Philip Zwick, 1765 - 1828, Thurlow

Philip Zwick, 1756 - 1828, Thurlow

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

Philip Zwick owned the farm that in modern Belleville, Ontario overlooks Zwick Park and the bridge across the Bay of Quinte to Prince Edward County. He ran a ferry service across the bay from this location starting about 1807. For a long time I had a side interest in the family because Philip's son George married Julia White, daughter of Reuben White who has been a research focus of mine.

The book, Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte and other sources state that Philip Zwick is a Loyalist but evidence suggests this may not be true.

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  5. Notes for son Philip Zwick Jr
  6. Notes for son William Zwick
  7. Notes for son George Zwick

From the petitions that Philip made starting in 1810 it would appear that he came to Thurlow about 1791. He was a farmer, Lieutenant in the First Hastings Militia and ferryman crossing the bay. No petitions survive by him asking for land as a Loyalist. In 1817 he states that he traded for the land that he has been living on from John Chisholm.

Probably the trade occurred many years before being registered in 1817. He does state that he supported the British during the revolution. Most telling, is that of his four sons, only William applied for land as a son of a loyalist in 1840 and was denied. It is noted that his father's name did not appear on the UE lists. It  would be very unusual for sons Philip, Charles and George to not apply for land as a son of Loyalist and this suggests that for some reason, Philip was not regarded by the authorities as a Loyalist, placed on the list and entitled to land. If he was on the UE list his children would have been entitled to a land grant as sons and daughters of a loyalist. There are 7 petitions found in the UCLP index under this surname and they are all transcribed. At this time, the conclusion is that Philip Zwick was not recognized as a Loyalist.

2. Children of Philip and Elizabeth Zwick

The chart below is a combination of the information in PLBQ, Philip's will and other records.
  PHILIP ZWICK was born Abt. 1756 in Zwickau, Germany, and died 19 November 1833 in Belleville, On.  He married ELIZABETH. 
Children of PHILIP ZWICK and ELIZABETH are:
                   i.    EFFIE ZWICK.
2.               ii.    PHILIP JR ZWICK, b. 1793, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; d. 1880.
3.              iii.    KATIE ZWICK.
                 iv.    CHARLES ZWICK.
                  v.    MARIA ZWICK.
4.              vi.    PHOEBE ZWICK.
5.             vii.    PERMILLA ZWICK.
               viii.    WILLIAM ZWICK.
6.               ix.    GEORGE ZWICK, b. 22 April 1801, Upper Canada; d. 27 July 1868, Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. Ont..
2.  PHILIP JR ZWICK (PHILIP1) was born 1793 in Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON, and died 1880.  He married MARY THOMPSON, daughter of MAJOR THOMPSON. 
                   i.    GEORGE ZWICK, m. DENCY M GILBERT.
7.               ii.    JAMES H ZWICK.
                 iii.    CHARLES ZWICK.
                 iv.    EMMA ZWICK, m. NEIL MCARTHUR.
                  v.    JENNIE ZWICK, m. W H BONISTEEL.
3.  KATIE ZWICK (PHILIP1)  She married RUFUS HUNTLEY.      
Children of KATIE ZWICK and RUFUS HUNTLEY are:
                   i.    THOMAS HUNTLEY.
                  ii.    GEORGE HUNTLEY.
                 iii.    CHARLES HUNTLEY.
                 iv.    KATIE HUNTLEY.
                  v.    KITTY HUNTLEY.  

                   i.    BENJAMIN KETCHESON.
                  ii.    ANNA KETCHESON.
                   i.    ANN VAN DUSEN.
                  ii.    ELIZABETH VAN DUSEN.
                 iii.    HANNA A VAN DUSEN.
6.  GEORGE ZWICK was born 22 April 1801 in Upper Canada, and died 27 July 1868 in Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. Ont..  He married JULIA ANN WHITE 12 December 1827, daughter of REUBEN WHITE and ESTHER MARSH.  She was born 1801, and died Bef. 1851.    
Children of GEORGE ZWICK and JULIA WHITE are:
                   i.    JAMES ZWICK.
                  ii.    WELLINGTON ZWICK.
                 iii.    ALMEDA ZWICK.
                 iv.    JANE ZWICK, b. Abt. 1835, Sidney Tp..
                  v.    SARAH E. ZWICK, b. March 1836, Sidney Tp.; d. 16 October 1859.
                 vi.    GEORGE W ZWICK, b. Abt. 1840, Sidney Tp..
                vii.    WILLIAM H. ZWICK, b. Abt. 1843, Sidney Tp..
               viii.    HELEN ZWICK, b. Abt. 1847, Sidney Tp..


