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George SOLMAN (So4)
(Son of William SOLMAN & Mary Ann SIDERY)
Born: 29 Oct 1838, St Pancras MDX
Baptised: 26 Nov 1838, St Pancras MDX
Died: 5 Jul 1893, Islington LND, aged 56
Buried: 10 Jul 1893, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 56
Occupation: Cabman, Ostler, Greengrocer (Master), Pianoforte Maker, Horse Keeper



(Daughter of William AINGE & Jane HAWKINS)
Born: 30 Apr 1827; baptised: 10 Feb 1828, St Andrew Holborn LND
"Married (1)": ? John AINGE ?
"Married (2)": ? Edward, Frederick or George STAFFORD ?

(see Notes below)

born: 23 Jan 1852, Holborn MDX (as Emma Sarah AINGE)
bapt: 15 Feb 1852, Islington MDX (as Emma Sarah AINGE, d.o.b. 30 Jan 1852)
married: William Henry LAMBERT, 16 Jul 1871, Holy Trinity, Hoxton MDX (as Emma STAFFORD)
born: 10 Nov 1853, Holborn MDX (as Eliza AINGE)
born: 14 Feb 1856, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 30 Oct 1856, All Saints, St Pancras MDX
died: Mar Qtr 1936, Islington Reg. Dist., aged 78
buried: 15 Jan 1936, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 78
married: ? William George STAFFORD ?
born: 9 Jun 1858, St Pancras MDX (as Alice STAFFORD)
died: 30 Apr 1871, Hampstead MDX, aged 12 (as Alice SOLMAN)
born: c1860, St Pancras MDX
died: 8 May 1871, Hampstead MDX, aged 10 (as George SOLMAN)
born: 20 Dec 1862, St Pancras MDX (surname spelt SALMAN)
died: Jun Qtr 1871, Hampstead Reg. Dist., aged 8
Arthur SOLMAN (So2)
born: 10 Jan 1865, St Pancras MDX
born: 18 Dec 1866, St Pancras MDX
born: c1867, St Pancras MDX
died: 19 Apr 1871, St Pancras MDX, aged 4
buried: 21 Apr 1871, St Pancras Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 4
born: 28 Oct 1868, St Pancras MDX
died: Dec Qtr 1868, Pancras Reg. Dist., aged 0
buried: 5 Nov 1868, St Pancras Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 7d



It would appear that things are far from straightforward with this family. I have found four of the above children's births registered under the surname SOLMAN (or SALMAN) - Walter born 1862, Arthur born 1865, Alice born 1866 and the male child born 1868 - and in each case their mother is given as Emma SOLMAN (SALMAN) formerly AINGE. However, I have found deaths of 5 of the children registered under the surname SOLMAN - Alice born 1858, George born c1860, Walter born 1862, Henry born c1867, and "Male" born 1868.

The children marked with an asterisk may or may not be children of George SOLMAN, though Emma Sarah and Eliza are almost certainly not. Their birth certificates show their parents as John AINGE, a painter in 1852 and commercial traveller in 1853, and Emma AINGE formerly AINGE. However, Emma Sarah's marriage certificate (1871), shows her father as Edward STAFFORD, traveller, deceased. Birth certificates for Clara and Alice in 1856 & 1858 show their parents as Frederick STAFFORD, greengrocer (master) and Emma STAFFORD formerly AINGE.

The death certificates of Alice (born 1858) and George (both of whom died at the Small Pox Hospital in Hampstead) show them respectively as daughter and son of George SOLMAN, horse keeper. Henry, who died at 23 Upper Chenies Mews, was likewise given as son of George SOLMAN, horse keeper.

There seem to have been two children named Alice alive at the the same time, but as I haven't found a death for the younger Alice, nor found her in the 1871 (or any later) census, I wonder if Henry may have been mistakenly registered at birth as Alice. Henry and the younger Alice seem to have been born at much the same time, and I have been unable to find a birth registration for Henry.

The likelihood for this family is that Emma AINGE (So5) had one or more previous relationships, one of which was with a man surnamed STAFFORD, and that the older children are from those relationships. However, as yet I haven't been able to find any marriages of an Emma AINGE to John AINGE, Frederick STAFFORD or anyone else, nor do I know if she actually married George SOLMAN.

Clara STAFFORD had a son, George Arthur STAFFORD, born 2 Apr 1893. His birth was registered by his mother and the certificate shows her as Clara STAFFORD formerly "SOLOMON"; his father is given as William George STAFFORD. I have so far been unable to find any evidence of a Clara SOLMAN (or SOLOMON etc) marrying a William George STAFFORD, or the death of a William George STAFFORD between 1892 and the 1901 census (at which time Clara was shown as a widow).




1841 - 8 Southampton Mews, St Pancras MDX (HO 107 685/5 Fo: 12)

Willm SOLMAN 30 Cab Proprietor Not Born in County
Mary A SOLMAN 30   Not Born in County
Willm SOLMAN 5   Born in County
Elizth SOLMAN   Born in County
George SOLMAN 2   Born in County
Walter SOLMAN 3m   Born in County
Sarah SIDNEY 25 F.S. Not Born in County

1841 - 24 New North Street, Finsbury MDX (HO 107 671/2 Fo: 52)

James BROOKE 36 Shorthand Writer Not Born in County
Alice BROOKE 30   Not Born in County
William BROOKE 9   Born in County
Emma AINGE 14 F.S. Born in County

1851 - 8 Southampton Mews, St Pancras MDX (HO 107 1496 Fo: 228)

William SALMON (sic) Head Marr 42 Cab Master KEN
Mary Ann SALMON Wife Marr 40   KEN
William SALMON Son Unm 16 Smith St Pancras
Elizabeth SALMON Daug Unm 13   St Pancras
George SALMON Son   12   St Pancras
James SALMON Son   6   St Pancras
Charles SALMON Son   5   St Pancras
Fanny SALMON Daug   4   St Pancras

1861 - 8 Thanet Street, St Pancras MDX (RG9 104 Fo: 34)

George STAFFORD Head Marr 27 Carpenter St Pancras MDX
Emma STAFFORD Wife Marr 28 Carpenter's Wife St Pancras MDX
Emma STAFFORD Daug   8 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Clara STAFFORD Daug   5   St Pancras MDX
Alice STAFFORD Daug   3   St Pancras MDX
George STAFFORD Son   8m?   St Pancras MDX

(Could this George STAFFORD, aged 27, actually be George SOLMAN?)

1871 - 23 Upper Chenies Mews, St Pancras MDX (RG10 211 Fo: 26)

George SOLOMONS (sic) Head Marr 40 Horsekeeper St Pancras MDX
Emma SOLOMONS Wife Marr 30   St Pancras MDX
George SOLOMONS Son   15? Scholar St Pancras MDX
Walter SOLOMONS Son   7 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Arthur SOLOMONS Son   5 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Henry SOLOMONS Son   3   St Pancras MDX

1891 - 25 Essex Road, Islington LND (RG12 172 Fo: 7)

George SALMAN (sic) Head Wid 50 Cabdriver (Groom) St Pancras LND
Clara STAFFORD Daug Unm 27? Dressmaker N. K.
Susie OLIVER Bord Unm 24 Dressmaker Nuneaton WAR
Lizzie BROOKS Bord Unm 17 Dressmaker Flore NTH
Florina LAMBERT Niec Unm 19 Artificial Flower Maker Barnsbury LND
William LAMBERT Neph Unm 18 Porter Bristol GLS
F. LAMBERT Neph Unm 16 Porter Islington LND


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