Ancestry of Elizabeth White Perkins

Ancestry of Elizabeth Louise White

Prepared by Steven C. Perkins. Materials below are from the following: Sarah Elizabeth White Gilreath; Arnold Taylor; Nancy Jonckheere; and, Gloria and Orville Perkins.

1	Elizabeth Louise White (1880, KY-22 May 1946) married William B. 
Perkins (1873, Whitley Co., KY-1948, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH).

	i	Lucy Perkins born 12-13-1900 died 1992 married Newman 

	ii	Elizabeth Perkins born abt 1902 married Pickett Gilreath 
		son of John A. Gilreath and Sarah E. Caddell.

	iii	Arthur Perkins born about 1904 (buried Arlington Cem. 
		Cincinnati) married Lucy Beeler Cox of Jellico Tenn. 
		(Lucy adopted by Cox).

	iv	Clarence Perkins born about 1906 married Lisie Stephens 
		d/o Sid Stephens.	

	v	Jess Perkins born about 1909 (buried Arlington Cem. 
		Cincinnati) married Bertie.

	vi	Ester Perkins (lived in Grosbeck near Cincinnati)
		married Lester Betts.

	vii	John Arnold Perkins married Eudena Ball d/o George Matt 
		Ball and Rosa Genetta Swain.
	viii	Lola Perkins (buried Arlington Cem. Cincinnati)
	        married John Grimsley.

	ix	Doris Perkins (lived in Grosbeck with her sister Ester)
                married Lee Nally.	

2	Mark White, b. 2 Nov 1832, d. 30 June 1893 Married (1) Cindarella 
Barnett (buried at Redbird) in  Whitley Co. on 22 October 1855 and (2) 
Sarah Jane Worley in Whitley Co. on 31 March 1861. (Whitley County Marriage 
Bonds July 1866-December 1864, p.74-5. The bond recited that both were born 
in Whitley County. Buried at Redbird.

	i  	Nicholas N. White, b. 31 Mar 1862, Whitley Co KY  d. AFT 
	1920, CO. Spouse:   Sarah Wilder  b. 22 Jan 1872  d. 1912. Married 
	10 Mar 1885, Whitley Co., KY.                             

	ii 	Holden W. White, b. 9 Oct 1863, Whitley Co KY  d. 20 Sept 
	1893, Whitley Co KY. Spouse: Obedience Mary Lynch, also known as: 
	Biddy, b. Nov 1860. Married, 1 Apr 1888, Scott Co TN.

	iii 	Cinderella White, b. 5 Apr 1866, Whitley Co KY d. 6 Mar 
	1945, Whitley Co KY. Spouse: Nathaniel L. Walker, b. 18 Jan 1861 
  	d. 26 Dec 1937.  Married: 7 Mar 1886, Whitley Co KY.
	iv	John Sanford White, b. Feb 1871 Whitley Co KY d. 1931, 
	Whitley Co KY. Bur. Jellico Creek, Whitley Co KY. Spouse: Nancy E. 
	Manning  b. Feb 1878  d. 1936. Married cir 1896.
	v 	{Daughter} White, b. cir 1873 Whitley Co KY d. cir 1873 
	Whitley Co KY.                            

	vi 	Levi Milton White, b. 27 Aug 1877 Whitley Co KY d. 7 June 
	1925, Whitley Co KY. Spouse: Martha Melda Shepherd  b. 28 July 1878 
	d. 1 Feb 1950. Married: cir 1895 Whitley Co KY.        

	vii 	Louisa M. White, b. 1880 Whitley Co KY d. 1946, Whitley Co 
	KY. Spouse1: Ancil Parks; Spouse2: William B. Perkins  b. 1872  
	d. 1948.

	viii	Frank White, b. Mar 1882, Whitley Co KY d. 01 Dec 1973, 
	Knox Co KY. Spouse: Arlie Mae Davis b. Jan 188  d. cir 1967. 
	Married: cir 1900, Whitley Co KY.        
3	Sarah Worley, b. 22 April 1844, d. 12 May 1885; Married: 31 Mar 
1861 in: Whitley Co KY  Buried: Redbird in: Whitley Co KY                                 

4	Nicholas White, b. 15 May 1802, KY d. 29 June 1876
KY, He was born on 15 May 1802. 

 While the 1850 Whitley census lists him as 52, but there is a lot of 
inconsistent data there. In the 1870 Whitley census he gave his age as 68. 
It is said that he was born in a part of Knox that is now Whitly County, 
but in the 1870 census he said he was born in North Carolina. He died in 
Whitley on 29 June 1876 and is buried at Redbird, where his stone recites 
these dates. I have a PHOTO of  his gravestone; however, this is a new 
stone and a listing of the graves in another source says that he flourished 
5-1809 to 6-1876. Nancy Jonckheere says it was 6 May, but refers to J.V. 
Walker stating that it was 15 May.

