Henry W Wandal Yager Fonds

Henry W Yager Fonds

1834 - 1836

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Henry W. Yager Papers consist of 40 pages encompassing the content of 13 letters addressed to him. They were sent in 1835 when he was an elected member of the Upper Canada House of Assembly (1834-36) as the representative of Hastings County.

They are transcribed with spelling, punctuation and paragraphing unchanged. Question marks indicate uncertainty with the spelling of a word. The numbering of the 40 pages follows that done by the National Archives in Ottawa.
Transcription by Randy Saylor, February, 2002.

Page 01
Belleville 19th Jany 1835
Dear Yager
We have been actively engaged today in circulating a Petition to the Legislative Council praying that, that Honourable Body would concern with the Legislature in the final passing of the Bill to errect this county into a separate District and which will be sent you by tommorrows' mail & I trust it will arrive in time to have the desired effect.  There is certainly more encouragement this session than we have ever had, from any previous session; & I think, there is little dout, but we will at last succeed, in obtaining, our long wished for New District. We sent you a letter signed by a member of the inhabitants, of Belleville; on the subject of our Police Bill, which I trust you have duly received & I hope Mr. Samson will see the necessity of handing you the Petition which points out the amendments that are required to our Police Bill. I have had no reply from the Hon: Peter Robinson to my letter respecting the Town lots; perhaps he'll do so in a few days. I enclose a memo: which I will thank you to hand to ?? Wasburn Esq. As soon as convenient. If you can send me a copy of the Township Officers Bill & the Jury Bill, I'll feel obliged.
I am ? Yager Yours Truly
C.H.W. Collom

Page 02

CHW Collom (signed)
Not answered (different hand)

Page 03
Sidney 26th Jan 1835
Mr Henry Yager
Dear Sir
Allow me the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of yours bearing date the 19th Inst which came safe to hand altho contained but little news not so much as to say you have chose Mr Bidwell for your speaker I have no doubt you have heard already some of the salutins?? Vulgar and taunting slang and abuse I saw the yeas & nays the chaise?? of your Speaker altho I cannot find my friends Mr Shavins ?? name an nuther for yeay or nay So he must have been absent from the hous you did not so much as inform me at what hous you slept neither respecting your companions we have nothing new here and my neighbours are all Summand to adolphistown to Court and we have had no Slaying here since you left as to the trent Bridge we have settled all accounts as far as we can at present and I undersatand that Mr Howard went to goal on Friday last under Seven ????? I also understand he intends petitioning the parliament for remuneration the whole amount he has  ????? amounts to
NB I have not seen Belleville since you left them - I expect your family and will

Page 04

First contract -------------------------------- 3215
Extra work covering the Draw ------------- 250
Extra work done on Bridge ------------------  50
Three thousand five hundred & fifteen   3515 or 14060 Dollars
We have paid Mr Ketchison ------>    ----- 100
the superintendent------------------->
and understand he intends petitioning your Honourable Body for his services altho I conceive he is more than well paid for his time? at least 25 over and above Should a petion come from this quarter on the foregoing subjects you and your friends may know how to treat them / as for Mr Howard his case is ???? at same time I think the Commissioners have dealt bountiffully with him all his difficult he is brought upon himself ???? Mr Robertson and others and if he squanders away his money by making foolish bargains and Eronious arbitrations I do not know why the province should make him good therefore were I am of your Body I would protest againts both measure especialy Ketchisons / if there should be money granted for the road this session I would wish you to let me know in time so that I can assist you in the appropration at some time hope you will keep firm to the caus of Justice and Equity therefore I remain yours
Truly R White

Page 05 (Marginalia)

NB Dear Sir I understand by the Governors Speech that he intends to lay before the hous the changes of the different Boards of health which he wishes you to make good a few years since he had a demand similar and which the hous made good but after examination I found that he paid the amount out of the casual and teritorial ?? revenue and prayed ?? the hous to make it good and when the hous voted him the sum it was placed back into the casual fund which is applide By the Executive Council now I say that the money should be paid from that fund and not the provincial fund if so you will oppose the measure