"Philip Zwick, the founder of this family in Canada, was born in Zwickau, Germany. His parents were wealthy and Philip received a liberal education, but he was of an adventurous nature, and, wishing to see the new world, emigrated against the wishes of his family, to the United States. This was previous to the Revolutionary War, and when the war broke out he enlisted on the British side, and served until its close, rising, successively from the ranks, to a captaincy. He intended to return to Germany after the war, but fate had not decreed it thus, as he fell in love with a young lady in New York, where he had been stationed, and after the British evacuated that city, they were married. Her uncle, who had adopted her as a daughter, gave the young couple two hundred acres of land near Schenectady, and they went there to live; but Captain Zwick entertained strong British feelings and was not too careful in expressing his opinions, he knew that he was entitled to United Empire Loyalist land in Canada, and as he did not find his surroundings congenial at Schenectady, and constantly heard very favorable reports from his neighbors who had left the Mohawk Valley and gone to the Bay of Quinte district, he concluded to join them. It was about 1790 that he, with others, struck out for Canada, via Oswego, thence down the lake to the crossing place opposite Kingston. Thence they proceeded up the bay in flat-bottomed boats to the mouth of the Moira River, and almost at the landing place he located and drew four hundred acres of land, which included the island, which has since been known as "Zwicks Island." Captain Zwick also drew two hundred acres near Foxboro, making six hundred acres in all. On the first mentioned farm, in a picturesque spot overlooking the Bay of Quinte, he built what was then the most pretentious house in the district. It was made of stone and rough cast, and stands to-day, although in a dilapidated condition, as a monument to the character of the man who built it more than a century ago. It is one of the few remaining landmarks of pioneer activity left on the Front."
Source: PLBQ page 1002/3 The information in red may not be true.

4. Notes for Philip Zwick Senior

29 Oct 1806, Sidney, petition of Philip Zwick, that lots Number 61 in the 1st and 2nd concession, township of Ameliasburgh, , were granted to David Plamer, by a [torn missing] that the said David Palmer sold the said lots [torn missing] Petitioner and the Petitioner settled and Improved said lots by virtue of the said certificate as early as the year 1792, and that your petitioner sold lot 61, 2nd concession to John Maybe who has had possession thereof since the year 1793 and has been improving thereof since.  ... prays ... issue the deed or final grant of the said lot ... in the name of John Maybe

[120a] 29 Oct 1806, We whose names are hereunto annexed do certify .... the petiton is a just statement of the facts
[all signatures]
Caleb Gilbert JP
Saml Sherwood JP
John Smith
Jacob W Meyers
John Lott
Samuel B Gilbert
Aron Rose
James Gilbert
Alexr Chisholm Jun
Alexr Chisholm JP
John Taylor
Jno McIntosh
John Fairman
Hugh Fairman
William Bell
Caleb Palmer

[fold notes]
6 Dec 1806, Lt Gov Office; referred to Sur Genl Office
12 Dec 1806, Lt Gov Office, Referred to Exec Council with the Surv Genl report therein. By order of Lt Gov. Wm Halton, Secretary
30 Jan 1810, see petition of David Palmer, read in Council, P37 of No 9

[120b] 10 Dec 1806, York, Survr Genl Office: ... lot 61, Con 2, having been set aside as a Clergy Reserve, it was some years ago, appointed by the late Surveyor Genl, as a seventh, in respect of the Lands Granted; and as such it has been leased to Elijah Wallbridge, under the authority of an Order in Council of 1 June 1804. C B Wyatt, Surr Genl
Source: [Note: petition indexed under Philip Swick] UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V447, S Misc/120, 1798-1812, Z misc/1, 1797-1816, C-2805, starts at image 439

