh that I
may be more resigned to my lot, or I do not,

[pg 58]
know what will become of me, _Elizabeth
came up on the boat, Nelson going for her
_26th they came back in the evening for some
of their things, Lydia & Deborah went to Coopers
for some black-water, _ _ _
_27th Sarah Levens brought Aunt Rachel’s
bonnet, Lewis Levens called in to see how
we look in our new home.
_28th Elizabeth went to meeting with father
& myself also Nelson & Rachel, got our dinner
at Levi’s, it did not look much like home,
Eliza Brewer had a meeting in the afternoon.
Levis Birth day 46 __
_29th Elizabeth & Rachel sewing carpets togather [sic]
beautifull [sic] weather Cherrie Plumb trees out
in blossom. Musketoes [sic] troublesom [sic].

[pg 59]
4mo 30th Elizabeth gone home Rachel took
her to the boat.
5mo5th Levi Mary & the Children here also
Nathaniel & Isabela, _ _ _
_6th Quite unwell had sick head-ach [sic]
Joseph Baker & P W. here for a call, _
_7th Lydia’s birth day 40 years old it does
not seem possable [sic], washing no little Children
to go to the woods with her to gather flowers,
as in former days, owing to Levis breaking
up the family, a cruel thing.
_8th Stephen & Lydia here Lydia Haight
[has?] hung blankets out of doors in the sun, rather
hard after haveing [sic] things so conveniant [sic].
beautifull [sic] weather Lylack [sic] in blossom.
a very forward spring. _ _ _

[pg 60]
5mo9th Prepartive [sic] meeting Father Lydia
and myself went out in the buggy, then
down to Levis for our dinner.
_21st Fathers Birth day 87, Levi & Mary here
cut a hole through the north side of the
house for Lydia’s kitchen, _ _ _
24th [Lisset?] Levens birth day 87, father
Lydia & myself went over to Levis in the
evening stoped [sic] over first day with them
father walked up to meeting I rode,
6mo1st Quarterly meeting none of us women went
Thomas being very sick the Dr here, no company
here only Joseph & Ann Willby their daughter and
her husband, Uncle Arthur & Uncle James stoped [sic]
two nights with us. it does not seem much like
our quarterly meeting, the family so broke up, _ _ _

5mo 31st Uncle John & Daniel here on account of
Deborah Mc Coy’s death which took place the 23rd of 5mo
1878 Aged 54. _ _ _
6mo 11th 1878. Vincent Lydia & myself had an invitaion [sic]
to spend the day at [Liphet?] Levens, not Wm Garrett and
Patience there also their daughter Precila, Maria
Ellsworth & Sarah Maria. _ _ _
_13th Nelly Fox & Ellen Mary Castor stoped [sic] all night
with us, then started for Belleville with the
horse & buggy. _ _ _
_15th Abby Ellsworth here & her daughter, & Maria
Ellsworth with her daughter Sarah Maria,
_19th Catharine [Jmpey?] & Amie Mullett came
Levi met them at Picton, 20th they went to
Monthly-meeting, 21st Went to the Sand-banks,
22nd took the boat for Bellville [sic], 24th took the Cars to Niagra
Sailed for England the 29th 1878 _

[pg 62]
1878. 7mo 1st Father Lydia & myself went
over to see Amos Hubbs, & family a very
warm day. _ _ _

_7mo 7th Went to meeting a very hot day, Levi
& his family came back with us, also
Isabela Peterson.
_7mo 3rd 1821. We landed in Quebec, after a
passage of seven weeks, My father & Mother
with eleven Children, the youngest two years
old. a little boy called Benjamin.
_11th father Lydia & myself went to meeting then
down to Levis, Came home & found Daly had
been here& left 15lb of tea at 55ct a pound, _
25th Mary weaving out a peice [sic] of Cotten [sic] [ware??]
Six years ago to day poor dear Edith died,
great changes since then, it does not seem

