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This scrapbook was created by several unknown members of my family from many newspaper clippings in the area of Spring City, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. It covers that stretch of time from about 1870 to 1910 and views the lives and loves of many of my relatives. I have indexed about 1000 names - but there are more.

For a list of the folks, go to the Index (http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~scrapbook/webndx.htm) topic.

There are also links (not indexed) to notes from the STAUFFER - EMERY Family Reunions (http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~scrapbook/stauffer_emery_reunion/stauffer_emery_links.html)

For more about the book, its history, and the development of this site,go to Readme (http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~scrapbook/readme).

For poems, recipies, cartoons, and interactive misc.stuff, go to Frolicking Through Fun Pages (http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~scrapbook/rootsfuntable.htm). Help catalog some fun items and I will credit you in the Funpages chart on this website.

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