Alexander Robertson and Rebecca Roblin, Big Island, 1812

Alexander Robertson & Rebecca Roblin c 1812

Big Island

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

Alexander Robertson married Rebecca Roblin about 1812 and settled on Big Island, Sophiasburgh, PEC. They had many children and they are the first generation of Robertsons in the area. Little is known about Alexander. This information comes from Irene Pettapiece of Edmonton, AB and others as indicated. Irene writes, "I have done research on the lines of Owen, Philip, Alexander Stowell, Colborn, Augusta and Agnes Robertson, as well as Rebecca Roblin’s line (parents Owen Roblin and Mary Ruttan)" and she hopes someone can assist with the families of the other Robertson children. 

Alexander Robertson married Rebecca Roblin about 1812. No record has been found of this marriage – the information comes from Rosalyn Insley and Linda Herman (both have done extensive research on the Roblin families). Rebecca Roblin is the first child of Owen Roblin and Mary Elizabeth Ruttan.

Alexander farmed on Lot 28 Big Island and made several petitions to the Goverment and the Crown for this land, the earliest being 1807 for land on Big Island. Alexander and Rebecca’s son, Alexander Stowell Robertson was granted this land in 1858 after his mother, Rebecca signed a Quit Claim for this land and Alexander Stowell paid her one dollar.

In the Fox family section (Agnes Robertson and Harmonius Fox) of Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte, page 328, it states that Alexander Robertson came from Scotland in 1810, taught school on Big Island, purchased 200 acres and farmed there.  It also sates that he married Reecca Roblin, daughter of Owen Roblin and she died in 1872. Note that in other parts of this book his name is given as ‘Alexander Robinson’. Alexander must have emigrated earlier than 1810 given that he petiton in 1807 for land on Big Island.

Alexander Robertson died in September, 1850. He had his will written and witnessed by two neighbours, Jeremiah Delong and Henry Delong. 
Source: email, May 2009, Irene Pettapiece

In the name of God. Amen
I, Alexander Robertson of Big Island, Township of Sophiasburgh, County and District of Prince Edward and Province of Canada …yeoman.  Being weak in body but sound in mind and memory and Considering the uncertainty of life, I have thought proper to make this my last will and testament in the manner following (Viz.
First of all, I ordain that my funeral charges and all my lawful debts be paid and then what remains of my personal and real estate I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca Robertson Her support during her life, also the house hold furniture to be at her disposal.  I also bequeath to my son A. Stoel Robertson, all the remaining property except four sheep I bequeath to my son William Robertson - also four to John Robertson - four to my son Owen - four to Stephen - four to Phillip - four to Daniel.  I also wish Charles and Colborn Robertson to remain with Stoel till they are of age.  The said A. Stoel is to educate them and give them one hundred dollars each on condition of them remaining with Stoel and faithfully serving him. 
I also bequeath to my daughter Harriet Robertson one cow and four sheep - also my daughter Mary four sheep - also my daughter Elisa four sheep - also my daughter Jane one cow and four sheep - also Margaret one cow and four sheep - also my daughter Gusta one cow and four sheep.  The above mentioned property to be given to the girls when of age or married.
I hereby authorize and appoint John Robertson and Henry Delong also Jeremiah Delong to be my lawful executors to this my last will and testament.
Given under my hand and seal at the Big Island Sophiasburgh this the second day of August one thousand eight hundred and fifty in presence of the subscriber.
Jeremiah DeLong
Henry DeLong
Signed Alex--r Robertson
The will was written by Jeremiah Delong.   
Source: Second Heir and Devisee Commission, AO, MS 657 - Reel 83.

The children listed in Alexander’s will are: 
- William
- John
- Owen - married. Bridget Richardson (Wayne’s line)
- Stephen (may have married Almira Purdy)
- Philip – married Christianne Murney
- Alexander Stowell – married Elizabeth Fox
- Daniel
- Charles
- Colborn – married Catherine Way 
- Harriet
- Mary (may have been Henry Delong’s second wife?)
- Elisa
- Jane (may have married James Johnson?)
-Augusta – married James Conkey 
-Agnes – was not mentioned in the will.  She married Harmonius Fox. 
Source: email, May 2009, Irene Pettapiece

There is confusion about the information below all of which needs careful checking and the results and citations will be recorded here. According to PLBQ Rebecca Roblin is said to be a child of Owen Roblin. Other secondary sources state that her mother is Mary Elizabeth Ruttan. Further, no record has been found that states that Owen Roblin Sr. was a son of John Roblin though secondary sources also suggest this.  Linda Herman (from Maryland) has done extensive research and proven to her satisfaction that the Wannamakers were mistaken in placing Owen Jr. in the family of John Roblin and Sarah Wessels - they did not have a birth date for Sarah at the time of their writing.  Linda found the baptism of Sarah Wessels in 1761 in New Jersey. The Owen (one of several Owens) who married the Ruttan was known as 'One-eyed Owen' because of an accident. 

Mary Elizabeth Ruttan was a daughter of Jacob William Ruttan and Margaret Haring (or Harring) born in New Jersey - Jacob was a son of William Ruttan and Maria Demarest.- this came from another researcher. Jacob was a brother of William Ruttan UE & Peter Ruttan UE and came to Canada at a later date. Mary Elizabeth Ruttan is not mentioned in the extensive book on the Ruttans by Henry Ruttan.

The only hope for a Loyalist connection is to somehow, somewhere, find a link between Owen Roblin Jr. (One-eyed Owen) and Rebecca Robertson.  Alexander Robertson was not a Loyalist. 
Since Owen Roblin Jr. was born ca 1767 (1851 Census) he could not have been a son of Sarah Wessels - born ca 1761. 
Source: taken from emails from Irene Pettapiece and Peter Johnson, May 2009