[pg 63]
much like home any more, strangers comeing [sic]
and going. _ _ _
28th Amy & Sarah here for a visit, _ _ _
21st Thomas Waring buried at our meeting-house
8mo 5th Consider died 40 years ago this evening
about eleven oclock [sic]. _ _ _
_10th S Richardson & Lydia went down
to [Woossoos?]-Island, _ _ _
_19th I went down to see the Doctor, got
myself some muslin for Caps ribbon,
Envelops [sic] books for Thomas. $ 1.90,
_21st Andrew Whycot Sarah & daughter,
Sarah 64 years old, & Lydia Hubbs 50 the 22nd

[pg 64]
8mo 23rd Father Lydia & myself went out to
Levis stoped [sic] two days with them, it seems rather
lonesome to come back without the children.
_30th Sallie Taylor fell down stairs lived
about two hours after, was buried the first
of 9mo __
8mo 31st Henry Mullett came from Whitby on
his way to the States, spent first & Second
day with us, then Nelson took him
to the boat. _ _ _

1878 10/7 Stephen Hubbs brought my Sister
Maria here haveing [sic] come down with his sister
Hannah from Pickering. _
_9th Arnold & Rachel Haight & Maria Niles
here stoped [sic] all night, _ _ _

[pg 65]
10th Aunt Maria father & myself went over
to Levi’s stoped [sic] all night with them, went
to our preparative [sic] meeting. _ _ _
_13th Our General meeting begun, Did not
last but a week _ _ _
_14th Aunt Maria & Lydia started for
Fredericksburgh, Levi & Mary takeing [sic] them
to the boat. _ Sent Kate [Jmpey?] the minuts [sic]
of the Yearly meeting. _ _ _
11mo 9th Lydia got home from Huntingdon
Aunt Maria takeing [sic] the Cars the day before
for Whitby, Wille came back with Lydia,
_20th Mary’s birth-day [sic] 43 years old, The first
she ever spent without her Mother, a
sorawfull [sic], thing for a woman to be draged [sic]
about the world by a husband, _

[pg 66]
11/29th 1870 My Birth day [sic] 74 years old,
it seems like a great age, hardly likely
I shall see many more, Oh that I may be
ready when the summons comes,
Levi Mary & the Children came out
in the evening & took tea with Grandmother
& Chrisend [sic] Lydia new dishes. _
12_1st Gatherd [sic] some rose leavs [sic] at the east
end of the house, Elizabeth came up,
I read two Psalms without my
Spectacals [sic], _ _ _ Amos Hubbs died in
the evening, on his birth-day [sic] 81 years.
_14th Mary was on the market with some
of her Ducks got brought me five yards of
red flannel at 10 cents a yard.

[pg 67]
12mo 25th 1878 Eat [sic] our Christmas dinner
all alone so stormey [sic] & the roads blocked up
1mo 1st 1879 New years [sic] day Stephen & Lydia here
for dinner had a turkey & two fowels [sic], Levi and
Mary & the Children, also Nelson & Rachel,
_24th We went out to Levis a very high wind
Mary Ann Wright daughter buried, Nelson & Rachel
came up from Napanee. _ _ _
3mo 19th Walter Levens & Mary Sills married, at
our old place, queer times to what it used to be
no wonder the Old folks feels sad, _ _ _
4mo 23rd Came back to our old home after an
absence of three months, quite lonely to what
is [sic] used to be, it may all be for the best
but it looks rather hard, after living with
your children for over forty years, then to have the
family broke up _

[pg 68]
1879 5mo 21st Grandfather’s Birth day [sic]
88 years old, quite feeble this Spring & very
hard of hearing, we have had some beau=
=tifull [sic] fine warm weather the Lilacks [sic] out
in blossom, I suppose it’s the last time I shall
ever see them so, as Levi talks of selling a cruel thing,
after what him & his family has done here,
Levi Mary Lydia & the Children back in the woods
to pick up some chips, _ the Children going to
School here. _ _ _
5mo 6th Jane Anderson died at Montreall [sic] was
brought up to Picton & intered [sic] by the side
of her Sister & Grandmother. _ _ _
5mo 7th Lydia’s birth day [sic] 41 years old, Carrie
& the Children went back in the woods
with her to gather flowers, I suppose
for the last time.

