1829 Prince Edward County to become a District

Petition: Prince Edward to become a District

1829, signed by 511 inhabitants

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Records of the Bay or Quinte
1828 Petition for Prince Edward County to become a District
1830 Petition for Prince Edward County to become a District

See the lengthy preamble on the 1830 web page. In 1831, after the third petition,, Prince Edward County became a District.

There are 3 petitions found so far for Prince Edward County to become a District. They are in 1828, this one in 1829 and in 1830. All are transcribed and on their own web page.

This petition was assembled by gluing several pages together in a long scroll. The partial text of the petition itself is followed by several pages of signatures in four columns each and they are transcribed below as assembled. Signatures can be a challenge to transcribe. Let me know if you think I have misread some and I will double check.
Randy Saylor, transcribed Mar 2016.

Source: Civil Secretary's Correspondence, Upper Canada Sundries, LAC, RG 5 A1, V 92, 50845-8, C-6866, on line at heritage canadiana, starts at image 1328

The Petition - this is similar to the 1830 petition and only the main points are reported below.

2 Jany 1829, Hallowell; to  Lt L Mudge, private secretary to his Excellency
I have the honor to enclose to you herewith a petition from the inhabitants of the County of Prince Edward, and others of the Midland District, To his Excellency Sir John Colborne. Praying that the said County might be erected into a separate District etc.
Would you therefore be pleased to lay the same before his Excellency, at as early a period as may be convenient
I have the honor to be served your most obedient and humble servant
Simeon Washburn


... And that your petitioners have for several years past petitioned the legislature of this province, praying that the said County of Prince Edward might be set off from the rest of the Midland District & formed into a separate & distinct District that a Bill to this purpose has several times passed the House of Assembly … has not been sanctioned by the other branches of the Legislature

That the said County is a peninsula … is entirely separated from the rest of the Midland District by the waters of the Bay of Quinte which at all times difficult & dangerous to cross …

That the Town of Kingston where the courts are held & all the District business is transacted, is upwards of 70 miles distant from the upper extremity of the said County – that Magistrates, Jurors, Witnesses, Litigants and all others … are obliged to attend … the costs attending suits are charged on the said town of Kingston … proved ruinous to the parties concerned …

That crimes and misdemeanors frequently are overlooked & go unpunished ….

That the population of the Midland District is about 30 000 souls & that of the County of Prince Edward is about 10 000 souls …

That the amount of taxes paid yearly by the whole of the Midland District is about 2000 and the amount of taxes paid annually by the said County is about 700 …

That the amount of money borrowed & expended in building the present jail & court house situated in the Town of Kingston is about 4000 … and a just amount must be paid by the said County …

… petitioners pray that an act may be passed setting off the County of Prince Edward … into a separate District by the name of the District of Colborne ….

Daniel Ware   William Cunningham   Gothn Clarke  
S. Washburn J.P. 
Alfred Wood   George Hughes   Charles Saylor  
Asa Werden J.P.
William Dyre   David Stinson   William Johnson  
James Dougall J.P.
Silas Dyre   John Morgan   Thomas Morgan  
David Smith  
John Black   C.B. Augustus   Norman Landon  
Owen McMahon  
Samuel Walters   David Orser   Stephen T. Bowerman  
D.L. Fairfield 
David Goldsmith   Jonathan Bowerman  John H. Young 
C B. Fleming  
Isaiah Tubbs  Nathan Bangs Conger   Richard Young  
Andw Deacon J.P.
Andw Gerow   James Graham   Isaac Bedal  
Calvin Pier  
William J. Vance   John Darling   John P. Huyck  
James McDonald 
Samuel Merrill   Wm Scott  Ira Spafford 
Wm W Chand?
Jacob Short  John C. Mercer   W Macaulay
John Dougall
Corns Vanalstine   Gideon Rodgers   John Rose  
Daniel McDonald
Jesse Walters   Peter Martin or Mastin   John P Allen 
Thomas Moore  
Sylvenus Doxsee   William White   Thomas Wright  
Arra Ferguson 
Benjn Simpson   Jonathan Freligh   Richd Jinks  
Paul E. Washburn 
Andrew Cnute?   Joseph Cummings   John Eckert  
James A. Cumming  
M? Carnahan   Allen Munro  James Carrol  
James McDonald  
James Scott   Jonathan Miller   W Powell
Publius V. Elmore   John Vincent   Wm. N. Bidle or Bedle
Joseph Rattan   William Rankin    
John Scott Sen.   Garret Banker    
W.C. Danard  Nelson Hudgins    
Walter Wilson      

