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Descendants of Gabriel VERNATTI
(before about 1700)

This page was compiled around 20 years ago from research I did in the mid 1990s, without the benefit of the vast array of information now available via the internet. My main source of information at that time was Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenbock (notwithstanding my somewhat limited understanding of Dutch), supplemented with details from other publications, wills, marriage licences, parish registers and transcripts - see also below.

I have now (2020) made some corrections and additions to this page, but only within those family groups that were already included here. Some details remain unchanged and the dates given for some marriages may still be those of the licence or banns rather than the marriage itself. I have no plans to extend my research into this extended family but hope the information here may nevertheless prove useful to anyone interested in doing so.

(Please note that I offer no guarantee that the information given below is either complete or correct!)


Gabriel VERNATTI (V1)
Born: 1569, Chieri, Savoye ITALY
Buried: 5 Sep 1625, Delft NETHERLANDS

2 Jul 1589, Delft NETHERLANDS

Adriana Pietersdr. BOM van CRANENBURCH
Born: ? Delft NETHERLANDS ?

(Order not fully known)

(Sir) Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1)
born: 14 Jul 1590
(Sir) Gabriel VERNATTI (V1.2)
buried: 1 Oct 1655, Hatfield WRY
Will: written 26 Sep 1655; proved 23 Oct 1655, PCC
Johan VERNATTI (V1.3)
born: c1595
Pieter VERNATTI (V1.4)
born: 1601
Anthony VERNATTI (V1.5)
born: Dec 1602
Admon: granted 1649, PCC (of North Tofts, Hatfield WRY, bachelor)
Abraham VERNATTI (V1.6)
born: 1603
Maximilian VERNATTI (V1.7)
born: c1606
Anna VERNATTI (V1.8)
married: Barney REYMES, 19 Feb 1623, Delft NETHERLANDS

Plus others


(There were apparently 11 children in all, but I only know the names of the 7 sons and 1 daughter listed above.)


2nd Generation

(Sir) Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1)
(Son of Gabriel VERNATTI (V1))
Born: 14 Jul 1590, Delft NETHERLANDS
Died: c1646?
Admon: granted 9 Mar 1648/9 & 11 Dec 1650, PCC
Created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1634, being then of Carlton juxta Snaith WRY

13 Sep 1620, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS
(Philibert of Delft)

Genoveva van der MEYDEN
(Daughter of Fop Pietersz. van der Meyden)


Adriana VERNATTI (V1.1.1)
born: 1621/2, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS
died: c1699
Will: proved 1 Jul 1699, Westminster (of St Margaret Westminster)
Genoveva Maria VERNATTI (V1.1.2)
born: 1622/3, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS

12 Jun 1626, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS



(Sir) Louis Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1.3)
born: c1628, England


Johan VERNATTI (V1.3)
(Son of Gabriel VERNATTI (V1))
Born: 1595 Delft NETHERLANDS
Died: 5 Aug 1637

8 Mar 1620, Delft NETHERLANDS

Sara van GHEEL


Adriana VERNATTI (V1.3.1)
bapt: 18 Jul 1621, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Gabriel VERNATTI (V1.3.2)
bapt: 11 Sep 1622, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Joannes VERNATTI (V1.3.3)
bapt: 15 Sep 1624, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Constantijn VERNATTI (V1.3.4)
born: c1626 Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Sara VERNATTI (V1.3.5)
bapt: 7 Jun 1628, Leiden NETHERLANDS
Adriana VERNATTI (V1.3.6)
bapt: 11 Mar 1631, Delft NETHERLANDS
Philibert VERNATTI (V1.3.7)
bapt: 6 Feb 1633, Delft NETHERLANDS
married: Jannetje van der CRUYS


Pieter VERNATTI (V1.4)
(Son of Gabriel VERNATTI (V1))
Born: 1601, Delft NETHERLANDS
Buried: 15 Jun 1648, St Martin in the Fields MDX
Will: written 7 Jun 1648; proved 10 Jul 1648, PCC


Elizabeth TOLAT / TOLLET
Died: after 10 Jul 1648 (proved husband's will)
Buried: ? 27 Feb 1697/8, St Martin in the Fields MDX ?


