1836 Petition at River Trent

Petition by 59 inhabitants of River Trent 1836

Sidney Township, Hastings County

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

This petition concerns the auction of a Gore on the west side of Lot 1, Broken Front, Concession 1 in Sidney Township, Hastings County. This land is the shoreline on the east side of the Trent River and south of Dundas St in Trenton. Reuben White is the first signee and likely the leader of this petition. He had been elected 3 times as the member in the Legislative Assembly. The request was denied.
Copied as written. There are two large blotches of ink covering up some words and parts of words.
Source: Upper Canada Land Petitions, LAC, RG 1, L3, V260, bundle I20, #1, Film at AO, reel C-2112
Randy Saylor, updated Jan 2012
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April 11 1836
To His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head KCH? Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada
The [smudge] and undersigned Inhabitants of the Township of Sidney [smudge] iding near the River Trent.
Humbly Sheweth
That many of your [smudge] purchased village Lots and have erected houses thereon on [smudge] Broken Front of the Gore in Sidney, lying on the west side [smudge] en front of Lot number one in the First concession of Sidney, the [smudge] Broken front of Lot number one has never been Granted by the Gov [smudge] has been reserved for many years past and your Petitioners have [smudge] informed and believe for the Purpose of being Divided into Town & park Lots. That the said lot is in a high and heathy situation and from its proximity to the mouth of the River Trent, well adapted for the Site of a Town, that your petitioners have been restricted to small pieces of land where they reside and have long looked for the sale of said Lot, in order to enable them purchase Park lots, for Pasture for their Cattle and gardens.
That they have Lately heard with Great Concern that it was the intention of the Commissioners of Crown lands to put up the said in bulk at Public Auction in order for the Avowed object of Alowing an Individual posesing more extensive means than your petitioners and already owning more property than he can occupy to purchase it and hold it for A Farm or to Speculate on, to the Great Detramint and injury of your Petitioners and the inhabitants of the County at large.
Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Excellency will be pleased to rescind the order if any be made for the sale of said Broken Front Lot number one, supposed to contain about 67 acres, in the first Concession of Sidney, in Bulk and will be pleased to order the said Lot to be sold as soon as it may be Convenient in Small Lots of two, three or four Acres Each and thereby not only G[reatly] increase the proceeds of said Lot [smudge] & Greatly to the Convenience [smudge] advantage of your Petitioners and this Neighbourhood Generely
And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever pray
Reuben White Alex Macauley
John F Flindall A. W. Myers
Samuel Starr John C Way
Michael McCabe Joseph Way
John McAuley?? Wm Davis
George W Smith Joseph Lee
Jesse Palmer William Carter
John Gruber Peter E Swart
James Ellis James O Connor
Benjamin Ostrum Patrick Macanay??
George Duttan Patrick McCormick
David S Frost C FSouter???
Richard Collins C R Ford
Allan Miller George Kempt
Francois Gothard Asa?? Hill
Jacob Ford Ezere German
Cyrus Weaver H C Sailor
Wm Chamberlin? Simon Westfall
James? Potter John Jones?
Michael Hendrick John Scott
Clawsan Pheblinick? Moses Henyson??
Hal? Beatys Peter Dusett
Joseph Campbell Bartholomew Barett
Moses Vansic??er [Vansickler] Tobias Fretenburgh
Patrick O Rielly Henry Goddard
James Stewart Gilbert Forest??
Alex Stewart John Hamlin
Jacob Bonisteel Joseph R Bush
John McLean
Hugh McColl
Ebenezer Sandfod?

? April 1836
Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the Township of Sidney and Murray.
SGO 22 May 1836
The West part of Lot No one in the first concession of Sidney containing about 80 acres is vacant Crown lands subject to Your Excellencys special disposal. I see no objection to the same being surveyed into five acre blocks and sold if it be your Excellencys pleasure.
J Radenhurst?
In Council 4th August 1836
Not Recommended
Communicated to Reuben White Esq, 22nd August 1836