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Arthur SOLMAN (So2)
(Son of George SOLMAN & Emma AINGE)
Born: 10 Jan 1865, St Pancras MDX
Died: 21 Dec 1922, Islington LND, aged 57
Buried: 28 Dec 1922, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 57
Occupation: Auctioneer's Porter, Furniture Dealer


7Jul 1890, St Silas, Clerkenwell LND, by banns
Witnesses: Arthur Urban FLETCHER, Clara STAFFORD

Lilian Emmeline FLETCHER (So3)
(Daughter of John FLETCHER & Ann Matilda SILVER)
Born: 28 Jan 1864, Plumstead KEN
Baptised: 31 Mar 1867, Woolwich KEN (d.o.b. 28 Jan 1864)
Died: 28 Aug 1902, Islington LND, aged 38
Buried: 3 Sep 1902, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 38


Lilian Annie SOLMAN
born: Jun Qtr 1894, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 12 Apr 1894)
bapt: 13 May 1894, All Saints, Belvedere KEN (of Islington) (d.o.b. 12 Apr 1894)
died: 1 Nov 1965, Waltham Abbey ESS, aged 71
married: William GARDNER, Dec Qtr 1915, Islington Reg. Dist.
Arthur George SOLMAN
born: Jun Qtr 1897, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 26 Mar 1897)
died: Jun Qtr 1964, West Ham Reg. Dist., aged 67
married: Annie Mary Eliza MORRIS, 20 Jan 1924, Islington LND
Victoria May SOLMAN (So1)
born: 24 May 1900, Islington LND
bapt: 9 Sep 1900, Islington LND (d.o.b. 24 May 1900)


AND (2)

(Daughter of Samuel WILKINSON & Bridget FOSTER)
Born: Jun Qtr 1869, Islington Reg. Dist. (School records: 12 May 1869)
Died: 18 Jan 1937, St Pancras LND, aged 67 (as Georgina SMITH)
Buried: 25 Jan 1937, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 67 (as Georgina SMITH)
(Married (1): Alfred SMITH (see Notes), 28 Feb 1887, St John the Baptist, Islington MDX)

Children (see Notes)

Stanley Frederick SMITH
born: Sep Qtr 1904, Islington Reg. Dist. (Baptism entry: 20 Jun 1904)
bapt: 24 Jul 1904, Islington LND
died: Jun Qtr 1905, Islington Reg. Dist., aged 0
buried: 26 May 1905, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 10m
Dorothy SMITH
born: Sep Qtr 1905, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 10 Aug 1905)
bapt: 24 Sep 1905, Islington LND (d.o.b. 10 Aug 1905)
died: Sep 1994, Brentwood Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 10 Aug 1905
married: Ernest William George KENTISH, 28 Apr 1928, Islington District Register Office
Ethel Louisa SMITH
born: 20 Jul 1908, Islington LND
bapt: 23 Aug 1908, Islington LND (d.o.b. 20 Jul 1907 - sic)
died: Oct 1987, Enfield Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 20 Jul 1908
married: Archie Frederick GEORGE, 12 Oct 1929, Islington District Register Office



At the births and/or baptisms of the 3 SMITH children above, their father is given as Arthur SMITH of Rothery Street, a chef in 1904 and a furniture dealer in 1905 and 1908. No father is named on Ethel's marriage certificate, but on Dorothy's her father is given as Arthur Solman SMITH, auctioneer's porter deceased.

Georgina died in the Royal Free Hospital after being knocked down by a bus in Islington, and while initial press reports of the accident named her as Georgina SOLMAN, at the inquest and on her death certificate she was given as Georgina SMITH, widow of Albert SMITH a soldier. Also, although at their marriage in 1887 Georgina's husband is clearly given as - and signs - Alfred SMITH (aged 17, son of Thomas SMITH), it seems he was actually Albert Edward SMITH, born 1869 in Islington, son of Thomas SMITH & Elizabeth Martha WOODHOUSE. Albert later joined the army and married Annie Sarah TAYLOR in Carlisle in 1900.

