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(Son of Thomas FLETCHER & Maria STURTON)
Born: 17 Feb 1823, Woolwich KEN
Baptised: 9 Mar 1823, Woolwich KEN
Died: 1 Sep 1867, Woolwich KEN, aged 43
Occupation: Shoemaker, Stoker in Thames Steam Boat


11 Oct 1846, Plumstead KEN, by banns
Witnesses: William ROBERTSON, Maria FLETCHER

Ann Matilda SILVER (So7)
(Daughter of Walter SILVER & Ann PERROTT)
Born: 17 Feb 1827, Erith KEN
Baptised: 25 Apr 1827, Tonbridge KEN
Died: 25 Jan 1893, East Tilbury ESS, aged 64
Buried: 29 Jan 1893, East Tilbury ESS, aged 64


John Benjamin FLETCHER
born: 17 Jul 1847, Plumstead KEN
bapt: 8 Aug 1847, Plumstead KEN
died: 25 Oct 1912, Caloundra QLD AUS, aged 65
buried: 27 Oct 1912, Woodford QLD AUS
married: Alice JOYCE, 24 Jul 1874, Brisbane QLD AUS
James Joseph FLETCHER
born: Sep Qtr 1849, Lewisham Reg. Dist. (Plumstead)
died: 4 May 1900, Edinburgh MLN, aged 51
married (1): Maria Ann HUGHES, Sep Qtr 1871, Berwick Reg. Dist.
married (2): Martha POTTINGER, 22 Dec 1897, Leith MLN
Samuel William FLETCHER
born: Dec Qtr 1851, Greenwich Reg. Dist. (Woolwich)
bapt: 29 Jan 1853, Charlton KEN
died: Mar Qtr 1903, Whitechapel Reg. Dist., aged 51
married (1): Emily DUGARD, 18 Jul 1875, East Tilbury ESS
married (2): Rachel ALEXANDER née TUCKER, 20 Oct 1895, Woolwich LND
Walter George FLETCHER
born: 7 Apr 1854, Woolwich KEN
died: 11 Jan 1896, Leith MLN, aged 41
married: Mary HUGHES, 7 Jun 1877, Roman Catholic Chapel, Leith MLN
Anne Eugenie FLETCHER
born: 9 Sep 1856, Woolwich KEN
died: Dec Qtr 1857, Lewisham Reg. Dist., aged 1
buried: 29 Nov 1857, Plumstead KEN, aged 1
Charles George Henry FLETCHER
born: 23 Aug 1858, Plumstead KEN
died: Dec Qtr 1859, Lewisham Reg. Dist., aged 1
buried: ? 29 Oct 1859, Plumstead KEN, aged 1 (as William George Henry) ?
Frederick William FLETCHER
born: 2 Sep 1860, Plumstead KEN
died: Sep Qtr 1861, Lewisham Reg. Dist., aged 11m
buried: 20 Aug 1861, Plumstead KEN, aged 11m
Arthur Urban FLETCHER
born: 29 Oct 1861, Plumstead KEN
bapt: 31 Mar 1867, Woolwich KEN (as Arthur Irvine, d.o.b. 23 Sep 1862)
died: 8 Jun 1943, Erith KEN, aged 81
married: Rebecca Susan PAYNE, 31 Aug 1880, Plumstead KEN
Lilian Emmeline FLETCHER (So3)
born: 28 Jan 1864, Plumstead KEN
William Lionel FLETCHER
born: 6 May 1866, Woolwich KEN
bapt: 31 Mar 1867, Woolwich KEN (d.o.b. 1 May 1866)
died: 22 Jul 1917, Kilcoy QLD AUS, aged 51
buried: 24 Jul 1917, Woodford QLD AUS
married: Augusta KARKOW, 21 Apr 1890, Brisbane QLD AUS


Ann Matilda FLETCHER née SILVER (So7)
13 Nov 1875, Plumstead KEN, by banns
Witnesses: Alfred Samuel ARCHER, Mary Ann ARCHER

Born: c1842, Woolwich KEN


born: 19 Jul 1869, Woolwich KEN (as Charles William MIDDLETON)
married: Alice Gertrude JONES, 25 Oct 1890, Plumstead LND (as Charles William FLETCHER)
(Charles' birth certificate gives his father as William MIDDLETON and his mother as Ann MIDDLETON late FLETCHER formerly
SILVER, though William and Ann were not then married. His marriage certificate gives his father as John FLETCHER, deceased)



Ann Matilda is shown as a widow (surnamed FLETCHER) in the 1891 census and is living with her father in East Tilbury, where she remained after his death until she herself died in 1893. From this it seemed likely that her second husband William MIDDLETON had died before the 1891 census. However, her father's will, written a year after that census, described her as the wife of William MIDDLETON of Woolwich, and on her death certificate, her brother Walter also described her as the wife of William MIDDLETON, painter.

The 1891 census shows a William MIDDLETON, of the right age and birthplace to be Ann Matilda's second husband, as a patient at the Woolwich Union Infirmary in Plumstead, and the 1901 census shows this same William in the Workhouse. However, in both censuses he is shown as a general labourer rather than a painter, and is also described as single, so it is possible that this is a different William MIDDLETON. However, if it is the right William, it raises the possibility that he and Ann Matilda were living separately by 1891.




1841 - Redleaf, Penshurst MDX (HO 107 484/17 Fo: 44)

Henry DUKE 35 Cricket Ball Maker Born in County
Matilda DUKE 25   Not Born in County
Mary Ann DUKE 3   Born in County
Emily DUKE 2   Born in County
William DUKE 75 Ind Born in County
Ann SILVER 14 F.S. Born in County

1851 - 3 Glen Mohr Place, Woolwich KEN (HO 107 1588 Fo: 269)

John FLETCHER Head Marr 26 Shoemaker Woolwich KEN
Ann FLETCHER Wife Marr 24   Erith KEN
Benjamin FLETCHER Son   4   Plumstead KEN
James FLETCHER Son   8m   Plumstead KEN

1871 - 54 Warwick St., Woolwich KEN (RG10 776 Fo: 66)

Ann FLETCHER Head Wid 41 Charwoman Tunbridge KEN
Walter FLETCHER Son Unm 16 Labourer Charlton KEN
Arthur FLETCHER Son   8 Scholar Plumstead KEN
William FLETCHER Son   5 Scholar Woolwich KEN
Charles FLETCHER Son   1   Woolwich KEN

(At the same address, but in a separate household, is William MIDDLETON - Ann's future 2nd husband - aged 28, tailor, with his parents and siblings.)

1881 - 1 Sims Cottages, Woolwich KEN (RG11 0743 Fo: 14)

William MIDDLETON Head Marr 39 Painter Woolwich KEN
Mary A. MIDDLETON Wife Marr 53   Erith KEN
William FLETCHER Sson   14 Scholar Woolwich KEN
Charles FLETCHER Sson   11 Scholar Woolwich KEN

1891 - East Tilbury Village, ESS (RG12 1379 Fo: 82)

Walter SILVER Head Wid 81 Powder Storekeeper Ospringe KEN
Ann FLETCHER Daug Wid 63 Housekeeper dom. Erith KEN
Anabella HOPKINS Daug Marr 52 Laundress Erith KEN
Fredk HOPKINS Gson   9 Scholar Ashford KEN


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