Deborah (Mullett) Haight Bowerman Diary 2

Deborah (Mullett) Haight Bowerman

Diary #2, 1887 - 1892

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Prince Edward County Archives

This is the second Deborah Mullett Bowerman Diary dated 1887- 1892: It is held at the Prince Edward County Archives and has the accession number  A2001.016.096a - labelled Journal 2. Click here to see the first diary. Transcribed by Lydia Wytenbroek, history student at Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia and posted here with her permission. Pam Noxon, archivist at the PEC Archives, also grants permission for this posting. Thanks to Dr. Robynne Rogers Healey, Associate Professor at Trinity Western University, for her role in this effort.

Copyright: Lydia Wytenbroek and Randy Saylor, 2008

1. Many of the dates on the left hand sides of the pages were cut off. i.e. see page 3 –the entry before the 5th –the actual month is cut off. So for many of these (if I couldn’t figure out the month) I put “[?]mo, 6th” etc. Also on one page there was a line at the top cut off so I think I made a note to you in the diary with square brackets. I made a few notes for you in the diary in square brackets.
2. Whoever numbered these pages, numbered them differently. Every two pages only has one number (i.e one of your photocopied pages has one number, but there are two pages of her diary to each photocopied sheet)/ So I put an “a” and a “b” after the page numbers, but there was no a or b in the actual numbering.
3. There were more words I couldn’t figure out in this one. Her writing was worse by the end and harder to read. These certain flowers she’s always talking about – looks like its spelt “cerus” –I’m wondering if she means cherries! (at first I thought she meant crocuses or something). See what you think.
4. I tried to put in a [sic] when she missed her apostrophe…
5. On one of the pages there was an envelope and then the next few pages were not pages from her diary just loose leaf papers. So I typed them up. Were they what was in the envelope?

[Page 1a]

[Page 1b]
Diary of Deborah Mullett Bowerman
written in and near
Bloomfield 1887-1892

[pg 2a]

[pg 2b]
1887 5mo 7th
Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic] 49, At home
bakeing [sic] & churning, Mary on the Market
with the Butter & Eggs, [Fowels?] 60 cents a pair
then went too Carries [sic], The above written
by my Mother most 83, writeing [sic] without
glasses. _ _ _
_18th Sallie [Ellicotts?] daughter married
to a young man by the name of Thomas
of Baltimore,
_19 Our monthly meeting, E Varney got
home, Discovered buds on the Night,
Blooming [Cerus?],_ Mary Jane Williams
here to see Rachel, Willie got here from
Hamilton, _ _ _
_21st Vincent Bowerman’s birth day [sic],
would have been 95 years Old.

[pg 3a]
[88?]/5/23rd Jane Cronk called on us,
Stephen & Lydia in the afternoon
fixed my dress sleevs [sic] for me.
24th Lydia came home, Carrie went
to John William’s, _
26 Our quarterly meeting began, Levi
went to the boat to meet some of the
friends, _ Sarah Wood from the States,
Mary Jones, Johan Ward & [Aize?] Willsey,
27 Uncle Arthur here William Robnson
& wife here also Levina [Merills], R Sills
& Carrie, _ _ _
mo 2nd Maturah Bowerman here for a short
visit, then went to Stephen Hubbs,
4th Annie Mullett & Katie Impey here.
Wm Henry & Judith here also, _ Alfred
Mullett & his Sister, stoped [sic] one night
with us _ 5th Nellie Fox here for dinner

[pg 3b]
_11th Mary Elizabeth & Merton went over
to see Mary Levens, _
_12 E Cadman went to the fast friends
meeting, in the morning, then started for
home, going to Picton over night, _ _ _
Stanley & Rachel went to the Sematry [sic]
_13th Jane Cronk & Lena called in the evening
to pay for some butter & Molasses, _ _ _
Found our first Night blooming [Cerus?] in
[blossing?], which had been 24 days in comeing [sic]
out, the largest one we have had at all
measuring ten inches across, _ _ _
_20th The second blossom came out as large
as the first No person in to see it but
ourselves, Henry Hubbs in the morning,
_27th The third blossom came out several
came in to see it, Johnson Brewer
spent the day with us, _ _ _

[pg 4a]
1887 6mo 28th Stanley & Rachel gone out
on a fishing partey [sic]. 6/24 Discoverd [sic]
some more buds on the Night blooming
[Cerus?], _ _ _
[7? I think this is the last number of the year? but it got cut off when photocopied…]
7mo 1st Dominon [sic] day, took Levi over to the
little lot, then we went on to S Hubbs,
where I had not been for seven years,
neither on the road since last summer
2nd A very hot day, Mary very buisy [sic] in the kitchen
3rd Sixty six years ago to day [sic] my Grandfather
& Grandmother Mullett landed in Quebeck [sic]
with eleven Children, six sons & five daughters
in the year 1821. Levi & Mary gone
down to Carries [sic] this afternoon. _
Brought Lydia back, & left Mary there for
one week, _ _ _

[pg 4b]
1887 7mo 25th Edith died 15 years ago
to day [sic], Deborah Sills here sewing for
Mary, Edwin Williams unwell with a
Sun-stroke, Mary down there after
buries [sic], did not get home till ten oclock [sic],
all alone with Merton. _ _ _

8mo 20th Levi & Mary went to Belleville
with the horse & Buggy, [Anthoey?] Haight
& his Nephew Henry Niles called in.
_21st First day a dark cloudy day, Sarah
Foster & Walter called on me.
_30 George Browning the Butter maker cam [sic]
here, talk of putting up a Creemer [sic] in
Picton. _ _ _
9mo / 2 & 3rd Mary Richie here plealing [sic]
pares [sic] for Mary. _ _ _

_4th Levi & Mary down to Carries [sic].

[pg 5a]
1887 9mo [3rd or 5th? it’s cut off] Stanley Rachel & Lydia gone
to Belleville takeing [sic] Merton with them,
very much against our wishes, I hope
nothing will happen to him before he gets
back, A beautiful day, Mary washing
Very, very lonesome day without our little
boy. And Rachel gone also, _ _ _
Returned the 7th all right & well,
8th Carrie and her Motherinlaw [sic] started for
[Kinden?] Carrie to see Mary Elizabeth Garrett
the latter to see her Sister,
20, Our travelers returned from [Kinden?] all
well & found all well at home, _ _ _
mo 14th Frank & Mary Wareing came down
for a visit, Left for home on the 20, _ _ _
21st Nelson & Rachel called on us, on
[on?] their way from Huntingdon, took
[R: perhaps a word is cut off here?] with us, also there [sic] daughter Mary,

[pg 5b]
9mo 19th Levi begun to dig the fundation [sic]
for the buttry [sic] factory in Picton. _ _ _
10mo 19th
Uncle John came down on the boat
alone, to make us a visit for the last
time most likely, spent three nights
with us, Levi took him to the boat,
he was 85 years old born in 1802, _

10mo 31st Grandfather Mullett died 22
years ago this evening Aged 97, years,

11mo 29th My Birth day [sic] 83 years old, not a
very pleasant day sitting alone most of
the day, while the folks were putting up
stoves & cleaning the pipes, mailed a letter
to my brother James. _

[pg 6a]
1887 12mo 25th Christmas day, also first
day, A goose roasted, Edwin & Carrie here
& their boys, also Stanley & Rachel,
26th The above ones went to Samuel
Yerwoods [sic], left the Children here
Ryerson & Levi Sills, spent the afternoon
with us, _ Mary down with Carrie.
28th Jane Cronk & Leana here for a
visit, _ Some Cards received from Annie
who is in England, also one from
Rachel Sills. _ _ _

1888, 1mo 1st First day raining Levi & Mary
went too [sic] meeting Lydia Merton and
myself all alone. _ _ _
_8th Daniel & Deborah here for a evening
visit also Walter & Mary, _ Stanley & Rachel
& Carried here for dinner, _ Johnson Brewer
came & stoped [sic] four days with us. _

[pg 6b]
12th of 1moth _ A letter from Jeramiah Lapp
Abbie Ellsworth & E Cadman.
_22 First day Quick silver 31 degrees
below zero, _ 19th Rachel Sills here for a visit
2mo 4th Our Quarterly meeting a very good
one, came & had a little meeting in
our house one evening, _ Did not have
much company, Wm Robinson & wife
Thomas Robinson & wife Chester Yerks &
wife, & Justine Robinson from Leeds.
_6th Vincent Bowerman died about
one oclock [sic] in the day, buried on the
8th of 2nd month 1885, Aged 93 years,
_19th Robert & Elizabeth Came up for a
visit stoped [sic] two nights with us,
_29th Uncle Benjamin & Maria came
stoped [sic] three nights with us, had a very
good visit with them, _ _ _ *
[R: there is a funny symbol here she makes that I’ve marked with an asterisk like I did on the other journals. In the other journals she used it to then continue writing about the same entry but in a later place. Anyway, here there is no other asterisk and I’m wondering if maybe the bottom of the page got cut off and so we don’t have that?]