[pg 69]
1879 5mo 23rd I stroled [sic] down the Lane alone
to look for father, pulled off some Maple
leaves, thinking it might be the last time
I should ever be there, the way things are
going. _ _ _
6mo 6th Select meeting day Vincent & myself
going out for the last time I think, both of us
being quite feeble this spring. _ Stanley [Pumphery?]
& wife attended our quarterly meeting. _
Uncle Aurther & Aunt Jane down stoped [sic]
three nights with us.
6mo 10th Rachel’s Birth day [sic] 11 years old, Mary
Carrie & Thomas came out to dinner with us.
O, if I, as one forgiven,
Reach at last; that happy shore;
How shall all the hosts of heaven
Shout, and wonder, and adore!
The above lines written by Rachel. Bloomfield. 1879

[pg 70]
1879 6mo 4th Nelson & Rachel gone to Napanee
myself trying to cut father some shirts quite
an undertakeing [sic] more than I expected, shall
not try it again. _ _ _
6_12th Reubie Haight from Snowden brought
me M E Garrett Photograph, I sent her mine in
return, he returned to Bellville [sic] the 13th.
_22nd First day no meeting, Levi & Thomas came
out for us did not go, they spent the day with
us, took father & Rachel back with them.
7mo 12th Levi & Mary went down & met Nancy
Anderson, brought her here, to spend a few weeks
_20th We all went over to Meeting & then down
to Levis for our dinner, home again in the
evening. _19th took Rachel down to see the
Doctor, he gave her a bottle of medicen [sic]. 1879,

[pg 71]
1879 7mo 3rd My father & Mother with eleven Children
landed in Quebec in 1821, 59 years ago to day. _
7mo 25th Seven years ago this morning between
two & three oclock, Our dear Edith breathed
her last, sitting in the Arm-chair in her
sixteenth years, _ _ Maria Ellsworth & daughter
Phebe Jane spending the afternoon at Nelsons,
father & myself took tea with them.
8mo 9th Levi met Mary Bowerman daughter
Lydia at Picton, on her way from the States,
to make us a visit. _ _ _
_12th Met Elizabeth at the boat spent a
week with us.
_31st Daniel Levens buried at our meeting-
house aged 90 years, Vincent was at the
feuneral [sic]. _ _ _

[pg 72]
1879 9mo 1st Lydia & myself heard the
Cars for the first time siting [sic] at our
dineing-room [sic] window pealing [sic] pears.
_3rd Aunt Maria & Kate came here for a
visit, spent three days with us, then to
Levi’s, starting for home on the 8th Second –
day morning. Levi takeing [sic] them to Picton
& bringing back some English friends,
James Clark & his two daughters Sophia
& Edith, it was a very short visit of two
or three hours. _ _ _
_6th Father Lydia & myself went to Levis with
Aunt Maria & Kate, stoped [sic] till the following
Sixth day, Thomas Birth day the 10th 9 years old,
11mo 2nd First day no meeting, our first snow
Levi Mary & the children here, Carrie gone
to Kingston for a visit, N. A here yet _

[pg 73]
1879 11mo 9th First day morning-Started our
Coal-stove for the first time, Do not like
it as well as the Old box Stove, _ _ _
_20th Mary puting [sic] a peice [sic] of cloth in the
loom for full-cloth, -drove herself home
in the evening very cold.
_29th My birth day [sic] 75, not feeling very smart
looking towards the end of the journey.
& my daily prayer is htat I may be ready,
but feel thankfull [sic] that I was able to sew
all day for the family_ _ Patty Bowerman
died in the evening about ten oclock [sic],
30th First day no meeting, David Ellsworth
here all day, Will Cadman called on us
the Children here going to School, Levi &
Mary here in the evening. _

[pg 74]
1879 12mo 23rd Father Lydia and
myself went out to Levis. & stoped [sic] till
the tenth of the fourth month following.
1880 3mo 29th Our folks sold the Old
Farm to a man by the name of
John Henry [Levet?] for the sum of $12000
twelve thousand dollors [sic], _
4mo 9th Mary H Bowerman from Maryposa
has been with us for several weeks,
makeing [sic] her friends a visit, last evening
she got a Telegram saying her father
was dead, so she started for home Carrie
going with her. & stoping [sic] a week, this is
Edith’s birth day would have been 23. _
10th We came home, Uncle Arthur &
Samuel Haight came here also the
former stoping [sic] three nights with us.