[1] Thurlow, 19 June 1810, Philip Zwick, has resided many years in the township and has kept a ferry from his place of residence to the opposite township of Ameliasburgh for about three years past under the regulations of the Magistrate and is provided with the necessary craft for carrying it on. Your petitioner prays for a lease for the said ferry for such time and under such restrictions that Your Excellency may deem proper
[1b] Kingston, 21 June 1810, This is to certify that I have known Phillip Zwick for nineteen years which is about the time that he has lived in Thurlow .. I have always found him to be of a Loyal mind  and disposition ... I certify that he has kept a ferry from Thurlow to Ameliasburgh about three years now and that he is provided with a scow and every other craft and men sufficient for ferrying at all times. [signed] John Ferguson
[Reverse of the above] .... to Lieutenant P Zwick, Hastings Militia .... Had I not believed you to be a Truly Loyal subject, I would not have dared to recommend you for a commission in the Battalion of Militia of the County of Hastings which I have the honour to Command [signed] John Ferguson
[1c] Thurlow, 19 June 1810, We the subscribers ... recommend Philip Zwick to be a fit and proper person to keep a Ferry from the township of Thurlow to Ameliasburgh particularly as the the situation of his farm is better calculated to keep a ferry than any other near the River Moira.
Peter Holmes
John Thompson
Hugh Cunningham
Margt Simpson
John W Meyers
Rosewell Leavens
Samuel B Gilbert
Otis Turner
Thomas Mathny??
Elisha Gage
Alham?? Canniff
Lawns? Badgley
Francis Dana
Elias Wallbridge
Thos Sparhan? Senr
Jno McIntosh
Peter Grant
Simon McNabb
James McNabb
James Young
Source: Philip Zwick Thurlow, 1810, UCLP, Z misc/1, 1797-1816, V553, C-2982

Thurlow, 12 July 1816, Philip Zwick prays for Lot 7 on the east side of Pinacle Street of the Town Plot of Thurlow now called Belleville.
[Note on fold] 17 July 1816, The lot appears vacant and grantable.
[5a] Kingston 27 May 1816, I certify that Lieutenant Phillip Zwick of the First Regiment of Hastings Militia ... has always done his duties .. and is among the first settlers of the Country. [signed] John Ferguson
Source: Philip Zwick Belleville, 1816, UCLP, Z10/5, V553, C2982

LAND 1809
22 July 1809, reg 19 Nov 1817, B&S, John Chisholm, Thurlow, yeoman, sells to Philip Zwick, Thurlow, yeoman, for three hundred pounds of lawful money, 200 acres more or less comprising Lot 1, Con1 and Lot 1, Con 2, Thurlow. . Witnessed by Allan Mclean , Kingston, Esq and and Thomas Sparkam Junr of the same place, gentleman
Source: Hastings County Deeds, GS 4198, [GSU 197905 is unreadable], AO, Vol D, 404

Thurlow, 7 July 1817, The petition of Phillip Zwick Senr of Thurlow, yeoman, ... That your petitioner exchanged lots [note above that he paid 300 pounds currency] of land with the late John Chisholm deceased - and was by him put into peaceable possession of lot 1 in the First Concession of Thurlow upon which your petitioner has ever since lived unmolested  - That your petitioner done his duty as a British Subject as well during the American Rebellion & the late war- and further that your petitioner considering a piece of land in Front of his said Lot No One to be broken front containing about fourteen acres  agreably to the surveyors annexed sketch? did make improvement and planted the whole some years ago ... prays to grant him the small piece.
[Note on fold] The description of lot 1 in the first concession issued by this office about the year 1798 in the name of John Chisholm appears to include the broken front. If it be the small island in front thereof stated to contain 14 acres  which is now applied for - It is presumed to be not grantable.. The land prayed not to be grantable. Entered in Land Book J page 238
[2d]  15 July 1817, I certify that Phillip Zwick is in possession of lot number one in the first concession of Thurlow  .. that he behaved well in the defence of the Province as a Lieutenenat  in the Hastings Militia during the last war both in apprehending Militia deserters and otherwise .. [signed] James McNabb
Source: Philip Zwick Thurlow, 1817, Z11/2, V553, C2982

Source: Philip Zwick LB I, 1811-16, 373, C-103
Source: Philip Zwick Sr, LB J 1816-19, 238, C-103