[pg 7a]
1888 3mo 4th Carrie & Rachel here for
their dinner on there [sic] way to the Yerwood
wedding. _ _ _
10th Elizabeth Cadmans [sic] Birth day [sic]
58 years old, does not seem posuble [sic]
11th Johnson Brewer passed away to his
long home about five oclock [sic] in the
morning, of a first day of the week
mo 22nd Aunt Hannah Mullett died,
mo 2nd Moved into our new home again
up in Bloomfield, Levi in Picton,
11th Jane & Lena here for an afternoons [sic]
visit. _ _ _
9th Abbie Ellsworth here sewing for
Lydia, here three weeks. _ _ _

[pg 7b]
5mo 3rd Nancy Anderson Died at Lewis
Levens [sic], aged 73. _
_6 Nelson & Rachel here also Walter &
Mary, _ _ _

_7th Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic], 50 years old.

_24 The Queens [sic] Birth-day [sic] a fine day,
Wm Valentine called on us looking very
feeble, Mary Richie also called on us.
Lydia & myself all alone, been so all the
week, Mary down with Carrie, Levi in
Picton makeing [sic] butter. _ _ _
6mo 2nd Our quarterly meeting began,
no strangers here only Sarah Wood from
Laree, _ Elizabeth came up stoped [sic] with
us through quarterly meeting then went
to Napanee with Lydia to have her teeth
drawn, William Henry brought Aunt Eliza
down to see us once more. stoped [sic] two

[pg 8]
nights with us, in her 81 year,

1888 6mo 10th Rachels [sic] birth day [sic] 20 years
old, took dinner with us also Stanley
The first day of the week, the Hickete
Yearly meeting. a great many folks here
from the States. Caleb Gibson died,
buried tomorrow in Picton. _
mo 2 Uncle James here for a visit, went
to the Sand-banks haveing [sic] never been
there, spent his birth-day [sic] with us, 80
years old. _ _ _
3rd My father & mother landed in
Quebec with eleven children. Also
Joseph Sivetman with his family.
22 Went down to Edwins & Stanleys [sic]
stoped [sic] there one week, locking up the
house, takeing [sic] the Cats Dog & fish.

[pg 8b]
This refers to Consider M. Haight’s [daughter? it’s cut off]
1888, 8mo 5th Fifty years ago to day [sic], my
father died, on first day evening about
ten oclock [sic] in the evening Aged 38 years.
_6th Margaret Jane Sivetman died Aged,
nine Night blooming [Cereas?] blossemd [sic], _
a number of people into [sic] see them.
_19 First day, Levi Mary & Merton gone
up to call on Eliza Varney, leaveing [sic]
me alone not very pleasant, got a
beautifull [sic] bunch of flowers sent
me from the Cematry [sic].

24, Uncle Arthur & Aunt Jane came
down for a visit, stoped [soc] three nights
with us. _ _ _

_26th Willie Mullett wife here with her
babie [sic], also Abie Ellsworth called on us,

[pg 9a]
1888 9mo 1st Elizabeth Cadman
came up for a visit on the Cars from
Picton, stoped [sic] with us till the fifth, went
down to see Carrie & Rachel, also
Mary Levens. _ _ The third Rachel
Sills came up & spent two days with
us, _ The fifth of the month Anne
Mullett & Nellie Fox came here spent
two days with us. _ _ _
[?]mo 8th
Uncle Henry came here on his
way to the States, _ left on the 17th for
Nelsons, _ _ _
18th Debie Brown buried at Hillier.
21_ Levi & Mary gone down to see Amey
Leer. _
[?] mo 21st Marys [sic] Birth day [sic] 53 years old, a dark
gloomy day, Lydia & myself here alone,
Levi & Mary down to Carries [sic]. _

[pg 9b]
11mo 22nd Very cold quick-silver down
to ten, Mary Richie called on us,

1888, 29th of 11mo My birth day [sic] 84 years, old
A roast goose for dinner Plumb pudding
& a very nice lemmon-pie [sic], got up by
Carrie_ Edwin & Carrie & the Children
here, Stanley & Rachel, _ Walter Levens and
wife and son, & Eliza Varney, besides our
own family. _ a fine winters [sic] day _
A letter from Belleville & a small Birth
day [sic] Card from Cousin Mary. _
12mo 2nd _ First day Levi & Mary gone to
meeting, Lydia down to Carries [sic], _
_25th Christmas day, Lydia & myself here
all alone, not a very pleasant day,
hope it may be better next time
Mary Richie sitting with us part of the time.
_27th Cards from England from

[pg 10a]
1888 12/28th
Lydia got her pictures from the
little boy Eaton _ Grandmother Mullett
died 43 years ago to day [sic], Aged 72, _
[?] _ Lydia down to Carries [sic], Mary Richard’s [sic]
called on us. _ _
[1 presumably. but cut off?] mo 1st 1889 New years day Lydia at Edds
Mary home, Lewis Levens called in for the first

[?]th A very heavy wind from the South such a on [sic]
that had not been known for years, unroofing
houses & blowing down trees & fences, but
the worst of all killing my Grandson by
the falling of the barn-door on his head, _
living but three or four hours after, _ [R: “Edwin Williams” is written up the side of the page here so I don’t know which line it should go on. I guess that was her grandson?]
[?]mo 24th Our wedding day 38 years ago,
Taken with a very bad Direah [sic] in bed five
days, _

[pg 10b]
1889 2mo 1st Our Quarterly began not very
large but good, No strangers not many
friends called on us, knowing our situation
Justice Robinson took dinner with us
one day, _ Carrie was with us and
her three little fatherless boys. _

_6th Three years ago To day [sic] Vincent Bowerman
Died aged 93 years. Susan Dorland died
about seven in the evening Aged 78, 1889
3mo 2nd My Brother John died aged 86 years
buried in Bloomfield, by the side of
Aunt Bathsheba, _ _ _
_3rd I was taken sick & kept my bed for
six weeks, with a bad cold, _ Elizabeth
& Rachel up to see me, _ _ _
4mo 11 Mary Waring came down for a visit
went back into Huntingdon, _ _ _

[pg 11a]
1889 4mo 28th
Levis [sic] Birth day [sic] 57 years
old. Spent the day over to the Lott all
alone, makeing [sic] his family feel very
uneasy. _

In the year 1819, My sister Mary
carried our Queen Victoria about the
room, at the George Inn (Hotel)
in [Flminster?] Somersetshire
Old England. _ DB Aged 84 years,
7 Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic] 50, born in 1838,
Not much of a Hollowday [sic], washing
Annie Mullett came from Belleville,
Lewis Levens [sic] birth day [sic] yesterday _ _ _
_24 Amis Weaver here for a visit _
no other person, rather lonely, hope it
will be better before long _ _ _

[pg 11b]
_29 Carrie makeing [sic] tea cake _ Lydia
picking up in the Cellar,
A very cold day for the time of the year
6mo 1st
Our quarterly meeting Uncle
James & Uncle Arthur down,
no strangers here, but they had a good
meeting, & an excellent sermon
from Eliza Varney. _ Samuel &
Jane Bonestill here. _ _ _