Page 06

(addressed) Henry Yager Esq/MP
R White
Letter ans
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 29 Jan

Page 07
Sidney Feb 2d 1835
Mr Henry Yager Esq
Dear Sir I have not been to Belleville since you left home and have not recv'd but one letter from you which I took the liberty to answer we have no slaying here as yet therefore B?? are verry dull I expect to go down to Belvill tomorrow and call at the post office and I presume I shall find news plenty and possible your maden speech as I told you that you should brake out in the beginning or you would become a still member as I was myself no dout by this time you have heard some flaming speeches from the Tories / When I recive your letters I shall wright you Mr Howard the Contractor of the trent Bridge has gone to goal some time ago I Believe your family are all well except peter myers wife who departed this life and is to be buried tomorrow at 10 oclock therefore when death calls we must all

Page 08

follow as no one knows the day nor hour therefore we should all be prepared for that great change which will come sooner or later our Sidney people have just returned as Jurymen from the sessions at adolphustown and all pray for the division of the district as the traveling was verry bad and the ice verry poor therefore they resented?? their journey with an expectation not to travel on such business to the same place again verry soon and hope for the division of the District
I have nothing more of moment, therefore remain yours truly
R White
NB I want you to reserve me one of the Journals and a coppy of all printed papers as soon as time will permit
Reuben White

Page 09
Belleville ?? Feb 6th 1835
H Yager Esq MPP
Dr Sir! I regret exceedingly I did see you on your last visit to Belleville as I had much to say to you on the subject of Parliamentary affairs. --- I wrote a lengthy letter to Mr Sampson to which I have not been favoured with an answer -- I have heard of his indisposition but trust 'ere this he has safely recovered and restored to his Parliamentary Duties. -- What is likely to be done in establishing a Provincial bank? on which there appears so many conflicting opinions --- I entirely concur with Mr Dalton that unless it can be so established as to secure the entire confidence of the People by the pledge of the Revenues of the Province , on which I conceive any reasonable amount might be raised at a low interest, sufficient for the necessary and prudent want of the People, it will not afford that relief saught for - when ample security is

Page 10

given I see no reason to confine the issue of notes to two thirds of the amount of specie actually paid in by the stockholder; who should give unincumbered improved Landed? Property or other sufficient security in twice the amount of their stocks subscribed for; with other precautionary clauses that will require clear heads and honest hearts thoroughly to ???? and mature -- or it would be better to leave Banking untrammeled - I think there will soon arise Private Banks, sufficient for many purposes; and the only restriction I would lay them in our ??  that they be required to register the respective names of the individuals constituting the firm - The Scotch Banks have proved a blessing, whilst others have proved a curse, and should be a warning to usto take example by them - Mr Meritis?? Bill will have to be model'd 'ere it will receive general satisfaction. I am anxious on this subject as well as upon general ????cation on which the

Page 11

prosperity happ??es of the people of the Province ????ly Depend. =
May trouble you to enquire if any of the Hair Dressers or Perfumerors have on hand any Perukes - commonly called Wigs I am in wants of one of a brown shade not inclining to turn foxy or red - of a midling large size I have sent you the ??? of the one I now ware - if such an one can be met with inform me the Price and I will send up the money I expect the first quality may be met with from $10 to $12 DW?? I would like to have of two sizes sent, one of which I will return with the money for the other - when at leisure please let me he(ar) from you and how you are getting on-
I am Dr Sir Yours truly
Thos. Coleman

Page 12

T Colemans first letter answered
(addressed) Hy Yager Esq. MPP
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 5 Mar