 He first appears on the Whitley County tax rolls in 1824 with no land, but
by the following year he owned 95 acres on the Cumberland River. Broyles,
supra, p.252.

 On 8 July 1826 he served as a juror. Whitley Circuit Court Order Book
A-B-C, p.308. On 27 May 1844 he was paid $24.00 for killing four wolves,
having presented their heads as proof. Whitley Circuit Court Order Book G-H,

 He married Nancy Anne Sumner in Whitley County on 13 October 1825.
Cornelius, Early Marriages, supra, p.61, and Tri-County Knox-Laurel-Whitley
Early Marriages, supra, have her as Sumners. Nancy Jonckheere states that
they were married 24 October 1824. The date in October may vary because one
is for the license date and the other the actual date of the marriage, but
the discrepancy for the year is because one of them is wrong. They had eight 

	i	 Holden Wade White5.

	ii	 Oma (Naoma/Naomi) White5. Born 25 July 1827 in Whitley Co.,
	married Elijah Worley (7/13/1825-11/30/1897, buried at  Redbird) 
	on 15 March 1849 in Whitley Co., which connects us not only to the 
	Worleys, but the Earlys. See, Worley file No. 1, KHS Library. Died 
	16 February 1907 and is buried in Redbird. I have a PHOTO of both 
	their markers.

	iii	John White5. Born 4 March 1830 in Whitley Co., married 
	Sarah (Sally) Worley in Whitley Co. on 16 August 1849, Tri-County
	Knox-Laurel-Whitley Early Marriages, supra, died 28 August 1896, 
	buried at Redbird. The 1880 Whitley census shows them both being 
	born in Kentucky (him aged 50 and her 48) and having six children.

		Mark White6, born about 1860.
	  	Angeline White6, born about 1866.
		John White6, born about 1868.
		D.M. White6, born about 1869.
		Louiza White6, born about 1872.
		William White6, born about 1873.

	iv	Mark White5. Born 27 November 1832 in Whitley Co., died 
	30 June 1893. Married(1) Cinarella Barnett (buried at Redbird) in  
	Whitley Co. on 22 October 1855 and (2) Sarah Jane Worley in Whitley 
	Co. on 31 March 1861. Whitley County Marriage Bonds July 1866-
	December 1864, p.74-5. The bond recited that both were born in 
	Whitley County. Buried at Redbird.

	v	 Melvina Nancy White5. Born 9 August 1835, married Sanford 
	T. Barnett, died 18 November 1898, buried Concord Cemetery, all 
	Whitley Co.

	vi	Dempsey White5. Born 1840 in Whitley Co., married Elizabeth 
	Perkins (born Tenn.) 10 February 1861 in Whitley County, when they 
	were both aged 21. Supra, p.54-5; Some Whitley County Marriages, 
	supra; Tri-County Knox-Laurel-Whitley Early Marriages, supra, p.96. 
	Said to have died in the Civil War; Nancy Jonckheere says he died 
	in 1863 at Shiloh, TN and he is buried in the National Cemetery 

	vii	James Ervin White5. Born 4 July 1843 in Whitley Co., died 
	9 December 1927 and is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Whitley 
	Co. On 24 March 1862 he made bond in Whitley County to marry 
	Lucinda J.(Jane) Davis. Whitley County Marriage Bonds July 1860-
	December 1864, p.144-5.

	viii	Jasper Newton White5. Born June 1848 in Whitley Co.; the 
	1870 Whitley County census shows him as 21, living at his parents' 
	home, but with Susan, aged 17. Susan was the 14 year old Susan R. 
	Parker he married (1)in Whitley Co. on 19 September 1867 as Jasper 
	A. (aged 19). Id. He married (2)Rutha Parker in Scott Co., TN on 
	29 January 1880 and (3)Mary Ann Freeman Rains. He died in 1909.