Philibert VERNATTI (V1.4.1)
born: c1640?
Diana VERNATTI (V1.4.2)
born: c1645?
Elizabeth VERNATTI (V1.4.3)
born: c1648?
buried: 29 Oct 1720, St James Westminster MDX
married: Constant JESSOP D.D., 27 Aug 1685, St Martin in the Fields MDX, by licence (Bishop of London)
Will: written 25 Mar 1718 (with codicil 15 Jun 1718); proved 11 Nov 1720, PCC (widow)


In his will written 21 Jul 1665, John TOLAT / TOLLET refers to his "sister Vernatti" and to his "kinswoman Diana Vernatti" and "kinswoman Elizabeth Vernatti". In their own wills from the early 18th century, two of John TOLAT's daughters refer to their "cousins" Orlando BRIDGMAN and Mrs Elizabeth JESSOP. Biographical information on Diana's husband, William BRIDGMAN (see below), indicates she was daughter of Peter VERNATTI and had a brother Philibert VERNATTI.


Abraham VERNATTI (V1.6)
(Son of Gabriel VERNATTI (V1))
Born: 1603




baptised: 30 Apr 1633, Carlton juxta Snaith WRY (base born)


Maximilian VERNATTI (V1.7)
(Son of Gabriel VERNATTI (V1))
Born: Dec 1606

11 Jun 1634, Kensington MDX, by licence (Bishop of London)
(Maximilian a bachelor of St Clement Danes aged 27; Susan aged 27 of Knightsbridge, widow of Edward BARKER)

Susan BARKER née ??
(Widow of Edward BARKER)


Philibert VERNATTI (V1.7.1)
bapt: 23 May 1638, St Martin in the Fields MDX
Susan VERNATTI (V1.7.2)
buried: 2 Oct 1640, March CAM
Anthony VERNATTI (V1.7.3)
bapt: 8 Aug 1641, March CAM
Nathaniel Reymes VERNATTI (V1.7.4)
bapt: 14 Sep 1642, March CAM
Elizabeth VERNATTI (V1.7.5)
bapt: 12 Jul 1645, March CAM
John VERNATTI (V1.7.6)
buried: 31 Mar 1651, March CAM


3rd Generation

Genoveva Maria VERNATTI (V1.1.2)
(Daughter of Phillibert VERNATTI (V1.1))
Born: 1622/3, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS
Died: after 1 Jul 1699 (executor of sister's will)

1 Oct 1648, Delft NETHERLANDS

(Son of ?? BECKER & Petronella van BAERLE)


Petronella Hester BECKER (V1.1.2.1)
bapt: 22 Aug 1649, Delft NETHERLANDS
married: Anthony VERNATTI (V1.5.2) - see below
Susanna Genevieve BECKER (V1.1.2.2)
bapt: ? 3 Sep 1651, Wassenaar NETHERLANDS ?
died: after 1 Jul 1699 (mentioned in aunt's will)


(Sir) Louis Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1.3)
(Son of of Phillibert VERNATTI (V1.1))
Born: c1628, England
Died: c1667
2nd Baronet

14 Apr 1654, Delft NETHERLANDS

Anna de VIGNY
Died: 1665?


(Sir) Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1.3.1)
born: c1657
Susanna VERNATTI (V1.1.3.2)
born: 2 Mar 1659
died: 9 Dec 1708, Delft NETHERLANDS
buried: 13 Dec 1708, Delft NETHERLANDS
married (1): ? Robert Androuet Sieur de RENAUCHAMP, c1675 ?
married (2): Johan Christiaan van KRETSCHMAR, 28 Nov 1677, Delft NETHERLANDS
married (3): ? Gerard von ROSENSTRAUCH, c1705 ?
Johanna VERNATTI(V1.1.3.3)
married (1): Phineas PIELAT, 3 Apr 1677, Delft NETHERLANDS
married (2): ? Claude BONABEL, 2 Apr 1702, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS ?