William Zwick, Belleville, merchant, maketh oath that the will is the last will of Philip Zwick, deceased, .... dated 7 July 1828
The last will of Philip Zwick, yeoman, bequeaths to his beloved wife Elizabeth south equal half of Lot 1, Con 1, Thurlow, to occupy and be under her control and management and that after her demise it reverts to his son George Zwick. And secondly he gives to his son William Zwick the whole of the broken front of lot 21, in front of Con 1, Thurlow, and thirdly to my son George Zwick, in consideration of the demise of the above land, shall after 4 years after the demise of my wife pay to each of my daugheters; Affa Magdallen Lamour and Phebe Zwick  Ann Dulmage  Katherine Huntly  Permelia Zwick  and Mariah Zwick the sum of twenty five pounds currency.; fourthly that my son William Zwick in consideration pay unto my son Charles Zwick the sum of fifty pounds four years after the demise of my wife. ......... and I appoint my wife Elizabeth Zwick exectrix and and my sons William Zwick and Philip Zwick Junior executors of this my last will [dated] 18 Oct 1827. Witnessed James McNabb, Saml B Gilbert, Jas McDonnell [Note: a very feeble hand signature]
Source: Probate, Frontenac, AO, GS1, reel 1224, #69, [In the land abstract, N2361 reg 18 Nov 1833]

Between 18 Oct 1827 and 7 Jul 1828. See will above

5. Notes for son Philip Zwick Jr

Philip Zwick, Jr., son of the Pioneer, was born in the old house mentioned in 1793. It was he who raised the first apple, trees in that locality, having grown them from apple seeds which he planted. Some of these apple trees can be seen at this time opposite the Marchmont Home, Belleville, this site having been a part of the Zwick possessions, and being at that time the home of Philip Zwick, Jr., who there spent the early years of his married life. Later he purchased a farm, lot 32, 3rd concession of Sidney, and resided upon his farm.
He married Mary, daughter of Major Thompson (a descendant of Lord Monk), who was born in England in 1775, and came out to Canada as a Government surveyor. I'hilip Zwick, Jr., served in the War of 1812, for which service he drew a pension from the Government; he also served in the Rebellion of 1837. He died in 1880 at the ripe old age of eighty-seven years.
Source: PLBQ 1002-4

LOT 1, CON 2, Thurlow
"In 1845, McGuire conveyed the whole lot of 100 acres, which he and McConaghy purchased from Chisholm, to O'Reilly, and in 1848 O'Reilly conveyed the same to Ross. In 1852, a judgment in ejectment was recovered on the demise of Philip Zwick against McGuire, who remained in possession of his fifty acres, and it was called in the record "the front fifty acres of lot number one in the second concession." The action was substantially that of Mr. Ross, who brought it in the name of Lemoine and Zwick. No writ of possession was issued, as McGuire became, by a lease for a year from Ross, the tenant of the premises, and in that lease the judgment was recited, and the lease was of the same fifty acres. The evidence shows that the front 100 acres was divided by McGuire and McConaghy from front to rear, making, consequently, two front fifty acre lots. It was the western fifty acres that McGuire was in possession of, and for which the action was brought to recover, and which the subsequent lease covered. No possession was attempted to be taken under the judgment of the fifty acres now in dispute, which is shown to [**28]  have all along been in McConaghy's possession. McGuire occupied till his death the fifty acres under the lease from Ross. Under such circumstances, the recovery against McGuire, and his subsequent possession under Ross, can have no effect in regard to the possession of McConaghy of his lot."

"John Mulquin says that he knows the lot, that he has seen McGuire and Zwick his son-in-law cultivating the lot, and that Zwick worked across the whole front of it. Witness saw McConaghy putting up a shanty on it two or three years ago."

"William Dafoe says he knows the lot, that he lived for a long time on a farm a mile from it, that McGuire and Bill Morgan were in possession of it, that he has had conversations with McGuire who claimed to own it, then there was a suit, and afterwards he understood that McGuire had given it up to Mr. Ross and had taken a lease; he does not recollect ever seeing McConaghy there. McGuire worked on the south part of the west half, and his son-in-law, Zwick, worked on the east half."