[pg 75]
4mo 20th Nelson & his family left for Napanee
giving him a thousand dollors [sic] to leave the
place. we miss them very much. _
_24th Robert & Elizabeth came up,
26th They are gone down to Levens,
to day [sic], _ _ _
_28th Levi’s birth-day 49 years, the Children
out here, also Elizabeth & Mary. _
1880 5mo 1st Froze a quarter of an inch,
Elizabeth with us. _ _ _
_7th Lydia Birth-day the Children disappointed
at not going back in the woods to gather
flowers it being a wet day, Elizabeth with
us, also Mary Carrie, & the Children,
in all probability it will be the last birth
-day [sic] that Lydia will ever spend here.

[pg 76]
1880 5mo 6th E Cadman helped Lydia
wash the wood-work. _ _ _
_16th Over to Levis [sic] some of them down in
the Grave-yard looking at Ediths [sic] grave.
_17th E Cadman brought us home behind
Topsey, got some dinner, & then went
down to see Maria Ellsworth.
We are feeling rather sad & discouraged,
thinking what a home we have lost,
just to gratify one poor man, cannot
have the privilage [sic] of turning a house
in the door-yard, Oh Levi ! Oh Levi ! –
Why not have let thy poor Old father died [sic]
on his own farm, where he has been
over 65 years. _ _ _
_18th Elizabeth went home on the boat
Mary takeing [sic] her down to Picton.

[pg 77]
1880 5mo 20th Monthly meeting at Hillier, none
of our family there, to [sic] much buried in
the cares of the world, Mary haveing [sic] the
Ague. _ _ _
_21st V B’s birth day [sic] 89 Andrew & Sarah
here also Amey, a beautifull [sic] day.
_23rd First day no meeting for us, Mary
& the Children here.
_24th The Queen’s birth-day [sic], it will not
make much differance [sic] with us, altho [sic]
my Sister Mary was carring [sic] of her about
the room when she was about
twelve months old. _ _ _
6mo 4th Quarterly meeting began Vincent &
myself went out to Select meeting, then down
to Levis, were [sic] we stoped [sic] till the 7th _

[pg 78]
Uncle John & Arthur down to the meeting
we had a very good meeting.
_10th Rachel’s Birth-day 12 years old, they
all came out to the old place & took
dinner for the last time, as the place
is sold, Grandfather in his 90 year,
& Grandmother in her 76, _ _ _
_7mo 1st Dominion day, We went out to
Levi’s, met with some friends there from
the States, by the name of Caleb Gregg &
his wife, had some of their company at
Edward Cronk’s. _
_3rd 59 Years ago to day my father landed
in Quebec with eleven Children after
a voiage [sic] of seven weeks, leaveing [sic]
England in the year 1821, in the
fifth month. _ _ _

[pg 79]
1880 7mo 27th Aunt Maria & Mary Ann
came here, went to the Sand-banks, & over to
Nathaniels, started for home the fifth of eighteth [sic]
month, 42 years ago to day that Consider died,
8mo 6th Charles Vail called on us a few minuts [sic]
I gave him mine & Vincents photograph
_22nd Nellie Fox & baby here stoped [sic]
three days with us. _ _ _
_27th Sarah Crawford & daughter called
on us, had a nice little sitting, for our
encouragement I hope. _ _ _
9mo8th E Cadman came up & stoped [sic] two
weeks with us, Robert came up on the 18th
for her, _ _ _
_17th We went to Picton Elizabeth Mary
& the Children, also myself where I had

