McLean-Fisk - William John Fisk

William John Fisk

M, #36600, (1 Feb 1918 - 2 Aug 1989)
William John Fisk|b. 1 Feb 1918\nd. 2 Aug 1989|p36600.htm|Earl Ellsworth Fisk|b. 27 Feb 1892\nd. ca. 1954|p36540.htm|Marion Louise Meulendyk|b. 3 May 1898\nd. Feb 1985|p36599.htm|George W. Fisk|b. 8 Mar 1868\nd. 9 Apr 1954|p36528.htm|Margaret Doty|b. 2 Jan 1871\nd. 3 Dec 1956|p36557.htm|||||||

  • Birth:  1 Feb 1918, WI.3,2,4
  • Marriage:  28 Jun 1947, Anne 'Betty' Asenath Zimdars, First Congregational Church, De Pere, Brown Co, WI.5
  • Death:  2 Aug 1989, Brown Co, WI.6
  • Death (Last Res) 2 Aug 1989, De Pere, Brown Co, WI.4
  • Burial: Fort Howard Cem, Green Bay, Brown Co, WI.7

  • Primary link: McLean-Fisk.
  • Census: 1920 Grandson in the household of George Wallace Fisk, 830 Shawano Ave, Green Bay, Brown Co, WI.8
  • Census:  1930 Son in the household of Marion Fisk, 419 Oakland Ave, Green Bay, Brown Co, WI.9
  • SSN:  bef. 1951, "Wm. J. Fisk," SSN.4
  • Obituary:  20 May 2007, Deceased Husband in an obituary of "Anne (Betty') Asenath Fisk", Green Bay Press-Gazette, Green Bay, WI, Parents & siblings not yet entered.5

  • Name Variation: William Fisk, 36600.

Children with Anne 'Betty' Asenath Zimdars :


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    1920: 1918, age 1-11/12, WI; Fa; WI, Mo: WI (WIlliam [?] Fisk).
  4. [S44] Social Security Death Index (,
    Name:      Wm J. Fisk
    SSN:      399-10-5751
    Last Residence:      54115 De Pere, Brown, Wisconsin, United States of America
    Born:      1 Feb 1918
    Died:      2 Aug 1989
    State (Year) SSN issued:      Wisconsin (Before 1951 ).
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    Name:      William John Fisk
    Death Date:      2 Aug 1989
    Location:      Brown (May be abbreviated)
    Certificate:      020955.
  7. [S2070] Bay Area Genealogical Society, Brown County Gravesite Search,
    Grave Site Details

    Name:      William J. FISK
    Birth:      25 Jun 1833
    Death:      1 Mar 1909
    Est. Age:      75
    Maiden Name:      
    Section of Cemetery:      G
    Stone Reading:      7/1/2001
    Cemetery Information
    Cemetery Name:     Ft. Howard Memorial Park.
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    55. Fisk, Harry W., Head, m,w,53,m, WI, [OH over NY or NY over OH], NY, Broker, Office
    56. -----, Amy, Wife, f,w,49,m, MO, WI, NY, None
    57. -----, H. Howland, Son, m,w,24,s, WI, WI, MO, Student, College
    58. -----, Bessie, Daughter, f,w,23,s, WI, WI, MO, None
    59. Daul?, Adeline, Servant, f,w,19,s, WI, WI, WI, Cook, Private Home
    60. Elan?, Mabel, Servant, f,w,18,s, WI, WI, WI, House Maid, Private Home
    [Next house]
    61. Fisk, Wallace, Head, m,w,51,m, WI, NY, NY, Insurance, Office
    62. -----, Margaret, Wife, f,w,4?.m, WI, NY, Canada, None
    63, Doty, [illegible], Mothr-in-law, f,w,65,wd, imm 1871, nat 1891, Canada, Ireland, Ireland, None
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    67. -----, William J., Grandson, m,w,1-11/12,s, WI, WI, MI, None
    68. Michaels, Mary, Servant, f,w,19,s, WI, WI, Holland, Servant, Private Home
    60, Michaels, Sophia, Servant, f,w,23,s, WI, WI, Holland, Servant, Private Home.
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    95. Scroggins, Charles M., Head, m,w,52,m,21, TX, AL, GA, Barber, Barber Shop
    96. -----, Annie C., Wife-H, f,w,45,m,24, TX, Sweden, TX, None
    97. -----, Charles M., Jr., Son, m,w,17,s, TX, TX, YX, None.