Lucretia BLOCKHOVIUS (widow)
Buried: 29 Oct 1669, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS, widow


Diana VERNATTI (V1.4.2)
(Daughter of Pieter VERNATTI (V1.4))
Born: c1645?
Buried: 11 Dec 1707


(Son of Richard BRIDGMAN & Catherine WATSON)
Born: c1646, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Occupation: Member of Parliament


Katherine BRIDGMAN (V1.4.2.1)
baptised: 26 Sep 1677, St Martin in the Fields MDX
Orlando BRIDGMAN (V1.4.2.2)
baptised: 22 Jun 1680, St Martin in the Fields MDX


Anthony VERNATTI (V1.7.3)
(Son of Maximilian VERNATTI (V1.7))
Baptised: 8 Aug 1641, March CAM

16 Aug 1671, St Clement Danes MDX, by licence (Faculty Office)

Petronella Hester BECKER (V1.1.2.1)
(Daughter of Frederick BECKER & Genoveva Maria VERNATTI (V1.1.2)
Baptised: 22 Aug 1649, Delft NETHERLANDS
Died: after 1 Jul 1699 (mentioned in aunt's will)


Jerevana VERNATTI (V1.7.3.1)
buried: 23 Aug 1673, St Katherine by the Tower MDX
Frederick VERNATTI (V1.7.3.2)
bapt: 29 Sep 1673, St Andrew Holborn LND
buried: 14 Oct 1674, St Katherine by the Tower MDX
Anthony Frederick VERNATTI (V1.7.3.3)
bapt: 31 Jan 1674/5, St Andrew, Holborn LND
died: after 1 Jul 1699 (mentioned in great aunt's will)
Peternella VERNATTI (V1.7.3.4)
bapt: 14 Jul 1676, St Andrew Holborn LND
buried: 27 Jul 1676, St Katherine by the Tower MDX
Sarah Peternella VERNATTI (V1.7.3.5)
bapt: 11 Sep 1677, St Andrew Holborn LND
buried: 3 Oct 1679, St Katherine by the Tower MDX
Philibert VERNATTI (V1.7.3.6)
bapt: 26 Oct 1679, St Andrew Holborn LND
died: before c1699? (not mentioned in great aunt's will)
Maximillian VERNATTI (V1.7.3.7)
bapt: 20 Mar 1680/1, St Andrew Holborn LND
buried: 17 Sep 1691, St Margaret Westminster MDX
Adriana VERNATTI (V1.7.3.8)
bapt: 28 Jan 1682/3, St Andrew Holborn LND
died: after 1 Jul 1699 (mentioned in great aunt's will)
Diana VERNATTI (V1.7.3.9)
bapt: 14 Jul 1684, St Margaret Westminster MDX
buried: 8 Sep 1684, St Margaret Westminster MDX


Nathaniel Reymes VERNATTI (V1.7.4)
(Son of Maximilian VERNATTI (V1.7))
Baptised: 14 Sep 1642, March CAM
Buried: ? 22 Jul 1688, Bridewell Chapel LND ?
Occupation: Merchant

31 Dec 1673, St Clement Danes MDX, by licence (Faculty Office)
(Nathaniel a merchant of St Andrew Holborn, bachelor aged c30; Sarah a spinster of Walbrook aged c25)

(Daughter of Henry NORTON)
Born: 1648


Henry VERNATTI (V1.7.4.1)
bapt: 27 Sep 1674, St Stephen Walbrook LND
Nathaniel Reymes VERNATTI (V1.7.4.2)
bapt: 29 Sep 1675, St Stephen Walbrook LND
Maxsamilion VERNATTI (V1.7.4.3)
bapt: 6 Mar 1676/7, St Stephen Walbrook LND


4th Generation

(Sir) Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1.3.1)
(Son of Louis Philibert VERNATTI (V1.1.3))
Born: c1657
Died: after 1 Jul 1699 (mentioned in aunt's will)
3rd Baronet

24 Jun 1685, NETHERLANDS

Alida RUYL


Alyda Adriana VERNATTI (V1.
bapt: 28 Apr 1686, Ultrecht NETHERLANDS
Alida Adriana VERNATTI (V1.
bapt: 12 Jan 1688, Ultrecht NETHERLANDS
Anna Albertina VERNATTI (V1.
bapt: 24 Jul 1692, Ultrecht NETHERLANDS
Johan Benjamin VERNATTI (V1.
bapt: 23 Jan 1696, Ultrecht NETHERLANDS
Pieter Albert VERNATTI (V1.



Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenbock
Biographical Dictionary of MPs
Alumni Oxonienses, Musgrave's Obituaries, Pepys' Diary etc
Wills & adminstrations
Marriage licences & abstracts
Parish registers & transcripts
(Most of the above, along with similar resources, can now be viewed online)

Additional source used in updating this page: Genealogical data from Dutch archives at


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