Page 13
Sidney 26th february 1835
Mr Henry Yager Esq
Dear Sir
I have not heard from you nor your Honourable laddy ?? since you left Sidney therefore I have to inform you we are all well as afr as may knowledge extends hoping these may find you the same we have no slaying here and very dull times I saw yesterday Mr Dulmage from Kingston he informed me that our friends Peter Perry Has had a present in the hous of assembly viz a young female called at the hous and sent in by a messenger that she would wish to see Mr Perry Mr Perry Stated that he was busy and could not see her She sent a second time stating that if Mr Perry could not come to see her she would come in and see him with that Mr Perry went out in the hall and the young lady presented him with a young daughter either to rui??? that or pay her a large sum of money Mr Perry agreed to the latter the young woman it is stated lives in Whitby Mr Dulmage states this appeared in the newspapers in Toronto if so I hope will furnish me with the paper Mr Dulmage further states that Perrys family are very much affected at the report so much so that one of his daughters the wife of Benjamin Davy?? Has induced him to go to Toronto to learn the truth of

Page 14

Of the assertion which I have no doubt is a Burlesque an Mr Penny if so he should prosecute the Editor of the paper who dared commit himself to such outrageous and unprincipal act Mr Dulmage further stated that some gentleman I do not remember his name should enquire of Mr Roblin when down who principally corroborated the statement which was contained in the newspaper -------
Mr Howard I understand sarted? for Toronto with his petition a few days since it appears that Mr Wilkins and Bathune?? both signed the petition if you examine our reports and the petition you will find the petition to be false and does not agree with the report therefore I could not sign it he makes no mention of the thousand dollars we gave him for covering the draw within the fifty pounds for extra work which he should have worded the petition so as to corespond with our reports after you left Jacb ford?? came down to get my name to the petition the second time but I could not sign as the petition is untrue therefore I declines and remain you most obd
Sent in haste
Reuben White

Page 15

(addressed) Henry Yager MPP Esq
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 2 Mar

Page 16
Belleville 10th March 1835
Dear Yager
I am informed by Mr William McMullen on his return from Torontothat my name is in Mr Andrew Mersers office entered for my ??? of land for my serveses in the last war as a private in the militia Dragoons ----- I wish you would have the goodness to Pry into the ?????? find the particular way it ???? in - how much I am entitled to - where it can be located - and on what conditions \ whither I have to do setling?? dutys or not I am informed there is a block of land about to be surveyed laying below Belleville in the Township of Thurlow by the name of Point Ann it encludes axe and Horse Point, and was formerly known by the name of the broken front of Thurlow -- and to be located by those entitled to land, if so I would like to locate it thear \ I would wish to examine the land before locating ----- Mr Merser I hope will give you what information and assistance you may require on the subject -- I wish you to act for me in every capasity that may be legal as tho I was personaly present -- to obtain a location ticket and information where it can be located -- if this letter is a sofiticint autherty for you to ?? and you will act for me I wish you to -- and if it is not if you will (word missing) to me stating what will be necessary -- if a power of attorney is required I will furnish you with one as soon as possible -- if convenient and you will send a proper Power I will signe it and return it to you -- as I am unaquainted with the proper form -- I will see you amply rewrded for your trouble and whatever reasonable charges you may be at paid as soon as posible ----- I am sorry to hear of so much time being spent in the house with contested electtions its making the country pay smart money with a witnesss to it -- I wish you would drop me a line after exammining in my affairs stating the particulars I wish you to enclose Mr A Mersers letter and se he gets it -- I mean the one attached to this  -- all in good health and hope you are in the same
I remain Dear Sir with with due respect
To Henry W. Yager M.P
Neil McArthurs

Page 17

(addressed) Henry W Yager MP
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 11 Mar

