Shirley Sylvester Scoggin1

M, #11366, (1896 - )
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Family: Shirley Sylvester Scoggin & Lila Fern Long

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    Vern Heyer - 06/12/00 18:59:14
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    Surnames: Scoggin

    My wife, maiden name Shirley Darlene SCOGGIN, is a descendent of one John SCOGGIN, (there seem to be
    many), b. c.1758 PA, m. to Sarah Brown or Walker. Then John SCOGGIN Jr. b. 1784 PA, m. Elizabeth White,
    then Woodson Phillips SCOGGIN b. 1807 TN, m Mary "Polly" White, then William Gustavus SCOGGIN b. 1832
    MO, m. Amanda Elizabeth Grubb, then Carlos Thompson SCOGGIN b. 1855 OR, m. Mary E. "Molly" Buffingon,
    then Shirley Sylvester SCOGGIN b. 1896 OR, m. Lila Fern Long. Family went from Washington Co., VA to Carter
    Co. TN to White Co., TN, then some went to M rgan Co., MO and then to Oregon, and some to Hempstead Co.,
    AR. and some continued on to Texas and Oklahoma. Like to hear from anybody in and part of this family.