[pg 80]
not been for three years, We also drove round
the Sematry [sic], I got myself cotten [sic] for night-
-gowns, Silk & [wadden?] for Lydia’s quilt,
9mo 14 Amie Mullett & her little neice [sic]
from Belleville here spent three days
with us, _
_19th Edward [Harard?] & wife here for a visit
Nathaniel Swetman, M Levens, Amey Leer
Robert & Elizabeth, & our folks from
Bloomfield. _ _ _
_24th Lydia & Amey gone down to Reuben
Burlinghams for a visit. _ _ _
10mo 24th Three inches of snow fell, Icicles
hanging on the window frames,
_26th Makeing [sic] father a couple of new flannel
Shirts, myself two night gowns, _ _ _

[pg 81]
10mo 31st The Aneversary [sic] of my father last day. _
11mo 1st E [Liphet?] Levens died about three in the
afternoon, father & myself went down the next
day to see his remains, Mary driveing [sic] us down
in the buggy, & then called on Reuben Burlingham
_4th Frederick Richardson here also Sarah Foster,
_22nd Our fingers sticking to the door latch, so cold,
_24 Crossed the Ferry at Bellville [sic] on the ice,
with the horse and the Cutter, _ _ _
_29th My birth-day [sic] 76, Levi Mary & the Children
came out in the evening bringing a roast duck
with them, Thomas quite sick, _ _ _

[pg 82]
12mo 5th 1880, We went out to Bloomfield
as Thomas was no better but worse, 7th
Vincent & Lydia went out took the birds
& locked up the house, for three months,
Thomas not getting much better, _
1881 3mo 8th Returned home for a few weeks
to pack up our things & take leave of the
Old place after living on it 65 years, it
looks rather hard to see Old folks give
up their home before they have done of it
3mo 10th Elizabeth Cadman’s Birth-day [sic] 51.
_13th R Cadman Elizabeth, Carrie Rachel &
Levi,_ 14th E Cadman went home,
_16th Adam Spencer attended our M Monthly
meeting. Came over to the Old place in the
evening to see Vincent & wife accompanied by

[pg 83]
Wm Valentine Amy Leer & Levi,
17th Joseph Rogers buried E Varney going up
to attend the funarel [sic], _ _ _
19th Heard the first Robin on the Old place
12mo 25th 1880, Christmas Thomas sick a [sic] bed
not able to go to Picton, or to see the Christmas
tree, _ _ _
1881 1/1 New-years day Thomas in bed yet
not much better, lingerd [sic] along till the
first of 4 month, when he quickly breathed his
last about past seven in the evening, by
the bursting of a blood-vessle,_ buried the
third by the side of his sister Edith._
poor dear [Chils?] Oh that we were all
with them, the way things are going. it all
looks dark after looseing [sic] our home. _

[pg 84]
1880 11mo 27th Rachel & Thomas came out to the
Old place on the Sledge in the evening, quite cold
after Skeiting [sic] stoped [sic] all night with us, thought
he took his cold then, that terminated in his death
First day morning the 28th after breakfast he read
the 1st 23rd, & 27th Psalms also the 2nd cht of John
little did we think it was the last time he would
read to us, they went home in the evening.*
1881 4mo 28th Mary & Amy Leer went to Mariposa
to see Mary Bowerman, she died the 2nd of 5th month
buried the 4th Levi went up to attend the funarel [sic]
came back the 9th. on the Cars. _
5mo 7th Lydia’s birth day [sic]. no going to the woods
to gather flowers, with the Children, one dear
child gone to its long home. which leaves
us only one. _ _ _
*The next day my birth day the 29th they brought

[pg 85]
him out again in the evening carring [sic] him
in & out of the sleigh, not being able to walk
with the pain in his legs, it proved to be the
last time he was ever there. _ _ _
1881 5mo 21st Vincent Birth day [sic] 90 years old, Andrew
& Sarah Whycott here, & Hannah Maria [Harrard?],
Henry Mullett also came in & stoped [sic] two days
with us. _ _ _
6mo 5th Our quarterly meeting, 7th Carrie went
home with Uncle Arthur for a visit,
12th Went for a ride over to [M Donalds Isaland?]
Levi Lydia Rachel & myself. _ _ _
6mo10 Rachel’s Birth-day [sic] 13 years old a fine day
went for a ride in the afternoon with her Mother
Aunt Lydia, & took tea with Eliza Varney.

