Schneider, Nickolaus Ancestry

Nickolaus Schneider Ancestry

primarily based on research and documentation provided by Richard L. Schneider
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compiled by John J. Schneider
Savannah, Georgia
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August 29, 2021
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detail from Anton's Civil Marriage Certificate, 13kb
detail from Anton Schneider's marriage document


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Ambrose, Bellfy, Carpenter, Cary, Clemens, Dei, Dillon, Egan, Engels, Esper, Fackeldy, Fikac, Golata, Green, Gruba, Hackett, Hahn, Haner, Hoffman, Horger, Hosey, Huerter, Janssen, Keil, Kenny, Kirchens, Kleinfelder, Korte, Leblanc, Lemiesz, Lindsay, Luyckx, Martini, McNulty, Meier, Mohr, Ochs, Overbach, Owens, Peltier, Perreault, Reckinger, Rieden, Roulo, Schaefer, Schneider, Sciacca, Seyller, Shanahan, Simpson, Smith, Snyder, Steiger, Stevens, Stral, Theisen, Unknown, Wambach, Westbrook, Wisnewski, Wittersheim, Young, Zelle
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The name Schneider in Germany is like the name Smith in America. Ubiquitous. It translates as "tailor" or "to sew." My own ancestry has been traced back with certainty to Nickolaus Schneider, of Kehrig, Prussia, who was born around the middle of the 18th century. My dad showed to me some notes given to him by a relative, Richard L. Schneider, who did the research and shared his results. I was amazed at what I read. This web site is based on those notes with some additions by other Schneiders from other branches. (See the Credits page.)

A son of Nickolaus, Anton Schneider, left Prussia in the middle 1800s with his family of eight children. They settled in the Chicago area of Illinois in New Trier Township, near Lake Michigan. Wilmette now stands where Anton put down roots. His children settled that area along with other families that had immigrated from the same area of Prussia. Some of Anton's children stayed there, others branched out. My ancestor, Martin, moved to the Detroit Michigan area upon marrying Getrude Rieden whose family resided there. Most seemed to remain in Illinois.

Other documents are included in this web site including historical sketches of Kehrig, Prussia, the Statford Theater in Detroit, Michigan, and a brief historical perspective on possible reasons for immigration with a look at 17th century Prussia. I have included a list of document images along with a listing of photographs and also maps used in these pages. I would appreciate any input on the data presented, as corrections of fact will be gladly made. Write a note here.

Since posting this information on-line I have received numerous contacts from others from this Schneider lineage who have graciously shared their own information, which I added to this site on request. I'm grateful for any and all new information pertaining to the Schneider family tree. See the Credits page.

Lastly, there is information detailed herein about living members of the Schneider family. I want to remain sensitive to them and assure them that if there is any information that should be removed please let me know. I will respectfully do so.

A web site tracing dad's mother's line is available at which is transcribed from information graciously given me by Robert Tischbein, of Utica, MI.

John J. Schneider
July 14, 2001

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