Carolina 1804-1812, supra, p.16. On 9 June 1812 he  examined a guardians date of 

Married Sarah McDaniels in Granville Co., N.C. on 22 December 1784, died in   
Franklin Co.

5	Nancy Summer, b. 1804, d.?, buried in Red Bird Cemetery.

6	Elijah Worley.

7	Nancy Sego, b. ~1824.

8	John White, b ~1760 NC d. 1829 KY John came to KY in 1779?. 

 He was probably born 1750-55, as Nancy Jonckheere states that in 1777 he
sold land inherited from his father, Richard. Was this the 330 acres in Bute
County that he was devised? At that time he was stated to be a planter from
Craven County. CHECK  He was probably born in Warren County, N.C., and about
1798 he came to the portion of Knox that is now Whitley County. He died
between June and October 1829, based upon his appearance in Whitley County
Court as a Commissioner in June and an Order in October that his son,
Dempsey, return court records. CHECK whitley order book 1 for his signature
He is probably in an unmarked grave at Redbird; there is a marker for a John
White, but the date of death appears to be 1896.

 A John White was a taxpayer in Warren County, North Carolina in 1784. North
Carolina Taxpayers, supra, v.2, p.217. A John White was a purchaser at an
estate sale in Franklin County, N.C., confirmed in June of 1796, Bradley,
Will Book B of Franklin County, North Carolina 1784-1804, 929.375654 qB811b
1988, p.16 and at a sale on 10 January 1799, p.38.

 A John White is on the Knox tax rolls for 1804, with 300 acres of 2d class
land on the Cumberland, 2 horses and 6 slaves. A John White appears in the
1810 and 1820 Knox County censuses, and in Lincoln County before that; a
John White is on an 8/3/1790 Lincoln tax list. John White and John White,
Sr. appear on an 1816 Knox County tax list. A John White appears on a 1788
Fayette County tax list, as do two Williams and a James. Some Pre-1800
Kentucky Tax Lists, supra, p.11. CHECK

 On 28 September 1826 he granted Demcey (sic) White (a Whitley County
resident) a Power of Attorney to deal with legacies he might be entitled to
from the estates of his father, Richard White, or his mother, Elizabeth, in
Franklin County, North Carolina. Whitley County Deed Book 1, p.145-6. Mark
White was stated to be the Executor of Richard and Sherrod Celly/Kinney the
administrator of Elizabeth
 Decker (p. 305) says that Knox County Revolutionary War Veterans included
John White of Virginia, and says that he is thought to have settled in Knox
in about 1804; if so, that would not [may not] be our John.

 It is said that he married Mary Shelton, and they had five children.


	i	Charolette (Lottie/Charlotta) White4. Born Franklin Co., 
	N.C., 2 July 1785, married Nathaniel Smith 1805/07, Murfreesboro, 
	TN, died 7 February 1872 in Whitley Co., buried Steely Cemetery, 
	Whitley Co., KY. (But that cemetery in Tennessee?) CHECK

	ii	Harrison White4. Born 28 February 1790 and died 7 November 
	1853, according to his stone at Redbird Cemetery, in Whitley County,
 	where he is Harrisan; the Whitley Death records confirms his death 
	from fever, at age 65, on the Cumberland River. On 11/30/1815 he 
	married Amy Perkins (her stone at Redbird reads "Amey"), 8/7/1794-
	8/1/1862, in Knox Co. Tri-County Knox-Laurel-Whitley Early 
	Marriages, supra, p.96. (Anna, according to Kozee, Pioneer Ancestors
	, supra, p. 74.) I have PHOTOS of both their gravestones. He 
	appears on the 1816 Knox and the 1819 Whitley County tax lists. The 
	1850 Whitley census shows him as aged 60, born in North Carolina; 
	she was 57, born in Virginia.

t isnCarolina.

	iii	John Calvin White4. Later went by John. Born 1793/95, 
	perhaps in N.C. Married (1) Lyda Matthews in Knox Co., KY on 19 
	September 1816, (2) Artemacha Webb in Whitley Co. on 11 July 1826. 
	Died after 1870, perhaps in Wayne Co., TN. He may  be one of the 
	John Whites shown on the 1816 Knox Co. tax list.

	iv	Dempsy White4. Born 1796-98, married Nancy Perkins 24 
	January 1819 in Whitley, Tri-County Knox-Laurel-Whitley Early 
	Marriages, supra, p.96, lived Whitley County until about 1843 when 
	they moved to Hardin County, Tenn.; Died after 1860. Probably the 
	very wealthy Demcy found in the Whitley tax lists from 1819 through 

	v	Nicholas White4. Our ancestor.

