George Scroggin (A1)

M, #1633, (fr 1660 - 1665 - bet. 1696 & 1700)
  • Reference: [1633:] (SP:A1)


  • Birth*: From 1660 to 1665.
  • Marr-Est. Date*: Bef. 1686, Susanna (--?--).
  • Death*: Bet. 10 Nov 1696 and 21 Jun 1700.
  • Death: Bet. 1696 and 1700, (wgs) George Scrogin was alive in 1696 and dead by 1700. He probably was born before 1665 since he became a father in 1686.



  • Related* (Servant Servant): Of Peter Carr.3
  • Name Variation: George Scrogin (A1), 1633.
  • !wgs*:

Children of George Scroggin (A1) & Susanna (--?--)

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    • Charles County:
    • Att a County Court of our Sovereign Lord William the third by the Grace of God of England Scotland france and Ireland King Defender of ye faith held at Portobacco in Charles County on the tenth day of November in ye Eighth year of his Majestyes Reign Anno Domini 1696 Before
    • [Names of Justices and other proceedings omitted from transcript]
    • Charles County: The Jurors of our Sovereigns Lord & King for ye body of Charles County by ye Information of Walter Story upon their oath doe present George Scroggin late of this county, cooper for that whereas ye sd George Scroggin was by ye Justices of this County on ye Eighth day of Septem. last past appointed one of ye overseers for ye repaireing and amending ye high wayes within the County as all soe to make passable for horses & foot ye heads of rivers brookes branches & swamps nearest adjoyning to such highway premises & limits, appointed him and for that hee ye sd George Scroggin hath neglected his office in ye performance of his duty in his Charge to ye Evill Example of others and to ye great damage & hurt of ye leige people of our sovereign Lord ye King and contrary to ye Act of Assembly.
    • Ordered that it be comanded ye sherife that hee cause to come here at ye next Court to be held here on ye twelfth day of January next, ye sd George Scroggin to answer unto ye presents aforesd.
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