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Absalom SOLMAN (So16)
(Son of George SOLMAN & Mary BROOKER)
Baptised: 10 Aug 1777, Yalding KEN
Died: 25 Dec 1847, Lee KEN, aged 70
Buried: 2 Jan 1848, Lee KEN, aged 70
Occupation: Baker


7 Oct 1809, Maidstone KEN, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas "SLOMAN", John ...ILE
(Absalom as Absalom "SLOMAN")

Elizabeth Pierson OBEY (So17)
(Daughter of Samuel PIERSON & Jane OBEY)
Baptised: 11 Jul 1790, Yalding KEN
Died: (Linton MI: 19 Sep 1855, aged 64) (see Notes)


William SOLMAN (So8)
bapt: 26 Nov 1809, Yalding KEN
Absalom SOLMAN
bapt: 10 Mar 1811, Yalding KEN
died: Oct 1875, Bond Co., Illinois USA
married: Mary Ann STAPLETON, 13 May 1835, St Martin in the Fields MDX
Will: written 16 Oct 1875 (of Bond Co., Illinois)
(Papers with the will indicate that Absalom died before the end of October 1875)
bapt: 6 Dec 1812, Yalding KEN
buried: 19 Jan 1813, Yalding KEN
bapt: 16 Oct 1814, Yalding KEN
died: Jun Qtr 1877, Greenwich Reg. Dist., aged 62
married: Philip SAYERS, 25 Mar 1849, Carlisle CUL
Ann Atterberry SOLMAN
born: 1 May 1817; bapt: 1 Jun 1817, Lee KEN
died: 18 Apr 1898 (MI - White Dove Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma USA)
married: William John KEYTE, 31 May 1841, Greenwich KEN
born: 13 Jul 1820; bapt: 20 Aug 1820, Lee KEN
died: 24 Jan 1878, Pocahontas, Bond Co. Illinois USA, aged 57
Admon: 1878, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Richard SOLMAN
born: 20 Jul 1823; bapt: 14 Sep 1823, Lee KEN
died: 29 Dec 1877, Bond Co., Illinois USA
married (1): Susannah HAYNES, 14 Dec 1846, Charlton KEN
married (2): Ann ROONEY née GORTON, 1 Mar 1860, Madison Co., Illinois USA
Admon: 17 Jan 1878, Bond Co., Illinois USA
born: 2 Jan 1826; bapt: 7 May 1826, Lee KEN
died: Mar Qtr 1908, Greenwich Reg. Dist., aged 82
married: George Walter GORRUM, 17 Mar 1850, St John Horsleydown, Southwark SRY
born: 29 Mar 1828; bapt: 27 Apr 1828, Lee KEN
died: 18 Sep 1877, Kew SRY, aged 48
(Body found in the River Thames - Coroner's verdict: suicide)
buried: 24 Sep 1877, Brompton Cemetery, Brompton MDX, aged 49
married (1): Elizabeth BAILEY, 2 Apr 1848, Bermondsey SRY
married (2): Emma JORDAN, 8 Jul 1860, St. George Hanover Square MDX



Absalom SOLMAN (So16) appears (as Absolom SOLOMON) in the West Kent Quarter Sessions records for Midsummer 1801 as reputed father of the illegitimate son of Ann WIBLEY of Yalding. Parish register transcripts for Yalding show the baptism of George, illegitimate son of Ann WEOBLY (sic), on 7 Jun 1801, born 18 May.

There is a memorial in Linton churchyard which records the deaths of Elizabeth Pierson OBEY's mother and stepfather (William BURGESS), along with 3 of their daughters, including Elizabeth. No surnames or places of death are given for the 3 daughters, only dates of death and ages, but all except Elizabeth were buried in Linton.

I haven't been yet able to find where Elizabeth died, or confirm the date of death given on the Linton memorial, but she may have been the Elizabeth SOLMAN aged 56, who arrived in New Orleans from London on 21 May 1852 with Richard SOLMAN (her son) & others. However, as yet no evidence has been found for her residence, remarriage or death in the USA.

William and Ann KEYTE (née SOLMAN), arrived with their children in New Orleans from Liverpool in 1854, heading for Illinois. I haven't yet been able to find when Absalom and Robert SOLMAN emigrated, but they were recorded in the 1850 US Federal census in Illinois.

Information on marriages, deaths, wills & admons in the USA has been kindly supplied by a descendant of Richard Solman.

The surname SOLMAN is sometimes spelt SOMAN or SOMANS; the surname OBEY is sometimes spelt OBY.




1841 - 49 Dacre St, Lee KEN (HO 107 484/2 Fo: 24)

Absalom SOLMAN 60 Baker Born in County
Elizabeth SOLMAN 45   Born in County
Martha SOLMAN 15   Born in County
Samuel SOLMAN 13   Born in County
Absalom SOLMAN 5   Not Born in County
William KEYTE 20 Carpenter Born in County
Ann KEYTE 20   Born in County

(The younger Absolom SOLMAN is Absalom Edward, son of Absalom SOLMAN & Mary Ann STAPLETON)

1851 - 2 Albert Crescent, Lee KEN (HO 107 1591 Fo: 118 & 119)

William J. KEYTE Head Marr 33 Carpenter Frosenton SFK
Ann KEYTE Wife Marr 33   Lee KEN
Emma KEYTE Daug   9   Lee KEN
William J. KEYTE Son   6   Lee KEN
Robert W. KEYTE Son   3   Lee KEN
George A. KEYTE Son   1   Lee KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN Moth Wid 59 Laundress Yalding KEN
Ann SOLMAN Niec   2   Bath

(Ann SOLMAN is Mary Ann, daughter of Samuel SOLMAN & Elizabeth BAILEY)


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