9	Mary Shelton.

10	James Sumner, b. cir 1766, {?NC}, d. 1834, Whitley Co KY, Buried: 
Redbird, Whitley Co KY.

	i  	Nehemiah Sumner, also known as: Miah, b. 1785/87, Buncombe 
	Co NC, d. 14 Feb 1871, Whitley Co KY, Buried: Whitley Co KY. 
	Spouse: Mary Ann Eaton, also known as:Polly, b. cir 1795  d. 1877. 
	Married: 19 March 1812, Grayson Co VA.

	ii  	John Sumner, b. cir 1792, Buncombe Co NC. Spouse: Sally 
	Smith. Married: 11 Nov 1813, Knox Co KY.

	iii  	Mark Sumner, b. 3 Oct 1795, Buncombe Co NC d. 15 Sept 1869,
 	Whitley Co KY. Buried Concord Cem, Whitley Co KY. Occupation: 
	Farmer, minister @ Redbird. Spouse1: First Wife  d. 1821/22. 
	Spouse2: Lucy Bryant  b. 15 May 1807  d. AFT Nov 1877. Married: 
	17 Feb 1822, Whitley Co KY.

	iv  	George Sumner, b. 1800 Grayson Co VA d. 1873/80 Monroe Co 
	IN. Spouse1: Katherine Eaton d. 29 Sept 1846. Married: 5 May 1819 
	Whitley Co KY. Spouse2: Louisa Godsey. Married: 16 Nov 1847 Pulaski 
	Co KY.

	v  	Nancy Anne Sumner, b. 1804 Grayson Co VA d. July 1876, 
	Whitley Co KY. Buried: Redbird Cem, Whitley Co KY. Spouse: Nicholas 
	White b. 06 May 1802  d. 29 Jun 1876. Married 24 Oct 1825, Whitley 
	Co KY.

	vi 	Frances Sumner, also known as: Franky, b. cir 1804, Grayson 
	Co VA d. cir 1825 Whitley Co KY. Spouse: William Matthews Jr. b. 
	cir 1800.

	vii  	Lydia Sumner, also known as: Lidy, Indy, b. {?VA}. Spouse: 
	William Matthews Jr. b. cir 1800. Married: 13 Jan 1826, Whitley Co 

	viii  	Sally Sumner, b. {?KY/VA}. Spouse: William Rogers d. by Feb 
	1846. Married: 17 Jan 1826, Whitley Co KY.

11	Mahala ----- also known as: Holly, b. March 1768, {?NC}, d. Sept 
1834, Whitley Co KY. Buried: Redbird, Whitley Co KY.

12	Isaac Worley.

13	?????.

14	James William Seago.

15	Sarah Ann Holt.

16	RICHARD WHITE, JR.2 A resident of North Carolina, his Will was 
recorded in Warren/Bute Will Book 2 at 73, dated 17 July 175. Olds, An 
Abstract of North Carolina Wills, supra, p.316. 

 He acquired land on Cedar Creek by Deed in Warren Deed Book 5, at 167, 
in January of 1775. In a deed from John Wait (sic), John recites that 
his father, Richard White, acquired the land by grant from the Earl of 
Granville County in November of 1760. See, The Granville District of 
North Carolina, supra, v.2, p.159. None of this narrows down his birthdate 
much. The most that can be said is that he obviously was born well before 
1754, when his father named him in his Will. A Richard White was listed 
as a taxpayer in Bute County in 1771. North Carolina Taxpayers, 929.3756 
R233, v.1, p.216.

