William Edward 'Bill' Scroggins1

M, #14906, (1950 - )
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  • Biography*: ca. 2000 I served on O’Callahan from April 1968 (Newport, RI pre-commissioning crew) until November 1971. After leaving the
    O’Callahan, I stayed in the Navy Reserve long enough to make GMG1. I then left the Navy and joined the Army Reserve
    where I retired as a SFC/E-7 in 1991. I now live in Texas City, Texas, on the Gulf Coast, where I work for BP Oil Co. as an
    inspector. My wife, Diana, and I have been married 26 yrs. We have a 22 yr. old son, William Ryan Scroggins.
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  • !Address*: 2002, Residence: TX.

Family: William Edward 'Bill' Scroggins & Linda Faye Smith

Child of William Edward 'Bill' Scroggins & Diana Mae Pridgeon

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