[pg 86]
1881 7mo 1st Maria Ellsworth here for a short
visit, We took her up to Levi Varneys [sic] in
the afternoon, myself going along, _ _ _
_2nd Lydia washing, Stephen Hubbs
came over for her in the afternoon

_3rd Sixty years ago this morning my father
& Mother landed in Quebec with eleven
children, _ _ _
_9th Elizabeth Comstock paid us a visit
spent part of three days with us.
9mo 3rd William Barker called on me, had a
good visit with him, had not seen him for 50
years, __
8mo 24th Sallie Mallory & Mary Jones here
for a short visit, _ _ _

[pg 87]
1881 10mo 18th No frost worth speaking of yet, Lydia
& Carrie up in the Village geting [sic] a dress fixed,
I have not been as well as usual for the last
two weeks, Altho [sic] I have finished this day a day-
-cap for myself now most 77, most likely it will
be the last I shall ever try to make.
11_4th Paid Sarah Levens 50cts for makeing [sic] four
day-caps._ Made myself three Shimeys, Lydia got
herself 6 yards of Cashmeer for a dress & flannel
for two shimeys, a pair boots,_ Mary & Rachel
gone to Fredericksburgh. _ _ _
_28th My Sister Rachel Died about ten
in the morning, buried the 30th she
75 years old, took her remains back to Mariposa
_29th My Birth day 77, shall I ever see
another, if not Oh that I may be ready.
Our folks very busy cleaning house Amy
helping Lydia. I got a Card from
Maggie Stewart. __

[pg 88]
12mo 25 A beautifull [sic] bright day the family
all gone to meeting except Lydia & myself
John Ward spent the evening with us.
_24 On the market with geese sold for
60ct Ducks 60ct a pair, a very full market
1882 1st mo 24th Our wedding day 32 years ago
Judith Bowerman & Abigale Ellsworth was
married the same day, this is a beautifull [sic]
winters day quick-silver 20 degrees below
zero, Levi killing two pigs, Lydia getting a
dress cut at the neigbors [sic], Amy Leer here.
Richard Suthard buried the day before yesterday.
2mo 28th James Morden his brother & his wife
here for a visit, just before going to Manitoba
5mo 7th Lydia’s Birth day [sic] 44 years old, her &
Rachel went back in the woods to gather flowers

[pg 89]
_Thomas still missing, only the second time, poor
Child taken from all the toils & troubles of this world
but how we miss him,_ this has been a fine day
also first day & meeting day. father & myself not going
feeble & old father 91 the 21st of this month, myself
77 & six months, Nancy Anderson took tea with us,
our folks drove out to Leven’s. _ _ _
5mo 21st Grandfather Birth day [sic] 91 years old some of his
Children spent the day with im all but Lydia
& Stephen, Thomas Stinson & Lydia was here also
& Amos Bowermans widdow [sic] from Whitchurch,
A very fine day, father & myself went to meeting also
Levi & Lydia Haight. Patience Garratt died
the same evening about ten oclock. _ _ _
Vincent planted a Maple-tree West of the house.
_26th Our quarterly meeting began Vincent & myself
attended the Select meeting, Arthur & Jane was
down was with us three nights.
_29th Levi planted the Cedars round the house

[pg 90]
1882 6mo 1st Arthur & Jane left for home,
_2nd The fast friends quarterly meeting began,
they had the company of Rufes King with
them from Indian, Wm Henry & Aunt
Eliza was down also Alfred Phelps and
Eliza Maria. _ _ _
7mo 9th Went to meeting, drove down into the
Grave-yard, were [sic] I had not been for six
or seven years, the trees had grown so much
I scarsely [sic] knew the place. _ _ _
_12th Went to Picton to see Maria Dimond, who
was up on a visit, Levi Mary Lydia & myself
_18th Aunt Maria Catharine Maria & Richard
Came down on the Cars, to make us a visit, staid [sic]
till the 25th when they went to Fredericksburg
Lydia going with them. _
25th Ten years ago Edith died, about three
in the morning.