The Will names his wife as Elizabeth and his children as John, Mark, 
Harrison, Richard, Nicholas, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Drusilla and Nancy. It 
 also recites that he died owning land on Buffaloe Creek, on Burnt Coat, on 
Franko Creek and between Franko and Cedar Creeks. Some other useful
information is found in Bradley, Will Book C of Franklin County, North 
Carolina 1804-1812, supra, p.1. There it is recited that White's Negroes 
were willed to his wife, Elizabeth, and that she was dividing most of them 
among her daughters. It was stated that one of four lots was drawn by Thomas
Hardin, husband of Salley, and that Elizabeth, Drucilla (sic) and Nancy 
White drew the other three. The date of the drawing is stated to have been 
24 February 1801; however, the recording of the event was at the March 1804 
term of Court. Apparently, only Sarah (Salley) was married. Perhaps the
order of the draw indicates seniority. It would appear that Elizabeth was 
still alive in 1804. However, she may have been alive much closer to 1826. 
Material from Nancy Jonckheere indicates that the division, pursuant to an 
award by Commissioners, was at the September term in 1826; that Sarah
Harding, Steven Sparks and Elizabeth, his wife, Drucilla White and Crofford 
Kearney and Nancy, his wife, took at that time. This seems to be a second 
effort to divide the slaves, this time not by lot or agreement, but by court 
order. Also note the Power of Attorney John gave in 1826 to settle
his mothers estate.  These actions would indicate a possible residence in 
Franklin County, North Carolina.

	i	John White3. Our ancestor.

	ii	Mary White3. Born about 1756. Married Benjamin Rush.

	iii	Mark White3. Nancy speculates he was born around 1757. A Mark  

	iv	Harrison White3. Nancy Jonckheere speculates he was born 
	around 1758. Married Jemima (Bledsoe?) and died in Bute Co., 1777.

	v	Sarah White3. Born by 1765? Married Thomas Harding.

	vi	Elizabeth White3. Born by 1768? Married Steven Sparks.

	vii	Richard White3 III. Born after 1769?

	viii	Nicholas White3. Born after 1769? A Nicholas was a 
	purchaser at an estate sale in Franklin County on 10/12/1812. 
	Bradley, Will Book C of Franklin County, North Carolina 1804-1812, 
	supra,  p.52. A Nicholas White was a juror for the allotment of a
	widows 17	84-1804,929. 375654 qB811b 1988, p.2.

	ix	Drusilla White3. Nancy speculates she was born around 1770.
	Never married, died after 1826.

	x	Nancy. Nancy speculates she was born around 1771. Married 
	Crofford Kearney.

17	Elizabeth -----, d. Franklin Co., NC.

24	Wiley Worley.

25	Dorcas Meadows.

32	RICHARD WHITE, SR.1 d. btwn 1754-1758, NC.

 About 1747 he settled in what is now Franklin County, North Carolina, 
but was then called Granville County; in 1764 a portion was formed into 
Bute and in 1779 Warren and Franklin were formed from Bute. The manuscript 
contains references to various documents in Granville which establish the 
White presence there, and he bought land on 31 July 1747. Granville 
County Deed Book A at page 28. Hofmann, The Granville District of North 
Carolina, 929.3756 H713g, shows many Whites active in the same time period.

Richard, Sr. seems to have centered himself around Fishing Creek, which 
runs nearly the width of the current Warren County. His Will is dated 23 
June 1754 and was recorded in Granville in June of 1757, so he died in the 
interim. An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 929.3 N87na, p.330. Thanks to
Nancy Jonckheere, I have a copy of the Will. She says he died in Granville 
County in 1757.

The name of his wife is not stated, so she was probably dead. Nancy states 
that family tradition claims that she was Drucilla Sherrod. His son, Richard
, Jr. inherited all property, except for two shillings each bequeathed to 
two sons, William and Nicholas.

	i	Nicholas White2. There seems to be little known about him, 
except from deeds and his father's Will. Nancy Jonckheere speculates that 
he was born around 1735. However, on February 20, 1748 Richard White1 conveyed 
150 acres on Fishing Creek to Nicholas. Granville Cunty Deed Book A, page 75. 
So, we can assume that Nicholas was an adult by that date, making him born no 
later than 1727. In a 1761 deed, a Nicholous White is shown as a Chain Carrier. 
The Granville District of North Carolina,  supra, p.211.

	ii	William White2. A William acquired land in Perquimans 
County by a 1751 deed, The Granville District of North Carolina, supra, v.3, 
p.29 and in Rowan County in 1760, p.112. Nancy speculates  that he was born 
around 1730.

	iii	Richard White2.