6_9 First day a wet day, none of our
family at meeting, no person called on
us but Mary Richards, _ the last first
day we spend in Bloomfield,
_10 Rachels [sic] Birth day [sic] 21, years old, Thought
we were going to have a good visit
with her, but had none, we moved
over to the [left?] Lot, It does not seem
much like home, hope it will better

[pg 12a]
1889 6/10 _ after we have been here
longer Its [sic] not a very pleasant feeling
for an Old person 84 years old to be move-
-ing I did not think it would have
[affected?] my mind so much. been
thinking about it ever since four
oclock [sic] this morning. _ _ _
21st Merons [sic] Birth day [sic] 6 years old,
out in a boat with Grandfather Williams
& caught a small fish, _ Stanley &
Rachel up in the evening after nine oclock [sic]
[most likely 27. cut off] Mary Richards came home from
meeting with them spent two days
with us, _ 28th William & Mary Ann
came over to see us, _
29 Our folks went to the Sand Banks
30_ Levi & Mary went to meeting, &
then over to Levens for their dinner. _

[pg 12b]
1889, 7mo 3rd Sixty eight years ago this
morning, My father & mother Landed in
Quebec with eleven Children 6 sons & five
daughters, _ Also Jospeh Sivetman &
his family. Mary & Carrie gone to Picton
& then on to Stanleys & Rachels [sic]. _ _ _
_7th Rachel Sills came here for a
visit, left on the 10th _ Little Daniel
Dye here stoped [sic] one night with us. _
_13th Elizabeth Cadman came up for a
visit, went home on the 15, First day
evening spent in singing hyms [sic] with
Lydia. _ _ _

_25_ Seventen [sic] years to day [sic] Edith
died about three in the morning. _
_27th Carrie Lydia & the two boys went
down to see Rachel, stoped [sic] one night
with her, Aunt Amey here for a visit

[pg 13a]
1889 8mo 1st Consider Haight died
51 years ago the 5th of this month,
at Fredericksburg, _ Lydia being
three months old the day he [sic] was buried
Code [sic] weather a fire in Stove,
10 Stanley & Rachel went down to the
thousand Islands, returned on the 12th
Lydia kept house for them. _ _ _
16 Walter Levens & Levi Sills
called on us in the evening, sent
Rachel a bundle of letters.
20th Isabela Peterson here stoped [sic] all
night with us, Mary took her back
to Bloomfield this afternoon, _
[?]mo 4th Lydia went a fishing brought
a fine black Bass enough for all our
dinner. _ _ _ 15th pealing pares [sic] yet.

[pg 13b]
1889 9mo [?] Benjamin & his grandaughter [sic]
[Mimie?] came up for a visit
stoped [sic] two nights with us,
_13th Carrie started for Toronto, with several
others _ [Mimie?] here serving for Lydia
goes home tomorrow, Mary takeing [sic] her to
the boat. _ _ _
Lydia gone to meeting also Levi, _
took dinner with Jane Cronk, Mary
Richards came back with her, to spend
a few days with us, Our Rachel and
Stanley came up in the afternoon, _
_23, Carrie came from Toronto, saw a great
many sights brought the Children a
watch cack [sic], _ _ _
10mo 23rd Mary Richards came here from
Andrew Clarks, not very well, Stanley
& Rachel here in the evening, _ _

[pg 14a]
1889 10mo 23rd Mary & Carrie gone too
Bloomfield to paint the floar [sic], _
_27th Carries [sic] little boy Birth day [sic] five
years old, Thomas, turkey for dinner,
Stanley & Rachel came in, Gilbert Jones
& wife called on us, Mary Richards
here sick, first day no person went
to meeting. Our meeting got very
small only two men at meeting to day [sic],

11mo 12 Levi and Mary brought [away?] the
last board from Bloomfield, got here
about seven oclock [sic],
14 Elizabeth came up for a visit, Eliza
Varney brought her from the Sation [sic]
went down to see Rachel, went
home on the 18th, _ !7th Mary Levens
& Lydia Sills here for a visit, _

[pg 14b]
1889 11mo 20,th Marys [sic] Birth day [sic] 55 years
not a very pleasant day, a girl here
sewing for Lydia, Manley Yerwood
here on bussiniss [sic] with Carrie,
Stanley & Rachel here for dinner,
a wet day. _ _ _
My Birth day [sic] 85 years, not a very
pleasant day had three Ducks for dinner,
Stanley & Rachel here for dinner, myself
not very well, a girl here sewing,
for Carrie. _ _ _
12mo 8th Nathaniel & Isabela here for dinner
Levi Mary Lydia & Merton went down to
see Rachel. _
_9th Washing two weeks wash, myself
fixing up an Old Sampler for Lydia
marked in the year 1873, _ _ _

[pg 15a]
12/ 20th 1889 Carrie & Lydia went
to Picton, had to borrow a lantern
to get home, A very dark day & night

22nd First day a heavy wind, no one
person went to meeting, raining _
25th Christmas day Stanley & Rachel
here for dinner, A large goose for dinner
26th Andrew Whycott died about ten in
the morning. _ _ Aged 83 years.
28th Levi & Mary went to the funeral
to the house over night. _
1890, 1mo 1st _ Walter & Mary Levens here
for dinner, no sleiging [sic] raining hard
most of the day. _ _ _

[pg 15b]
1890 1mo 14th Lydia married to John
Williams in Picton at the age of fifty one
years, started for Whitby next morning
and so on to Toronto, was gone four
weeks, had a nice time with her friends
I hope it may prove a happy union for
it has been a heavy trial for her [poor?]
Old mother, now in her 86 year. _ _ _
_2mo 13th Our Bride folks returned home
to John Williams house, took dinner with
us the next day. _
_17 Charles Gidion very low, died a
few days after
3mo 2nd Jane Cronk & Lena here for
a short visit took tea with us.
_7th Dr Nash called here to see Carrie
Reuben Branscom & Sarah here for a
visit _ _ _

[pg 16a]
1890, 3mo 9th Deborah Sills that was
once, & Mary Levens here for a
visit took dinner with us, no
sleighing _ _ _
_10, Elizabeth Cadmans [sic] Birth-day [sic]
sixty years old, Levi in the
Swamph [sic] choping [sic], saw a robin
for the first time, very early we think
8th Lydia came home & stoped [sic] all
night with us, a great treet [sic], for the
little boy, as well as for her poor old
mother, who had lived with her
over fifty years. _ _ _
_24 Carries [sic] Birth day [sic], Aged 35 years
_26 Samuel Yerwood died Aged
27 Lydia spent the day with us brought
her ironing over with her. _
mo 11th __
Lydia came across the feilds [sic] and
stoped [sic] all night with us, a grate [sic] treet [sic]

[pg 16b]
1890 4mo 13th A most beautifull [sic] bright
warm day, the first day of the week,
Levi went to meeting alone Mary
down with Rachel for a visit gone
two nights, have not seen Lydia
to day [sic] _ pretty lonesome for an Old woman, or
rather her poor Old mother, who lived
with her most 52 years.
_22nd Rachel Sills up for a visit over
with, Mary Levens, _ _ _
Went to John Williams the 21st while she was
here for dinner, also Nelson & Rachel
Walter & Mary, Mary Bowerman & self _
the first time I have been on the road
since I came here ten months ago. _

[pg 17a]
1890 5mo 7th
Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic] fifty two
years old, Spent the day with us
& fixed my flannel dress. _
_14 How strange we should keep
the wrong day for Lydias [sic] birth-day [sic]
the sixth instead of the seventh. _
21st Vincent Bowermans [sic] Birth-day [sic]
would have been 99, Lydia spent
the day with us, helping Mary & Carrie
clearn out my room, or their front
room _ _ _

24th Stanley & Rachel here also Lydia
Carrie & her two boys went home with
them, stoping [sic] there till Second day the 26,