Page 18
Shannonville March 13 1835
Dear Sir
I herewith transmit 25 --- in order to pay up the ariarages??? Due on lot No 4 South Range of the first consession Tyendinaga I also return the quit claim after dating it, I donot think it nesisary to get another one as that Township is laid out in Streets and therefore each consession has South Range and North Range, and my quit claim only covers lot No 4 South Range first concession Tyendinaga nevertheless if nesisary I will return this and (missing) other from Mr Weis?? I am obliged to send small bills as I had parted with the most of those of much sise and now left almost destitute but not discouraged I hope in your next you will let me know some of your parlimentary proseadings or rather the preseadings of parliament there was an order of session last January for the Clerk of the Peace to inform the legislature that the Magistrates in Session did not consider the statute for that purpose, sufficiently explicit to authorize them to make any subdivision of Courts of Requests and wished the Legislature to take the same into consideration, I understand the Court of Request Bill is likely to undergo reformation if please to bear that clause in mind unless superseeded by a new Bill altogether, Which I should think the most advisable, but if the Bill stands good and there is new divisions made by the Magistrates in that case there will be other commissioners appointed by His Excellency and wither the Magistrates are named Commissioners or not I shall recommend to your notice as Commissioners the following Mr John McFarlain James R Howell and Richard Laziers I name Lazier because he is

Page 19

A young man of good education and one who indeavours to inform himself both in law and usefull knowledge and is indeavouring to make himself reputable both in conduct, and in property, Mr McFarlain is a scotishman in good standing Tyendinaga, Mr Howell you are well acquainted with these are they which I would wish you to promote as far as your interest extends if agreeable to your own findings altho they are neither of them aware of my writing to you on the subject / on that there is any one that has any idea of them nor neither do I beleave they have any idea of it them selves, What ever I write to you on this subject I wish you to keep a profound secreat as there are those who wish to be recommended but such as I would not think proper persons to fill office altho men of good natural abilltye and some of them of acquired abilitie, altho not of the stamp I should wish them -----
I have wrote more then you care about reading I fear but such is my weakness and I hope you will beare it with patience, I feel much obliged to you for your attention to my business and at your return will make you amends for the same ----- With due respect
Your most obedient Humble Servt
Thos D Appleby
Please let me hear from my friend Samson as the papers give no acct of him
Please direct your letter to Thos D Appleby Post Master Shannonville and let the post office bear the expense

Page 20

(addressed) Thos D Appleby CM?
Money Free
Henry W Yager Esq MPP
City of Toronto
(stamped) Shannonville UC (dated) 13 March 1835

Page 21
Belleville 20th March 1835
My Dear Yager
Your esteemed favour of 17 Inst was rec'd yesterday at 12 oclock and was highly pleased to hear that our Division Bill had rec'd the success in the Legislative Council which it has and in order to urge the thing forward and more particularly to be governed by your advice relative to a petition I immediately raised a Hue & cry through the village which created a good deal of sensation. And after consulting a few friends  (not Tories) we concluded to act agreeable to your advice - and consequently caused the enclosed petition to be composed and Bickford McCollum and myself circulated them through Belleville and as you will perceive obtained about 400 signatures with the assurance of effecting some good on that all important measure - Belleville is all alive on the subject and every person appears to lend a helping hand. Although with some reluctance on the part of a few which I could mention in consequence as I suppose of the advice not originating with (in their view) the Sumum Bonum of all intelligence and wisdom etc ----- Mr J. H. Samson- however your Friends are not few and should the Bill become a Law through your Instrumentality - Mr S. will be cast in the dark --

Page 22

Now to the point - I think from what you infer that our former Petition to the Legislative Council was never presented if that is the case / should recommend / and it appears to be the wish of all here. That you should by all means obtain it from Mr. S. in whose hands it must be if not before presented that of course is very necessary in order to strengthen our claim - Mr. Burnham who appears favorable to our claim will be able to say whether its presented or not. And the enclosed I think will be a further prop I have no doubt but you will use evry exertion to further the project ---- on the reception of your letter yesterday in the P. Office a good number of the workers were present. Say. Parker Ridley. Benjamin. etc etc who all ridiculed the idea of our again petitioning the L. Council in consequence of the advice not coming from Samson - as I suppose - however I was not included to be governed by their assumed opinion. And therefore left them and proceeded in accordance with your advice - however at last they have all sign the petition (Tory consistency) I hope you will cultivate a good feeling with Mr. Burnham or any other member who will favour our cause as it must have a good effect --- you will find the signatures of Thos. Campbell. T. Parker. Ridley. Baldwin Turnbull & Marshall etc all intermixd on the list in consequence of the hurry of obtaining them