[pg 91]
8mo 14 John Sargent & wife took dinner
with us, also Rowland [Hasard?] their Companion
they attend’d [sic] our first day meeting also
our Monthly meeting
_16th Lydia & Willie went down to Picton
bought two pair [sic] of boots one for Mother
9mo 9th Robert & Elizabeth came up on the boat, our folks
met them, on the 11th Carrie was married, & then
on the boat for Montreall [sic], Mary Waring came
the same day on the Cars, stoped [sic] with us till
the 15th _ __
9mo 28th Levi Mary & Rachel Started for Leeds
quarterly meeting, returned 10/4th 1882_
10_6th Uncle Arthur & Aunt came here from
Camden & Leeds, also Annie Fred Dolly & Castor

[pg 93, which follows page 91]
1878. 6mo 18th My father’s old Bible was
printed in 1578. _ Deborah Bowerman.
My father came hear [sic] in 1858, to board with us
was with us eight years, _ died the 31st of 10mo 1865
Paid us one hundred pounds while here.
D Bowerman

1879 5mo 23rd The day before Elizabeth Levens was 88
years old, And two days after Vincent Bowerman
was 88 years, I stroled [sic] down the Lane alone to
look for father, I thought I would pull off some
Maple-leavs [sic], thinking it might be the last time
I should ever be there, for you to look at when
I am gone.
Deborah Bowerman 75 years old
Bloomfield 9mo 2nd 1879

[pg 92, which follows pg 93]

(contains pressed leaves)

[pg 95, which follows pg 92]
1881 6mo 12th Went for a ride on Cunninghan’s
Island, Levi Lydia Rachel & myself & the
two little dogs, we gathered some fern leavs [sic] &
several other plants, also three Cedars which
are planted or rather set along the garden fence.
__ DB_

(pressed leaves)

[pg 94, which follows pg 95]
A friend writing from the County of
Lennox on Monday the 27th * A few pretty
heavy snow squales [sic] yesterday, and a heavy
frost this morning. reminds me that 44
years ago to day, I rode four miles in the
Cutter on three inches of snow that had
fallen during the previous night. The next morning
the 14th it began to snow again, and continued
all day, mostly melting as fast as it fell.
Just at night it began to clear up, & next
morning the 15th, the ground was frozen
sufficiently hard to bear [sic] a horse, except where
there was deep mud. The plumb & Cherry
trees were in full bloom, and their fruit
was blasted. The apple blows were not
open yet, so that the apple crop was not

Copied by Deborah Bowerman
Bloomfield 5mo29th 1878

* of 5mo 1878

[Separate Paper]
1850_3rdmo 4th I received one hundred dollors [sic]
from Edwin Mallory, in part pay for
the farm we lived on, _
[illegible amount ?]_ I paid to Thomas T Dorland, for
an account he had against the estate,
also I paid him two dollors [sic], to get the
land Registered, _ eleven dollors [sic] I paid
Elizabeth, Cadman, and Rachel Sills
as there [sic] share of the hundred dollars_
after paying all other expences [sic]_ Mary’s and
Lydias share to pay them yet_ out of
my share of what is to come_
Deborah Bowerman

1852_3rdMo 8th_ Received from Edwin Mallory, by the hand of
Nelson Sills one hundred and eleven dollars, as my share
of the place, _ Ninety of it I let Vincent Bowerman have
to be returned, when I want it_ Eleven I gave Rachel
five I gave Mary, for a set of china,_ eighteen shillings to
Elizabeth for a set of bed curtains, and seven
shillings I kept for my own use._
Deborah Bowerman
Picton [12mo 13th_1852?]

[There is one more singe sheet here – but I can’t read it very well – only the 2nd half.]