[pg 17b]
1890, 5/25, First day no person went
to meeting, Levi tired out, wet day
all alone, _
_28_ John Williams & Lydia went to
Belleville, returned on the first of 6mo
6mo 5th Prepartive meeting Mary & Lydia
went, came back here & spent the day
with us, a heavy thunder storm, Levi
took her home in the evening.
_10 Rachels [sic] Birth day [sic] 22 years old
expected to have spent a pleasant day
with her, but other company comeing [sic]
in, broke it all up, we are all liable
to disappointments. _ Thomas Stinson
& his two daughters came in. also
John Williams [sic] Sister & daughter

[pg 18a]
1890 6mo 14th Mary on the Market with
potatoes & eggs, 11 & 12 cts a dozen,
potatoes seventy five cents a bag _
_15th First day _ Levi went meeting alone
Rachel Sills here & Lydia also Isabela
Peterson, I forgot John Williams. _
Mary Carrie & the Children took Rachel
back to Levens in the evening. _
6_22_ I went to stop with Lydia one
week, _ Mary Levens little boy born, our
Mary being with her, _ Carrie & Lydia
went for her, First day afternoon, _
8th Fox & Mary Mullett came here, spent
a week with us, _ _ _
29_ First day two men friends from the States
at our meeting, Benjamin Brown &
Thomas Hogue, _ was at John Williams
on the 26th, Gilbert Jones bringing
them there, _ _ _

[pg 18b]
7mo 1st Dominon [sic] day _ Mary Bowerman
& Mary Mullett, gone up to see Lydia,
Levi in Picton makeing [sic] butter. _
_2nd Mary Mullett here yet, Carrie has
taken her to Andrew Haights to day [sic]
Lydia going also, _ _ _
3_ Sixty nine years ago this morning
we landed in Quebec father mother
& eleven children, _ Also Joseph Sivetman
with his family in the year 1821, _
_5th Mary Mullett left for hom [sic], going
to Picton with M Bowerman on
the Market _ then on to the Steem-boat [sic]
Our Rachel here for a short visit. _
_6, Levi & Mary went to meeting, but
few there, _ _ _
Carrie & the children gone over to
Levens for a ride, & to see how
Mary is, _

[pg 19a]
1890 7mo 8th Carrie & Lydia gone to
Picton, to get trimmings for a dress
caught in a heavy thunder-shower.
9th A great change in the weather
[Geeat?] coats wanted this morning
And a fire in my stove, also a
brick under my feet. _ _ _
17_ William Valentine died aged 84
years Buried the 19, at the Semetry [sic]
at Picton, *
6_ Rachel Sills here to spend the day
with her Mother, also Lydia,
continued cold yet, a fire in my
Stove, a brick under my feet,
mufflers on my wrist, _ _
* The meeting held at the Methodist
meeting house, James M [Lauling?]
had a great Sermon for the
inhabitants, _

[pg 19b]
1890 7mo 20th First day our folks
gone to Wellington, to attend a
four oclock [sic] meeting appointed
by James M Laughin._ _ _

_21st James M Laughlin & two
other friends took dinner & tea
with us, then went on to Picton
to have a meeting in the Methodist
meeting-house, Levi takeing [sic]
them down. _ _ _
23rd I was up to John Williams [sic] to spend
the day to meet James M Laughlin
& two women friends from the
States, had quite a nice visit, _
24_ Carrie up to J Williams [sic] picking
berries, _ Stanley & Rachel here in the
afternoon, for a short time.

[pg 20a]
1890 7mo 25th
Eighteen years ago this
morning about three oclock [sic] in the
morning, Edith died Aged fifteen
years, at the brick house back in
the Concession. _ _ _
26_ Lydia came down & stoped [sic] all
night with us, & all first day, also
John Williams took dinner with
us, _ Stanley & Rachel here a little
while in the afternoon, Rachel
in a peck of trouble, on account of
some person breaking into their house
while they were at meeting, takeing [sic]
away all her little trinkets. _
Mary & Carrie up / John [Wille?]
picking berries,

[pg 20b]
1890 7mo 31st Carrie gone down to
Stanleys [sic] with Flora Williams [that?]
was once. _ _ _
8mo 3rd
Lydia Emaley [Harzard?] died
about six in the morning, buried
the 4th _ Flora Mullett here all night
and starded [sic] for home,
8mo 1st __
_ Lydia & Mary & the Children went
down to the Semetry [sic] to a [flareupt?] or
a something else. Lydia lost her gold
Spectacls [sic], so much for these [spreas?].
[1838?] _
8/5th Consider [Merritt?] Haight died
52 years ago about three oclock [sic] in
the morning _ Fhorty [sic] six years old,
Lydia was three months old the
day her father was buried.
Mary down to Stanleys [sic] picking
berries, a very wet day a thunder shower _

[pg 21a]
1890, 8mo 7th 1838 Consider Haight
buried, in Adolphus town, _
A very unpleasant day Mary & Carrie
doing up berries. _ _ _
Carrie picking berries all day at L W
11th Quite cold fire in my room Levi
with his overcoat on in the morning
12_ Went to Jane Cronks for dinner,
Mary Lydia & John Williams, eleven
of us sat down to [dine? din?] _

20, _ Rachel came up to see us, went up
for Lydia, so we had pretty good
time, Levi went to Kingston, to sell
butter, _ 16th The teacher came here
to board, _21st Monthly meeting at
Hillier, none of our folks there
a wet day. _ _ _

[pg 21b]
8mo 24 Consider here also Walter
Levens, Mary Levens Lydia Sills
& Libey Dimond, _ Levi & Mary
Went over to Stephen Hubbs, _
Lydia & Ellen Williams down here
to spend the day. _
28th Sanley [sic] sick sent up for Mary,
but Carrie went, _
30 A cold day fire in my room all
glad to get under the blankets.
a letter from [C?] M Collins.
The teacher gone to see her sister. _

9mo 7th First day a very warm day
quicksilver up to 82, in my room
Levi went to meeting alone, Stanly
been very sick for the last week,
John Williams & Lydia went down
Stanley better _ _ _

[pg 22a]
1890, 9mo 9th Rachel Sills [sic] Birth day [sic]
59 years old is it posabel [sic], And
there yet, _ John Williams and
Mary Richards took tea with us.

17, Elizabeth went home to day [sic], spent
a week with us, Mary took her Picton
took dinner with Levi at the Creamry [sic]
also John Williams & Lydia, then
down to see Cemetry [sic]. _
Mary Richards spent two days with us
last week. _
10mo 12th First day Levi & Mary gone
to meeting, then down to see Rachel,
I have been looking for Lydia, yesterday
& to day [sic] up till three oclock [sic], then she
came also John Willaims _ how little
they know a mothers [sic] feelings, especialy [sic]
after living with a child fifty two years,
Patience it will all be over soon, _

[pg 22b]
10mo 13th Carrie gone up to help Lydia
about her Carpet, _ her three Boys
with the Hooping-cough, _
Lydia lost her gold Spectacls [sic] on the
Decoration-day in the Cematry [sic], got
them again about six weeks after
being picked up by an honest woman
_14 Went up to see Lydia or rather
to stay with her while J. Williams
went a Duck shooting, a great job
to get me off, but was glad I went
poor Lydia I think she has got out
of the frying-pan into the fire. _
11mo 2nd Levi & Mary went too [sic] meeting
then to Jane Cronks [sic] for dinner,
John Williams & Lydia here for dinner
John Garrett & wife called on us last
week. _ _ _

[pg 23a]
11mo 4th 1890, Would have been my
fathers [sic] birth-day [sic] had he been
living, _ Snow last night for the
first _ _ A letter from Mary Mullett
saw Uncle Henry at Wm Henrys
_8th Levi & Mary on the market
with Fowels [sic] & Butter, 40ct for fowels [sic]
a pair, butter 20ct a pound, _ *

9th First day a very wet day no person
went to meeting, very unpleasant
day very lonely, miss Lydias very much

* 8th Bought four & a half of flannel for
my shimeys, seventeen pounds of
sughar [sic]. _ _ _

[pg 23b]
1890 11mo 16th First day Levi & Carrie
went too [sic] meeting, rather a lonesome
day. 12th of this month Lena Robinson
married to James Sivetman, _ _
17_ Nelson & Rachel here for a visit,
brought me a new apron & made it
for me, brought me a nice bar of
Sented [sic] soap. _ _ Our little boy
Merton sick. better to day [sic]. _ _ _
_20th of 11mo Marys [sic] Birth-day [sic], fifty five
years old, Not a very pleasant day,
Rachel up with Lydia, _ goes home
the 22nd _ Levi & Carrie gone up to
Monthly meeting at Wellington.

