John Pete Bowman Family Tree, Johnson City, Tennessee




John Pete Bowman b 07/02/1898 d 05/1978
Wife Emma Coreet Bowman b 02/26/1894 d 05/31/1990
106 1/2 Water Street, Johnson City TN
J.P. Bowman Sawmil-Worker Born about 1895
Emma C. Bowman Daily-Wage Worker

Emma and John had a son Named
Samuel Frank Bowman Born 07/03/1917 (Died Aug 1977-San Pedro CA)
Place of Birth Carter county, TN

Sam Bowman later married Dellie Carpenter (no info)
They lived at Route 2 Johnson City, TN
Dellie and Sam had a son Raymond Franklin Bowman Born 04/07/1934 (died Mar 18, 94)
(place of death for Raymond San Pedro, California)
Place of birth for Raymond Bowman Carter county, TN
Around 1960 Raymond Bowman married Dorothy Lorene Mckennie
Dorothy was from Helena Arkansas born 08/29/1930 (Died 02/11/2000 San Pedro, CA)
Dorothy and Ray had a son in August 9, 1960 in Torrance, California
His name is Samuel Ray Bowman Born 08/09/1960 (Living in Moreno Valley, CA)
Dorothy Lorene Mckennie parents were
Claudia Aldine Mills age 14 in 1930 from Helena Arkansas
Corbett Mckennie age 37 birth place Missippi
The Mckennie information was supplied by my mother's
Delayed Birthcertificated from Phillips County Arkansas dated August 3rd, 1944
and was witnessed by Mrs. O. W. Gross unknown relationship to her parents!

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