Page 23

In fact not a person objected signing in consequence of feeling the absolute necessity of the thing. I assure you the Ideas of Belleville folks in the subject is a good deal above (Blood Heat) - at last we may all be disappointed  - leaving and trusting all to your care from whom we all look to for relief in the present case - the notice of the last member has come to hand -- it will be necessary for you to state to any member of the L.C. to whom you may hand the enclosed the hurry in which it was got up. And therefore accounting for the small number. being only those of Belleville I want you to lose no time in acquainting me with the result as we all as you may expect are anxious to hear - Am thoughtful for your attention to my business --- in reply to your enquiry about the contents at the last revival I am to say that I believe Mrs Yager is one - S. Wright. W. Spencer Harriet Nelson etc etc numbering about 30 ---- B Staats????? Has left the Kirk and Join'd the Church now organized a meeting was held last Tuesday to devise measures to erect a church and $500 was subscribed on the spot -- and they have every prospect of forming a respectable society --- write often your letters are always agreeably received by me
I am Dr Sir
Yours truly
S. Benson

Page 24
H. W. Yager Esq
Stephen Benson

Page 25

Belleville 30 March 1835
Dear Yager
I now hasten to communicate to you the result of our Magistrate Meeting on Saturday. Thos Parker in the chair who explained the object of the meeting and also the course to be pursued which was that no names should be recommended by the meeting for the office. As any other course would be unconstitutional and Anti British -- therefore his plan was adopted and a petition will be forwarded in a few days to his excellency and no doubt Mr Campbell will recommend his favorites such as D. Perry. A. Baldwin. McAnnany. H. Baldwin and Hutton (the Irishman) and others of the same kidney. Mr. Dafoe says he wrote you on the subject and mentions a few names and should recommend you to make known the thing for the want of a special Commission to his Excellency previous to the petition arrival and for you to recommend those you think would

Page 26

Think were the most fit and proper --  if you could effect the thing before their petition came to hand would be a great triumph -- over those self styled Loyal Constitutional Humbugs
I was rather surprised not receiving a letter from you this morning on the subject of the Division etc --- You will perceive by Saturdays Belleville paper that the Editor recd a letter from H. ?? Fowles of the defeat of our Bill. Wish you to give the facts - and whether its subject to be discussed again by a special motion in the L. Council we have thought of sending another petition to demand their reasons for rejecting it. But have concluded to wait a few days -- to hear from you ------- we have nothing new in Belleville except good health in all our borders --- write often --
In haste
Mr W Yager
Yours truly S. Benson

Page 27

(addressed) H. W. Yager Esq M.P.P.
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 30 March

Page 28
Belleville April 2nd 1835
Henry W Yager Esq M.P.P.
Dear Sir
Yours dated the 27th ult has just reached me, the number of the Lot of want to enquire respectively is fifteen in the 3rd concession of Thurlow. ------ It was originally located by a Francis Carr, an old soldier, and he gave liberty verbally, to my mother in law Mrs. Samuel Badgely, to occupy said lot for her especial benefit --- And I have bougth the possession from Mr. Stephen Badgely her eldest son, who of course was heir at law, at least of 170 acres of said lot, and have occupied it, and have made a good deal of improvement ther on, ever since at year 1820 ------ Now it would oblidge me very much if you could ascertain if the ??? has ever been granted, to the above Francis Carr, or whither as I have been told, that it still remains undeeded, or in ?? that the ??? still remains in the office , your earliest answer to suit your conveniency will very much oblidge me, please to adress to me, care of the ?? Cowper Belleville, your obt George Cowper at the request of Samuel Ross

