Nepia 'Neppie' Scroggins1

F, #12767, (1840 - 1922)
  • Reference: [12767:0]




  • Name Variation: Nepia (Nep) Scroggins.
  • Married Name: Nepia 'Neppie' Carnley (Scroggins).

Children of Nepia 'Neppie' Scroggins & Ananias Carnley

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    "All of the above children with the
    exception of Polly were living with the
    Christian Cantaline family in Covington
    County by the 1850 census. Actually,
    the family had moved to the Horn Hill
    community near Opp circa 1841.
    (Andalusia and Opp did not even exist
    at the time.) These relatives were
    always found near other Cantaline and
    Carnley families."
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