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Walter SILVER (So14)
(Son of William SILVER & Mary GALLEHAWK)
Born: 14 Aug 1809, Faversham KEN (Family Bible)
Baptised: 15 Oct 1809, Ospringe KEN
Died: 24 Jul 1892, East Tilbury ESS, aged 83
Buried: 30 Jul 1892, East Tilbury ESS, aged 83
Will: written 6 Feb 1892; proved 12 Aug 1892, London
Occupation: Gunpowder Storekeeper, Waterman, Farmer


21 Apr 1826, Tonbridge KEN, by banns
Witnesses: John MATTHEWS, Ann PERROTT, Catherine MELDRUM?, Thos MACKER?
(Ann's surname given as PARROTT, but she signs PERROTT)

Ann PERROTT (So15)
Born: c1806
Died: 28 Jul 1827 (Family Bible)
Buried: 5 Aug 1827, Tonbridge KEN, aged 21 (of Powder Mills, Leigh)


Ann Matilda SILVER (So7)
born: 17 Feb 1827, Erith KEN (Family Bible)
bapt: 25 Apr 1827, Tonbridge KEN


5 Oct 1828, Leigh KEN, by banns
Witnesses: John ASHBY, Mary Ann MORGAN
(The groom's name is given as William SILVER in both register and BT, but he clearly signs Walter SILVER)

Mary Ann MARNS
(Daughter of ? William MARNS & Elizabeth ?)
Born: ? c1806 -10, Southwark SRY ?
(For more information on MARNS in Southwark, please email me)


born: 1 Jun 1832; bapt: 22 Jun 1832, Holy Trinity, Newington SRY
died: Mar Qtr 1905, St Olave Reg. Dist., aged 70
buried: 28 February 1905, Ladywell Cemetery, Lewisham LND, aged 70 (of Bermondsey)
married: George HAY, 12 May 1856, St Paul, Bermondsey SRY


AND (3)

Born: c1800, Erith KEN
Died: 19 May 1863, Erith KEN, aged 63 (as Ann WARNER, single woman)
(Previously had two illegitimate children, father(s) unknown - Thomas Edward WARNER
bapt: 17 Oct 1830, Erith KEN & John Boyce WARNER bapt: 7 Apr 1833, Erith KEN)



bapt: 13 Aug 1837, Erith KEN
died: Jun Qtr 1902, Orsett Reg. Dist., aged 65
buried: 17 Apr 1902, East Tilbury ESS, aged 65
married (1): Emma Amelia TWORT, 24 Jul 1858, Erith KEN
married (2): Maria BAKER, 22 Sep 1873, St Thomas, Stepney MDX
born: Jun Qtr 1839, Dartford Reg. Dist.
died: Sep Qtr 1918, Bromley Reg. Dist., aged 79
married: George OSBORN (widower), 3 Nov 1861, St George the Martyr, Southwark SRY
Annabella SILVER
born: Sep Qtr 1841, Dartford Reg. Dist.
died: Jun Qtr 1894, West Ashford Reg. Dist., aged 52
buried: 19 Apr 1894, Ashford KEN, aged 52
married: Thomas HOPKINS, 16 Sep 1860, Erith KEN
Edwin Benjamin SILVER
born: 11 Jun 1843, Erith KEN
bapt: 23 Jul 1843, Erith KEN
died: Dec Qtr 1899, Dartford Reg. Dist., aged 60 (as Benjamin SILVER)
buried: 22 Dec 1899, Crayford KEN, aged 60 (as Benjamin SILVER)
married (1): Dinah BIGWOOD, 27 Jul 1863, Bexley KEN (as Benjamin Warner SILVER)
married (2): Mary Ann GOOD, 19 Sep 1880, Crayford KEN (as Benjamin SILVER)