Georgina SMITH née WILKINSON had 5 earlier children who were probably not children of Arthur SOLMAN (So2), as follows:

Georgina Elizabeth SMITH
born: Jun Qtr 1887, Holborn Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 14 May 1887)
bapt: 12 Jun 1887, Islington MDX (d.o.b. 14 May 1887)
died: ? Sep Qtr 1962, Shoreditch Reg. Dist., aged 76 ?
married (1): Frederick James HOOKE, 15 Oct 1905, Holy Trinity, Hoxton LND
married (2): Charles Frederick BENNETT (widower), 20 July 1940, Finsbury District Register Office
(Father: Albert Edward SMITH, shopman at baptism; James SMITH, soldier at 1st marriage;
Albert Henry SMITH, sergeant East Surrey Regiment (deceased) at 2nd marriage)

born: Dec Qtr 1889, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 22 Aug 1889)
bapt: 15 Sep 1889, Islington LND (as Emma Ann, d.o.b. 22 Aug 1889)
(Father: Albert SMITH, shopman)

born: 21 Dec 1892, Islington LND
died: Mar 1983, Surrey Mid Eastern Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 21 Dec 1892
married: George Philip HOLMES, 17 Nov 1912, St John the Evangelist, Charlotte Street LND
(Father: not named on birth certificate; Arthur SMITH, furniture dealer at marriage)
Bridget Annie SMITH
born: Jun Qtr 1894, Islington Reg. Dist. (Baptism entry: 5 May 1894)
bapt: 27 May 1894, Islington LND
died: Dec Qtr 1895, Holborn Reg. Dist., aged 1
buried: 19 Nov 1895, St Pancras Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 18m
(Father: Thomas SMITH, porter)
Ellen Alice SMITH
born: Sep Qtr 1896, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 31 Jul 1896)
bapt: 23 Aug 1896, Islington LND (d.o.b. 31 Jul 1896)
died: Oct 1987, Waltham Forest Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 31 Jul 1896
married (1): Joseph THOMAS, 15 Sep 1918, St Bartholomew, Islington LND, by licence
married (2): Frederick BROOMFIELD, 5 Nov 1921, Islington District Register Office
(Father: Thomas SMITH, cook at baptism; Arthur SMITH, porter at 1st marriage;
Arthur SOLMAN, auctioneer's porter at 2nd marriage)




1871 - 23 Upper Chenies Mews, St Pancras MDX (RG10 211 Fo: 26)

George SOLOMONS (sic) Head Marr 40 Horsekeeper St Pancras MDX
Emma SOLOMONS Wife Marr 30   St Pancras MDX
George SOLOMONS Son   15 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Walter SOLOMONS Son   7 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Arthur SOLOMONS Son   5 Scholar St Pancras MDX
Henry SOLOMONS Son   3   St Pancras MDX

1871 - 162 Burrage Road, Plumstead KEN (RG10 788 Fo: 69)

Lilian FLETHER (sic) Vstr   7   Plumstead KEN

(with CLARK family)

1881 - 30 Albemarle St, Westminster MDX (RG11 95 Fo: 41)

Arthur SAHMORE (sic) Serv Unm 16 Porter London MDX

(with CLARKE family)
Could this be Arthur SOLMAN?

1881 - 1 Samuel Street, Woolwich KEN (RG11 744 Fo: 4)

John STURGIS Head Wid 69 Baker employing one Boy Maidstone KEN
Lilian FLETCHER Serv Unm 18 General Servant Plumstead KEN
Mathias WEISS Jman Unm 29 Baker Germany

1891 - 61 Queens Head Street, Islington LND (RG12 168 Fo: 57)

Arthur SOLMAN Head Marr 26 Furniture Dealer's Assistant St Pancras LND
Lilian E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 27   Plumstead KEN

1901 - 5 Rothery Street, Islington LND (RG13 193 Fo: 43)

Arthur SOLMAN Head Marr 36 General Dealer Hoxton LND
Lilian SOLMAN Wife Marr 37   Plumstead LND
Lilian SOLMAN Daug   6   Islington LND
Arthur SOLMAN Son   4   Islington LND
Victoria SOLMAN Daug   10m   Islington LND

1911 - 319 New North Road, Islington LND (RG14 942 Sch: 139)

Arthur SOLMAN Head 46 Wid Furniture Dealer St Pancras LND
Annie SOLMAN Daug 17 Unm Wax Model Maker Islington LND
Victoria SOLMAN Daug 10   School Islington LND
Georgina SMITH Serv 41 Marr Housekeeper Islington LND
Edith SMITH Vstr 18 Unm General Servant Domestic Islington LND
Ellen SMITH Bord 15 Unm Errand Girl Islington LND
Dorothy SMITH Bord 6   School Islington LND
Ethel SMITH Bord 2     Islington LND

Arthur SOLMAN: "present" marriage 12 years & 3 children - ? living, [blank] dead
Georgina SMITH: present marriage 24 years & 8 children - 6 living, 2 dead
(These additional marriage details were crossed out for Arthur)


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