 [Page 2]
James Williams   Adam Hubbs   John L. Stevenson  
David B. Stevenson  
Abraham Vanblarcom   William Hugh   Thomas Willson  
David Barker 
John Stanton   John D Fredin   John O’Sullivan  
Joseph Wilson  
Duncan P. Graham   John Frasey or Trasey Joseph Badgley  
Samuel Badgley  
James Carroll   B. Bistol   Townsend Garratt  
John Smyth  
Edward Gibson  Benjn Palen  Elijah Orsen or Orser  
John Stafford 
Ira Lamson or Samson   Chris. Smith   William Harrison 
Hugh Patterson  
Ab. Barns   David B. Hill   Rufus How
Benjamin Snider  
James Nelson   Silas Hill   Ralph H. Phillips  
William Patrick  
Thomas M. Brown  John Shukin   Simon E. Pruyn  
Paul F. McCuaig  
Stephen Bull   Robert Johnston   Stephen Bowerman  
John Allen  Jr?
Willet Jackson   Isaiah L. Insley   Henry Christy  
Charles Thompson  
Isaac Jackson   Dorland Noxon   John Askin  
William Dryden 
Isaac Bowerman  Edward Searles   Wm Mcibbon or NcGibbon 
Amos Bowerman  
Isaac Austin   Caleb Williams   Robert Howslew?  
Hiram Brisbin  
Samuel McArtney   James Osen or Orser   Ambras Wood  
John Thompson  
Walter Klinne?  Corey Spencer  Henry A. Johnson  
W. Brisbin 
Angus Brisbee   Henry Brisby   Mortegh O’Sullivan  
Wm. Brisben  
Willy Wood   Jonathan Vincent   Hugene O Cahelenhugh  
Joseph C. Lane  
Samuel McNutt   John Darling   William O’Sullivan  
Solomom Spafford  
Joshua Cornwell  Enoc Clark   Abraham Orser  
John McKill 
Edward H. Curlett  William Hudgin   William Curry  
George Martin  
William Snider   Joseph Reynolds   Jeremiah Herrington  
Peter Vallisen  
Jacob Platt   Haviland Hubbs  Albert Werden 
Bejam Ferguson  
Robert Lawson   D. Stephen Van Dyck   James Anderson  
William McNutt  
Vincent Bowerman   Gilbert Orser    
John Branscrum  

 [page 3]
Will Weir Senr.   Joseph Dorland   Wm. Harsh  
Benjamin Sweet  
Robert Clark  Thomas Dorland   E. Perkins  
Richard Osborn 
James Gibson   Daniel D. Bedell   George Carnrike 
Henry Huyck  
James Cavens   C?? Hancock   Richd Haze  
Abner Nash  
John Stinson J.P.   Smith Bartlett Jnr  John Bilyon 
Thomas Young  
Thomas Stinson  Silas Hill Junior   John Grier  
William Stapleton 
Joseph Cummings   Richard Delong   Garret Striker 
John Hyatt  
Mont Wait   Isaac Hutchison   Benjamin T. Gerow 
George H. Young  
Archd McFaul   John Rapleton   D. P. Williams  
Jesse Henderson  
David Cory   James Rison   Joseph Heazlet  
James Deacon 
John Ostertrant   Eliakim Cory  Alex  Hazlitt
David B. Cronk  
George Clarey   Edmund Marsh   Isaac Reynolds  
Joseph Bowerman  
Moses Herington   James Graham  Matthew Patterson  
William Dougall  
Abner Cory  Jacob Stoneburgh   Norman Ballard 
Hugh Cowleyor Cavily  
John Good Murphy JP? Sr?  Peter German   J. McCuaig  
David Dailey  
Wm. Good Nurphy Jun.   Silas Ball   John O. Conger  
Jacob Adams  
Jas. Blackley  Francis Mabee   John Brown  
Isaac Scott  
Philip D. Haight   Samuel Foster  John Scott 
Peter Mabee  
Thomas Clapp   Gideon Bowerman   A. Norton  
Conrad V Dusen  
William Clark   Wm. Hale   Anthony W. Herrington  
R.L. Lazen  
Chs. Bockus [Backus]   Nichs H Daris or Davis   William Curry  
Thomas Clarke  
Samuel L. Porter   Nicholas Williams   William Reed  
Dorman Winnan 
Stewart Wilson   Cony Spencer   Rinard Fort  
Hugh Lowry  
William Martin  John Jones  Richard T? Gardiner  
Abm? Stephens   James C. Larkin   John Wilson? 
  Peter Leavens   J.B.F. Cotter  

