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Hi. We are Lori and Arlin Scharfenberg. Our interests include family history, camping, travelling, and raising children. Arlin is a teacher and Lori is an historical writer and homemaker.
The primary purpose of this page is to promote awareness of the Danish and German genealogical roots of our family. The main surname we are researching is Scharfenberg and the main patronyms are Jeppesen or Jepsen and Molzen.

Scharfenberg: Middle High German word meaning steep mountain.
Many Scharfenbergs have been given the right to bear arms: Scharfenbergs of Styrie,
of Westphalie, Mecklenbourg, Lubeck and Tyrol as well as Bavaria.

We trace our ancestry to Eutin Germany which is very close to Lubeck. The arms
were three rock peaks and a small wild antelope on a gold background.

There are several towns in Germany by the name Scharfenberg, one volcano and a
castle with this name as well.

Our Scharfenberg ancestors from the province of Schleswig Holstein were German in
origin but had Danish loyalties. The families that came to Diamond Bluff, WI, U.S.
spoke and wrote the the dialect known as Low Danish.

In 1911 the largest branch of this Scharfenberg tree immigrated to Preeceville, SK,

Other surnames who merged (smile) with the Scharfenbergs include Aune, Smith,
Franklin, Hovey, McDonald, Mittay. Check out the links on both webpages for other
Scharfenberg stuff! The Jepsen women married men with names such as Friedricksen,
 Petersen Sahl, Drake, and Zastrow.
 Scharfenberg Castle near Meissen, Germany. photo coming

Our Scharfenberg Line to 2000(males)
Gen #1:Christian Friedrich Scharfenberg and wife Anna Elisabeth Lietan(r) who both
died before 1857.

Gen #2 Christian Friedrich II(1831-1902) born in Neukirchen near Eutin,
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany married Anna Magdalena Fredrikke Molzen
(1828-1901)in 1851 in Satrup parish, S-H, Germany.

Gen #3 three sons: Christian III, Otto and Julius (1866-1956).

Gen #4 Christian Jr. had 2 sons Leonard, Christian

Otto had one son Otto Jr.

Julius in turn had 3 sons named Robert,Herman and Julius.

Gen # 5 Otto Jr. had 1 son Glenn

Herman had 6 sons named Howard, Leroy, Richard, Virgil, David and Clifford.

Gen #6 Glenn had 2 sons: Scott and Jay

Howard had 1 son (chosen)named Leslie

Leroy had 1 son Arlin

Virgil had 2 sons Garfield and Jeffrey.

Gen #7 Les has 2 sons: Jordan, Joel

Arlin has 3 sons: Riley, Evan, Robert

Garfield has 1 son:Bradon

Jeff has 1 son: Blake

If you think you might have family connections - e-mail me or look at the Rootsweb link
 and search my online GEDCOM.
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