1825 Hastings to be a District

Petition for Hastings County to be a District

1825, 131 signatures

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Records of the Bay or Quinte

In the 1820's there was a growing desire to expand the number of Districts and thus expand the access to courts and other services that were centered in the District seats. This petition below is one example and mentions a similar petition effort in nearby Prince Edward County. The Prince Edward petitions of 1828, 1829 and 1830 are available on this web site.

Source: Civil Secretary's Correspondence, Upper Canada Sundries, LAC, RG 5 A1, V 70, 37085, C-4614, on line at heritage canadiana, starts at image 472

Randy Saylor, transcribed Mar 2016.

The Petition [abbreviated]
14 January 1825
To his Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland .. Lt Governor ... Upper Canada ...
The petition of the undersigned inhabitants of Hastings County in the Midland District
Humbly Sheweth that whereas from the present extent of the District aforesaid and the remote situation of the Court House from this County, the inhabitants thereof are annually subject to serious inconveniences and expenses in having to attend Courts at the Town of Kingston which occasions a journey of 60 to 90 miles and frequently a detention of a fortnight ... your petitioners therefore feel justified in renewing at the present time an application which has been made at several former periods for a division of the District aforesaid and the forming of a new one to be composed [of in the] County of Hastings comprising the Townships of Sydney, Thurlow, Rawdon, Huntingdon, Marmora, Madoc, the Mohawk Tract, Hungerford, Elziaer which District so constituted should have for its Metropolis the Town of Belleville.

The petitioners would remark that in all former applications upon the present subject there has been included in the territory proposed to complete the District the eastern range of Townships in the District of Newcastle and one or more Townships in the County of Prince Edward. However as similar exertions are making in the County of Prince Edward it is incompatible with our present proposal to include any of the Townships of that County and also deem it equally proper to leave out all Townships connected with the District of Newcastle ... that in the event of a District being formed ... the inhabitants thereof would consent to such increase in taxation as might be sufficient to defray the expense of erecting the necessary public buildings ...

[Page 1 - 67 signatures]
Thomas Coleman M.P.
Richard E Lawrence
D. McLellan?
Andrew Kimmerly? ?
George Fairman
Stephen Benson
Jacob Tice
William Brickman
A.V. Petrie
John Tice
Jacob H Vrooman
Daniel Mack?
Benj Clapp
George Young
Luke Ostrom
David Delong
John Melvin
Isaac Yates
Rowland Potter Jun
David K Murphy
Seaman Lawrence
James Garrison
Jacob Denyes
Lewis Thorp
Stephen Lawrence
Felix Moloy?
Jacob Kimmerly
Wm Gibbs
Jacob A Rose
Charles Simmons
H?? Conniouss?
William Sines
Enoch G ??mond

Thos Cambell
Robet Smith J.P.
John Turnbull J.P.
George Comper? Surg?
R. Leavens
William Wallbridge
Warken or Warker
Donald Morehead??
D MacKenzie
John Simmons
Henry Rose
Hugh Fletcher
Jacob Leavens
Thomas Watson???
Daniel Dextor
Wm German?
Wm Anderson
Wm Zwick
George McMullen
James Liddell
Peter Frederick
David Miller
John Barnum
Henry Vantassel
Stephen Griffin
Benjamin Hazelton
John McGrath
Orris Grant
David Grant
David Vandervoort
Dave Fulton
George Smith
Asa Smith
Daniel Ostrom

[Page 2 - 64 signatures]
John Babcock
Rowland Potter Senior
William Babcock
John Orr or Avis?
Arnzi L. Benedict
Richard Fairman
Honnikle Dockstader
John Degrot
Anthony Crouter
Allen Miller
Edmund ? Meacham
Joseph Stranger or Straw Jr??
Smith Watt
Robt D. Liddell
Frederick Fanning
John Row
Hugh Fairman
David Marshall
Jacob B Rose
Warham Noble
William McCarly
D.B. Sill?
Rufus Huntly
Natha Redick
Solomon Marshall
John Dockstader
James Graham
James Haight
Robert Haight
Nathan Gregory
Charles Haight

Simon Westfall
Wm Dean
Peter Mabey
John McMullen
Elias Alley
James Andrews
Albert Finkle
Reuben Field
Shubal Foster
Fraser Liddell
James P. Morden
J? McBaley??
Moses Morse
Alexander Hilton
Jeremiah Mott J
Clark Potter or Pottier?
Philip Embury
John Lucus or Lewis
W Taylor
Peter Simmons
Jacob Smith
David Jones
John Catchapaw
William Ketcheson jun
W Mason???
Samuel Wood
Henry Bonesteel
Thmas Clare
Jacob Bonisteel
Joseph Haight
Benjamin Gerow
John Thrasher junior
Philip Zwick