Page 29

Desn Lot 15 in ? Thurlow 18 June 1796 to Franicis ?????? (seems like part of an old letter)
George Cowper Letter ans

Page 30
Belleville 2nd April 1835
Dear Yager
Your esteemed favor of Monday which was anxiously looked for by myself and others came safe to hand this morning - but containing rather unpleasant news namely the defeat of our Division Bill - athough not much dissappointed. Still from the tenor of your last we had some hopes - but being all quashed we must now only submit with a determination to Buckle on our Armour. For another desparate struggle next session - and in order to pursue that with a probability of success. I think had better ascertain all the objections made and also obtain the yeas and nays at the final decision so we may know who is for us and who against us ---- these are very important to enable us to rebut any and every objection made --- I think the good folks at the Trent may hang up their Fiddle at any rate -- in my last I I gave you statements of te grant meeting relative to Magistrates -- it was like a Mountain in Labour and brought forth a Mouse No opposition and therefore the Tories had it their own way -- that is not to name personsin the petition -- but you may rest assured private recommendations will be sent for the appointment of their favorites -- McCollum told me yesterday that he had written Bidwell and your

Page 31

Self on the subject. I think MacCollum is coming over to the right side of the question -- he finds the Tories will not give the countenance he expected  -- I however think he was always a Reformer but for motives best known to himself has (since his residence in Belleville) joined the ranks of the opposition party. Still think he may be reclaimed from the errors of his ways -- or straddle of the fence -- this expression of opinion of course is between ourselves -- being satisfied that I can write you with confidence McDonnell proposed a few days since to resign his ofice of the court requests but not without McCollum should receive it the commissioners consequently refused -- and he still occupies it -- which rather sticks in McCollums crop -- Mr dafoe requests me to say that should you be able to get McDonnel appointed one of the commissioners you could get the clerkship without difficulty, you of course have your own feelings on the subject -- McDonnel would make a good Commissioner -------- I saw Mrs Yager yesterday all well -- and we shall be glad to welcome you to Belleville after the termination of Parliamentary Labours -- and hope sincerely the Legislative Council will not Tomahawk all the good Bills you have already & may yet pass. Should it however be the case (which is most likely) it will arouse public opinion to the mad ???? of that House of Corruption and finally end in its total Annihilation --

Page 32

Now then to private business. I feel thankful for your attention -- and have again to trouble you with another certificate of L. Sharp[ for Military Services  -- in presenting the same to the AdjT General say that all the Senior Officers are dead and consequently got this from the Sergeant -- also wish you to call on Mr. Lee Esq in the Council office for a certificate of John Theal?? (O.C. 1 May 1834 soldier (written underneath in separate hand)) who has papered the Council -- for his military services. The same was left in his hands by Chas. Clarke -- you can mention my name to him -- will you ascertain whether the deed for Jane Greens land is issued or if not what time it was located by whom & also the nature of the location ticket relative to settler's dutys. and the probable value of lands in that Township (Dover) from some of the members. any expense that you are subject of on my account in the offices -- I shall pay you on your return. I also wish you to enquire the name of the Treasurer of the Western District - place of residence & take a memo?? Of it and bring it with you on your return home ---- a meeting now (this day) in Belleville to form a Branch of the Toronto Constitutional Society -- another prop to their Tottering cause attended only by Tories -- poor fellows ----- write often ------- I am yours truly
S. Benson

Page 33

(Notes to questions asked in the letter)
Located 12th June 1832
Land worth from 6/3 to 7/6
H.W. Yager
(more notes - probably in Henry Yager's handwriting)
Ticket issued to John Smith
The deed not issued

