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The Acadian Recorder was a weekly newspaper published out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada during the 1800's.  From that newspaper I have taken information of interest to genealogists such as marriages, deaths, and ship news.  In some cases there will also be additional information added, such as estate notices, property sales, advertisers lists and odd bits of interesting information.   Please keep in mind that, even though the Acadian Recorder published at Halifax, it contained information from the entire province, and often beyond that into Upper Canada and England.  The Shipping News, although reported primarily for the Port of Halifax, also contains national and international information.

The initial years under review will jump around quite a bit. I apologize in advance for any confusion.  It is the result of starting with a roll of microfilm I thought was the first of the series, and discovering a month later, it was actually the second roll. The result of this is that the index begins in early 1817 and then skips into 1821.  I will slowly fill in the gap.

How to use this site

Below this area are links which will take you to an index of each year of the newspaper. Once you reach that link, the page will list each issue completed in a table format.

The Table gives the date, the volume and number, a surname list (applicable only to the Marriages, Deaths and Estate listings), a list of completed columns, and finally a link to that particular issue.

To find a particular surname within the issue itself, click on the edit tab at the top of your browser, go to "find" or "find in page" and then type the surname into the dialog box.

Anything you find which uses the brackets - [  ]  are my own entries, most commonly [ ___ ] when I haven't been able to make out what a particular word was.  Anything with [ . . . ] means there was more information which was not transcribed. Should you want the complete text, please email me with the details.

This site will slowly grow.  Please keep checking back for new issues.

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