"But further, it appears by Mr. Bell's evidence, who proves a lease executed by the Hon. Mr. Ross and McGuire in March, 1852, that an action of ejectment, which had been brought against McGuire at the suit of John Doe on the several demises of William Lemoine and Philip Zwick for the whole of the front 50 acres of this lot No. 1 and so including the land for trespass upon which this action is brought, had then recently been determined by a judgment in favor of  [**45]  the plaintiff upon the demise of Philip Zwick, and that a writ of possession having been issued to give effect to that judgment, McGuire surrendered possession to Ross, who had purchased all the title of Lemoine and of Zwick in the whole lot, and who thereupon executed a lease of the said front 50 acres for a year, at a rent of 7 10s., to McGuire, who entered thereunder, and who continued in possession thenceforth as tenant of Ross and his assigns, the owners of the property up to McGuire's death, which occurred three or four years ago, and that until his death McGuire retained the possession as such tenant, looking after the property and protecting it from trespass and injury in lieu of rent, and that, in fact, during such possession, Mr. Bell, upon the information of McGuire, prosecuted Francis McConaghy, and had him fined for trespassing on the lot and removing gravel."
Source: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 1879, [*609]  FRANCIS MCCONAGHY et al APPELLANTS AND GEORGE DENMARK RESPONDENT, INDEXED AS: MCCONAGHY v. DENMARK, SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, 4 S.C.R. 609; 1880 S.C.R. LEXIS 6, Heard:  November 13, 1879. Found by Andrew Way, email 3 May 2007 and the full text of the case found by Mark Davenport.

Thurlow, Oct 1830, Philip Zwick is the owner of lot 38, second concession Sidney for which he paid vlauable consideration and having understood that it was a broken front lot  .. and that by a recent survey it appears to contain 39 acres more than conveyed in the deeds .. and that your petitoner is owner of part of Lot 1, Concession two, Thurlow  and is only separated from Lot 38, Con 2, Sidney by the road between the Townships of Sidney and Thurlow  ... and it would be detrimental to have any land between the lots owned by any other person ... prays for the land to be granted to your petitioner
Source: Philip Zwick Sidney, 1830, UCLP, Z16/1, V553, C2982

Source: Philip Zwick LB O, 1829-31, 339, C-103

6. Notes for son William Zwick

Robert Charles, son of William Zwick, merchant of Belleville, & of Anne his wife, aged 10 months was baptized on 24th Nov 1823.
William and George Zwick, Godfathers
Source: Parish Register, St Thomas Ch, Belleville, Marriages 1821-1827, 7-B-1, Anglican Archives, Ontario Diocese, Kingston, personal files AA Belleville 5372-5609, image 85

Adolphustown, 23 Jan 1816, William Zwick yeoman, Thurlow, son of Philip Zwick Senr, UE Loyalist, has attained the full age of 21, taken the oath of allegiance and never received any land ... prays for 200 acres.
[Note on the fold] The name of Philip Zwick does not appear on the UE list nor has he ever been priveleged for lands
[3b] Thurlow, 28 Sept 1812, I certify that William Zwick has taken the oath of allegiance, James McNabb
Source: William Zwick, Thurlow, UCLP, 1816, Z misc/3, 1797-1816, V553, C2982

Thurlow, 12 July 1816, William Zwick prays for Lot 23 in the second range of the Town Plot of Thurlow
[Note on fold] 17 July 1816, The lot appears vacant and grantable.
[5a] Kingston 27May 1816, I certify that Ensign William Zwick of the First Regiment of Hastings Militia ... is the son of Philip Zwick ..  has been on duty during the last war. [signed] John Ferguson
Source: William Zwick, Thurlow, 1816, UCLP, Z10/4, V553, C2982

7. Notes for son George Zwick

George Zwick of the Township of Thurlow, yeoman, bachelor and Julia Ann, daughter of Reuben White, Esq, MPP of the Township of Sidney, spinster, were married by licence on Wednesday the twelth day of December 1827. Thomas Campbell, Rector
Source: copy of original record, Anglican Archives, Kingston, emailed to WRS by Linda Smith, July 2005, saved in White file.

O60, land sale Lot 1, Con 1, Thurlow, reg Aug 1838

George Zwick, farmer, born CW, EM, age 51
Anyaline?, CW, EM, 25 (Is she a daughter or a second wife?)
George W. 11
Wm H, 8
Wm Gill, labourer, 16
Source: 1851 Census, Hastings, Sidney (part 2), AO, C11727, p. 104

Sarah Zwick, 17
Helen Zwick, 4
Living with their aunt and uncle Henry and Phoebe Saylor at the next farm.
Source: 1851 Census, Hastings, Sidney (part 2), AO, C11727, p. 104

Also Jane Zwick, 16
Living with her grandpaprents Reuben and Esther, presumably to help out.
Source: 1851 Census, Hastings, Sidney (part 2), AO, C11727, p. 98

George and Julia Zwick not found in this census.

George Zwick died July 27 1868, aged 67 yrs 3 mo's & 5 dys
Source: Whites Cemetery Transcriptions, AO MS 451, reel 68