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Thomas Joseph Shepherd TOLLIT (Sh2)
(Son of Thomas Joseph TOLLIT & Elizabeth PETTYFER)
Born: 10 Mar 1857, Oxford OXF
Baptised: 31 May 1857, St George the Martyr, St Mary Magdalen, Oxford OXF
Died: 22 May 1931, Acton MDX, aged 74
Buried: 27 May 1931, Acton Cemetery, Acton MDX, aged 74
Occupation: Billposter (Master), Plumber
Changed his name to Thomas Joseph SHEPHERD about 1886 (see Notes)


23 Nov 1879, Hanley STS, by banns
Witnesses: James BARLOW, Alice BARLOW
(Thomas as Thomas TOLLIT, bachelor)

(Daughter of George STEVENSON & Mary)
Born: c1861, Hanley STS
Died: 28 Dec 1934, Stoke-on-Trent STS, aged 73


George Albert TOLLIT
born: 10 Jul 1881, Shelton STS
died: Dec Qtr 1881, Stoke upon Trent Reg. Dist., aged 0
buried: 11 Dec 1881, Hanley Cemetery, Hanley STS, aged 5m
Elizabeth TOLLIT
born: Jun Qtr 1883, Stoke upon Trent Reg. Dist.
died: Mar Qtr 1884, Stoke upon Trent Reg. Dist., aged 0
buried: 4 Jan 1884, Hanley Cemetery, Hanley STS, aged 10m
born: Mar Qtr 1885, Stoke upon Trent Reg. Dist.
died: Jun Qtr 1886, Stoke upon Trent Reg. Dist., aged 1
buried: 22 Apr 1886, Hanley Cemetery, Hanley STS, aged 1


18 Jul 1887, St Paul, Southsea HAM, by banns
Witnesses: Hugh ABBOTT, Harlow SMITH, Glen SUMMERFIELD
(Thomas as Thomas Joseph SHEPHERD, bachelor)

Caroline JUDE
(Daughter of William JUDE & Ann BRADFORD)
Born: 28 May 1865, Barrington CAM
Died: Jun Qtr 1927, Newmarket Reg. Dist., aged 62
(Married (2): William Edward VEARER (widower), 5 Oct 1897, Kirtling CAM)
(Married (3): George PEACHEY, Sep Qtr 1921, Newmarket Reg. Dist.)



born: 14 Nov 1886, Portsmouth HAM
died: Jun Qtr 1941, Durham Western Reg. Dist., aged 54
married: Alice Jane AIREY, Sep Qtr 1912, Sedgfield Reg. Dist.
(Admitted to Dr Barnardo's on 27 Dec 1895 and sent to Canada,
arriving in Quebec on 17 Oct 1896, heading for Toronto)

Albert Joseph SHEPHERD
born: 31 Jul 1888, Whitehaven CUL
died: 11 Feb 1963, Chelan, Washington USA, aged 74
buried: 14 Feb 1963, Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan, Washington USA, aged 74
married: Pearl May BUCHANAN, 26 May 1914, Colville, Stevens County, Washington USA
(Admitted to Dr Barnardo's on 27 Dec 1895 and sent to Canada, arriving
in Quebec on 25 Jul 1898, heading for Peterborough, Ontario)

born: 28 Feb 1890, Derby DBY
died: 10 Aug 1890, Northampton NTH, aged 4m (sic)
born: 8 Mar 1891, Portsmouth HAM
married: Lily SAYERS, Dec Qtr 1919, Newmarket Reg. Dist.
born: 28 Jul 1894, Southwark LND
died: Dec Qtr 1973, Ware Reg. Dist., d.o.b 28 Jul 1894
married: Rose Emma CHAPMAN, Mar Qtr 1923, Newmarket Reg. Dist.


7 Feb 1895, Greenwich District Register Office, by certificate
Witnesses: C.E. SHORTER, W.H. SIMS
(Thomas as Thomas Joseph SHEPHERD, widower)

(Daughter of Thomas RICHARDSON & Sarah PEARL)
Born: 7 Jun 1860, Lee KEN
Died: 17 Jan 1932, Acton MDX, aged 69
Occupation: Laundress


John Frederick SHEPHERD (Sh1)
born: 8 Feb 1895, Blackheath LND
bapt: 18 Aug 1895, Christ Church, East Greenwich LND
born: 5 Jul 1897, Croydon SRY
died: Jun Qtr 1898, Croydon Reg. Dist., aged 0
born: 7 Jan 1899, Croydon SRY
died: Jun Qtr 1962, Folkestone Reg. Dist., aged 63
married: Florence GOODES, 29 Oct 1924, Manhattan, New York, USA
Emily Pearl SHEPHERD
born: 10 Jan 1901, Croydon SRY
died: Jun Qtr 1965, Croydon Reg. Dist., aged 64
married: John Frederick BOYCE, Sep Qtr 1928, Croydon Reg. Dist.