Page 34
Belleville April 3d AD 1835
Dear friend pardon me for delaying to write so long and permit me to break in upon your parlimentary cogitations a few moments Allow me to give the subject of the salvation of the soul the first place in my letter and I think it ought to have the first place in the mind of man. God has by his spirit been at work in Belleville as doubltless you have heard and that too through the medium of his truth spoken by one who felt for the Salvation of immortal spirits . Oh! Sir the arrows flew thick and fastened in the hearts of the impenitent and a number who stood in sin like the tall oaks of of bashan were torn down and we humbly hope are the humble followers of the meek and lowly Jesus. Oh! how pleasant how blessed to meet with them in the room adjacent my school room and hear them speaking forth the praises of their savior and singing the song of redeeming grace and dying love. My heart leaps with transports of joy. it is like a little Heaven below. Dear Sir I feel that if a man loses his immortal spirit he loses all and if saves it he saves all that is worth saving and all that will make him happy in a world to come. Brother jones held up the truth so plain that it seemed impossible for a rational person to resist.

Page 35

Blessed be the Lord many did hear and live. Were plucked as brands from the burning and placed upon the rock of ages against ?? the gates of hell cannot prevail they burst in sunder their bands of sin and death and Christ tore the bars away and put on them a new robe and put a new song into their mouths. Almost every day more or less were enlisting from the yoke of sin and satan under blood stained banner of the lamb. It almost seemed at times that Belleville began to reel from centre to circumference as Jesus Christ was riding through in his chariot of Salvation and offering eternal life upon the easy terms of repentence and submission. Blessed be his name before I was aware the angels of the everlasting covenant bore the news of your dear companions conversion through all the realms of bliss doubltless as he entered the blissful con?? Of heaven bearing the signals of her victory the shout echoed through broad vault of Heaven Hallelujah to the lamb and then followed Worthy Worthy Worthy is the lamb and as the echo rolled through the galleries of paradise it broke upon the ear of Gabriel who with his tenstringed instrument touched a high note of praise to the trium God now Dear Sir my prayer is that her companion may cause the same metorious shout that yours has Oh1 Sir I earnestly entreat of you as one that loves your soul to repent and turn to God and take a seat with your companion in the world to come

Page 36

Respecting the opposition which one should naturally expect from that party who have an out ward form of religion without a change of heart respecting the spirit of such I say I will say nothing and when you return to Belleville you can judge for yourself.
From your affectionate Christian friend
John Holmes
I frequently hear from you and how you get along and am glad to hear of your success and prosperity. I am in hopes there will be some means taken respecting school business for as things are I have hard rowing however I am determined to stay here a while longer if the Lord will. The times are very hard here I can hardly get money enough to rub along with.
But -- all hope for better times you know if it was not for hope the heart would break. As to my school I get along well I get more schollars than money my wife is well and in good spirits also and the rest of our family I will say nothing about at present.
My wife my dear my pet and Mrs Holmes send her respects to you
I ever remain your affectionate friend
John Holmes
Please to write to me if you have time but I suppose you will return home soon

Page 37

Mr Henry W Yager MPP
Upper Canada
(stamped) Belleville (dated) 4 Apr

Page 38
Belleville County Hastings
11th Sept 1835
In consequence of some cases of Cholera having appeared in this part of the county and the board of Health having necessariy today beeen put to some expense in burying a person who died on board the Steam Boat Rafid?? And Landed?? him this morning I have been directed by the Board to draw upon you for twenty five pounds in order to provide for such cases as come under the bognignam??? Of the Board --
I have accordingly drawn for the sum this day in favour of John Turnbull Treasurer to the board for which a stint account will

Page 39

Be ordered?? Hereafter for the information of his Excellency the Lietenant Governor -- I have the Honour to be Sir
Your Mo Obt Servant
Hn Baldwin Chann???
Col Rowan
Private Secretary to His Excellency
Sir John Coleburn
A True Copy

Page 40

Capt Baldwin
Letter to Coln? Rowan
S Liet