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These pages will eventually serve as a master index to the following files:
  • The Scroggins Papers by William G. Scroggins (last revised 1995-2004)
  • Supplement to The Scroggins Papers; Descendants of Joseph Scrogin (C1)
  • Scroggins who remained in the Maryland-D. C. area after 1790
  • "Southern" Scroggins; Descendants of Humphrey Scroggin I (C6)
  • "Swedish" Scoggins and Scroggins
  • Early Descendants of Scoggins in 17th century Virgina
    • Descendants of Jonah Scoggin
    • Descendants of brothers Smith Scroggins and John Scrogin
  • Other Scroggins and early (pre-ca. 1850) Scoggins