23_ John Williams [sic] & Lydia here for
dinner, First day Levi & Mary
went to meeting. _

[pg 24a]
24th 1890_
Carrie went up to help
Lydia wash with her new machine

26 Sarah Foster & Walter here
for dinner,
_29th of 11mo My Birth day [sic] 86 years old
Lydia & her husband here for dinner
also Rachel & her husband. not
feeling very well myself

11mo 30th of 11mo First day dark & cloudy
Levi & Carrie gone to meeting. _
Lewis Levens [sic] barn burnt down
that evening. _ _ _
12_ 1st
Jane Cronk here for a visit, had
not seen her for some time. had a
first rate visit with her. _

[pg 24b]
12mo 8th Nathaniel Sivetman and
Isabel here for a call to see
their Old Aunt once more. had
not been here for a twelvemonth.

_16th Went out in the kitchen & took my
dinner with Carrie & her two children
Thomas & John, Merton being up with
Lydia, I had not been to the dinner
table in eight weeks before, being on
my bed complaining of great weekness [sic],
or rather Old Age, being now in my
87 year. _ Mary up with Lydia,
Levi at Picton, _ _ _

26th Levi & Mary gone down to Stanleys
to see Rachel not being very well,
Carrie over to Hubbs last evening for a
visit also the teacher, _ Sarah Kingston
married, & starts for the West this morning
a widdoer [sic] [with?] seven children. _

[pg 25a]
91 2mo 28th Levi & Mary gone up to John
Williams, as he is not well, I think
its [sic] conclueded [sic] at last for Levi to go
to Picton again this summer to make
butter, & I do not know but what
Mary is going with him, _ I wonder
what they will do with the poor Old
woman, it does seem as tho [sic] she
outlived her usefullness [sic]. _
I have been complaining for the six
weeks, not well yet. what a
blessing to have your health. _ _
a Postal Card from Uncle Arthur this
morning. _ _ _
3mo 3rd
Snowing fast a Card from
Elizabeth. _ myself being in bed
ten weeks to day [sic]. _ not able to do
much of any thing yet. _ _ _

[pg 25b]
1891 3mo 8th Levi & Carrie gone to
meeting, _ After dinner Levi & Mary went
down to Stanleys. _ Mary stoping [sic] all
night, Rachel not very well. _
Raining Levi going down for
Mary, Lydia down there yesterday
myself far from well, Sent
Mary Richards a letter yesterday, _
I doubt if I ever write her another
_10th Elizabeth Cadmans [sic] Birth-day [sic].
Sixty one years old, it does not
seem possable [sic], _ Lydia here this
afternoon, _ Mary & Merton down with
Rachel, _ _ _
15 _
First day Walter & Mary Levens here
also Lydia for dinner, brought the
baby nine months old, a cold day

[pg 26a]
91 3/19th _ Monthly meeting to day [sic]
Mary stoped [sic] at John Williams [sic]
after meeting. _
24_ Carries [sic] Birth-day [sic] down
to Stanleys [sic] with the two children
myself with a very lame back
4mo 1st Lydia here for supper,
had some sausage meet [sic] for supper
[cut off?] Levi gone to Picton, with butter eggs
[R: there is a thing in brackets here that says “J. F. Mullett was 52” but it’s someone else’s writing I think]
4mo 2nd John Fry Mullett Died aged 42,
Sophia Mulletts [sic] husband in England
_9th Prepartive [sic] meeting Levi went alone,
Amos Bowerman here for dinner. _
9th Edith Birth-day [sic], 34 years old, _
a bright sunney [sic] day _ A letter from
Sallie Ellicott with a photograph

[pg 26b]
4m 11th First day Levi & Carrie
went to meeting, brought Mary Ann
Richardson back with them, _ _

15th _ Stanley & Rachel here in the
afternoon eating sugar, eat [sic] our last
sausage-meet [sic], _ _ Resewed [sic] John Frys
[H unaoral?] Card from England
20_ Lydia & Rachel here for dinner
looking for a boy to work for
them, _ _ _
21st Writeing [sic] to Mary Elizabeth
Garrett, _ Our Mary killed
the first flie [sic]. _ my sight failing
fast _ scarsely [sic] read what
I have wrote, _ _ _

[pg 27a]
1891_ 4mo 28th Levis [sic] Birth day [sic] 59 years
old _ A very cold day, plowing in [he]
garden. Four months a go [sic] the
23rd of this month I came down
stairs [sic], burnt a light every night
since most, And had my
breakfast in bed ever since.
28th Considers [sic] Birth day [sic] born in
1802, At Adolphus town _ _ _

30, Jane Cronk & Lena here for
a call, also Lydia & her girl
Mary cutting my toe-nails,
made a great fuss about it
[?]mo 3rd Walter & Mary Levens here
Carrie Lydia & the Children went
over to Stephen Hubbs, found them
all gone. _ _

[pg 27b]
1891 5mo 7th Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic]
53, years old, spent the afternoon
at home with her Mother, the last
one very likely _ As I am feeling
very far from well but will it
not be a happy exchange, from all
our trials, _ Edmond Richardson
died the day before yesterday. _ _ _
11_ Mary gone down to Stanleys [sic] he being
sick _ Mary Richards going to the
States, wanting to give her a book
but our Mary refuseing [sic] to let her have
it, makes me feel very uncomfortable
But suppose I shall have to put up
with it. _
12th A fine day Stanley better Mary
comeing [sic] home to night [sic] _
Sarah Foster & Walter gone up to
Edmond Richardsons [sic] funeral

[pg 28a]
1891 5mo 12th _ Mary Richards here
stoped [sic] all night with us, going
to Oregan [sic] starts tomorrow with
her brother Edward, has a daughter
living there, _ _ _
16_ Carrie Lydia went onto the Market
with butter & Eggs got 16ct of butter &
12cts for eggs a dozen, let one basket
of eggs out of the wagon breaking 8 dozen
Lydia got herself a new dress, cloth
for a new jacket, [looks like “ttr rung” possibly tire rung?] for the
sleigh, _ _ _
21st Vincent Bowermans [sic] Birth day [sic]
would have been one hundred
years old if he had lived, Born in
seventeen hundred and ninety one
93 when he died at 13 Bloomfield
in 1885, _ Levi & Mary at Hillier
Monthly-meeting. _ _ _

[pg 28b]
1891 5mo 22nd Elizabeth Cadman
came up on the boat,
24 Henry Haight here for dinner
the first day of the week Levi &
Mary went too [sic] meeting. Elizabeth
at John Williams. _ _
25, Elizabeth here & Lydia also
Rachel & Stanley, _ _
26, The folks got me up to John
Williams to spend the afternoon
with Elizabeth, _ _ _
28, Elizabeth going home, Carrie &
two of the Children gone with her,
Lydia takeing [sic] them down to Picton
30, Mary planting potatoes or rather
helping Levi, _ _ _

[pg 29a]
1891 5mo 31, _ My brother James came
here with his son Edmond started
for home again the next day,

6mo 2st Nelson & Rachel came she stoped [sic]
one night with us. _ Carrie came
home, after haveing [sic] a good visit
5th Mary Waring came here, stoped [sic] with
us three days, through Quarterly meeting
My brother Arthur came to attend
the Quarterly meeting, also Stephen
Robertson and wife. _ _ _
Uncle Arthur going home,
Mary takeing [sic] him to Picton,
I am going up to spend the day
with Lydia, Our Rachel is to be
there, her Birth day, 23 years old.