 [Page 4]
James Cook   Dr. Stephen Van Dyck  John Law  
Thomas Markland  
John Martin   Alex McDonald   David M. Hoplcins  
John Kirby  
John Coleman   James Vance   Robert Hopkins 
P. Cutter 
John Platt   Jolm Gerow   Joshua Hicks  
Thoms Deacon S  
Jacob Huyck   John Allen   Jacob Shurtteff  
W. Leslie  
Abraham Putney   John Goodwin Jr.   John Ster  
Thos. Turpin  
Jas? H. Leavens   Abraham Gunter   Samuel T. Gunter 
Walter W Canniff 
Thos. McLeod   Hugh Reed   William P. Smith 
A.J. Ferry 
Peter Jones   David S. Conger  Thomas Creighton  
Michael Brennan  
Roger B. Conger   William McQuoid   John Johnson  
Douglass Prentiss  
B. Dougall   B.B. Ramsey or Ranney James McQuaid  
Samuel Boyden  
Edwin N. Kingsley  Lyman Hurington   Joseph Redman  
Charles Heath  
 John I? Ellis   Richard Russell   John Vn Dusen  
D. Rankin  
William Patterson   John McQuoid or McQuaid   John H. Landon 
Reach P? Van Eorlene???
David Wright  William D. Cook   James J.F. Dougall  
Wm R. Bartlett  
David Vandusen   Lewis Stinson  George Kingsley  
Wm. Evans  
Thomas A. Hermans   James McCuaig   Richard Hughes  
Benjn Olcott  
Francis Nitchell  Luke Ballard   Henry Johnson  
Emerson Burley 
Paul Clark   Bernard Danard   William Henry Heeman  
John S. Smyth
James NcNutt   Henry Harris  Thomas Kinworth or Kinmouth
Wm McKay J.P.
William Nelson   William Willson   B. Bristal 
Peter Daring  
Joseph W Nelson   John Gerolaney   Isaac Cole  
Isaac Fraser J.P..
William Gunter  George McQuin   John Trumpour  
A. B. Hawke J.P.
Nicholas Wessels   John J. Boareman   Hiram Wilder  
James Connor  
Joseph Baker   Job Hale or Huff   James Smith 
B. Fairfield  
Mattw. Carly J.P. 
Benjn Fairfield J.P.
Colin Mackenzie J.P. 
[Page 5]

James C. Wright   Joseph Johnson   Mathew Orry  
James Lazier  
Robert Jackson   Aaron Bowerman   David Kelly  
George Hill  
Stephen Niles   George Clapp   Joseph Danbury  
William Clark Jun 
Abraham Townsend   Stephen Blunt   Alexander P. Sherriff  
Henry Werden  
John Ostertrant  Arthur Branscombe   Arthur Youmans  
Andrew Rivallee 
A. Werden   Peter Minaker  Durlin Clark  
Andrew Daynard  
Hugh McDonnell   George Minaker   Daniel Gilbert 
Philip Clark  
George Hayes   Peter Post   Gilbert French  
John Nixson  
Thomas Canon   Timothy Nihane   John Gordon  
William P. Williams  
James Clapp   James Walker  Daniel Wright  
William Hume 
John Smyth   Abner White   Patrick McBean
Hezekiah Clark Jun  
Hugh Laing   Samuel Ostrender or Ostrander   Henry Turner  
James Haggarty  
Abram Vanalstine  Lewis? Hurd   Samuel Love  
Isaac Hare  
Jabez H Bishop   Samuel Townsend  John Wilson  
John D. Dulmadge 
John Kelly   Oliver Dingman   James Brown  
Thomas J. Bowerman  
Thomas Pickels   John B. Spencer   Rozel Ferguson  
Stewart Wilson 
Alexander Fair  John Benson   Charles M. Bower 
James Ketchum
John Heazelwood  Charles NcFall  William Leavins 
Rozel Ferguson
Jonathan Masten   Peter Palin   E. Leavens  
J McLachlin
Webber Duel   Jacob Freligh   Stephen Clarke  
Matthew R Benson
John Palen   Barret Dyer   Henry Leete  
John Rightmyer
James D. Spence  Joseph Terwillegar  Nicholas D. Lazier  
William J McKenzie
Isaac Williams   Wm. Smith   Silas Dyar or Dyre 
John Trumpour
Samuel Van Skiver or Skiner   John Murney   John Dingham  
Joseph Terwilliger
Martimes Frear  Vinc O'Sullivan   Lynds Thompson  
John Hewett
  James O'Sullivan  Patrick O’Sullivan  
John Augustus
    Michael O’Sullivan  
Henry Orterton?
[Page 6]

William Ardrey      
William Ireland      
John A? Macpherson     
Lowther Macpherson      
Joseph McCaul      
James Deacon      
Anthony Merrill      
Joseph Allen      
Willm Jas Thomas      
Geo Penrose     
Owen Richard      
Robert Fleming      
George Welsh      
A.V. Trotter     

Source: Civil Secretary's Correspondence, Upper Canada Sundries, LAC, RG 5 A1, V 92, 50845-8, C-6866, on line at heritage canadiana, image 1328