13 Sep 1863, St James the Less, Bethnal Green MDX, by banns
Witnesses: Charles Edmund BAKER, Ann BAKER

Diana Margaret CREAM née CLARK(E)
(Daughter of Duncan Stevenson CLARK & Elizabeth)
Baptised: 5 Oct 1803, Rotherhithe SRY
Died: 29 Dec 1878, East Tilbury ESS, aged 78 (Family Bible)
Buried: 5 Jan 1879, East Tilbury ESS, aged 78
(Married (1): John CREAM, 8 Apr 1837, St John Horsleydown, Southwark SRY)


15 Apr 1883, East Tilbury ESS, by banns
Witnesses: Bessie M. B. BARTER, Herbert F.T. BARTER

(Daughter of Samuel ALEXANDER & Martha)
Baptised: 23 Apr 1826, Little Wakering ESS (aged 6)
Died: 10 Jul 1890, East Tilbury ESS, aged 71 (Family Bible - sic)
Buried: 15 Jun 1890, East Tilbury ESS, aged 71
(Married (1): George DEAKS (sic), 21 Oct 1839, East Tilbury ESS)



On October 1st 1864 there was an explosion involving the gunpowder magazines at Belvedere, Erith, at one of which Walter SILVER was Storekeeper. He survived this explosion, despite his house collapsing around him, but one of his grandchildren was killed. Details of the explosion and the subsequent inquest can be found in The Times, and a photograph of the ruins of Walter's house was published in The Illustrated London News. These accounts give a fascinating if sometimes gruesome account of the explosion and offer insight into the dangers of working in the gunpowder industry in the 19th century.




1841 - Powder Magazine, Erith KEN (HO 107 482/12 Fo: 27)

Walter SILVER 31 Storekeeper Born in County
Ann SILVER 40   Born in County
John WARNER 9   Born in County
Walter SILVER 4   Born in County
Mary SILVER 2   Born in County
Thomas WARNER 15 Ag. Lab. Born in County

1851 - Picardy, Erith KEN (HO 107 1607 Fo: 234)

Walter SILVER Head Marr 41 Storekeeper Ospringe KEN
Ann SILVER Wife Marr 50   Erith KEN
Walter SILVER Son   13   Erith KEN
Ann SILVER Daug   11   Erith KEN
Annbella SILVER Daug   9   Erith KEN
Edwin SILVER Son   7   Erith KEN
John SMITH Serv Unm 17 General Servant Boro LND (sic)

1861 - Magazine Storekeeper's House, Erith KEN (RG9 466 Fo: 40)

Walter SILVER Head Marr 51 Storekeeper Ospringe KEN
Ann SILVER Wife Marr 61   Erith KEN
Thomas WARNER Wife's S Wid 34 Labourer Erith KEN
Emma PALMER Nurse Ch   4   Erith KEN
Jemima RILEY Serv Unm 17 Servant Greenwich KEN

1871 - Cottage, East Tilbury ESS (RG10 1654 Fo: 74)

Walter SILVER Head Marr 62 Storekeeper Powder Orspring KEN
Diana SILVER Wife Marr 68   Rotherhithe Deptford
Ellen RICHARDSON Vstr   9   East Tilbury ESS

(Next door is Edwin GALLEHAWK, aged 31, also a Storekeeper, and almost certainly Walter's cousin)

1881 - East Tilbury St, East Tilbury ESS (RG11 1754 Fo: 71)

Walter SILVER Head Wid 71 Powder Storekeeper Orspring KEN
Lucy WARNER Gdau Unm 24   Erith KEN

(Lucy WARNER is daughter of John Boyce WARNER)

1891 - East Tilbury Village, ESS (RG12 1379 Fo: 82)

Walter SILVER Head Wid 81 Powder Storekeeper Ospringe KEN
Ann FLETCHER Daug Wid 63 Housekeeper dom. Erith KEN
Anabella HOPKINS Daug Marr 52 Laundress Erith KEN
Fredk HOPKINS Gson   9 Scholar Ashford KEN


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