[pg 29b]
12th Well I went but did not find my
little Granddaughter there, so I spent
three days with Lydia _ Nathaniel
Sivetman & his daughter came in
while I was gone, for which I
was sorry. _ _ _

14 First day Levi & Carrie went to meet
ing _ Levi & Mary went down to see
Rachel in the afternoon, takeing [sic] the little
boy with them _ _ Carrie gone out for a
walk with the Children, _ We here [sic] that
Samuel Naish is very unwell, _ _ _
19 _ Carrie & Lydia went to Picton
got me some letter paper, Lydia
lost her veil, _ the second one within
a few months. _
20th Carrie gone again to day [sic] takeing [sic]
all the Children with her, for a ride,

[pg 30a]
1891_ 6mo 21st Mertons [sic] Birth-day [sic]
eight years old, First day of the
week, Levi Mary & Carrie went
to meeting, But few there most all
gone to Yearly-meeting, Mary Ann
gave them a good sermon, from
the Text,, _ “ They that hunger and
thirst after Rightesness [sic] shall be saved”
Carrie cleaning out the little parlor.
Rachel came up for her Mother to go
down & spend three or four days
with her. _ _ _
23rd John Williams gone to a funeral
Daniel Youngs [sic], Lydia came this far
with him, helped Carrie a little,

25th Levi went to meeting found
some friends there from the States
going to have a meeting here tomor-
-row, at half past three. _ _ _

[pg 30b]
1891 6mo 28, Mary Mullett & Ellen Fox
came here from Belleville, stoped [sic] all
night with us, also Mary Levens, took
dinner with us, _ _ _
_29th Our folks gone to the Sand-Banks
Four friends called on us from the
States, _ Barckley Straton & wife, Elizabeth
Rusel, & her Nephew Robert Rusel.
Elizabeth had a few words of encourage-
ment for me. _ _ _
7mo 1st Dominon [sic] day raining most
all the day. _ Libbie went home
for the Hollow days [sic] wrote too [sic]
Sophia & Annie, _ _
3rd Seventy years ago to day [sic] my father
And mother landed in Quebec with
eleven children after a passage of seven
weeks, also Joseph Sivetman and
his family in the 1821, _ A bright
sunny day. _ Deborah Bowerman

[pg 31a]
1891 7mo 3rd Went up to see Lydia spent
two days with her, _ 4th A very heavy
thunder shower, hail stones an inch
round, _ Stanley & Rachel up in the
evening for potatoes, mailed a letter
for Uncle Arthur. _

4th With Lydia, Mary Levens and
her Sister May with her, _ _
5th First day John & Lydia went
to our meeting, Levi & Mary came
to J Williams for dinner, Carrie & her
two boys, went to dinner with E Varney
I came home found a cold house,
6th Cold weather a fire in the Stove
Brick under my feet, quite unwell
myself, _ _ _

[pg 31b]
9th Levi & Mary went to meeting
left Carrie up with Lydia to help
her about moveing [sic] some things.
Thomas Robinson to be buried tomorrow
Cold weather yet. _ _ _
_12th Went to meeting were [sic] I had
not been for three or four years,
A friend from the States there, gave
us an excellent sermon, on the
subject of prayer & faith, after meeting
sent to J Williams & got our supper,
also Silvanus [Outwaters?] & his wife

14th Our Rachel here drove herself up
the little girl comeing [sic] with her.
15th Archebald Crosbie & his Sister here
for dinner, Attended our Monthly meeting
his sister Isabela Henderson, from
Norich, __

[pg 32a]
1891 7mo 16, Young potatoes for dinner
the first time _ _

_17 Carrie & Lydia went on the market
with Butter Eggs & hog-fat 11ct a pound
a wet day, got very wet, _ Nettie Cronk
went home, Carrie takeing [sic] her to the
Station, _ _ _

19 First day Carrie & the Children
went to meeting _ after down to
see Rachel _ In the evening
Jane Cronk, Lena & James Sivetman
made us a call in the evening.
20th A cold morning, glad to put on
on [sic] my winter dress again, & get
round the stove, warmer in the
afternoon, _ _ _
21st Cold morning again a winter
dress comfortable again. _ _ _

[pg 32b]
1891 7mo 22nd
Another cold morning fire feels
good, _ _ _
21st Sarah Whycot & her daughter
here for a visit had not seen her
before in seven years, had to be
lifted in & out of the buggye [sic], walk
with Crutches, made my apron
for or in part, seventy seven years
old. _ _ _

24th Lydia here geting [sic] her jacket
made by Nettie Cronk, stoped [sic]
all night with us, & the next day
fixed my dress for me, spent some
time up stairs with her mother
reading over some memorandiums [sic] about
Edith, made by her Grandmother, during
her last sickness _ _ _

[pg 33a]
1891 7mo 23rd, Lydia came home from
meeting with them, We had five
Night blooming [Cereses?] out in blosom [sic]
no stranger into [sic] see them _
Nettie sewing yet. leavs [sic] to day [sic]
or tomorrow. _ _ _
Mattie Richardson came for a
visit also her little boy gone up to
see Lydia, _ Mary & the Children
gone up to Wellington to take Nettie
Cronk home, _
26, Lydia & Mattie went to Nathaniel
Sivetmans. _ _ _
27th _ Daniel Mullett & wife called
on us. _ Mattie started for
home, Mary takeing [sic] her to Picton.
30th Lydia down here helping Carrie
Mary down with Rachel, Sallie
Mallory here for a visit _ _ _

[pg 33b]
1891, 7mo 30th Mary down with
Rachel picking berries, Levi and
Merton gone also. _ _ _
31_ A very cold day for the time of
the year glad to sit round the
Stove, & a brick under my feet
boiling up the berries that Mary got
8mo 1st Levi gone down to help Stanley
raining again _ _ three barns burnt
day before yesterday with lightening.
A very cold day glad to get round
the stove to warm my hands,
Mattie went home _ _ _
_2nd First day Levi & Mary went
to meeting _ Lydia went to stop
a few days with Rachel, Levi
& Mary went down to see
Stephen Hubbs


[pg 34a]
1891 [8mo ?] Consider Haight died
in the year 1838, Aged 36 years,
Lydia was three months old the
day her father was buried. _
Was buried the seventh in
Adolphustown [sic]. _ _ _
_8th Mary went on to the Market
with butter Eggs, & fowel [sic], butter 18cts
Eggs 13cts a dozen fowels [sic] or rather
Chicken 55cts a pair, _ Lydia
down here with her Mother. _
9th First day Levi went to meeting
alone one little boy. _ Carrie down
with Rachel. _ _ _
10 & 11th Very hot weather, quick silver
up to 84 in my room so warm
could not do any thing [sic], _

13th Prepartive [sic] meeting not one man
there, a sad job our meeting going
down so _ _ _

[pg 34b]
1891 [date and first line cut off?]
And than to Stanleys. Myself
feeling quite unwell.
20th Mary just gust [sic] got home from
Rachels [sic], been gone five days.
Levi gone too [sic] Kingston looking after
the butter makeing [sic], poor man I hope
he will not miss it [?] leavs [sic] his family
in a very unpleasant situation. _
Monthly meeting to day [sic] at Wellington
no person gone from here. _ _ _
23 First day a wet day Levi and
Mary went to meeting, in the evening
went down to Stanleys, Levi stoped [sic]
all night. _ _ _
25th Thirty eight years ago to day [sic]
Levi & Mary married, this day cold
glad to put on an extra shawl, and
a brick under my feet. _ _ _

[pg 35a]
1891 8/28th A very heavy wind rather
cold, Amey Lear here came over a
foot, Levi takes her home to night [sic], _
29 Seventh day of the week, Mary down
with Rachel, her baby born about
ten in the morning, _ Merton got
kicked in his face by one of Shannons [sic]
colts, _ Heard that Sallie Mallory
was buried on the 27th also that
Elizabeth Comstock was dead, died
a few weeks ago, _ _ _
30th First day _ Mary Levens & her sister
Lydia called here, also Mary Jane
Bowerman & Sarah Ann Derbeyshire
Eliza Varney & Willie Richardson took tea
with us, Lydia getting supper Carrie
gone down to see Rachel. _ _ _
27 of 8th month Sallie Mallory buried.