It would seem that Thomas Joseph Shepherd TOLLIT (Sh2) changed his name to Thomas Joseph SHEPHERD in order to conceal the fact that his marriage to Caroline JUDE was bigamous. On 10 Aug 1895 he was arrested and charged on two counts of bigamy:

        Marrying Emily Richardson, his wife being still alive
        Marrying Caroline Jude, his wife being still alive

He was tried at the Old Bailey on 11 Sep 1895 on the first indictment only, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 6 months in prison with hard labour.




1861 - Cobbs Row, Woburn BDF (RG9 1003 Fo: 164)

Elizabeth TOLLIT Wife Marr 24   Oxford
Thomas J. S. TOLLIT Son   4 Schollar (sic) Oxford
Adelaide TOLLIT Daug   2   Woburn BDF
John TOLLIT Son   3m   Woburn BDF

1861 - 4 Barrows Yard, Church St, Lee KEN (RG9 414 Fo: 72)

Thos RICHARDSON Head Marr 45 Ag. Lab. Birster (sic) SRY
Sarah RICHARDSON Wife Marr 41 Char Woman Leatherhead SRY
Charlotte RICHARDSON Daug   8 School Lewisham KEN
Josh Thos RICHARDSON Son   6 School Lee KEN
Mary RICHARDSON Daug   4 School Lewisham KEN
Emily RICHARDSON Daug   9m   Lee KEN
Edward CHESSEN Lodg   20 Ag. Lab Lamberhurst SSX
Elizabeth HOODLY Lodg   19 Day Servant Wadhurst SSX

1871 - 66 Russell Street, Bedford BDF (RG10 1541 Fo: 177)

Thomas TOLLIT Head Marr 41 Painter Uxbridge MDX
Elizabeth TOLLIT Wife Marr 35 Book Sewer Oxford St Mary
Thomas TOLLIT Son   14 Ag. Lab. Oxford St Mary
Adelaide TOLLIT Daug   11   Woburn BDF
Albert TOLLIT Son   10   Woburn BDF
Francis TOLLIT Son   7   Bedford BDF

1871 - 3 Bowater Terrace, Blackheath KEN (RG10 759 Fo: 53)

Thomas RICHARDSON Head Marr 54 Gardener Buster (sic) SRY
Sarah RICHARDSON Wife Marr 50 Charwoman Leatherhead SRY
Mary L. RICHARDSON Daug   14 Laundry Assistant Lewisham KEN
Emily RICHARDSON Daug   10 Scholar Lee KEN
George RICHARDSON Son   7 Scholar Lee KEN

1881 - 1 Upper Mounts, Northampton NTH (RG11 1546 Fo: 39)

Thomas TOLLIT Lodg Marr 24 Bill Inspector Oxford

(With GEORGE family - his wife was with her parents in Shelton STS, as Mary Ann TOLLETT)

1881 - Cawood House, Kidbrook Park Road, Kidbrook KEN (RG11 741 Fo: 99)

Emily RICHARDSON Serv Unm 20 Housemaid Greenwich KEN

(With MARZETTO family)

1891 - 30 Spring Gardens, Portsea HAM (RG12 870 Fo: 26)

Thomas J. SHEPHERD Head Marr 33 Bill Poster Oxford OXF
Caroline SHEPHERD Wife Marr 26   Barrington CAM
Thomas SHEPHERD Son   4   Portsmouth HAM
Albert SHEPHERD Son   3   Whitehaven CUL
William SHEPHERD Son   1m   Portsmouth HAM
George MUGRIDGE Vstr Unm 24 Bill Poster Finchley MDX

1891 - 15 Lizban St, Blackheath LND (RG12 513 Fo: 27)

Thomas RICHARDSON Head Wid 74 General Labourer Pauthorne? SRY
Emily RICHARDSON Daug Unm 27 Laundress Lee KEN

1901 - 8 Drayton Rd, Croydon SRY (RG13 639 Fo: 19)

Thos J. SHEPHERD Head Marr 45 Bill Poster Oxford
Emily SHEPHERD Wife Marr 31   Lee KEN
John F. SHEPHERD Son   6   Blackheath KEN
Ernest SHEPHERD Son   2   Croydon SRY
Emily P. SHEPHERD Daug   3m   Croydon SRY

1911 - 11 The Retreat, Thornton Heath SRY (RG14 3403 Sch: 41)

Thos Joseph SHEPHERD Head 51 Marr Bill Poster Oxford OXF
Emily SHEPHERD Wife 48 Marr   Lee KEN
John Fredrick (sic) SHEPHERD Son 16 Unm   Greenwich KEN
Ernest SHEPHERD Son 12     Croydon SRY
Albert Thos GRIFFITHS Neph 22 Unm Jeweller Wales
Thos BLOWER Bord 15 Unm   Croydon SRY
Emily Pearl SHEPHERD Daug 10     Croydon SRY

Emily SHEPHERD: present marriage 16 years & 4 children - 3 living, 1 dead


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