Upper Canada Land Petition Tyendinaga c1835

Upper Canada Land Petition c1835


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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Received 6 May 1835

Unto His Excellency Major General Sir John Colborne Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada &c &c &c

The Petition of the Right Revd Alexander MacDonell Catholic Bishop of Regispoles? of the Revd Michael Brennan and the Roman Catholic Inhabitants of the Township of Tyendanaga

Humbly Sheweth
That the Inhabitants of the Township of Tyendanaga labour under great inconvenience and disadvantage for want of a convenient place of worship, having no church or chapel nearer to them than Belleville a distance of eighteen or twenty miles in which account their women and weaker part of their families are prevented from attending Divine Service on Sundays and tus deprived of the benefit of their Religion.

Your Petitoners therefore, beg leave to lay a state of their situation before your Excellency, in hopes that your Excellency will be pleased to take their case into consideration, and grant them Lot No Twenty four south range of the first Concession south of the road of the said Township of Tyendanaga in order to erect a Church on it as the most central and convenient place for your Petitoners, and also for the Catholic Inhabitants of the neighbouring Townhsips of Richmond, hungerford, Sheffield, and part of Sophiasburgh

And your Petitoners as in duty bound will ever pray

Alexr Macdonell Ep? R
Michael Brennan M Mp?

Source: Upper Canada Land Petitions, Tyendinaga, 1835, V 502a, T19/20, Archives of Ontario, Film C-2837
Randy Saylor,  transcribed 18 Apr 2008

[All below are signatures and often difficult to decifer. Transcribed as written. Contact me if you know alternatives.]
Tobias Sweeny
Edward Landers
Michael Nealon
Daniel Callihan
John Mackey
John McGire
John Sweeney
Charles Sweeny
Thomas Calighan
Daniel Desmond
Thimoty? Reyan
Denis Nealin
John White
Thomas Magurn
William Magurn
Patt Campbell
William Landers
Richerd Condon
Jeramia Hays
Thomas Dorey
Patt Dorey
James Sweeney
William Borden
James Borden
Philip Crawfort
James Smith
James Derrien
John Derrien
Anthony Maher
John Maher
Robert Maher
Michel Maher

Thomas Landers
Christopher Thellmurry??
Robert Landers
John Nealon
Joseph Megurn
Peter Kilinurry
John Kenny
Daniel Power
John Howlet
James McNeal
James Dorey Senr
James Dorey Junr
Richard Connely
John Condon
Terrance Fitspatrick
Daniel Dunovan?
Francis Murphy
Barney McGinis
Mical Black
John Kilmurry
John Lavery
Michael Nowlan
James Garland
John Dorey
Walter Direy
Robert Short
Michael Moraney
Thomas Deary
John Donoley
Patt McNicle
Michael Donavan
Patrick Wallice
Lawrence Killmurry
Cornelius Culligan
Owen Doyel
Denis Sullivan
Denis Kelly [or Kitly]
John Sullivan
John Doyal
James Brenan
Patt Brenan
Michael Doyal
Morty Cullighan
Cornelius Callighan
Daniel Shay
John Shaughnasy
Michl Shea
Patrick Fitzerrald
John Man?
Thomas Treacy
Robert Dowman
Patt Walsh
Micul Walsh
James Walsh
John Dugan
James Mury
Thomas Murry
John Conner
Paul Vellio
James O Sullivan
Mic? Sullivan
William Saughnessy
Thomas Hays
John Harrison
Bett Sullivan
Henery Linch
Patt Denigan
John Eagan
Patrick Connan
John Cliffort
Owen Cliffort
Hugh Curley
Brien Curley
Patrick Curly
Peter Burns [or Buris]
James Wiely
Patrick Dowlan
Patt Murphy
John Dowlan
Thaoms Murphy
Richard Foran
Michel McGinnis
Jams Conway
James Magher
William Magher
William Megher
Thommas Magher
Patrick Sweeney
Thmothy O Lea
Edmund Kinny
Barned Scanlin
Barned Murphy
Michl Sweeney
Thos Sweeney
Michl Sweeney Jr
The lot was sold at public auction many years since to one Ebenezer Stafford for 15/- but this office is not aware that the conditions of the sale have been met. SGO 4 Jun 1835

In Council 8 Dec 1835  Not recommended as the lot does not appear to be vacant.