[pg 35b]
1891 9mo 4th Lydia And Ella Williams
down for a visit, Lent Ella the
Diary men daughter. _ _ _
6th Lydia And Merton & Thomas gone
down to see Rachel. _ _ _
5th Carrie & Lydia gone on the Market
then back to see Rachel, Mary came
home with them. _ _ _
9 I went up to spend the day with Lydia
while the folks went to the Picton show
10th Frederick Richardson & Hannah here
for dinner also Stephen & Lydia John
Williams & Lydia, _ Levi Mary & Carrie
going up there to spend the evening.

[pg 36a]
1891 9mo 11th Mary gone back to Stanelys
again, will be very glad when
Rachel gets well. _ _ _
[2?] _ Aunt Rachel came here,
[3?] _ Daniel Mullett & Deb called on us in
the afternoon, then Rachel Lydia & John
Williams went down to Stanleys, then
back to stop all night, next day I went
up there to spend the day, with Rachel _
[5?] Rachel came back here, Walter comeing [sic]
for her in the evening. _ _ _
[?] 3rd Warm weather yet Mary Levens
& Mary here for a visit.

20th Carrie Lydia & the Children went
down to the Sematry [sic] Levi and
Mother at at [sic] home, did not get home
till dark. _ _ _

[pg 36b]
1891 9mo 29th And 30th,
Quite a change in the weather
not very pleasant for Old people,
no Stove in their room, _
Lydia went up to Wellington
for her Carpet, got very cold.
next day came down here & spent
a few hours with her Mother.
10mo 3rd
Elizabeth came up, left for home
again on the 5th _ the sixth was her
wedding day 45 years ago, _ _ _

6th Uncle Arthur came on his way
way [sic] from Quarterly meeting at Leeds,
stoped [sic] all night with [Aichelans Suthard?]
19th Arnold Haight & wife came here, took
dinner with us, _ _ _

[pg 37a]
1891 10/12 _ Uncle Arthur left here for
home, _ Lydia came down to help
Carrie, so as to let Mary stop with
Rachel, _ _ _
[?] 2mo
Stanley & Rachel here stoped [sic] all
night with us, _
Mary Ann Valentine sold all her
things off _ going up to Pickering to live

27 Uncle Henry came here Sarah
Foster bringing him here, _ Lydia
also came down, & took dinner with us

mo10 30th Coppied [sic] a verse for S A Derbeshire
And Mary Jane Bowerman,
[11/12?] Dominon [sic] day, Lydia here fixing
of her little girl, send her home

[pg 37b]
13th Stephen & Lydia called on us,
also Walter & Mary. _ Our Mary
went down to stop a few days
with Rachel. _ _ _

29th My Birth day [sic] 87 years old born in
the year 1804, in England _
Nathaniel & Isabela Sivetman,
happend [sic] in here, after meeting first
day also our Lydia, Mary went
down to Stanleys _ Nettie Cronk
here sewing. _ _ _
6th I went up to John Williams,
to see Lydia spent two days with her
10_ Rachel came up to see us, to spend
a few days, _
16th Rachel went home,
18th Mary up helping J Williams clean
a lot of flowels [sic] for Toronto market. _

[pg 38a]
12mo 23rd 1891 Levi took Libbie
home, a wet day _ Mary took on
the market, with two geese four
turkeys & four fowels [sic] _ Lydia
here looking after work & the Children
myself feeling quite unwell. _ _ _
A new teacher comeing [sic] on after the
Holadays [sic]. _ _ _

1892 first month first, so unwell
cannot think of any thing. _
Stanley & Rachel here, the former on
his way from Belleville _ _ _ My eyesight
& memory getting worse _ _ _
19th Levi & Mary went to Picton
a very cold day quicksilver down
to 24 below zero _

22 Abigale Garret & Mary Elizabeth
here for dinner went to J Williams,
and stoped [sic] all night _

[pg 38b]
1892 1mo 23 _ Stanley & Rachel here
24 Walter & Mary Levens here first day
heard that Joseph Baker in England
was dead _ _
26th Lydia [re?] helping Rahcel
about [tucking?] up the babys [sic] cloths [sic]
a very cold day, the Children
not at school _

26, Had my hair cut did not
seem like the right time for
27, Got word that Elizabeth was
sick, Levi & Mary gone down
Stanley & Rachel gone over to see
Mary Levens, for a visit. _

[pg 39a]
1892 2mo 2nd A rough day Our folks
gone down to look at the Creamy [sic] _
Stanley & Rachel here yet. _ _ _
[?] /31st First day A fine day none of our
folks at meeting, Levi & Mary got
home in the evening, left Elizabeth
quite unwell,
2/5 Silvanus Outwaters here for dinner
& Ephafram Robinson also from Leeds,
_6 Our quarterly meeting began,
Thomas Robinson & wife here stayed
all night with us. _
3mo 24_ Carries birth day [sic] _ 37 years old,
Levi walked to meeting _

25th Robert Cadman here for a call
up for wheat at [Labon?] Williams

[pg 39b]
26 A fine day the Children gone up to
J Williams. _ _ _
27 First day Levi & Mary gone to meeting
in the buggy _ very bad roads, John
Williams & Lydia down here for dinner,
made a mistake & did not have the goose

4mo 3 Lydia got her dinner with us
Levi & Mary gone over to see Mary
Levens little boy quite sick,
Lydia set up her stocking
4/4 1892 _ _ _

[pg 40a]
1892, 4mo 10th _ _ _
Walter & Mary Levens here for a visit

_11th Second day washing two weeks
wash _ _ _
12 _ Lydia all day, _ Libbie Vincent
here in the afternoon. _

13_ Deborah Dans wife from Belleville
also Maud & Mary Levens for a call
Carrie gone to Picton with Levi. _

22 Rachel Gone home, been here
the last week _ _

[pg 40b]
1892 4mo 23rd
Levi sawing wood with his
mitts on all day, very cold.
24 first day Levi & Carrie went
to meeting only two men there
Carrie went up to John Williams,
after dinner.
28th Levis [sic] Birth day [sic] 32 years old
down to Picton with Rachel,
Ella Williams here sewing for Carrie

5mo 7th Lydias [sic] Birth day [sic] 54 years old
All of us up to John Williams to spend
the day a fine day, Ella Willams there also,
Oh what writeing [sic] do not think I will try
[cut off!! any more. right seems to ? all?]

[pg 41a]
1892 5mo 15th Rachel Sills came up
for a visit, _ Came to our place
the 18th _ next day up to John
Williams, with Mother. the eighteenth
Henry Mullett came here from the
States, stoped [sic] with us five days, then
went on to Belleville to W Henry Mulletts
21st of 5mo Elizabeth Cadman came up,
gone over to see Mary Levens to day [sic] with
Mary Bowerman, this 29th of this month.

Yester day [sic] last evening Lydia called me
out to see a rain-bow [sic], most likely the
last I shall ever see. _ _ _

6/2nd Elizabeth started for home yes-
terday, went as far as Picton stoped [sic] all

[pg 41b]
1892 6/2 _ night with Stephen &
Lydia, went to the Sematry [sic] with
Mary & Rachel. _ _ _
4th Still at John Williams
Mary Jones & [Aize?] Willse here
to see Mother, gone up to see Hillier to
attend the quarterly meeting,

5th Quarterly meeting at Hillier our folks
all gone, I am still with Lydia.
Got a bit of Aspargrass [sic] for dinner that
Eliza Varney sent me, _ so cold I want
a brick under my feet, _ _ _

8th Mary gone down to stop with
Rachel a few days, sush [sic] cold weather
I have a brick under my feet. _

[pg 42a]
1892 6mo 10th
Our Rachels [sic] Birth day [sic]
her Mother & Carries two little boys with
And Carrie _ Carrie getting the
childrens [sic] pictures taken, _
So cold to day [sic] glad to put on another
shawl And a brick under my feet.
A woman papering the kitchen for
Lydia _ My head feeling very light,
not much to be wonderd [sic] at, _now most
88 years, _ John Williams brought me in
a sprig of the Bay berie [sic] tree, A beautiful
bright day. going out to take my [bitters?],
and get my lunch, _ expect to go home
on first day the 12th of this month.

Came away from John Williams
Frank Waring died last week _ _
berried [sic] last seventh day the 10th
16 _ Carrie started for Yearly meeting
Amey Leer here for dinner. Rachel
gone to Picton with Lydia. )

[pg 42b]
1892 6mo 23
Lydia down here, als [sic] three friends
from the States, Samuel Moon and
his wife, als [sic], Rachel Price, who
gave us some good advise. _


26_ Libbie here with her husband
took tea with us, the three friends
at our meeting, John Williams and
Lydia was there also, Levi & Mary also
leaveing [sic] me at home with the children
Carrie not got home yet. _ _ _
23rd Rachel Price & Samuel Moon
& his wife was [sic] here, gave me a nice
little bit of good advise. _

[pg 43a]
20_ Eliza Clark, and Alace
Gregory here, the farmer from
England, _ Laura Phelps bringing
them here for a call took tea with us.
[?]mo 1st Dominion day Eliza Maria Phelphs
And Abby Ellsworth here, also Thomas
Clark, _28th George Grubb here an
Irish Friend, a minister. _ Robert
Taylor brought him here, gave us a
good sermon.

5th My father & Mother landed in Quebec
70, years ago to day [sic] with eleven children
Also Josephs Silvetmans family
Mary up to John Williams makeing [sic] soap,
Rachel here again, _ _ _

Rachel gone home, & down to see
Elizabeth, _ I am going up to stop
a few days with Lydia _

[pg 43b]
1892_ 7mo 15th Still up with Lydia
very hot weather, John Williams came
home last evening _ not feeling much
better, complaining of his head a good deal,
myself copping [sic] a peice [sic] of poetary [sic] for
Phebe Jane Levens. _ Lydia fixing
my old dress, _ _ Levi hived a swarm
of bees. _ Mary at Fredericksburg yet.
A heavy thunder shower about five
oclock [sic] in the afternoon.

_18 Our folks got home from Napanee
& Fredericksburgh. _ Rachel comeing [sic]
with them, _

22nd A very heavy thunder shower, killed
a horse a short ways from our house
writeing [sic] to Uncle James, _ mail it the 25th 1892

[pg 44a]
1892 7mo 29th Mary Waring came
down t omake us a visit
went over to Nathaniels after meeting
Mary takeing [sic] of her

8mo 2nd Gone up to see Lydia
Mary Bowerman cutting my toe
nailes [sic] not at all ready to do it,
Mary & Carrie up to John Williams
picking berries picked most a hun-
-dred boxes, Mary Waring stoping [sic] with
me, _ Levi helping George Hubbs, _
4 Mary waring went home, _
12th Columbus Clothier & Katie came
14 Went up to John Williams to tea
went to meeting in the morning _

[pg 44b]
1892 8mo 28th _ _ _
Lydia here looking over some old
papers _ _


20th Columbus & Katie left here for
Bellville, And so back to [Hauntingdon?]
Went down to see Uncle Benjamin

30th Carrie up to J Williams picking
berries. _ _ _


[loose piece paper 1]

Life! we have been long togather;
Through pleasant & Cloudy weather,
Tis hard to part, when friends are dear
Perhaps, twill cost a sigh, a tear;
Then steal away, give little warming,
Choose thine own time,
Say not, good-night,
But in some brighter clime,
Bid me good morning.

Vincent Bowerman

[loose paper 2]

My Grandfather Bowerman
Died at Bloomfield
On the 6th of 2nd month 1885
Aged 93 years & 8 months

Found a Memorandum of Grandfathers
this morning, which I coppie
for Carrie, _ _ _

“1mo 24th 1882 Is the 32nd year
me and my wife was [sic] married
32 years ago this day we were
married, in the Friends
Meeting-house in Bloomfield.”
Deborah Bowerman Aged 80
The above was written without
Spectacls [sic]

Vincent Bowerman
Died at Bloomfield
On the sixth of 2mo 1885

[pg 45a]

[pg 45b]
Deborah Bowerman died near Bloomfield
Tenth month 24th 1892 aged 87 years and
11 months

[pg 46a]

[pg 46b]
For Those Grown Old
By Wilhelmina Stitch
I pray you be not angry, hard or cold
With those grown old
Two things there be that torture me
(How shall such pain in rhyming lines be [told)?]
The sound of children crying bitterly,
And words like spears, hurled at the
[maimed?] old.
They are so tired; no longer are they girls
with youths brave armour warding off
Life’s blows,
They are defenceless; very swiftly hurt;
One sharp word hurled, and lo? the hearts
blood flows.
They are so very tired; one never knows
When they may slip into the arms of Death
And sob like children lost and found again
And with this hurt, tear-laden breath
Till Death, the friend, how they’ve escaped
from pain.

[pg 47a]
Oh, sin indeed to make the old weary of life;
They who have had their share of misery & strife
Oh, wrap your tenderness about them like a shawl
To comfort them and keep them from the cold
And let your love build up so high a wall _
The spears of life find not the [maimed? unarmed?] old

Copied by Carrie E. Williams
July 1928

[pg 47b]

[pg 48a]

[pg 48b]
[Newspaper Clippings]

“I COMPARE,” says John Newton,
“the troubles which we have to undergo
in the course of the year to a great bun-
dle of fagots, far too large for us to lift.
But God does not require us to carry the
whole at once. He mercifully unties the
bundle, and gives us first one stick, which
we are to carry today, and then another
which we are to carry to-morrow, and so
on. This we might easily manage if we
would only take the burden appointed for
us each day; but we choose to increase
our troubles by carrying yesterday’s stick
over again to-day, and adding tomorrow’s
burden to our load before we are required
to bear it.”

Sweet friend, when thou and I are gone
Beyond earth’s weary labor,
When small shall be our need of grace
From comrade or from neighbour,
Passed all the strife, the toil, the care,
And done with all the sighing,
What tender truth shall we have gained,
Alas ! by simply dying?
Then lips to chary of their praise
Will tell our merits ever,
And eyes too swift our faults to see
Shall no defect discover
Then hands that would not lift a stone
Where stones were thick to cumber
One steep hill, path, will scatter flowers
Above our pillowed slumber.

Sweet friend, perchance both thou and I,
Ere love is past forgiving,
Should take the earnest lesson home-
Be patient with the living !
To-day’s repressed rebuke may save
Our blinding tears to-morrow
Then patience-e’en when keenest edge
May what a nameless sorrow
Tis easy to be gentle when
Death’s silence shames our clamour,
And easy to discern the best
Through memory’s mystic glamour;
But wise it were for thee and me
Ere love [is?] past forgiving
To take the tender lesson to be-
Be patient with the living!

world wants more sunshine in its dispo-
sition, in its business, in its charities, in
its theology. For ten thousands of the
aches and pains and irritations of men and
women we commend sunshine. It soothes
better than morphine; it stimulates better
than champagne; it is the best plaster for
a wound. The Good Samaritan poured
out into the fallen traveller’s gash more of
this than of wine, and oil. Florence
Nightingale used it on Crimean battle
fields. Take it into all, the alleys, on
board all the ships, by all the sick-beds,
-not a phial full but a soul full. It is
good for spleen, for liver complaint, for
neuralgia, for rheumatism, for falling
fortunes, for melancholy. We suspect
that heaven itself is only more sunshine.